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 Cynthia Heiwajima [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Cynthia Heiwajima [WIP]    Tue Jan 28, 2014 5:07 pm

» Name: Cynthia Lange Heiwajima
» Titles:The Heir To the Heiwajima House Hold/The Queen Of Tinder/ Murderer Of A Bloodline
» Age: 12 [actual age is around 7500]
» Gender: Female
»Cup Size: C—Cup
»Blood Type:O-
»Height:5ft 11inches
»Zodiac Sign:Leo
»Former Family:Heiwajima
»Current Family: None
» Affiliation/Rank: None

» Appearance Description:

+Short Stature:

+Skin Complexion:

+Scars and Battle Marks:

» Appearance Picture:

» Personality:

»Simple truth: Cynthia believes in simple truths, her strong suit isn’t making elaborate plans, or speaking of imminent dangers in the world. A world extends as far as one's hand can reach. There isn’t really much more of a truth to be found then that. Looking for meanings beyond one's sight, focusing on what isn’t right in front of you isn’t her style. This world isn’t complex it isn’t hard to define or understand, there is a simple law and order, a way to things that always will remain true. If you stick to those guiding lines without over thinking the rest then you will certainly live life to the degree that you want to live it. There isn’t a single thing that needs to be over thought, not a single thing that will not eventually come full circle once more if you work towards your goals and ambitions without the need to really find supernatural divinities out of mundane acts of chance. Cynthia thinks this way because her hands are what she can trust, and her strength is something she knows better than any other person, putting faith in things other than these simple things, is not exactly in her ballpark.

Death for example. If you die you are dead, the option is to be either hung up over the loss that has been dealt. Or there is the option to shoulder that loss move on and learn more from it than if you had instead decided to brood over it. She instead chooses to live for those who have been felled to get her as far as she has come, to learn and get stronger to show that such sacrifices had not been done in vain. Death is honored by the continuation of life, or so she believes at the very least. Because without those who die, those who are living could not continue to live, continue to advance. The dead are there in her mind because the living continue to exist as if the living vanished, then the dead would stop coming, individuals would stop dying. Its honestly a truth as simple as that.

Or take battle for example, Cynthia is not one for elaborate thought, or tactical planning, instead she fights and evolves as she fights. Thinking about how to do something is in her mind irrelevant to how the general outcome is. Number and figures are just that, Numbers and figures when it comes to the real deal. One can have as much experience as they want in combat, but if something unexpected comes up? No amount of combat experience can save someone from a fluke. The battle field is something to be felt, not learned through books, a chalkboard, or some computer program. Blood is a reminder, slaying is a confirmation, and continued existence is proof of that individual's success in combat. One can measure the amount of knowledge they have through the battles and years of life they have undergone. There isn’t much more thought involved to it than that.

Honor is simply a system based on those who have naive views. Cynthia feels to honor is to fight with every tactic one has, no matter how underhanded. How dispicable or how cruel, to hold back is to spit on anothers integrity. The thought of not stabbing someone while they’re down, or letting someone know when you are coming? These things are not in her eyes honor, if you have to stab someone from behind, that just means they were too strong to handle head on. If you have to kill them in their sleep? It just means they seriously had been a strong adversary that couldn’t have been defeated otherwise, cynthia thinks these things because it isn’t the strong that always survive. Its the one who is left breathing when its all over that gets the honor of being called the victor. Thats just how fights go, and how life is. Thinking otherwise is generally a waste of time.

Political places are not where cynthia likes to be, she doesn’t find the place of conversing bartering and looking for alliances to be a place that is really interesting. She finds these kinds of exchanges to be entirely boring. Even though that means Cynthia can be brutish at times, she just feels that is how she is, and she doesn’t primarily see the need to change herself for others even if it means that she is portrayed in a bad light. Hers is more a simple battlers thoughts, she finds that leading or doing things through example is much better then building things up through words which can be flimsy like paper and worth very little if there isn’t the proper knowledge and backing behind it. There isn’t really anything tangible in words, and there isn’t anything you can keep in words which is why she doesn’t really keep stock in them often.

+Barbarian Lifestyle: Cynthia eats mutton, and generally has a barbarian way about her. She doesn’t like to use forks or utensils, nor microwaves or other things that are a part of the modern “culture” Nor would she ever want to eat something she hasn’t hunt down or killed herself. Since she feels its better to hunt for ones own food rather than getting it from someone else, because it might be bad food, or they might have done something to it. Honestly due to the time she was brought up in , she finds these things to be more “Logical” than any other kind of explanation. Her way of speaking, and even how she decides to interact with others all has a fairly “Outlandish” Way about it. She speaks very crudely and doesn’t use formal dialect.

Beyond that she believes in being more “Liberal” such as if she dislikes someone, she might punch them. Not to mention having a loud and boisterous demeanor which would be fairly common around people who live a majority of their lives yelling or having gatherings where the merrymaking would be obnoxiously loud from the very beginning. So her language and even how she acts. All of these things have a fairly “Prehistoric” nature about them which doesn’t really change no matter the situation, such as if she was in a situation where someone had stolen something? Cynthia would most likely just say to take it back and leave it at that, there isn’t really much more to it than that. If someone steals from you? Then isn’t it logical to just go and steal it right back?

+ The Pillager: From her past she has in her blood the desire to pillage and conquer, which is why when she fights she doesn’t only fight to win, but she fights and then plunders every single thing that she can before burning the losing side to the ground. Victory is a very very diverse term, and her idea of Victory is quite clear, it is not victory unless the opposing side is completely wiped out, to the point that not even the ground they once stood on would be charred with the ashes of the civilization that was there in the beginning. Even if the enemy was slaughtered entirely, unless the landmarks of that enemy have been erased, then she will continue the fight. She isn’t one to do things half-assed, instead if she fights she fights with everything. She loots, she will drink the enemies ale, she will take the women and the children captive, doesn’t matter what the result, that is her barbarian’s term and her very ideal for victory. Anything else is just known to her as being the one who can still move. Or the one who is still able to think straight. or the one who is still alive.

