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 Takeshi Yamazaki [0-3+, SHINIGAMI]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Takeshi Yamazaki [0-3+, SHINIGAMI]   Mon Jan 27, 2014 12:57 am

Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A

Basic Information

Family Information: The Yamazaki clan are profound swordsman whom fought during the war with the Quincy back in the days that have long past. Almost all of them were slain, including by most information the families leaders. It's hard to say if any of the clan whom had the eyes of hawks live any further. They were known to practice delicate and precise swordsmanship and able to cleave mountains in half with a swing. The details of the family were not hidden away as they taught all who had the nerve to come forward and attempt to understand the tricky forms the school provided. This was of course but the entry level stuff that most people could learn. The family prided itself on practicing the belief that sword play was the greatest weapon. Wounding an enemy without trying was a function they tried often to preach to the members whom would listen. Takeshi was considered their best fighter, perhaps the reason he is the lone member alive.

The clan in current day is down to a single member, the massacre at the hands of the Vandenreich's attacks during the war left them with no one. It is believed this happened due to the position of Takeshi as a Captain. However it's unknown if that's the case or if it's simply a fabrication of the truth. Takeshi is the pride of the Yamazaki and the last swordsman to be taught the Yamazaki style of swordplay. What he decides to do with it will indeed bring or destroy the family. His style of fighting is a dead art that few people are capable of performing, this has made him one of the more feared fighters in the world. Combining his families teaching with his Zanpakutō he's become a fearsome warrior. Though he's been missing for ages and hasn't bothered showing his face to anyone. He stepped down and left his position as a Captain, those who knew him left with opinions of uncertainty about his position on things. Takeshi was the warrior of the Gotei 13, fighting any battles he was asked with honor and pride.

Name: Takeshi Yamazaki
Alias: The Warrior of the Gotei.
Age: Unknown - Believed to be the third oldest of the first generation
Height: Six feet and five inches
Weight: One Hundred and Ninety Five Pounds
Physical Description: He is a tall man with a rather slender build, but upon inspect he is extremely muscular. His body appears to of built muscles only warriors would be seen with. This has allowed him to build upon a good figure, his eyes much like that of his clan are those of a Hawks. This has allowed him to use the power his clan is proud of to the fullest degree. Though the last member he's able to use his power actively where ever he pleases and has a great deal of view capable with them. His tall figure is something that he was born with allowing him a great deal more reach than what people realize. His figure and way of carrying himself have made him a frightening personality even among the former Captains. It's believed while he may not of been the strongest among them as Unohana earned her rights to that title. Takeshi was extremely powerful in his own right and had a way of carrying himself even back than which demanded respect. Most couldn't avoid acknowledging his prowess at seeing the truth and uncovering the facts behind things. Takeshi was brilliant as a Captain and some believe the greatest of the First Generation for his sense of Justice and Honor. His appearance showed this as he wore the Haroi fo the Captain of Squad 9 with great pride. He now days wears a Black Haori with purple sleeves and simply pants. His Zanpakutō is strapped to his back by a special strap. This vanishes when the weapon is drawn, the blade doesn't have a sheath like most zanpakutos. The strange shape and structure of his blade would make most think it's tricky to wield and perhaps heavy. However the weapon is light but more into the strange Zanpakutō he wields later, he has a mustache of sorts on his face and a beard making him look like someone of a different country. Perhaps of Spanish origins or some such thing. However his skin is pale and this destroys whatever illusion of such nationality that anyone had of him. Takeshi has wears a gray pair of jeans and black boots. Upon his neck is a necklace that has a knife on, this weapon's purpose is mostly for those he doesn't feel like fighting. Using the smaller weapon does have advantages, it's however no where near as strong as the Zanpakutō on his back. It's purpose is entirely for fighting weaker enemies he deems unworthy to be slain by the blade of a warrior. The weapon is strong enough to absorb impact from highly powerful Quincy and even at one point he blocked a Captain's attack with the weapon. Showing the weapon to be capable of a great deal of power, however as stated previously, more later on.


Honorable: Takeshi is a warrior, a man capable of doing things only one way. He doesn't believe in deceit or using dirty tricks when fighting as he will come up front. Some believe it's due to the Zanpakutō he carries, Takeshi specializes at fighting extremely powerful enemies and several of them at once. His powerful nature and way of carrying his Yamazaki clan's honor he does it well. Carrying on the name of a people that don't exist anymore has made him a very interesting person to discuss the future with. Takeshi is an extremely precise and honorable person to speak with. He won't speak ill of another or say something behind someone's back. He will bring it to their face without a second thought. This nature made him hard to handle at times as a Captain, but his honorable nature was something that Ukitake and Shunsui both commented on being a likable trait about him. All Captains of the 9th Division who came after him carry on his honor to a degree.

Likable: Despite his way and honorable nature, he was very likable among the Captains of the first generation. Known for being good friends with Ukitake and Shunsui. As well as on good terms with all the other Captains, he was liked most anyone whom spoke with him. His forward and very honorable way of doing things made him a specially liked by the Head Captain Yamamoto. His respect of the Eastern customs and knowledge on the subject of what a warrior should hold dear stood out. Among the Captains some argued he was the most liked as he served during the war and only left afterwards. Shunsui and Ukitake both stated it may of been due to the loss he suffered. Losing one's entire family was a hard blow thus his leaving was allowed so he could grieve. Such a large loss of life had never been targeted at a single clan and the worst of it was that they weren't wrong. He wasn't sure what to think of it but being among one of more likable people has made his road easy to travel sometimes, but also harder.

Intimidating: The air about while being a likable person to his peers. He is intimidating to those who dare raise weapons against him, that honorable personality doesn't allow people to walk away without a fight. His immense spiritual pressure said to be enough to crush those who stood in his path and even destroy large amount of land beneath him was part of it. But he carried himself as a warrior and could intimidate when he needed to do so. As a Captain of the 9th he had to carry the sword of Justice for the Gotei 13. Something he took pride in, most Captains also carry the custom that he left on. The sword of Justice, he decided that role was to be the best one they could possibly have. His name is etched in the history of the Gotei 13 as one of the more intimating people one could deal with. Ukitake once said their was a man who could be liked in his passive state, but when fighting began a new face emerged.

Perceptive: He is considered one of the most perceptive Captains of his age, able to read into things extremely well. His sense of justice and eyes to see it were extremely sharp. Takeshi had little trouble catching criminals in the open able to tell by looking at a person most of the time what they planned. Takeshi's perception was one of the reasons the 9th was placed into his hands. He could tell when things were wrong by a glance and would do what he could to fix the situation, if he was able to do so. This however did sometimes lead to problems as his honorable nature would sometimes make him do things. Takeshi didn't believe in lying or taking in the fruits of such pointless things. He would be upfront with even criminals and tell them he knew they were up to no good. This truth was something that few others could see. Honesty and honor were an odd mix for a Captain who came to the world the way he did. Swordsman like him were meant to be killers, yet he refused to acknowledge that as the truth.

Respectful: He plays by the rules most of the times and abides the laws due to his honorable nature. He holds respect for few people in his life and has only lost a single fight as he didn't prepare correctly. This was impart due to him not understanding the skill that Yachiru had but he has shown a great deal of respect for warriors who defeat him. Believing in small part that it allows him to become a greater warrior, respecting one's enemy is a rare practice. The Quincy war had left him conflicted as he normally would respect them. However they wiped out his entire clan without leaving but a single person alive other than himself. Though one thing was clear the Quincy did pay for this action, he destroyed over a thousand of their race for the crime the did to his clan. Takeshi has a great deal of blood on his hands, some believe he left due to the fact his honor had been tainted or something of that nature.

