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 Bitter foe's or unlikely allies? [PM to Join. Vandreich/Shadow Fall]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Bitter foe's or unlikely allies? [PM to Join. Vandreich/Shadow Fall]    Mon Jan 27, 2014 10:05 am

A land often captivated by snow and ice, a land of unknowns where even the skies seem to behave erradically. A mixture of endless night, and endless day, this was the home of the Quincy Organization which had been seen in the recent war; Yet a lone figure walked forward in the cold, bitter snow steam rising from her skin. Ruby eyes cutting through the blizzard, hair the color of ruby and violet blowing with wild abandon in the frigid but ferocious winds. One foot stepping in front of the other, this girl had given no energy residue what so ever but her strange presence would be enough to feel tangibly in the air. This power this feeling of ominous intent, the feeling of suppressed power far greater then what was being let on; these insubstantial yet quantifiable feelings would seem to just exude from her pours. Her posture her step all of it was enough to gather attention in this snowy wasteland reports would flow back to the Vandenreich headquarters of a woman who walked and felt like destruction incarnate coming their way; a flag in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other yet her eyes had been lidded half open as if she was ready for a fight.

Those ruby eyes of hers had been moving left to right sweeping the horizon periodically, these movements would allow her to gather detailed info on the environment around her in a specified manner; in a controlled environment as depending on this interaction she might be here to fight, or be here next time to destroy. Honestly though she felt that, given the situation; the gap in power was something that was crucial to fill. With one of the world’s major organizations in a rut it would be the responsibility of another to fill the gap. That would take cunning and power; two things that where needed for any good conquest. From her reasoning , whom ever filled the gap would have a crucial advantage which would be needed to pursue the goals laid out by that organization. Reason then dictated because shadow fall owned the most land they would have been the most likely to try to cease the gap. No matter how many scene’s ran through Demonica’s mind at the moment she could only see the necessity of this the importance this would have for the fights to come.

Which was ultimately why with the wind howling at her backside, she’d let out a little huff her steamy breath vaporizing the snow in front of her, As a welcoming party of 1000 Quincy foot-soldiers came to greet her she’d raise her hands both of them showing the flag and the wine; her voice ringing out clear with commanding presence even in such a backwards situation, left eye sliding shut; right eye opening wide open in a tactic that made the warriors take half a step back. A small grin on her face she would have exhaled slowly and then in her loud voice she had said.

“I am not here for pointless war, I am here on behalf of shadow fall. I request to speak to one of your stronger members this is not a request of war; nor is it of peace. Right now there is a gap in the world stage which needs to be filled, as such in mutual interest I have come here after seeing the power displayed in the Australian War. The Monsuta is weak, they have been kicked off the world stage from that immense display of power despite our best efforts. To tip the scales there needs to be new alliances new strengths because when the balance of this world fails; what happens? What to wolves do when one side becomes weaker than the other? They attack, this is why this is not a proposition for conquest or gain of either side, I request to speak with someone on the worlds behalf. To maintain the status quo; as despite the fact our ideals may be indeed different, I think we can both agree that any more fighting will be counter-productive. If you agree to listen to me, I will give you compensation, I will on your behalf act as a intermediary between shadow fall and the Quincy Organization for the time being now, can you please go fetch your higher up, I would like to have a calm peaceful chat with them”

The Tension in the air seemed to evaporate so fast that it could have almost not been there to begin with, the obvious look of relief was almost palpable in these foot Soldiers; One of the ones in the back seemed to scramble away probably going to alert a higher up in the Quincy Organization. After those words Demonica herself seemed to sit down taking a easier to track position to erase any lingering doubts in her intentions, Hell she laid down so that they could see she wasn’t about to move or try anything; which was why from there she let out a soft steaming exhale, flag and wine resting firmly in the snow casting shadows across her feminine features. Demonica looked up, eyes cast skywards at the bright clouds, and a possible new dawn; there was a smile on her face a small smile which was wamr unlike the barren landscape. If you had told her she’d be doing this a month ago, she would have laughed; but now she seemed to internally chastise herself on her previous selfish actions. This is what it meant to do something for a better cause, to do things with your organizations benefit in mind; now it just was up to the other to answer. She had honestly sincere intentions, and hoped the meeting would go well; she didn’t want to make an enemy of Vandenreich since after running the data through her head, she knew they would be a volatile force to face. Such forces would be un optimal for maintaining the status Quo if on the enemy side, putting them in a neutral Position seemed to be the best bet right now.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Bitter foe's or unlikely allies? [PM to Join. Vandreich/Shadow Fall]    Sun Oct 04, 2015 10:25 am

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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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Bitter foe's or unlikely allies? [PM to Join. Vandreich/Shadow Fall]
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