+Charisma: cynthia has a kind of vibe around her, she doesn’t believe in the word “Impossible” or that something is unable to be done. So long as the person is able to move, or the objective isn’t dead then there is a way. She won’t use pep talks or try to talk someone into doing something. Instead she speaks her words with every fiber of her being. If she says its possible, then she believes with every fiber of her being that it is possible to do. If she says you will not lose, then she believes that there is no way that the person would lose. Its the fact that she’s able to honestly believe in herself and her own convictions, without a single waver in her resolve. Without a single drop of self doubt, nor a drop of despair. Walking forward without ever looking back, to not doubt the decisions of the past, or the decisions she will make in the future. calmly walking her own course through life without a moments hesitation, that is her brand of “charisma”. She has faith in herself, and she will let anyone she comes across know it. With that loud mouthed brash and simple nature of hers.

+The Brutality Of Facts: cynthia doesn’t say something that she doesn’t mean. That means she also doesn’t say things any way other than how she see’s them. If you are hated, she will state so, if she feels you aren’t worth the time? She is obviously going to tell you that flat out. She isn’t one to make things less harsh then they are in reality. If you have done something wrong, or if you are probably going to end up regretting the choice made; then she will say such. If you are irritating her, she will say such, if she wants you to shut up? She will say so. Her words are a reflection of her thoughts, what she feels is to be true. She doesn’t have what someone would call any kind of sympathy when it comes to what she is saying, simply because she doesn’t see the need to coddle or to tell others stuff to make them feel better. Instead she just feels that if there’s something needing to be said ? It should be said as it’s intended to be said. Instead of beating around a bush, or taking the roundabout. just be direct and to the point. Thats her motto.

+ Murderer: She also is a murderer, and she isn’t going to tell you otherwise. She has killed countless people. She has murdered more people then most have in a lifetime in weeks, and because of that, she doesn’t find it to be needed to hide the fact. She doesn’t have qualms killing, she has accepted it, and that fact or feat flavors her actions, her dialect even her decisions and thoughts. She doesn’t try to avoid death, nor does she look for death. Instead she enacts death if it needs to be enacted. To her it is merely another tool, another option that might have to be brought out if things get hairy. To her its just another life another person felled , another person which has died so that those who live can continue to thrive and move along in the flow of lifes endless battles. There is not a shred of remorse for killing them, just efficiency and acceptance that some day being a murderer will probably also be the very thing that takes her own life away from her reach. Its a fate that she has more than Accepted as her own.

» Likes:

+Ale : cynthia is a barbarian, so naturally she loves Ale , beer, and other kinds of alcoholic beverages. Its just something that she has become used to, that she finds to be enjoyable. Refreshing or just it boils down to the fact that nothing is better after working out, or getting into it with another person than the chilling burn of a nice refreshing tankard or Keg full of Ale. Nothing is better at diffusing the stress in the drunken stupor that it blesses its consumer with after a few of them.

+War: What was a barbarians pastime? It was fighting, brawling, pillaging and burning buildings. If it wasn’t merry making it was bloodying themselves on the battlefield. It is as much a recreational sport, as it was a way of life for these kinds of people. cynthia isn’t any different, she feels most at home admist the severed heads and freshly bleeding bodies of the newly dead strewn across the ground of some kind of battlefield. Amongst the war cries and the able-bodied warriors that clash with the sole intent of being the one who lives, instead of the one who is killed. To further their glorious name through the blood that is taken from the very dying breaths of the adversary. That is something she loves.

+ Sword Fighting:Being someone who loves war? She also loves swinging her sword. Sweat and perspiration are lovely partners in self perfection. The singing sound of a blade as it finds it path through the air, as it cuts through opponents, or as it gleams in the sun valiantly as a tool that is made for someone who has control of their own destiny. That is the very ideal of a sword to her, it is a precious thing that is a part of a warriors very soul, because without their blade? Warriors are not warriors, instead they are thugs and drunk brawlers who are in the midst of bar-fights. To be a barbaric being of violence is to own a sword that matches the users intentions.

+ Food : What goes best with booze? Mutton, sheeps leg, goat leg, food. Food is the thing that goes best with war, booze, and merrymaking. cynthia loves mutton, beef and other foods, she loves tearing into a steaming hunk of meat and devouring it to only leave the bone in the center apart. She loves the feeling grease and the smell of food as its being made in the middle of an open flame. That is food, and cooking to her. However modern food isn’t food to her, it is instead those open flames and kindling of food after hunting it cutting it and then preparing it by ones self that is truly to her actually is considered food.

» Dislikes:

+Technology: Modern Science, cars electronics, all this wizardry in her mind can take a hike. There is no need for sitting on ones ass and watching stuff you could be doing yourself on a tv screen, or locking a door just because there isn’t another way that someone can protect it by themselves. She doesn’t like it, doesn’t find it actually needed. She finds it to be a crutch a way to take the fun out of killing someone. To take the fun out of living life, to pollute the world’s skies so that stars cant be seen? She finds everything associated with technology to be absolutely revolting. She stays as far away from it as possible, and also at times considers it to be some kind of black magic that isn’t even natural. She doesn’t understand how they work, nor does she even want to understand how they work. Instead she just stays as far away from anything technological as she possibly can. There’s no point in her staying near something she hates. Which is why if she see’s technology she will either A) just ignore the one using it. or B) smash the technology and the one using it. Magic is different, and things that are not of steel or metal make sense, however electricity and things such as that? Those things she does not like in the slightest.

