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 The Beginning of Understanding the Truths (OPEN) ~Post War~

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Beginning of Understanding the Truths (OPEN) ~Post War~   Fri Jan 24, 2014 8:07 pm

Cero Telca
Member of Judgement

It has already been a great deal of time since the war that engulfed Australia in 2413, and the fighting that consumed it seemed practically resolved. However as time moved on, the thoughts within Cero's mind stirred only further into what was within all of the minds inside him. In the beginning of his life, he ad a mind of his own, a mind that was practically blank of all of it's experiences and knowledge, however this mind clung to the two that presided it and in a way took in the knowledge and memories as his own. This was very much to the dismay of the actual being, Cero that wanted to forge his own emotions in the start and wanted to find his own purpose in living rather than only being the reincarnation of Zero. A being that has only made his life a very confusing one as he was after all Zero, but there was so much that would make their futures different. Maybe the people outside of Cero's head couldn't tell because Zero had his own messed up mind games within him, but the different things were doing a toll on him. It was for this reasoning that Cero has done much to interact with Hulderic or Shadin personally, recently regarding what lurks within his mind.

The memories and thoughts of Zero, he had defined was his base, the thing that he branched off of and thought he could base off all of his ideals on. However this base, was missing too many pieces that would be expanded by the second set of memories given to him by Key. However these memories were not of the base, so looking back on them only reminded him of a movie in ways as he observed the expansion of hollows and demons, only to notice the efforts as well by the forces of earth to try and send them backwards, but the forces were too much and earth was overran greatly for that time. Finally now, after this most recent war, Cero had within him the memories of the Quincy extermination and the acts that led to this point for his race to be so low in numbers still even now. They had also taken a blow, dealt to them by the likes of Sing Iramasha, who was the final thing ringing through out his mind. She asked of him to question the actions of his leaders, see what their actions did for the world,and the final thing that rung for him was discover the truths of this world. He believed in that, he would find the final missing piece of his mind and whether the Kokuryuteshi were even a justifiable cause or a Mad man's falsely lead dream to takeover the world for himself. Was this world's truths such a horror to the point that the entire system that this world has been based on change.

It was these questions that lead Cero t where he was and why he currently remained at Karakura Highschool for the time being as a student and as a member of the group that was called Judgement. He believed that within this school, he could learn a bit more about the truths of the world as he found himself around so many that were involved in the conflicts like Australia and those that were not in anyway besides maybe observing. He knew that as he fought and fled from Townsville that others heard, opinions formed about him, and they questioned the choice of having him as a leader of the present, and in most cases, of the future. He needed to find himself outside of dealing with the internal conflict of the public, yet not within the depths of either of his organizations for the time being, the perfect place was Karakura Highschool. So he found himself observing the activities and duels held within the arena. It was a place in which two people could compete against each other, in some cases this could just be for fun or a challenge like a serious rivalry, sadly Cero would only be able to observe or take it rather lightly as, should he collide with another student with his true or even close to a good amount of his strength, he was uncertain of the safety of even those that observed as his power was like the rest of the Beast Circle, The Captains of the Vandenreich and leaders in other organizations.

If one was specifically taking notice of him they would find him near one of the entrances, barely able to see all that took on within the arena and most of it wasn't even a descent view. But that really didn't matter to Cero at the moment as he just wanted to observe, let his worries go and observe the small conflicts with the world of Karakura Highschool ,a world that he had been accepted into even though Zero was revealed as something else and he had taken Zero's place, he was accepted so openly. In most cases, he was treated as just a well respected student and it settled him. However, it couldn't just go on like this for him, he knew the reasons behind why he became so highly respected, yet he also doubted them for he did not know the truth that others had locked away inside of them. Atone point, Zero wanted to know what Normal was, it didn't quite make sense to Cero at first in his life, even though he had the thoughts, mindset, and memories of Zero, it was very simple, he wanted to know the way that others think, he wanted to know the way that the average person thought, for he knew that he was far different from everyone else and therefore, his mind was also shaped in a way far different from everyone else. He couldn't accept a truth of the world that he wanted to change, a truth of the world that Cero wasn't certain of what it entailed. It was something that he was on the verge of figuring out for himself, but he felt that he couldn't quite do on his own in the end. So he took another of Sing's words and let the wisdom of time, show him the final pieces of his answer.

With a final motion, Cero looked behind him and looked out to the sun, it truly was a beautiful day, but he may never know what was in store for him upon it.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Beginning of Understanding the Truths (OPEN) ~Post War~   Sat Feb 08, 2014 8:45 pm