Determined Student: Unlike others who believe the role of Captain is the end of one's academic and studying of the Martial Arts. Takeshi believes with age one must study even harder to better use the powers they are given. For the price of age is learning more than you know as a youth, his wisdom and very sound thinking were part of the reason why he earned Yachiru's respect. His honorable nature and way he put his squad before himself every time made him a key choice for those who would follow him. His Lieutenant at the time was an extremely skilled young man who believed his Captain to be the very foundation of what it meant to be a Captain. While he's not perfect by any means as seen when he lost his entire clan to the slaughter by the Quincy. His honor was put aside for a moment to slaughter one thousand Quincy in return for the toll they did to his family. However he did learn from his mistakes and grow into a better person for it. Takeshi has always learned from his mistakes becoming a better Captain for it.


Honorable People: He enjoys those who share the belief of honor and exercise the use of it. Takeshi has always had a very stern honor that few others would have. Despite it he kept his code of honor very high and does enjoy running into people who follow the same role of honor. Others may not fully grasp the concept of a warrior fighting for the sake of their honor and the honor of friends. Takeshi believes firmly that honor is the judging factor of a person, even those who don't understand him respect him. Takeshi enjoys conversations about a warriors honor and respecting the power they have. Honor and respect are the key elements he likes about a person. He won't detach himself or accept less from a person. For he can push himself this far they can do the same. People are as different as the all embracing sky that covers the world.

Good Fights: Like most warriors he enjoys a good match. If it be one on one or himself against six to seven people at a time. But he enjoys fights where honorable foes cross blades. His most enjoyable fight of his life was fighting against Kenpachi Yachiru during her time. He has marked it as the best fight of his life as she held the greatest power next to the old man that he could seek a challenge with. Takeshi didn't walk away a winner in all his bouts as a Captain but he did enjoy them and take from them what he could. This has helped him evolve and grow as a person in the long. His enjoyment of good fights are still very alive in his blood. Takeshi is likely to go straight for a strong person and warn someone weak if they get in his way they will simply die from the fight. Takeshi isn't the type to sugar coat things for anyone even his enemies. Takeshi has enjoyed many good bouts but nothing has compared to the fight against Yachiru and nothing perhaps ever will.

Friends: Takeshi treasures his friends for his cold and very odd nature pushes people away. But he was able to make friends with the Gotei 13's first generation Captains and known for his very kind nature towards his friends. Willing to help them so long as his honor didn't get caught into it. One thing was for certain, he doesn't judge between honor and friendship very well. If forced to pick he will decide based on the friends actions and if honor can be found within them. His value of friendship transcends the races and could even be an Arrancar if the creature is someone he can trust. The only race he would have extremely hard time befriending the Quincy after all they destroyed the only family he'd known. However once again his liking of friends is something that is strange considering he doesn't care for people. Takeshi is a strange warrior man who does enjoy the company of good friends or beautiful woman when the time comes.

Being Alone:While he enjoys the companion of friends he enjoys being alone more. It allows him the process of thinking and becoming something more. His growth and development that came from time spent in the caves around his Clans home. Being alone allowed him to grow and change as the world needed for him to be. Becoming a man from a boy, but much more came from it than that. His contradiction lays in the fact that he doesn't trust people anymore yet treasures his friend. Ever since a friend betrayed him he's become a complex and difficult person to get close too. Most believe it was due to the first and only friend who was a Quincy. The woman who betrayed his trust and slaughtered his entire clan of her own accord. This left a scar on the heart of a normally kind man making him prefer to be alone. They say an eye for an eye leaves the world blind and he took more than an eye from her. He killed one thousand of her people for her crime and left their blood to stain the entire streets of the war zone.

Warriors: He absolute adores those with the mindset warriors have. Though he's gone away form the fighting for now and seemed to of taken a back seat to the events the world is in. Stepping aside now is perhaps his way of moving on and getting away from such things, but as it stands Takeshi is considered one of the stronger Captains of the era he came from due to his love of warriors. The 9th Division was a haven to the warrior spirit and those whom embodied it in the days of old did well. This allowed them to complete the process of being great warriors and it furthered his love for them. However his honor and warrior loving nature made him fall for a Quincy Female's ploy which resulted in his clan's demise. This left a hole that was extremely hard to deal with his heart. His love warriors is still present, he shall never lead as he doesn't desire such pointless things. He swore upon his honor to never take a mantle of leadership again.


Quincy: He has a natural hatred for Quincy after what they did to his clan in the war. Some believe this hatred is something if not the only time he's ever gone against his honor and sought revenge for something. For the Quincy didn't spare a single child the entire clan was destroyed by them. They put the heads of the children and family he held dearly on fencing as a warning at one of the battle grounds. Jyuushiro and Shunsui tried their best to talk to him but he walked out on that battlefield and killed one thousand Quincy. Taking almost their entire race down to a size by himself, if he'd not found his reason. He would of wiped them out entirely, however given the state of mind he was in. It was sad he'd left blood so far into his hand from his rage that the Quincy nicknamed him the Black Death for how many he took without mercy. In times of war they made a choice and paid the price for the actions they decided upon.

Crowds: He dislikes crowds and often prefers to be alone this has made him an odd Captain. While most would expect him to dislike Weaklings or people whom lack the conviction and strength to follow through for what they had called a future. This has made him perhaps dislike crowds even more, his dislike for them is clear. Which as a Captain was strange, he was considered quite the eccentric though not to the circumstances that his colleagues have taken it to. Takeshi's dislike of crowds stems somewhat from his home environment the family he grew up with was small in the lands. They didn't have possess a large number of people around them allowing plenty of room to spread ones arms. Perhaps this is simply something one can call his odd dislike, but next to the hatred of Quincy it is quite the minor thing. Disliking Quincy to the point that he wouldn't save one if it begged for it is pretty bad. However their are circumstances where he will put up with crowds though he dislikes the feeling of it.

Dishonor: His honor is the core of his being when that is taken he is absolutely pissed. Nothing matters more to him than honor and seeing it disregarded does upset him, but not when another does so. It's when he himself puts aside his honor that upsets him the most. Takeshi has always shown himself to be an extremely honorable man who doesn't let things get to him. But upon the death of his family he lost it and didn't forgive himself. Takeshi is a prideful man who cannot let his honor be taken through actions such as those left him the way he is. Takeshi has transformed into a creature all his own lacking in some qualities that most would see. He often wonders if his honor is still something he has despite being broken after the war of the Quincy. As the first generation of the 9th Division he was ashamed of his actions and left. Death before Dishonor was the saying that he would often have his men say and he didn't die for his Dishonor.

Irelia Von Vasileyvich: The witch who played on his soft kind honor at the time. He despises her and would kill her on sight honor or no honor. She destroyed the illusion for him that he was in a good place. His life had forever been changed by the females actions. Using her charm and pretending to be his friend just to kill his family. She broke his will which was something that had long since been destroyed. Takeshi is a man who hasn't recovered from the betrayal, his oath to not join or become a leader again remains in effect. He will never accept the role of a leader again while his honor remains tainted. Some believe he did what was needed to avenge his family. But he fought weak enemies without restraint and slaughtered them all, this dishonor is something he cannot forgive himself of. Takeshi is a complex man but it all goes back to Irelia and the crime she committed as he let his honor and eyes believe that she did care about him.