+ Big Talkers: Big talkers she detests as well. She doesn’t see the point in saying something if they cant back it up. Such as in the days where only individuals who fought using the sword, their guts and their brawn and courage to win. When boasters instead of being able to continue to boast would be hunted down, quartered and killed without a seconds hesitation. Where having a swollen head was indeed the end of a persons very life. Those kinds of situation are always associated in her mind with those who talk big without being willing to make that talk a reality. And in a world thats full of those who boast, brag and build themselves up without a foundation worthy of building on? She has grown to utterly hate those who talk big without the resources to back up their talk.


» Background: (Please create at least three paragraph's of background history for your character in this section.)

» Natural Attributes:

+Barbarian Strength: Cynthia’s body has been toned by many years of constant combat with massive weapons and in a world where strength was the deciding factor of how both a person was treated, and also how long they ended up living. So her muscles are immensely powerful, toned and strong. Many years of refining it and building upon it has given her a body that is able to lift blades that are like cars and swing them around at high speeds almost like they could be considered feathers or that they weigh possibly only a pound. However this isn’t entirely supernatural, instead it is mostly due to the long years of swinging a sword of bulking up and getting stronger and stronger to effectively use what was needed to survive. Her strength isn’t just “Inherent” from the very beginning, instead it is present after hard work power and a slight bit of naturally enhanced human genetics.

Her muscles themselves are not big, but they are ripped, every muscle in her body is easy to discern under the soft flesh that holds her feminine form together. All of them are like hardened steel rods perhaps or the titanium equivalent for human muscles, the product of muscles being torn down and built up millions upon millions of times until the muscles couldn’t be built up in terms of hardness anymore. Essentially making it so that even as an enhanced human being her strength is very close to the peak of what even an Enhanced human beings body could achieve on its own, meaning that her muscles are quite interesting in terms of how they feel and how they look. Given that she isn’t some hulking gigantic behemoth that has a barreled chest and no breasts. Instead her strength is something that is almost supernatural, as she is able to do things like cut through a castle wall thirty feet thick made of just solid stone with one solid strike. Or she is able to cut through a tanks armor with a good hard movement of her muscles.

However despite that, her strength is however mighty, something that is still bound by a sketchy amount of human limits. She isn’t able to from pure strength alone just do things like lift up buildings, or pick up airplanes. Instead she is able to without any spiritual augmentations, do things like stop semi-trucks, or even If grabbing a chain, stop an Ocean liner from moving. As long as she has a strong enough base under her feet. So she has enhanced human levels of strength. Meaning that she is incredibly strong for a human under any circumstances. Making it so that her force and power is something that is a big contributor to how she fights and handles herself in every day interactions.

+ Stamina :

+ Sword play:

» Racial Powers:

»Chi Manipulation- Life Force Manipulation: Lange in the past was known for her ability to manipulate a particular type of energy known as chi, or Life Force. Much like how quincy are able to manipulate the force of reishi in the cynthia is able to manipulate the life force in plants, animals and other microbial life that is present, turning it from a source of energy for the living, into pure raw power which in turn through further concentration and altering from a passive force to one that is active makes it so she is able to use this for offensive and defensive purposes. I.E she can turn life-force or chi into a beam of pure undiluted energy and fire it at an opponent , or use it as a veil that is present surrounding the body itself for augmented physical abilities or even augmented defensive abilities. So for all purposes it functions in three ways, three different sound ways that have different purposes and or uses.

This is because like all methods of energy that involve being able to manipulate free flowing variables such as outside energy sources, there is generally a plethora [many] different ways that the energy is cultivated. Some of it is more direct such as through direct life force interaction. A method which uses the energy directly from inanimate objects such as plants, tree’s the grass, and even microscopic bacteria or other things of this general nature. Directly manipulating the source of Life-Force and borrowing or leeching it from the environment to use it for various methods. In this way it means that the introduction of this energy is less costly in use or in reserve depletion because its not directly coming from the body itself. Using this method though is limited and would diminish energy given there’s only so much direct energy that can be taken from any source.

Or for Example, there is internal life-force manipulation which means to use the vitality drawn out from the person themselves. This method means over-use would obviously lead to death in extreme cases, as it is life-force, meaning the vitality that keeps a body active and in motion, I.E the tapping of this source if its internally could mean the increase of any number of things for a set time, but after extended use of internal energy [not stored but just energy present in the body] In around a 5 turn period would lead to extreme fatigue, passing out, 7 turns would put a person in a coma and 10 would be death.

Three Types Of Manipulation. [Outside of general reserves]

+External Life-Force Control: Manipulating non player objects in the vicinity such as plants, animals, and organisms. Through draining or borrowing energy from these, life-force can be gathered and then expelled as a potent energy source. However because it is externally factored , it means that energy itself isn’t going to be there if the organisms or life-forces are not there. So places like deserts or other places that have no life within them would make this method of energy gathering and control obsolete, however on the same token high life-rich area’s such as dense urban area’s or even places abundant with life in general will be in general much easier for energy gathering purposes. Now with External Life-Force Control, the energy gathered will weaker than the actual powered tier of the person, given that manipulating outside energy and gathering it doesn’t always mean the energy will be equivalent in power to the users actual powered tier.

As well Externally Gathered Life Energy also taxes the body, and as such active use of this method for combat is generally limited to 4 turns at a maximum because of the fact that controlling something like life-force is generally hard to begin with when it is ones own. However to then take that and apply it to other sources of life-force is on a whole other level. Because of this the body becomes unable to regulate other sources of energy as effectively on top of extreme mental and physical fatigue, strain and damage from the over-abundance of life-force present around the body in periods of time at excess of 4 turns. Primarily meaning that though this energy control method is potent it does have its limits.

