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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [THEFROST]'S Personal Org/App Templates   Tue Feb 04, 2014 3:30 am

Ownership: [THEFROST] & Chaozi
Template Design By: [THEFROST]


» Alignment: Chaotic Evil

» Allies: The Kokuryuteshi, The Monsuta, The Royal Asthavon Family, The Misechvang Family, Portions Of Demon World along with anyone else in support of their cause.

» Info: Shadow Fall is located mostly within Demon World, though they have branches that have dominated the depths Hueco Mundo, crept into The Kokuryuteshi's Realm with the approval of Kin and various places on Earth that they already have strongholds on. Its history dates back millions of years ago when The Supposed Demon God, Deveta, founded and created Demon World. Originally going by Sin Fall, an unknown fragment of Deveta created this organization originally to enforce it's laws at the beginning of it's inception, but soon stopped after taking a backseat to his own creations to watch how they grew.

Instead, the Thrones of Sin Fall simply took over that rule in order to ensure their laws, authority and overall stability of Demon World. For without the presence of The Demon God, there was certainly a chance that all war could break loose within Demon World, but throughout the years Sin Fall had kept that threat at bay due to it's immense military force.

However, ever since Sin Fall and the Nuevo Espada began to lose members within the year 2411 and were shown to be worn down beyond repair, the two organisations decided to join together creating the New Sin Fall which exists today. Becoming stronger uniting Demonic Blood and Hollow Blood together, they seek to have each of their objectives met by forming this gathering of wicked spirits.


• Objectives: There has been a radical change within depths of Shadow Fall since their taken over of Europe and Malaysia. Being that the likes of Touketsu's Heart, Khala Asthavon, has awaken there is no longer a need for Shadow Fall to allocate their resources towards resurrecting their God for his rebirth is already on the way. Instead now? The primary focus of Shadow Fall is to maintain their regime; while at the same time liberating the world from the control of the current organizations, governments and factions which they a re not sided with in order to form something akin to an Anarchic Rule within the depths of Demon World and portions of Earth.

From the rulers they've set over the the European countries, it's easy to tell that they a mixture between a Dictatorship and Anarchy state of being. They allow the citizens of these locations they seem to spread their influence in to do what they will; but at the same time there is a definite law that the will of the Queen and Shadow Fall is not opposed. In return, they've given great advancements to countries like the United Kingdom and America; even going as far as to improve America's broken economy in this new world with the investments they've made into the country.

Although there are still many members behind the scenes thirsting for Deveta, supposed Demon God, to ascend back at it's full power. This is so that they can go on to achieve his goals of attaining immortality, mastering the abilities of Death itself and going on to wage war with the Soul Society with their alias if they should begin to pose a big enough threat to them or proceed with any dramatic action against them. Not to mention many of Shadow Fall's forces help maintain the order within Demon World due to this creature's absence.

They are also enforced within the boundaries of Hueco Mundo in order to maintain the balance that the unification the Demonic and Hollow-Kind have achieved through this union of theirs in order to smash their opposition, rebellion or disorder of Shadow Fall's rule.


» Wealth: Being that Shadow Fall has acquired a large deal of land throughout Earth and Demon World, together with pulling the stream of revenue from Hueco Mundo thanks to the Hollow's bending together with this organization, Shadow Fall has an immense sum of funding. This allows them to fund many of their projects, bribe various influential figures and live very lavish lives for the most part once the work is put into supporting this org.

» Bases: Hidden all across Earth as well as the Demon world are bases used by the members of Shadow Fall running amok with demons and creatures of the like. Any Shadow Fall member may walk into these bases freely as well as allies to this organisation. Since the Espada vanished and merged with the demons, Las Noches has served as a ghost town. However, upon closer inspection, the entirety of the building has turned into a laboratory for experiments by the Crazed Arrancar leader that now lives with the demons.

» Heavy Military Presence: Being that their numbers count in the tens to hundreds of millions, Shadow Fall poses a large deal of backing from the large populations of Demon and Arrancar throughout Demon World and Hueco Mundo. When you factor in the forces placed on Earth from their union, it's easy to see how their force can be seen as a critical threat. Therefore, in most wars that they battle, a good deal of soldiers, weapons and defense can be had from this. You only alone in Shadow Fall if you chose to be.

» Terrority Claim: Being that they've conquered a majority, but not all, of Europe; it's possible for Archduke/Archduchess, Shadow Espada, Banshee Force and other similarly ranked members or higher to claim pieces of terrority. In some special circumstances, they've even been allocated to Grand Duke/Grand Duchess. In order to claim one of these countries, you'll need to check the Territory Claims: CLICK HERE FOR THEIR TERRITORIAL CLAIMS

» Potential For Growth: Once a member has shown sufficient gains to the organization, you may even be eligible to have your powers experimented on to accelerate their growth by the research team within Shadow Fall. This is usually for some of their more upcoming and promising candidates; although there are some who may be able to have a DE Field inserted into their body if the Queen clears the request. Go here for information on Death Energy: PRESS HERE FOR INFORMATION ABOUT DEATH ENERGY

» Power: Shadow Fall has a very commanding influence within the realms of Demon World, Hueco Mundo and portions of Earth. This means they are able to have very powerful changes in the political spectrum throughout Earth, possess a strong ruling over the realm of Demons and keep their strength strong in the hollow dimension. Through this power they can have access to many sorts of countries resources throughout these realms, easily gain mass numbers of individual ready to fight for this name and they are ultimately considered to be an extreme presence to other orgs due to the immense threat their forces poses. This even neglecting the fact that the likes of a high ranking being referred to as "The Demon God" is currently behind the scene supporting this organization's rule through Demon World's Primary Queen.