Shunsui Kyoraku: One of his close friends that he became a Captain during the same time with. His skill and respect for Shunsui were present always despite the mans odd way of living his life. He couldn't very well make himself dislike his colleagues that he worked with. Takeshi enjoyed his life around this point to the fullest.. And didn't expect anything would ever go wrong for him, this was however wrong. He never expected that he would be somewhere else in the world instead of Captain of the 9th. Takeshi still holds respect for Shunsui and his friends not willing to come out of his isolation though to fight against Sosuke Aizen during that time or any of the others. His self hate for the crime he did is larger than what most would realize, he did such a deed and never forgave himself for it. While some of his colleagues understood Shunsui himself often stated he knew what it must of been like.

Ceon Clixx-Kimura: Another good friend which he spent time with, he hasn't had contact with him or the others since that night. It's unknown really to him what Ceon thought of his actions. He killed weaklings and didn't hold back when it came time to battle their forces slaughtering so many of them mercilessly. It's hard to say where his power lies in this stand still of his soul. But it's believed mostly that he cherished his friendship with Ceon dearly. Partly why he did what he did alone without telling them is so they didn't end up like him. A man who lost his way and honor is something very dangerous and someday he'd face it. Takeshi isn't a broken record of a man who without hope, he is simply a man who's dream was destroyed in the process of it all. He was the catalyst that his clan's death was upon. In some ways it was his own fault and he knows that Ceon and the others wouldn't hold it against him for trying to reach out. But mistakes were made and facing them troubles him.

Jyushiro Ukitake: A friend and confidant that he told his secrets to as well his plans. Takeshi hasn't spoken to Jyushiro in a long time, stepping this far away from the world has left him friendless some would believe. His friendship with Jyushiro and the others is still strong but his belief in his honor and himself has fallen quite far. His friendship with Jyushiro was also on an honorable level, so their relationship is most likely damaged by the rage he showed when his people were killed. However Takeshi fears facing his friends to a degree for he did unspeakable things. He made even Yachiru look at him different, he didn't know how to feel for once he murdered people who couldn't stand to him and fight against the strength he had. This had allowed him to become a monster all his own. Jyushrio perhaps hated him now for killing innocent and weak people, Takeshi felt anguish at causing his friends pain while trying to walk a path of honor.

Kenpachi Yachiru: She is an important figure in the life of Takeshi, his first loss was to her. His honor was still intact though, the two fought for seven days taking the very highest level of combat to new levels. They were warriors, murderers, and yes even friends. His determination was set on fighting her till the end, Yachiru evenly fought with him and as a friend they were indeed closer than most would realize. Losing to her was a factor he'd never considered but she beat him and earned his respect for eternity and eternal faith. This moment was one he accepted as it didn't matter much to him who led the 11th. Fighting Yachiru was a matter of honor and he settled it. He could never read her, but he expects she doesn't care much about what happened between him and the Quincy. She'd most likely scold him for losing his cool the way he did and killing so many of them without her. But Yachiru was a woman of many faces he'd heard she was moved to Squad Four after the incident.

Irelia von Vasileyvich: The woman who many claim destroyed the fabric of the being that would be Takeshi. The man was strong and had feelings for her. He would of fought for her and defended her from the Quincy kind she called kin. But in the end it is due to her that his family has a single member left alive. However she vanished without a trace when she came to the blood stained carnage of the thousand of her people who had been slain. While he blames himself for everything has happened, Takeshi holds her accountable for whatever fate may bring. His extremely powerful will and focus allow him to focus intently on her to destroy her. However despite that his honor and hatred of his weakness all those years ago remains. While Irelia knows that her own actions caused the outcome, of carnage that Takeshi unleashed upon her people. Irelia and he shall remain enemies who have not settled the difference for years. Takeshi's next move is unknown and shall be hard to guess for those that try.

Key Events

Fight with Unohana: The sun had rose slowly this day as the two titans crossed blades, the sound of metla echoed out for miles. The pressure and intense warriors fighting it out without a single ounce of hesitation. Swordplay only the Gods could of dreamed of being displayed. As the two greats crossed weapons again and again. The wind blew as the clouds over head went through the Seireitei. This spar was going on not for one but seven days now. The battle had worn on Takeshi's very being. Unohana was indeed a monster, her strength wasn't something one could call false. He could sense others looking on as he went and met he blade again, crossing swords with her once more, His will not allowing him to falter for anything. Her skill to murder was absolutely incredible and perhaps even more so was not being able to read her. Unohana wasn't someone one could read just by looking. She was a trap door that just fell into endless darkness, he could feel the weight on his muscles as he raised his sword. Takeshi and she would cross blades for several more hours before Unohana would take the victory. From this bloody battle between two the greatest swordsman the Gotei 13 would ever see, a victor was decided. Takeshi fought bravely and put his very will on the line as he battled. Fighting her without quit, some believe he would of died sooner or later. Takeshi had however gained more than Unohana had from this, becoming a greater warrior fighting her this way allowed him to grow. To grow into a warrior unlike anything that had been seen thus far. Takeshi learned his lesson well from fighting Unohana and perfected his families sword style shortly after this amazing battle that happened between them. The Battle of Seven Days defined his life and allowed him to grow into his own. Becoming a fierce Captain among the other Thirteen who held the position of Captain.

Discovering his Clan's Slaughter: The skies morbid tone of crimson plus bodies as far as the eye could see. Men, woman, and children slaughtered and slowly fading away. Disappearing by Quincy arrows, the death toll was high and as this event played out. Takeshi's trust and willingness to put faith in others was damaged heavily. The dark and somber feeling as he cried and punched the ground over and over, feeling his knuckles coat with blood. Takeshi had begun to accept the cruel reality that his crimes were great. Everything here was his fault, his families death was on his blade. The weak and innocent were murdered and he was to blame. This was one thing he couldn't take and would not accept, Takeshi would have vengeance for them. Even if he had to become a killer in the process, his honor was cast aside for one moment. For a singular moment, he would never forgive himself for what came next. But Takeshi couldn't allow this insult to go unanswered and the Quincy would pay. Whatever befell him would never equal up to the pain and punishment he would deliver on himself. Takeshi perhaps was the worst for judging himself harshly for what he did. But if one wasn't honest with one's self they would never reach the plateau of their will. This wasn't something one could take, this scene would of driven stronger men mad with grief and caused perhaps a slaughter. Takeshi acted in a way that even Unohana said was expected, seeing the scene of his families children and those who could not fight. Seeing the massacre of them at the hands of the enemy of the Gotei 13 was too much. Takeshi did snap at this point and go on a killing spree known as the Quincy Massacre that perhaps handed out a death on their people of untold numbers, but some believe a thousand were slain by his blade that day. Takeshi however has never forgiven himself for slaughtering the people he did either, this has left him with a stain on his honor that shall not ever leave.