+Internal Life-Force Control: Internal Life-Force Control as the name suggests is the control of ones own life-force [Meaning stamina, and other factors] Turning it into raw harvestable energy in emergency situations. However with Internal Life-Force Control , the energy itself is exponentially stronger than external Life-Force given it is essentially using the energy that the body itself needs as expendable fuel. Although while this method does give explosive strength, the user can die if it is abused given that Life-Force itself when exhausted means the body has no more energy to function, In extreme situations it means complete spontaneous Organ failure, to the extent the body itself can regress to its fundamental building blocks if used in a period of time over 7 turns.

However the pay-off is that Internal Life Force is exponentially stronger than externally procured energies. making it so that this method of energy is on par or a half tier above the powered tier of the individual. Although the side effects of using it for even more than two turns is extreme fatigue, dizzyness, inability to stand and even possibly going into a coma from the lack of energy needed to keep the body in general functioning levels. Essentially meaning that this manipulation method is only usable in extremely Dire situations where there isn’t any other way to essentially prevent the user from being killed.

+Borrowed Life-Force Control: This method is the least risky, and the most viable method. By having someone willingly give her permission to borrow some of their own life-energy she is able to utilize that energy source if her own runs out. In a way it essentially is the same as someone giving her a power-loan. She can use it however in turn by doing so , it is the same as essentially forming a bond or a pact with that person. In return for that energy any condition can be given by the loaner for the return payment for said energy. I.E if the contract stated the pay-off would be that she would have to serve that person? Then because of that contract in return for periodically being able to borrow energy [once a week] then in return Lange would essentially have to honor her end and serve the person.

This method is only used with those she either trusts with her life, or in situations that make it the only real option that is viable. Meaning that this method works as a give and take, in return for being “given” some of the individuals life-force they get to take something from the person they are giving to as well. Making it more a partner oriented manner of energy manipulation beyond anything else. However it should be noted, by doing this the donor will feel for the first turn after lending the life-force , extreme fatigue, and dizzyness due to the body trying to adjust. Kind of like after an athlete uses up their stamina and needs to recuperate.

+Chi Energy Reserves: Like most individuals Lange does naturally possess Chi energy reserves, this energy is stored within the body over extended periods of time and is similar to a secondary source of energy instead of the one that the individual generally uses naturally. Now this energy reserve is located within the chest cavity, and is used incase the primary energy source of the individual becomes forfeit. Like most back up reserves it isn’t as strong as the original energy source, instead if she was say 1-1+? Her energy source would be in the 1-2+ in terms of her reserve energy, meaning that the reserved energy is less than her normal energy sources.

Effects Of Life-Force Manipulation

+Semi Immortality: As an effect of her ability to control and manipulate life-force Cynthia Lange doesn’t age. Her body is rapidly renewing itself on a general basis with the life-force [chi] that is flowing from her generally. Now this doesn’t mean that she is unable to die in battle, given the fact that Lange herself is able to die from things like being poisoned, or being wounded gravely in combat. What it does mean however is that unlike most humans Lange is able to move in environments without oxygen [as long as she has energy] She doesn’t age , as well as the fact that she doesn’t need to eat [ as long as she has energy]. So her Immortality just has to do with the fact that she doesn’t age, she doesn’t need to eat, and to some extent she doesn’t need to breathe.

I.E while she doesn’t die from age, if you cut her head off she could be killed that way, or if you somehow managed to trap her in the bottom of the ocean eventually she would drown once her energy reserves failed , just like any other human being would. Or If you locked her in a box without food for hundreds of years she would starve to death once her energy reserves actually failed her because she needs sustenance if her energy is otherwise not available for use.

Variable Energy Stone :

Tinder: General Info: Tinder is energy that has reached the point of combustion, a red aura that radiates around the body with the visible appeal of a ruby in the middle of a raging inferno. It is the other main power of Lange. It first works by rapidly heating up the area around the body, building up temperature on both the physical and the metaphysical. Heating both up until it gets to the point of becoming an inferno and then lingering at that precipice, this is the main aesthetic characteristic of Tinder . It emphasizes the role of fire above all else and as such it is said the ability tinder first was associated by the barbarians of cynthia’s time with Jotunn the norse god of fire. It is also what gave her the title “Queen of Tinder”

+Characteristics: Tinder unlike most flames is not affected by oxidation levels, air or even dependant on exciting electrons in the air, it is instead burns without aid of these things, it is in all ways an illogical flame which should not exist by the natural laws that govern the universe itself, a flame that defies all region, and common sense. That is one of the defining characteristics of tinder, as well as how it interacts with energy and physical objects, is quite a feat. Behaving as no flame should it has the characteristic ability of being able to burn only what is intended to be burned, washing clearly over what isn’t intended to be burned which is how while this is in all regards a flame it has the visible appearance of a flame, with only the sensation of heat. Beyond this it has the characteristic of behaving separately from common methods of banishment until the flame itself locks onto something. Once doing so, the flame can be put out through either high levels of energy , or through normal methods of putting out a flame, minus removing oxygen, or water. Meaning it still can be stopped through methods such as rapidly cooling the flame.

+Metaphysical Characteristics: The flame has the ability to interact on a metaphysical level , heating things up rapidly until it stops just before the verge of combustion. As shown this method which is completely without reason enables it to ignite things such as cero’s or other kinds of energy attacks, However through this method it doesn’t mean the flame is able to put out these attacks by just burning them up, instead it seems that this happens to show what the flame is locked on to. So in essence it could be considered an early warning sign of what the flame actually is focused on rather than an actual attack itself, as just like on a physical level, the flame does not burn anything that isn’t intended to be burned unless the user is going through extreme stress, in which case there is a chance that the flame may end up indiscriminately burning objects in a given area.