Shadow Fall Village [Demon World Base]
Shadow Espada's Base: Las Noches
The Demonica Store
The Hallowed End (Store)
Demonio Negacion
The Miasma Of Hell
The Bio-Demon Hazard Tank


» Knights: Knights are what make up a majority of Shadow Fall. The strengths of these players can range greatly since there are so many of them. These people usually have to take orders from the Grand Duke or Archduke, however. Unless you have enough strength to kill said person and take their position.

» Grand Duke/Grand Duchess: These are the second in command within Shadow Fall next to Archduke/Archduchess. Typically these people give out orders to knights, follow the wishes of the Archduke and are paid very handsomely.

» Archduke/Archduchess: Archdukes and Archduchesses are the people who are in charge of each circle and make sure everything is ran to perfection. They give out orders, create new rules, make missions and are typically able to meet with Mana in order to get in contact with Touketsu.

» Thrones: Shadow Fall is ruled by three separate entities, each very powerful characters that make a big impact on the worlds well being. Ever since the merge with the Espada, Shadow Fall has has an Arrancar branch within it's system calling for a third lead position. Now three rule Shadow Fall.


» First Circle: People in this section of Shadow Fall are typically in charge of all inter dimensional travel or matters, dealing with concerns on Earth and watching over the other gateways (Such as Gatsguna) for Demons, Hollows and Kokuryuteshi members. These people are also usually the first on the battlefield as they have the fastest access to jump from world to world. They also pass judgement upon members and give out missions when needed

» Second Circle: Individuals in Second Circle are the ones who are in charge of keeping up Shadow Fall's appearance to those in Demon World and the surrounding worlds. That makes a lot of the members in this circle very attractive and lustful.

» Third Circle: Third Circle is given the job of gathering, creating and thinking of more ways to produce weapons, enhance both Arrancar and demon powers, think of tactical plans in battle and many other things that benefit Shadow Fall, Demon World and Hueco Mundo in order to make sure their strength is second to none.

» Fourth Circle: The Demons in Fourth Circle have the task of collecting, stealing or creating Yen from all races expect those affiliated from the Kokuryuteshi or The Neuvo Espada. They are also in charge of rationing out payments to people in Shadow Fall.

» Fifth Circle: Fifth Circle is one of the strongest, aggressive and powerful groups within Shadow Fall. The people in this section are usually the first ones who are deployed into battle after First Circle or used for missions that require serious man power. They are also seen helping out the Seventh Circle on occasion in Demon World and Hueco Mundo due to their violent nature.

» Sixth Circle: Sixth Circle is in charge of making sure everything within Shadow Fall's inner circle is maintained. They check to make sure all the members of New Fall aren't dead, missing or injured. They also dispose of traitors, weaklings and other problems.

» Seventh Circle: Seventh Circle's duties are to police Demon World, Hueco Mundo and Las Nachoes alike; watch the citizens, make arrest if they need to, kill and asset First Circle in policing the other realms such as Earth or the Soul Society. These people are typically very violent and powerful as they must enforce Touketsu's law

» Eighth Circle: Eighth Circle could be comparable to the Gotei 13's own 2nd Division. The people in this section of Shadow Fall are in charge or best prepared for all stealth missions, spying and dealing with traitors. These people also typically receive orders from Asheli, Abaddon, Mana or Touketsu himself.

» Ninth Circle: The missions that Ninth Circle members are usually related to torture, imprisonment and sadistic experiments to all of the prisoners of war. They are also sent along with First Circle to torment the people they round up or kidnap others during war battles.

» The Royals: The Royals will be hand picked Arrancar/Demon's who will be a step down from Mana, Abbadon, Asheli and the like while sitting somewhere above The Archduke's of each Circle. These people, in a sense, will mostly answer to The Thrones and will be in charge of Governing things when The Throne Leaders cannot, they will be highly powerful and lethal on the battlefield, they MUST swear their loyalty to the Shadow Fall cause or face death and will be paid greatly.

» The Hollow Monarch: This is an additional force that was added to Shadow Fall upon the merger between Sin Fall + The Nuevo Espada. Basically, The Hollow Monarch in charge of most things having to do with Arrancar's or Hollow matters. A list of their duties include making sure the peace is kept between their race along with the Demon's so that no fights are breaking down, scouting for new Arrancar + Hollow blood to join Shadow Fall, training most Arrancar + Demon hybrid's, enhancing the strength of Arrancar/Hollow, sometimes leading Arrancar/Hollow forces that AREN'T in other Circles and other related duties OR getting approval from Asheli herself to deal with problematic Arrancar/Hollow in other Circles.