The Stats

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed:Master
  • Strength: Master
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Advanced
  • Kidō: Beginner
  • Zanjutsu:Master
  • Hakuda: Master


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Takeshi Yamazaki [0-3+, SHINIGAMI]   Wed Feb 05, 2014 12:07 am

Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A


The Power of Will: His will drives his strength, so long as he believes in himself and his skills it's nearly impossible to defeat him. His willpower is considered the strongest of the first generation Captains. Capable of being the unbending will the Gotei 13 needed at the time. He's shown it by going against the laws at times and fighting for the true justice of the world. His will was shown before becoming a Captain, when Jyushiro and Shunsui came to get him to join he refused at first. Saying his honor wouldn't accept it and he fought both bravely but at the time Yamamoto stepped in and told him his honor was needed. That honor was something they needed in the organization, that an unbending honor and will was needed. It had to be the standing point of the organization, Takeshi believed him as Yamamoto was the man who could make anyone believe in him. Takeshi simply went along with it and began his training anew.

Experienced Combatant: Takeshi is an extremely capable combatant capable of fight one or a hundred people at a time with little effort. His Zanpakutō and his family's power combine two of the best world that is hard to handle. His skills are not one dimensional either he can fight several ways, using his hand or even weapons not his zanpaktuo. Some believe Takeshi has perhaps the greatest combat driven fighting style that defeats enemies up front without mercy. His Hakuda and Zanjutsu are things to behold, unlike most who wield buster blades. He's found a way to make Hakuda blend seamlessly into the fabric of his zanjutsu. Capable of pulling moves off with ease of an instant. Unleashing monstrous attacks with both his swordplay and Hakuda. Some of his moves are called the invisible death since they seem simple and yet have a complexity about them that cannot be forgotten. Some of this comes from the fact his Zanpakutō is in a constant state of Shikai as he prefers it.

Massive Reishi: His energy can be felt for miles when he let's it out. Takeshi was considered one of the largest masses in the Gotei 13. Not on par with Unohana or Yamamoto. Though some believe it's comparable to that of Shunsui's. His zanpaktuo is large partial due to the sheer mass of his energy. Even in a sealed state it keeps a buster blade appearance, as the blade cannot be brought down. Even his sealing of it doesn't shorten the blade any as it keeps it's massive size. If he didn't shorten it he would be swinging a skyscraper around and be open to attack. His energy is colored black unlike his colleagues who hold rather normal colors. His reiatsu has always been black, perhaps it was to show darkness has honor. Takeshi never understood why he had such reiatsu but it mattered little to him as the fact remained that his energy was large enough to be kept track of. His energy plays a part in his fighting style largely that few others have seen.

Intense Shape: He's trained into a physical killing machine, his state of body is intensely well trained. Some never reach the shape he is in even in the hardest work outs. Takeshi has balanced his body with a lean muscle that doesn't get in the way and deceives his enemy. Takeshi is not only fit to wield a buster sword he perhaps is a specialist in the art of using one. Redefining the very method by training his body to suit the needs of one who wields a larger weapon. The strongest weapon masters are only as good as the body they have is, training both body and mind is important. Takeshi's mind and body are in perfect harmony creating a man fit to kill. However some believe his skills may of diminished over the centuries he spent in isolation. In fact it's just the opposite his body and mind are trained to a even more intense levels. Takeshi has changed his outlook in many subjects and better trained his mind to accept the facts of life. Somethings are simply dangerous as they are meant to be.

The Power of the Yamazaki: The power is special to Takeshi's clan, but so long as they believe they can fight with a special power. So long as their honor and blade are one they may wield to deadly precise nature. The power the Yamazaki have is something far great than most realize, Takeshi is capable of executing it better than most of his clan ever did. For his firm honor and belief in the structure the world is settled in. The Yamazaki were capable of cutting mountains in half and in some cases destroying them. But they had to believe they could do it, their power all stems from the determination of believing in themselves. In thinking of themselves as a walking weapon of death, but as people they don't always believe in this fact. So some never reached the full power of the power of belief the clan had. Unlocking their potential was something only three perhaps four ever discovered. That if they believed in themselves and the strength they had, death itself would die before them.


Fist of the Mountain: This is a move using the belief in their power, it allows him to simply hit someone with a palm. The blow has no force behind it at first. After the contact his hand rests on them for a moment, after that a huge blast of force comes and it can knock people through buildings for almost a mile. The amount of force generated is enough to knock back even some of the largest men with little trouble. Takeshi uses his skill with the mountain fist in other methods in pokes and such things as that. Creating this concussive force is part of his clan and Zanpakutō's power. In Bankai his blade allows him to go even further in this state and apply even more damage on top of the fist of the Mountain. This is simply the first move that allows him to create a larger deal of damage without much effort to it. Using his body as a weapon along with his sword is how he believes a warrior should be.

Fist of the River: The second move of his families Hakuda style. This allows him to blast out a giant amount of energy into a blast similar to a Getsuga tensho. Firing it from his fist in a punching or palm thrust with his hand. This to can be enhanced by his Zanpakutō to deception of his enemies perception. Making the blast become even larger after a couple minutes causing it to plow through most of his enemies with relative ease. Like the raging River the move is named after, the energy flow and blast size is up to him. It can be huge or small and this move can be used at the same time as the others. Mountain and River may combine but this is only step two. Another two remain after this, the Mountain and River may function with it as well, creating an extremely deadly art form that has been designed with two purposes in mind. When combined with the Mountain the Fist of the River starts out as a small blast but than becomes huge and overwhelming, those who are hit take severe damage.

Fist of the Wind: Through his faith in the fist he has, Takehshi is capable of creating a barrage through a single fist. However it's more than that, through his belief in himself his fist vanishes moving at such a speed that some eyes cannot keep up with it. Everything hinges on this belief in his speed and power here. This fist is perhaps the hardest one for him to execute. As it plays less into the power of his buster blade style. But the Fist of the wind allows him greater reaction time and can be combined with either Fist of the River or Mountain. With the river it shoots high speed energy blasts. With the Mountain it's a quick blow that has extreme uncharacteristic power behind it. Enough to knock someone as though being hit by a power blow or perhaps more. This all depends on how much faith he has in the blow he's putting out. This method of fighting is considered one of Takeshi's best, some say he's never been moved when using it simply defeating enemies with his Hakuda alone.

Fist of the Heavens: The perfect fist by most of his clan's definition of the blow. It combines all three effects into a singular blow, this method of fighting is rarely seen and requires a mentally sound warrior to do it. But by combining speed, power, and energy into a single blow. They are able to cause a massive amount of destruction on par with enemies that are several levels above them. The fist is something amazing the blow can come from anything he desires allowing a freedom with his hand that few other wielders have. Takeshi is called the Master of the Buster Blade Hakuda by some peers for a reason. However not many have witnessed the fist he can unleash when the time is right. Takeshi's sword play is something far more dangerous than his Hakuda, this has allowed him to become a creature unlike those around him. His style and method of freedom in using it are demons all their own.


Sword of the Mountain:This is a far more powerful move that Fist is based on, the Hakuda is the warm up as the swordplay is the main attraction. The user brings their sword softly against the enemy, but this power that is generated is several times stronger than what one would expect. Believing in the true power they have they unleash a huge amount of force. Able to crush several miles of ground around them. The true power here comes from the control and faith in the sword. This is how they have lived as warrior, Takeshi is an expert on using the Mountain and considered one of the few to truly master it's use. The Sword of the Mountain is something of a special impact move that creates several thousands of force upon impact, this generation is normally done through a light impact. When done with a full swing it can rattle the bones in your arms and create a nervous system break down sometimes.