+Main Info On Tinder: Tinder is an anomaly of sorts a flame which interacts on both physical and metaphysical levels equally. In doing so the flame itself displays the ability as explained to cause effects on either of these planes. However tinder itself as explained doesn’t cause direct damage in itself, instead when manipulated tinder becomes a weapon that is used for offensive combat. I.E tinder can be manipulated to become a massive fireball that is shot out to cause burning damage or other kinds of combustion based damage. At the same time tinder can be used instead to form a beam, or even an energy blade if needed, because of this the flame displays specific abilities that are broken up depending on how it is being used and for what purpose tinder is being used.

These Specific abilities are broken up into three distinct classes Area Based Class, Augmentive Class, and Offensive Class. Each class has specific qualitites to it which are based around as the names suggest, offense, wide area, and bolstering.

+Area Based Class: As the name suggests this class is more oriented around wide area affects. Meaning the flame in this way is used for things such as burst type skills. Or long range skills, or things such as AOE type attacks that are used in battles to get rid of wide area’s in quick short defined periods of time.

Mjollnir: Utilizing the flames and forming them into a high density spear it is named after the hammer of the god of lightning thor. This attack works by taking these flames then firing them down in a concentrated burst striking an opponent or the landscape with devastating force, being able to blow up city blocks with relative ease. After initial impact it then will cause flame based damage in the general area for the following post , after which the flame will die out if it wasn’t put out to leave a large charred spot. This attack uses a rather large amount of energy and as such it takes a 4 turn cool down after it has been used even once.

Firestorm: Taking flames and rapidly shifting them so that they affect the surrounding landscape allows for essentially a wide-spread “storm” of fire to be created. This attack spreads over a wide radius and is a burst type skill. It holds about as much energy in it as a high level oscuras , or gran-rey cero. It expands and then dissipates after a turn.

Blasts and Beams: By concentrating fire into generic blasts and beams She is able to do generic blasts of varying power, however the amount of power will always be stated in thread , large powered attacks require cool downs while low-powered ones can be used in more rapid succession.

Weapons :

+ Titan Blade :

+ Norse Hell Armor :

+Rising Fist Style: Rising fist Style is interesting in the fact that, it is direct; by that it means instead of using any quick attack surprise blows, or pressure points. It has instead the capacity to knock the opponent off of their feet, and send them into the air with quick crippling blows that skin across the ground. The reason it is called “Rising Fist Style” Is that when the punch is coming forward it has a tendency due to the force behind it to rise in a arc of centrifugal force. Striking the opponent often in an upwards angle allowing for lifting force to be applied, quite literally in the direction of the punch. People often call these “Uppercuts, but in this case its particularly good at canceling out “Downwards force”. Meaning that in fights this can be used to trip up opponents which are dive bombing from above, by changing the speed and force they are going at; through the force of her punch. This was used primarily against opponents which liked to pounce, having explosive propulsion behind the strikes it was also dubbed “The One Hit Knock Out “ Style as a end result.

+ Anti-Power Fist Style: Another style used against spiritual opponents; it targets the soul chain or the network in which energy is flowing through the body. By using quick jabs which have a slight edge of chi energy cloaking the outside; allows for disruption or if punches are strong enough for partial destruction of the spiritual energy flow itself. Given it’s a slight duration of time that the punch makes contact though, it can’t happen right away, as these punches mainly are there to make a person feel a jolt; they offset after 10 solid punches the energy of the opponent, allowing for the power they use to go haywire for around 2 posts. Hence why this style doesn’t deal with direct damage, or to the point damage; it’s there to seal assets of the opponent through subtle combat. The only problem is with this one it drains slight amounts of energy with each punch; meaning it takes energy which is something that she often needs. So this style itself is more used in situations such as weakening the opponent if needed depending on the situation.

+ Hopping Step: A technique used in combat, it starts by the user hopping on the tips of their toes; this movement happens maybe 3 times before actual mobility is enabled. What hopping step does is by using the hop with a direction it allows quick movement which seems more like flying across the ground then actual movement. The perk of it is, instead of just a step covering its normal max distance; the distance of a hopping step is 1.5x the original distance of a normal step. Doing this means that the user by hopping can utilize far more ground then what they could utilize just by running or moving normally. Thanks to this trick when used in a fight, it certainly allows for quicker reaction time. The only problem is its easier to send her flying because the moment she moves from foot to foot; she is airborne for a fraction of a second. Hence why this technique has its downsides such as being able to send the user flying mid movement; and break the tempo established.

+ Lagging Step: Lagging step ; utilizes not precisely the concept of causing things to lag , instead it works by at the last second speeding up, making the action look like its lagging and throwing off the opponent. The effect is that if she was kicking backwards, she would use her leading or front food, and then her trailing; or back foot would contact with the ground. When it contacted it would cause for the movement to look disjointed and finally it would speed it up; giving the illusion of a lag. Also because this technique goes from normal motions to a jerk movement; it gives the illusion of an after image, such as if she was standing and used this; well the after image would linger a moment longer after she ducked down. That would allow her to then look like she suddenly “Vanished” and then reappeared or almost as if the foe’s perception couldn’t keep up so to speak. So thanks to that it means that the lagging step utilizes a quick change in movement to give the illusion of a lag; and thus changing how it normally would be perceived. That is the trick behind the lagging step.