» The Banshee Force: This is Shadow Fall's Equivalent of Zero Division, so to speak. As you know, most in Zero Division are very close to the Soul King's family. Well, in The Banshee Force, all of the members in this squadron are kept in close contact with Touketsu, Mana, Abaddon and Asheli when needed. In addition to that, most Banshee Force members are also more genetically enhanced Demon's OR Arrancar such as Mana and will typically be near her level of strength. Thus, this branch of Shadow Fall is something to fear. In any case, each Banshee member will get their own rank upon acception and most, if not all of them, will have some level of Death's Energy.

» The Shadow Espada: Ever since the Arrancar and Demon's had merged together under the banter of Shadow Fall...there has been great call to action for the return of The Espada. Thus, by the higher ups within Shadow Fall, Ashlei and Queen Mana herself, they have allowed the creation of "The Shadow Espada". This is where some of the most Elite Arrancar are placed. Therefore, this will be a squad that pays attention heavily either to raw power, intelligence or skill on the battlefield. You need to be the best of the best in order to hope of joining this generation of Espada. In addition to that, you'll also mostly serve only Ashlei, Mana or take question to The Royals/Archdukes in Shadow Fall. However, this doesn't mean you are allowed to do things willy nilly. Just make sure whatever you do doesn't go against Shadow Fall conduct or against the org and everything should be just fine. You'll also be on call in war situations.


Thrones: 200,000
The Royal's: 190,000
The Banshee Force/Espada Guard: 180,000 Yen
Viceroy/Vicereine: 180,000 Yen
The Shadow Fall Council: 160,000
Marquess/Marquis: 150,000 Yen
Archduke/Archduchess: 150,000 Yen
Shadow Fraccion: 120,000 Yen
Grand Duke/Grand Duchess: 100,000 Yen
Masked Knights: 80,000 Yen
Knights: 80,000 Yen



The Middle Throne: Mana (The Frost)

The Right Throne: RESERVED

The Left Throne: -OPEN-



Infante/Infanta 1: Asmodeus (Aivee)
Infante/Infanta 2: Micheal Capolitare (Sinpoder)
Infante/Infanta 3: Inami Asthavon (Shizuo)
Infante/Infanta 4:-OPEN-
Infante/Infanta 5: -OPEN-
Infante/Infanta 6: -OPEN-


Archduke Hobgoblin (Hiro)
Grand Duke/Grand Duchess: -OPEN-
Knights: Styn (Styn)



Archduchess: -OPEN-
Grand Duchess: Volga (Crow)
Shenro Kenshosaki (Kade)
Nyssa ''Nyx'' Mischevang (Aivee)



Archduke Tindera Graceling (JJ)
Grand Duke: -OPEN-



Grand Duke/Grand Duchess:



Archduke: Niernen (Horus)
Grand Duke/Grand Duchess: -Open-



Archduchess: Shade (Zero)
Grand Duke/Grand Duchess: CA (Aivee)
Knights: Auronagari (Shizuo)



Archduke: -Open-
Grand Duke: -OPEN-
Knights: Sid Iramasha (Kade)


Archduke: -OPEN-
Grand Duke/Grand Duchess: Slenderman (Zero)
Akito no’Youkai(Aivee)



Grand Duchess: Valdis (Aivee)


Viceroy: The Male Governing Force of The Hollow Monarch
Vicereine: The Female Governing Force of The Hollow Monarch.
Marquis: Answers to the Vice's/Royal Demon. Meant as Back-Up
Marquise: Answers to the Vice's/Royal Demon. Meant as back-up.
The Masked Knights: Highly trained Arrancar/Hollow forces.[/size]

Vicereine: Croa (Aivee)
Marquise: -Open-
Marquis: Jacob Tu Ramirezoshecka (Kade)
Masked Knights:



Banshee Spot One: Katana Broadshield (JJ)
Banshee Spot Two: Cupcake (Aivee)
Banshee Spot Three:
Banshee Spot Four: -OPEN-
Banshee Spot Five: -OPEN-
Banshee Spot Six: -OPEN-


Primeria Espada:
Rose Mischevang (TheFrost)
Shadow Fracion:

Segunda Espada:
Shadow Fracion:

Trecera Espada:
Shadow Fracion:

Cuatro Espada:
Yukiko 1-5++
Shadow Fracion:

Quinto Espada:
Uchiha Sasuke
Shadow Fracion:




Shadow Fall Position
  • Name: (State The Name Of Your Character)
  • Application: (Give us the link to your character)
  • Circle: (which circle do you want to join?)
  • Rank: (Which rank do you want?)
  • Reason: (What's the purpose/reason for your character joining? Short or long answers are fine.)


[b][u]Shadow Fall Position[/u][/b]

[*]Name: (State The Name Of Your Character)
[*] Application: (Give us the link to your character)
[*]Circle: (which circle do you want to join?)
[*]Rank: (Which rank do you want?)
[*]Reason: (What's the purpose/reason for your character joining? Short or long answers are fine.)

Template By: [THEFROST]


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[THEFROST]'S Personal Org/App Templates
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