Sword of the River: A sword capable of unleashing blast of energy as powerful as Grand Ray Cero, this allows him to fight those with energy based moves and even contend against some great kido wielders. The blast when combined with the mountain allows him to fire a small blast and have it become several times larger. Using his sword he can unleash far larger blasts than when using his fist. This move can be used with any of the others in a simple interaction allowing him to create a move that is intensely powerful. Takeshi's energy blasts using the River have a perfect control. He's able to when using his sword measure the exact amount of energy needed and use it precisely. Even when combining it with Mountain or Wind. The sword of the River is a weapon that be large or small, allowing a freedom to flow through the energy attacks that few others are graced with. While most warriors wielding buster blades do sometimes lack the control, Takeshi has a great deal of control.

Sword of the Wind: Rapid speed and able to send a barrage of blows at an enemy with his sword. He can move the buster blade quick enough that it disappears at times making it appear as though it vanished. With one swing he can create a good number of swings, the barrage is only capable of six or seven blows a second. Takeshi could do more with a smaller weapon, the Sword of the Wind can be combined with Mountain or River. When combined with Mountain the Sword of the Wind allows him to use quick powerful blows. Letting him create fast powerful blows uncharacteristic for a buster blade. Using the speed and power at the same time allow him to attack enemies far faster than himself. When combined with River, he can fire quick energy blasts from his blade anywhere he wants. The damage isn't as large as if River is combined with mountain, this allows him a simple use of the power. Takeshi uses the Sword of the Wind on rare enemies who challenge him enough.

Sword of the Heavens: The most dangerous sword form in the Yamazaki. The Sword of the Heavens, it combines all three of Mountain, River, and Wind. Creating a deadly abomination that only two members of the clan ever mastered. The strain of using energy and creating a powerful fast blow has been said to create a deadly combination. Over one hundred members have died for not believing in themselves when using this. Faith is absolute when using the Sword of the Heaven and the results are extremely deadly. Powerful, Fast, and Energy combined to create a deadly move. The move will unleash a quick and powerful blast of energy that is extremely hard to dodge but not impossible. The energy will be released based on the wielders judgement of the situation. Takeshi can unleash it at will, or wait by letting his sword hit yours than unleash the blast. Takeshi's prowess in the use of Heavens is unchallenged and as the last one. He's the only existing master of the Sword of Heavens.

Sword of the Damned: This is the sword form he doesn't use, it was used on the Quincy Massacre. He lost himself into a rage and the sword style born of it was called that of the Damned. It allows him to unleash the previous Heavens by three creating massive damage with no regard for those around him. Control is gone and his belief is that he wants to slaughter his enemy. Going into the phase is something that Takeshi may never do again. But when going into it he's capable of wiping out mountains and entire cities in several minutes. Takeshi is extremely dangerous in this mode, as he will focus only on slaughter. Takeshi's will is connected so heavily into this style, his entire fighting style is based upon the concept of fighting without remorse. Cutting down everything that is labeled as an enemy. This blasphemy was designed for revenge and he calls it the style of a fool. Yet the intense focus is something he can tap into, the sheer determination to kill.

Zanpakutō Basic Information

Name: Yoru
English Meaning: Night
Release Command: It's Time Yoru
Appearance:Yoru is an ornately decorated and very long blade with a total length of at least 7 feet, the weapon comes down to his heels almost when wielded. The blade is similar in it's design to that of a Messer but much larger, the weapon almost appears like a cross as he uses the black blade with cold intent at times. The use of his weapon is largely unknown to those that see it, but one thing is clear. The weapon's a massive Buster Blade that has a sharp edge to it that can easily cut and block blows with the distance between the sides with the hilt. The slight curving allows him better control, the weapon is designed for Takeshi perfectly. Despite the strange shape it fits into the families fighting style allowing them to function as a deadly unit of their own purpose.

His sword takes the appearance of a samurai who has no name really. The Zanpakutō is often quiet in the respect that he and Takeshi agree no words need be spoken between them. They speak volumes by crossing blades, the dragon of warriors some believe. But in truth Yoru is the Night who was never accepted by the feudal Waring states in some cases. Partly due to the nature of Takeshi Yoru has a quiet and very honorable personality, not willing to accept failure. He believed that Takeshi was within his rights when he killed the Quincy. An eye for an eye, may leave the world blind. But Takeshi wasn't the type to care about it for the most part he was a man of complexity. Yoru is just the same, the sword and wielder are both extremely complex people. Takeshi keeps Yoru in a constant state of Shikai because he prefers it's released state over sealed. Takeshi and Yoru form a bond and look similar for the most part in form.

Zanpakutō Shikai

Shikai Passives: His Zanpakutō gathers energy in not taking it from the target directly, but gathers it in passively from them being in it's presence. He is able combine the power of his enemy regardless of what they are with his own when attacking, this allows him to create large scale moves. He's able to draw them into the blade of his Zanpakutō, using their power for example. If he's fighting a 0-2++ and he's a 0-3, he draws the power of the 0-2++ into his Zanpakutō. Allowing him when he attacks to have the power of both a 0-3 and a 0-2++. His Zanpakutō's power is very basic and functions on his capability as a warrior more than anything else. Their are some attacks move for it, but this all stems from it's power to gather stacks of power. The max number of stacks he can use in shikai is 10. The max he can gather is 20, each turn his Zanpakutō will take a portion of the power in the area. Gathering strength from it, allowing him to use it.

When using a stack he can let's say again he's fighting a 0-2++ and he's a 0-3 once more. When doing this he can save up say six stacks of the 0-2++'s energy and unleash them all at once in his attack. If the attack hits it will be like getting struck by six 0-2++ people at the same time. His power is basic and yet extremely deadly, his Zanpakutō's power doesn't have many moves like other zanpakutos. And relies heavily on Takeshi's prowess as a swordsman over the sword being the crutch for him. Without him the power that Yoru has would be extremely hard to use for most warriors without good swordplay. The passive in shikai only effects the blade when going further in it effects more of him. But in this state only attacks with the blade are effected by the passive power. Allowing the wielder a great deal of strength when swinging his sword, when combining it with his swordplay and hakuda based fighting styles it's a dangerous weapon few can come to terms with. Takeshi and Yoru form a nearly invincible tag team.

Shikai Moves:

Nasu: The Nightshade a blast the Yoru can unleash with heavy amounts of power, when adding other power on to it's already fierce some passive Nightshade allows him the to create Getsuga Tensho like blasts on a huge scale and add on the power of those around him if he requires such Takeshi and Yoru work as a perfect team in the aspect of using their attacks in combination with Takeshi's swordplay. Nightshade is one of the two moves he can use within the power of his Zanpakutō's moves. It doesn't really use powers as much as it does the passive. Nightshade is the first move of two that can be used rather freely, the amount of power depends on either how much is gathered by Yoru's passive or if Takeshi puts a large sum of it in with his own energy. The effects of Yoru's power are all depending on Takeshi and what he's capable of doing. Nightshade and it's brother carry over to Bankai and he can use them fairly easily.