+ Witchy Step: Witchy step is interest, using fluid movements that are unorthodox in their devices; and stringing them together for optimal results. This step is called witchy because its movements are elusive and mystic like that of a witch. By using disjointed but quick and easily flowing movements in unorthodox combinations it allows her to seem like she’s a witch popping up everywhere. Like using this if she was about to get hit, she could seem to vanish using her bursting speed, and put in a pirouette like movement, to suddenly appear behind her opponent. Or she could seem to suddenly vanish and slide under her opponent. Hands, feet joints, contact points, all are a part of the witchy steps phenomena which allows it to baffle opponents in battle. Further by using this in proportion to the distance needed to evade, she can use this in a manner that could let her only barely avoid an attack; or appear at an angle that would be unnatural. All of these are because this step builds off of flexibility and unconventional methods of movement, not normal feints or evasive maneuvers; it in short puts on a magic show.

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Human Skill Sheet
  • Anima Stone Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Soul Sorcery: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Soul Dash: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Soul Detection: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Chi Skills
  • Geppo: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Vindeca: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Tekkai: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Yang Surge: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


» Roleplay Sample: (Please create a sample of how you role play in this section by either creating a RP sample with this character OR pasting something you have written in the past. If you have already made an accepted character, you need not go through this)[/color][/font]

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Cynthia Heiwajima [WIP]    Wed Jan 29, 2014 4:57 pm

Part One: Taken—

Cynthia awoke to the sound of screaming, in a sleepy town in the middle of what would have been brazil. The year was 2405, flames rose above the tallest bell towers; the old town which was founded almost 400 years prior, was ablaze. Demons, the denizens of the demon world had invaded the town; they came in all shapes and sizes but all that surrounded her was cries of death and terror. Her eyes had widened as she sat transfixed to her bed shaking with fear, her heart was hammering in her chest. Every sense , ever touch, every sound was heightened as shadows passed in front of shuttered windows. Her father slowly picking up his jacket and his gloves as he slowly walked towards the door. His tall form was menacing and looming, Cynthia’s mother was standing in front of her room twin kitchen knives in her hands as Cynthia’s dad called back his eyes softly crinkling, a resigned smile on his face.

“Don’t worry Cynthia Dear, I will be back for you; daddy will be back soon he just needs to take care of the trash.”

Cynthia screamed her voice peaking loud enough to shatter glass, she may have been only 6 at the time; but she knew the look of those resigned to death. Her face wet with salty tears of desperation, she screamed her hair which was long at the time whipping in every direction. The sounds of battle dimming against the focal point, her dad , her mother; herself. Nothing else mattered just her family mattered to her at that point; so as her dad walked across the threshold she screamed at the top of her lungs, something she would never forget.

“NO daddy I don’t want you to go! Don’t Leave me alone here, DON’T do it daddy, don’t leave when your eyes speak of no intention of returning. . . DON’T GO.. DON’T GO DADDY!!!”

As Cynthia screamed a demon had come through the door and in a heave back contorting forward it had swung down a great battle axe, which got imbedded into her fathers shoulder; But he didn’t budge as the cigarette in his mouth had dropped from his lips, a puff of smoke exiting his mouth. It wasn’t known but this man was named Drake Heiwajima; So as the demon looked up the father drakes eyes had narrowed into pinpricks as all that could be seen was a hard right jab slamming into the demons stomach using Drakes good arm. It was almost like the force was too great for the demons body, the fist went clean through its stomach and out the back side. Blood spraying in every direction as he had looked forward his lips parting to let out a dangerous roar; the Beast in side running rampant as the man reached up grabbing the battle axe and yanking it out with his good hand.

With a mighty roar that man, Drake Heiwajima the great great great great great Nephew of Page Heiwajima had rushed forward axe swinging in a wide arc over his head, in her eyes Cynthia didn’t recognize her father, no what she saw was a monster in action, that battle axe at 6 foot long, and with a 4 foot wide double sided axe head, was being swung with ease and accuracy. It was carving through bodies which had begun piling up on either side, Cynthia watched her father launch forward two spears smashing through his gut, and yet he didn’t stop his weapon cleaving the demons in two. Yet as Drake Heiwajima pushed them back , more and more came; he began to look more like a porcupine; as the man with a great yell threw the axe—which cleaved through a building smashing into a armored demon envoy on the other side. However he had forgotten to protect his back flank, and as Cynthia’s eyes widened and her lips parted far enough that it was like her mouth had split in two. She saw clearly, and slowly the deadly arc of the axe in action as it smashed into the back of her father’s head; and then went clean through it her scream exploding . . . So loud every window every glass surface in a mile broke, she screamed so loud she began coughing up blood.


Then a menacing thud came from the porch, two of the demons had begun to advance into the living room, as Cynthia watched the two demons had let out guttural growls—Holding both primitive spiked heavy clubs. Their appearances Troll-like and ugly; they let out a high screech the left one swinging high, the second one swinging low; In desperation her mom had thrown the left knife forward, getting clubbed right in front of Cynthia who had her eyes widen further as she had spat up more blood, her mom had fell there, to be bludgeoned to death by them, all Cynthia did was watched her eyes slowly beginning to shake as her mind finally shattered her dormant blood, the blood of Heiwajima Boiling no burning to the surface igniting her inner potential as slowly in her mental collapse she got up, and let out a little giggle, a loud giggle, then a unholy screech.

In the next moment the floor wet with a soaking puddle of blood had exploded, as Cynthia’s right foot slammed down the trailing foot’s toes digging in as well, blood running as her toe nails shattered. Cynthia’s left hand fully extended fingers making a knife hand; as they would go fully through the first demons neck, severing the spinal column from the head and decapitating the demon. In a spray of blood, that followed Cynthia small but fierce had ran, blood spraying across her face, as her teeth grit together both hands jerking forward into the sternum of the next demon, she let out a wail now fingers breaking through bone, and then ripping outwards both arms jerking away from the center of the demons body. This had caused in a sickening crunch and wet squelching sound for the demons ribs and torso to savagely be ripped apart , Cynthia’s hands gripping the largest of the ribs in the demons ribcage; Then she literally cut the demon apart using those ribs, as she screeched bursting out the demons back. Blood covering every bit of her body, she rushed the door.

Demons not expecting a little kid, looked down in a alien mask of gruesome surprise, the ribs and her arms jerking in a rising arc the tips smashing first into the collar bone of the demons, then cutting straight through the interior sides of their shoulders, Cutting major blood veins, as she blew right past them; a drenched downpour of blood gushing from the ragged wounds on the now felled demons. Those demons slumped falling against the floor with two thuds; Cynthia rushed on with a feral Snarl. The next demon she came across had its back turned, so she jumped and her whole body twisting had doubled up the ribs, making a small bat—like tool. Then she would literally have hit the demons head off a crisp crack and tearing sound happening in that creatures neck.

The demons skull around the size of a basketball had shot off smashing and wedging itself in the paneling of a house directly in front of her; Cynthia landed on her right toes, her body swaying as a demon rushed up howling with anger; it swung a bat which hissed as Cynthia turned and rotated under the bat, using her nimble and flexible young body, her trailing foot crossing over the foot she landed on; allowing her to spin bringing one of the Ribs into the demons mid back, as then she twisted it taking a step forward, her drenched in blood hair swaying, then her veins on her temple bulging she yanked. In a savage heave snapping through the demons spine, and ripping the stem from the brain; from there she continued walking. Her eyes long since lost their glowing edge. Cynthia seemed to have been Unconscious at least just overwhelmed and acting on instinct, she let out another fierce roar as then she launched forward.

Her Bones creaking and breaking from such abuse, but Cynthia didn’t even stop she couldn’t feel the pain; as she had grabbed the massive club the demon had been using and set off, thunder roaring over her head. Rain splattering from beneath her feet with each thunderous footstep, she came in fast in a zig-zag pattern; closing in on the armored envoy. Many demons had come out to defend from this unknown foe; three rushed Cynthia at once , sharp cleavers gleaming in their hands; but Cynthia her face screwed up in pain, let out a shriek both hands closing on the handle of the club—whipping it around with deadly force to smash through the left flanking demon, sending it into its brethren which all had been lifted off the ground and sent through the stone shell of a burned out building. The force of impact killed those demons, as 6 more had been rushing up, all of them grunting in rage. Cynthia felt a wet fire as her right forearm had an arrow plunge straight through it, and she had let out not a whimper.

Her left hand gripped the tottering club and her body jerked around the club, slinging around to smash through another three demons, as one of them sunk its weapon; a short dagger into her right shoulder blade. Though The little kid, Cynthia in her enraged state had clamped her teeth own on the demons fore-arm with force that dug the teeth into the bone. Then Cynthia in a savage jerk ripped the demons entire arm off and with her head whipping around, she had used the dismembered limb to snap the demons neck, by hitting the demon in the face with enough force to completely crush the skull pancaking it to one side. Cynthia then had Jumped up kicking out wildly into another demons face, the jump kick, which solidly landed with a cracking sound, sent the demon spastically flipping end over end until it smashed through the envoys front window. She felt heavy, but with each tremor in cynthia’s body, her blood drove her to continue to keep fighting; which was why as the last demon came she had brought the clubs handle up and brought it through the demons face, the burn in her muscles great as she felt the wet crunch of the demons face breaking against the handle, the demon was sent flying backwards as Cynthia Landed and her left hand quit on her, unable to keep going or working she let out a deep mourning cry.

“Daddy . . . Mommy, why did you leave me alone, why why . . . Why is there no one left, I . . . I want you to get here. . . I want you Daddy . . I’m sorry I -..I was a bad girl . . . I .. want. . . To . . . Be with you . . . Not here. . . In this unknown place . . . I don’t want to be alone. . . No . . . I don’t want to be here . . . Alone. . . Mommy. . . Daddy . . . Waaaah… Waaah!!!”

As tears streamed down Cynthia’s face she had slowly had her scream cut off her sobbing died as she fell forward, her face hitting the bloodied, and rain filled ground with a thud. The town was just burnt shells of houses, there was nothing there; not a soul survived , crows had landed cawing , feasting on the flesh of thousands of dead bodies. She herself wasn’t pecked upon , but as a recon demon group came, they looked across a fleet which had been destroyed—They saw one girl, and the demons didn’t hesitate, they picked up the girl and dragged her back through a dark red portal the cries of demons howling on the other side, thunder and rain smashing and splattering against the ground on the human side; Cynthia was drug down into the depths of the demon world . . . Amidst her Unconscious state.

Part Two—The Pits;David and Goliath :

Cynthia Awoke her eyes slowly readjusting to the dim torch-light the dank caves which she was stuck in, she raised slowly one hand , silver-lines catching her attention as they reflected in the dim lighting. Her arms had been covered in slight scars, ones which seemed to almost caress her body and her skin. Slowly she looked down her arms and her shoulders tracing many scars. Ones that she didn’t even remember how she got them, then slowly; very slowly her legs pulled into her chest—her lanky and twig like child arms wrapping around them, pulling herself into a tight ball. Cynthia sobbed, her eyes sliding shut; wet tears streaming down her face as she heard a thud and a rattle of an iron door opening, the screech of an unoiled hinge being forced open by a powerful force. Slowly her eyelids opened and her pupils glanced up from under her lashes peering at the shadow in the door way; A large humanoid walked in its voice snarling in some series of grunts; its meaty hand curling around something on her neck and she couldn’t even yelp as she was pulled off her little cot in the corner, and then was dragged out.