Higure: Known as Nightfall, this move is a defensive move that has but one purpose. It's use is creating a veil of night that falls around Takeshi allowing him to guard a blow from large impact targets, for example it's a shield that can have energy applied to it from the gathered stacks. The full on power that Takeshi has defensively is far greater than most realize. For Higue can become a offensive move if Takeshi combines it with Nightshade and blasts, but he doesn't care for moves that are not face to face. So it's rare that anyone will ever see the combination of both moves. Higure is another essence of the Night that beckons to Takeshi and Yoru, they were known to be a deadly combo. In fact it's said the only injuries Takeshi sustained during his time as Captain was to Yachiru herself. Takeshi's prowess combined with the powers of Yoru made him an extremely powerful and deadly combatant. HIgure can forma full three hundred and sixty degree barrier if desired. The barrier will go down when desired or simply disappear as desired.

Zanpakutō Bankai

Bankai Passive:Much like before those who battle Takeshi will be facing the same power as within Shikai but one thing has changed. Instead of just his blade gaining the stacks, Takeshi can use them on his entire body allowing him to blend in his Hakuda and Zanjutsu to form a deadly power. This isn't the complete form of the passive yet it's close, Takeshi's strength in using his Bankai's passive is very evident. As before it was one stack a post per person. The more people around him the more he could gather. Yoru now would take two per person and still go to 20. However now Takeshi could use fifteen of the stacks allowing him to use the power even greater than previously, along with gaining a better use of the stacks comes more that some may not fully understand. Takeshi's strength and speed are increased drastically in Bankai.

Because his body needs to be able to handle the strain of extra powers going in him. Yoru provides him with such as the two prepare to fight to the death with whoever they encounter. This isn't all, when releasing the Bankai an immense amount of spiritual pressure is released from him. Allowing him to show the power of the 9th in almost full. Takeshi is capable of shaking the foundations of many buildings when releasing his full spiritual pressure, though most captains are. Yoru's blade doesn't change as the dark weapon remains the same keeping it's deadly appearance. Takeshi is the only one gaining real changes during the transformation as he is given a better bit of power and speed to handle things more. The passive will continue to gather till twenty stacks than if Takeshi uses them as before it will be like fighting 15 of whatever was gathered all at once. The power is in some belief hard to deal with in Bankai, however unless Takeshi lands a blow most have little to worry about.

Bankai Moves:

Akumu: The nightmare it's a move that allows him to channel the energy into his body to create a massive blast of power from any where on his frame. Takeshi can release this from his blind spots and even do it from places people wouldn't expect. Akumu is a nightmare based move because it can come from anywhere on Takeshi's body from his shoulder and the size is completely manageable to Takeshis desire. Akumu is much like Nightshade in the aspect that it allows him to fire the energy on top of his own if desired. But one great different remains, Akumu is able to be fired in endless amounts of ways. He can use his eyes or any part of his body to fire his attack. Using this allows him to fight and even destroy enemies who aren't prepared properly. It's a secretive move allowing for him to focus in on killing his enemy and moving on to the next one. The element of surprise is with him when he uses Akumu one of his swords few moves

Yozora: This is the only binding move available to him outside of kido based binding spells. Yozora allows him to create a black fluid goo that is able to fall on a persons body and harden. The martial when it hardens has two main purposes at this point making movement near impossible and it's composition is highly explosion. So using energy on it will cause the martial to explode, Takeshi's or otherwise. This move is a binding move that most figure out has other purposes. Takeshi can only fire it from his hands or sword depending on what the need is. It takes four turns to harden completely, however it is much like glue with extremely strong adhesive to hold on. Unless water is used or just pure strength to rip free, which while the substance is still in goo form. Takeshi can cause it to explode simply by commanding such. This move has a two purpose set up, the explosion won't be as large if it hardens. But as normal Goo it will still inflict a large deal of damage.


Shikokai Passives: Now everything he does gets stacks and he can use all 20 of them at once. Meaning he can create a battle chance that few others will have ever seen. Takeshi's power and speed are brought to a whole new level along with his energy. Allowing for him to be a destructive force on the battlefield, but very few have seen the damage and power that Takeshi can bring. However not a single person has seen the Shikokai that he has some believe he never got it. However Takeshi did learn it and was able to master the power of the Shikokai during much training. It wasn't something that was easily picked up over a night but many years of training. Takeshi's will allowed him to master it, but the passive is much mower powerful now as it was in bankai. Takeshi gathers three stacks per person in the area. Meaning if he is battling a 0-2++ he gains three 0-2++ level energy's in his stacks.

This may be unleashed at will by him, however it all depends on his desire to do so. Unleashing all of them has it's own move for him to make use of. However as with the others the passive isn't merely the only thing gained, the final move is also gained. However the others all transfer over and he may use them as he see's fit, using his entire body and the weapons given to him by Yoru into it's final stage of death. No changes come for the blade as it's transformed into this final stage. Takeshi once again endures the changes to himself to endure the stacks and power that the Zanpakutō grants. The passive grants him strength and speed, plus an overwhelming amount of spiritual pressure capable of being felt from an extreme distance. The exact distance has never been known, Takeshi and Yoru's combined power is something that hasn't truly been tapped into in full ever. So the full power of Takeshi's Shikokai is completely unknown to even his best of friends who speculated that he may of obtained it.

Shikokai Moves:

Yugure: The final move of Takeshi's Yoru this move is known as Twilight. It allows him when he desires to use both offense and defense freely. The entire area becomes eclipsed in a state of pause almost. The world becomes gray as the arena is built, the power output for this move is massive. Twilight allows him to put all the stacks all twenty that he can use against a person in an instant. This power is something far greater than most could ever hope to realize. Unleashing the power of Twilight is something that Takeshi has never shown like his Shikokai keeping the wraps on his powers is an important part of his existence and life. He believes such a weapon should only be used in atonement for his crimes. However Yoru knows nothing Takeshi ever does will be true atonement, nothing can erase what happened. Keeping his Shikokai a secret is something that even as a Captain took effort to do, training in special places.

Twilight can be used offensively or defensively. As a big blast or a massive shield, it's a freedom when activated. Twilight also allows him to perform a twenty stack power. The move cannot be used without all twenty stacks, making it something he can only use when he's gathered the needed items. Takeshi's Yoru has made it very clear the move will not work without the twenty stacks for the full effect. This move is a single shot move, making it extremely deadly. Takeshi believes it's comparable to Shunko except far more powerful and capable. The amount of energy the fact it can absorb other energy on it's way to the target and continue to grow makes it a very dangerous move when used offensively. When used defensively it absorbs energy like a leech from whatever attacks, it allows him a great freedom to than unleash the energy in a blast. Using his shield to fire a massive counter attack on those who leap or blast at it with their own. Takeshi believes that Twilight is the weapon that he should never of been given


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He was born into the family of believers, they were those who could only believe in themselves. Training was harsh and involved many years of brutal exercises. Takeshi was a baby of the Clan's middle class, able to produce decent results for his age. As a child he was made to punch rocks and told that if his hands were destroyed he failed. They didn't explain how it worked, that one needed faith in themselves. It took him days to understand before he finally accepted that those rocks would be broken he could do it. The true training started after that, fighting ten enemies at a time and believing you could do it. These clan members would kill you if you didn't show faith. Everything in this family came down to belief, the brutal training made you capable of crossing blades with almost anyone. Takeshi's swordsmanship was trained to fight at least ten people, learning the Hakuda and Zanjutsu of the family was a task that nearly beat him to death. Takeshi almost died several times during the training, but he came stronger as a child. The training was begun as soon as he could crawl they don't believe in waiting. The rocks grew bigger some the size of small mountains, the job was to break them and bring the rubble of the stone back as proof. Takeshi made many friends and was popular for his devotion to honor. His closest friend was Yukito, the two were extremely close and trained against one another nine hundred times. Both only getting better as they fought, the clan kept it's nose out of most things. Rumors were that a man named Yamamoto was looking for strong people for some reason. Takeshi didn't believe in joining others for strength and honor were something only one person would have. For no one can share the same honor, each person had different principals that others couldn't help but accept. Takeshi continued the training starting to become the Clan's First Blade. He was the one sent out to battle.