Cynthia let out a screech and kicked flailed; but she couldn’t seem to even muster the unholy strength that kept her alive not even 2 months prior. The light changed in transient , bright , dark, bright, dark, then it turned blinding as she was thrown into a large circular opening which had a kind of circular flat piece of land running in a circle for a floor; Disoriented Cynthia could hear the Jeering Chants of many voices , these chants had no trace of fear; just adrenaline and savage excitement for what was to come. Then she heard a roaring voice boom over the audience; this voice brought a hushed excitement to the crowd as it let out some grand Proclamation to the hungry crowd.

“Welcome People of Chaya Nation, I have a special treat for you all today; a new fighter just captured from the human world, a tiny runt which was found in the middle of a warzone, the only living creature in miles. A little runt which screams like a banshee, but looks like a devil, A little girl who will be here for your viewing entertainment today, I bring you Cynthia , The Little Screecher! Enjoy this fight, she will be up against our favorite from last year, the gigantic Animal, Yes we will have her against our own DRAGON! Lets enjoy seeing a human getting ripped limb from limb!”

The speech was grand, but as the crowd screamed its approval, a roar eclipsed it all; a huge lumbering beast at least half as tall as the walls of the fight pit burst from a huge entrance. It gnashed its huge teeth and let out a howl bellowing and blowing out pillars of white hot flame which baked the ground in front of it. Then after a heard pounding second, the beast was let loose as Cynthia just lay there looking up at the crowd , at the dragon, a thought going through her head. . . ”This world. . It’s wrong, it’s so messed up, was I born to be food for a demon . . . Was I born to be cannon fodder? I guess it’s better, then living without you father . . . Mother. . . I’ll be there soon” Cynthia finished the thought, slowly closing her eyes the battle field blacking out of her vision as two heart beats passed. . . A memory jarring her mind from the dark depths; a image of her father slowly walking out the door, his eyes meeting hers; those eyes had hope in them, her mother had defended them. Her father gave his all . . And as her legs slowly pressed from the ground; with the dragon full speed rushing her she remembered those words he said, as her veins bulged. . She remembered … what he wished.. as he had said: “Don’t worry Cynthia Dear, I will be back for you; daddy will be back soon he just needs to take care of the trash.Also . . Live On, Live Proud My Lovely Daughter.”

Suddenly Cynthia’s Eyes, they flew open and they seemed to harden into steel as everything seemed to be moving, so. . . Slowly. Every noise was gone; there was just the noise in her chest the roar of her heart hammering away. The feeling of adrenaline rushing through her veins, no longer did her limbs feel heavy, she could feel it; all her body was as light as a feather, she let out a battle cry; filled with determination and new found resolve. Her trailing foot moved about a foot further back ; the leading foot firmly anchoring to the ground; white hot flames bursting around her, burning the hair off her arms and legs , as she suddenly kicked explosively off her trailing foot, her bent knee going straight. The ground broke it exploded as she barreled under the flames and under the belly of the beast , before both feet came off the ground; Dust flying around her. Cynthia’s feet then hit the ground knee’s bent; then she kicked off her left hand clenching into a tight fist, jerking straight up in a punch which seemed to rise from its power; a punch which sunk into the dragons underbelly—lifting at least 20 ton of animal and sending it flying into the air. A sickening crunch audibly heard coming from her arm, as the elbow joint broke and her knuckles shattered. Yet she let out a screech and swung her right hand up to sink into the hole the punch made, the dragon was flailing in the air. But Cynthia in pure desperation had pulled hard ripping a large hole in the belly of the beast, one which spewed blood; as she forcibly had then grabbed the closes soft object she could find, and pulled; this happened to be a major blood vein. The force she pulled with was strong enough that the vein ripped blood spraying in every direction acidic and burning it would eat away at her flesh and the dragons body. Then both began to fall in a spiral.

Cynthia hit the ground first in a small crunch as her left shoulder dislocated while she looked up panting, before gritting her teeth and rolling blood running from her mouth as she had let out a scream of pain, as her broken elbow jutted out of her skin; The pain of it, was unbearable but she rolled enough that she was able to get out of the way, the dragons body landing broken with a huge thunderous, and trembling thud, which would have shook the stadiums very foundations; as Cynthia Slowly rolled over, from sheer will onto her knee’s. There Cynthia doubled over, and let out a very disgusting and gut-wrenching wet bloody stream of puke which splattered across the smoking ground. Her body trembling as she was both over-run with pain and also with the violent puking sensation; which was from the pain; everyone was silent no one seemed to even move a muscle, as the demon medics rushed down and picked up Cynthia as she was puking, as the crowd now roared in excitement, they whooped and yelled chants of approval of the girl; She was carried off her mind swimming with pain, as she felt the burn of her skin and body being partially healed by something, but at the same time, it felt like her bones had been on fire, she let out spastic screeches as her body jerked , yet she thought in her mind her thoughts unwavering. . One thing. . .” I will live on father. . . I will for your last wish . . . “

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Moving to old wip


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move from old wip please


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. . .Sorry for the Delay. . .

Okii Dokii Loki! It's been moved! Sorry for the delay I guess no one realized you posted asking for it to be moved out of old WIP or you didn't post it in the thread! None the less! I've checked it out and you can get back to working on this adorable little monster! Have fun and happy hunting! ♥
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✖| Kuma Shock! |✚
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Shizuo. Am I doing something with this? You've gotta week to tell me.


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Alright, since there has been no reply to this character, I'm going ahead and moving it into archives. If you want it unarchived, just message me here:


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Cynthia Heiwajima [WIP]
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