Often times fighting creatures or people several times his own size while growing up. He'd gained a reputation as a fierce warrior even at a young age settling his problems through the blade. At this point he fought over seven hundred one on one battles, having yet to lose as he didn't believe he could. Takeshi's reputation as the Clan's strongest fighter was further implicated when he slew a Vasto Lorde. Takeshi did so at a young age, being extremely confident. It was the first time he faced down a foe who could wound him to such a degree. Many believed he had suffered the most damage in clan history, as he accepted the responsibility of fighting those who challenged. Even if they were several times stronger, defeating the Vasto Lorde was something he considered the first time his life was put on the line. Takeshi took a dangerous gamble and came out ahead, placing his belief in the fact he could kill it. It wasn't long however till the news of a boy killing a Vasto Lorde reached the ears of the Gotei 13.

Takeshi was going to be sought out by Yamamoto's students and the old man himself within the future. He decided to start training more to get stronger. Believing firmly that if he believed in something reality had no choice in the matter. Takeshi's determination was something few could ever truly touch upon. He would fight with his stamina for seven days straight. Defeating people without rest, only sleeping when the battle was concluded. He fought his entire clan at one point as a child earning a reputation for being the strongest of their clan. The leaders named him the next Clan Head, deciding his strength and devotion would be the crutch they put upon him. He continued the training as a child, wearing up to one thousand kilos of weight while training to keep his body perfectly toned. Takeshi already had his Zanpakutō at this point and had figured most things out on his own. He'd used the zanapkuto to slay the Vasto Lorde. Though only a child he could wield the giant weapon without much trouble.

Takeshi like Yukito had become the strongest of the family, the two still shared the bond and fought often. Takeshi however had long since become far more powerful than his friend. His reiatsu was something massive that could knock the wind out of most his clan, he was a rare prodigy only a few born of his prowess ever were shown. Takeshi's childhood continued forward being something of happy yet very honorable boy. He would continue his growth, studying with his mind and body on equal plans. He would meditate on the meaning of honor and the world around him for days. Takeshi believed the mind and body had to be perfectly connected for their families style to work. So his first job as the leader of the Yamazaki was to introduce meditating in odd ways. He set up children in rooms where the heat was enough to cause the weak to pass out. It would make you sweat intensely and some died from the sheer heat, Yukito believed Takeshi could see the future.

But the fact was he did only thing about how to strengthen the clan's belief. If one believed in themselves, they could do anything. Everything was possible, fighting two on one. Standing in the middle of a Vasto Lorde's path, even fighting as many people as possible. As his childhood years continued, Takeshi perfected many of the moves that would become his trademarks. He believed himself to be a perfect warrior who couldn't suffer a defeat. Takeshi's prowess was known throughout the Soul Society. The realm had heard of him even to a small extent, his duties and jobs were things of little importance. For Takeshi had something he sensed, a great task would lay before him and Yoru agreed. Something grand was coming and he wasn't sure what. Takeshi was certain things would change though, yet the pattern continued for the next several hundred years. He fought Menos and many challengers who invaded the home. Defeating them with relative ease, the training as a child produced many results.

Pulling rocks up mountains, getting beaten up and told to believe that you'll be fine. Everything was centered around believing in himself, Takeshi believed something would come soon. And it was on the eve of him becoming a young adult that something did. He had trained without much stop and appeared to be reaching his teenage years end, when these people came. Similar age to him they were Captains at the time. They said the Head Captain was requesting the man known as Takeshi. The clan tried to hide him but they did locate him due to his massive pressure. Takeshi told them no and explained his reasoning. That honor is not something bound to a single organization, if I detect dishonor I will be forced to kill a comrade can you truly live with such a thing? Was the question he left them with and continued his meditation, though they wouldn't stay gone by any means. His childhood was spent fighting strong enemies and the fact was few people had ever in history frightened him.

It was later in that month but someone else came, rather he and she came. Unohana Yachiru and Yamamoto Genryusai both came to his location. He felt something perhaps goosebumps, these two were strong far more powerful than the last one. Yamamoto stated his reasoning and his eyes remained focused on the man as he thought about his request. These two were older than he, the others were slightly younger. Takeshi had officially become a young adult at this point but in his families eyes till he made a choice. This childhood would remain his till after, he listened to both Yamamoto and Yachiru for now. Two people were with them, Shunsui and Jyushiro were their names. Capable warriors from what he saw, Takeshi offered to fight them to get a feel for the organizations honor. He fought them both and showed great prowess as he managed to fend them off and even wound them though not gravely. Takeshi afterwards, held each persons eyes and began to think about it. His clan's security could be protected and no longer require his constant battling.

Takeshi spoke calmly asking for a day to think upon the request, they were asking him to take the role of security. To arrest those who did things that were unforgivable. His honor could indeed handle that, but why would they ask an outsider. Things were puzzling and he did go off on his own for a while to think. That's where he met a girl, her name was Irelia she was absolutely beautiful. She asked him what he was doing out here, to which he simply said thinking on an offer from someone. She told him to take it, he didn't understand why but she had to leave and the girl seemed angelic almost. Little did he know that she would be the key to his destruction later. Yukito came and spoke with him, asking his thoughts on it. His dearest friend explained that to protect the clan it was an ideal solution but it required Takeshi's belief and might. He agreed and the next day when the two returned after three visits Takeshi agreed to spend his days as the Ninth Division Captain.


Takeshi became officially the next Captain into office, he performed tasks with little issue. Completing his Squad's missions to perfection, Takeshi had a very dangerous and powerful aura about him. He had faith in his Squad and they thus believed in him, becoming the Division that believes was something of a time consuming Task. Takeshi had to tell them if they believed in things it made them possible, lack of faith was weakness. Takeshi's time as the security force member was considered the greatest in the Gotei 13 shorts time. Takeshi was a strong and fierce leader, capable of doing many feets of courage that others could only dream of. At one point in his carrier as a Captain he stood against the rebellion of one hundred and defeated them single handed. But he also bravely fought against the other Captains to be honorable, he was considered the greatest with his honor. Shunsui nicknamed him the Captain who's honor has no equal.

Takeshi proceeded down a very good carrier, a question was raised soon about where he was belonging in the Organization. Many said his extremely effective style of fighting fit that of a 11th Division Captain. He was the very first person to fight Unohana for Seven days and still live. He fought her for the title of Kenpachi in part to test himself. Takeshi learned from this battle, faith alone wasn't the key. Faith in ones self can tilt the scales in someone's favor indeed. Takeshi learned and grew from the experiences, as well he became much stronger. Yamamoto helped him become great as an adult, someone they called the Juggernaut of the Gotei 13. He was a master of the buster blade, something few people used. Matched with his strange powers, Takeshi wasa combat ready monster who could battle and defeat most that came at him. Takeshi's time as the 9th was a great time in his life. He and Irelia were getting along well, they seemed to be in love almost.

Takeshi spent time with her, before anything would happen. She was there the night Unohana defeated him and spent time with him. Takeshi had grown and learned much from her, he'd decided that someday soon he would make her his wife. Takeshi's strength was that of but a man who had taken the office to bring Honor to them. Those without honor were despicable and most of the Captains att he beginning lacked the honor he sought in the world. Takeshi's journey to become stronger and grow into a better Captain was at it's peak now. He'd become great, slaying ten to twenty Menos Grande level hollows on his own. Protecting his people and acting as an ideal Captain, Takeshi was loved and some of the 9th called him the Hero of the 9th. Many titles and distinguishing words spoken about a Captain before his time. Takeshi at this point was much like Hitsugaya when he joined the organization, an adult in many eyes. But his strength was tested against Unohana and she'd deemed him more than fit.

Takeshi marks her as the most important battle of his carrier as Captain. Losing is the greatest lesson a master can have. Takeshi even thanked her before passing out, becoming only one of the few to force her bankai. Takeshi himself had not be prepared for the damage and injuries her sword inflicted. Takeshi could only find himself being more drawn to the concept of fighting her again. He'd proposed to Irelia and she had said yes. He showed her the Clan's home and got permission to wed the lovely woman. It was around here that the truth became clear, Takeshi went away on a mission the Gotei 13 needed handled. A Captain level reaper had decided to break the law and it was Takeshi's duty to enforce them. He was going hunting him for only a couple days, everything had been ok. Takeshi had seen black clouds with rain coming down from the heavens. A bad omen in many cultures, Takeshi felt troubled but finished the task given to him. Takeshi's very nature was concerned.

Takeshi traveled home to his beloved waiting, it was when he got there his heart would break. For miles they were dead, down to children, everyone had been killed. Takeshi was going to be next, someone calling themselves I had appeared they were called the invisible. Takeshi had caught him, breaking his very soul in his bare hands. Takeshi's anger was something that couldn't be fathomed. He realized exactly what had happened, Irelia sat in the distance. The Deceit, Irelia was her true name and she had just slaughtered his people. Takeshi drew his sword slowly from his sheath. Shaking with rage he slaughtered every single Quincy here, his glare looked at Irelia who looked genuinely shocked. She ran away now, but she only did one thing. Takeshi walked towards the situation now, Irelia was running to innocent Quincy. They threw themselves at Takeshi only to be cut down and gutted. It was as though the world had gone quiet, she called him a killer. That they were doing the work of the all mighty and he should of just died.

Takeshi can't remember alot about the events that had passed. He knows he killed around one thousand Quincy innocent or otherwise. Takeshi destroyed their entire Kingdom she'd led him too. Takeshi's glare was the most harsh of things, his fellow Captains arrived on the scene as he fought off several. Unohana herself arrived and she put her hand on his shoulder. She realized from touching him how much anger was there within him. Yamamoto and Unohana were forced to restrain him as they stopped him before he unleashed any further destruction. Takeshi's fury was said by Unohana to be like the Wrath of a God. The Captains escorted him bound to the place his people had died. Takeshi simply collapsed near the body of his youngest brother. Tear's dripping down his cheeks as he looked at this scene. They were dead, his Zanpakutō dripped blood as he stayed their he could hear the conversation between Yamamoto and Unohana. About this being the worst killing in their history.

Takeshi was brought before the Gotei 13, Yamamoto and many of them tried to convince him to stay. But Takeshi handed over his Haori and walked away, he wouldn't only disappear but his time as a Captain was considered to be one that wasn't able to be matched. The Tragedy of the Yamazaki was something the 9th Division never recovered from. Many believed he died that night, as he packed he seemed to be lost within himself. Takeshi's entire person was something that many had said never saw. When the reports hit the desks of those who mattered, they couldn't press charges against him. No torture alive would equal to being betrayed by the woman you trusted and loved. To the degree that Takeshi had been, his entire family was gone. Those who believe were extinguished and couldn't have belief anymore. Takeshi's isolation would begin soon, but something else was required. Takeshi knew his family would never get to continue. Quincy Arrow's destroy so much more than people realized.

Takeshi took a shovel and buried everyone, his brothers and family. The Captains claimed they watched him at times. Burying the infants and painful people seemed clear, Takeshi swore a hatred for all Quincy. He'd never forgive them, this carnage on one who did nothing. Attacking the helpless, Takeshi battle his demons these many months. For he buried and protected the bodies of his kin while making sure to give them proper respect. Takeshi was considerably different from what those around the circle remembered of him. He'd become quiet and seemed distant from those that came seeking him. Takeshi buried over one thousand people in a couple months, he seemed to do it through the night sleeping only a couple times. His sleepless nature seemed almost atonement for the honor he'd stained. What hurt him was perhaps Irelia's deceit, maybe it was killing those weaklings. Perhaps it was his entire family dying, not having anyone in this world. Takeshi was truly alone, Unohana would witness him one more time.

A group of powerful hollows appeared and Takeshi slew them all with one swing of his Zanpakutō. Takeshi than walked towards the Garganta, many question why but he decided the only punishment suitable for him. Was that he spend eternity locked among Hueco Mundo the home of hollows. Takeshi left giving Unohana nothing but a nod, it's said this was the first time and last she ever cried a tear. Her only worthy adversary had disappeared from the world of Shinigami. Takeshi left and he was than brought to the tree's of the Forest of Menos. Takeshi became a monster among them, killing several who tried. He was making his way to the desert location, his pressure killed those too weak to stand before him. Takeshi's battling in isolation was something many had heard of. A Shinigami trapped among hollows, but not one who was like the others. He was capable of fighting and killing several of them with a single swing. Takeshi had crippled and destroyed many groups of them.

Takeshi heard stories about Sosuke Aizen's group when they arrived and decided to simply observe from his Cave. Aizen had sent many powerful hollows into flush him out often. Takeshi simply destroyed them on principal, his days were spent like this for a reason. Locking himself in this cave was his atonement, nothing he could do would take it back. Takeshi Yamazaki had killed one thousand Quincy of innocent blood. Much unlike his comrades Takeshi was a monster and this cave was where he belonged. Killing hollows who came close, creatures lay outside dying from the pressure. Takeshi was lonely but he had prepared himself to accept being alone. This was the punishment for a man who killed the weak, Takeshi wouldn't accept punishments from others. Using his sword was something rare, but his mental skills had grown. Takeshi had grown into a strong and powerful warrior, but his life was spent in isolation. Takeshi would leave his Cave soon, the world seemed to be evolving and becoming something new.

The world was changing, Takeshi had heard Yamamoto died. That was the last day in the cave, he couldn't afford to allow the Honor of Yamamoto be stained. Takeshi has since left the prison in the sands. His current location is unknown, his power however is clearly known among one of the most dangerous of the first group of Captains.


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Moving to old wip


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Application Checklist
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Will Skills
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  • Focus: Master.

Comments/Notes: Jesus H. Christ nice App.
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Arching Due to Request.
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Please return him to me, I have plans.

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[adm]Moving back to approved.[/adm]
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Takeshi Yamazaki [0-3+, SHINIGAMI]
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