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 Tsukasa Unabara [APPROVED 1-3+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Tsukasa Unabara [APPROVED 1-3+]   Wed Feb 12, 2014 11:02 am

Basic Information

Name:Tsukasa Unabara
Alias :Kasa.
Family Position: Heir
Appearance: Tsukasa is a young shinigami who stands at around five feet and four inches tall. His eyes are a cerulean blue that seems to glisten in the light of the sun, he inherited his father's hair and physical qualities outside of that. His weight is a meager one hundred and twenty pounds. Though sometimes he's lighter due to not eating, Tsukasa has a very positive nature to him. His idealism and way of thinking is strange considering the person he calls father. Tsukasa wears a regular shinigami outfit, but with a single exception. On his wrist is the mark of the Unabara Clan a family that has done extremely well over the past several years. Making them a powerhouse, with the Head as the Head Captain.

Tsukasa seems to have a more gentle appearance, than his father and his body doesn't seem quite as rigid but their is a reason for that. He was trained with a different style of combat, Tsubasa did his best to train both of his children to create the ideal body type for their desired form of fighting. Tsukasa despite liking to heal and take care of others is a powerful healer, able to do much. His face is always wearing a smile keeping a very happy demeanor even in the cloudiest days. But his eyes seem to change colors when he decides to put aside things, allowing his eyes to resemble his father becomes his father completely. But besides this little more is seen, he enjoys to wear a hat now and than sometimes goofing around with things. He's got a child's innocence that few people would see despite his upbringing. His dress style when in the living world is very English by it's nature keeping a well dressed styled that's a bit older and represents his size. He tends to keep things extremely colorful and happy.


Upbeat: He has a very upbeat personality, seeming to be happy enough that his very joy is infectious and capable of getting to others. However he does seem to lack the self esteem to know how good he really is. His father called him a prodigy but he quickly said his brothers and sisters were more impressive. Tsukasa has a very generous and kind personality. Accepting almost any faults, he's been betrayed before but simply patted the person on the shoulder and said. "It's ok Leo-kun, I'll handle it you just get some Ice Cream." He's got a very odd personality and way of handling things. Being betrayed and even his father's training didn't break him he's the only Unabara known to look at life as a gift and not be interested in killing. Tsukasa however is also one of the greatest murderers Tsubasa has trained personally, his prowess as a killer is something even Tsubasa says will someday surpass his.

Constantly Smiling: He can find the silver lining if no such thing exists. His smile is constant and ongoing, people thought he was insane. Even during the training he showed an excitement of loving life and living to the fullest. He was capable of fighting and doing the training while keeping this extremely happy mental status. He's one of the few healers who works with death that doesn't mind things. His house could be blown up and he would simply smile and state it was a cool explosion. Tsukasa doesn't see negative in anything, he was born with his mothers extremely positive nature. Some believe it's his way of handling things, that in his profession as a doctor or healer. He doesn't want to show it or let things bother him that much. It's fairly rare that Tsukasa loses his smile, things of that nature are not acceptable. Being a naturally happy and energetic person was part of the personality that Tsukasa always has shown

Energetic and Enthusiastic: Tsukasa has been praised for his energy, he never slows down or runs out. He doesn't ever appear tired or anything. He shows an excitement over the smallest things, enjoying the gift life has given. He has a very high love of medicine and the idea that medics get to save lives thrills him. He's never looked at a case as impossible, Tsukasa finds ways to save people no matter what he must do. He's enthusiastic about the saving of them even when he fails he does seem disappointed but it's rare. Tsukasa's energy doesn't leave him, he's almost several times more the enigma than his father. Because he always seem's happy and energetic and just overflowing with life. It's very hard to read him when he's handling situations seriously or not, he does have political tact and is capable of handling situations. Tsukasa doesn't keep a silent voice at all though he voices his opinion and praises others for theirs even if it mocks his own.

Devoted: Tsukasa doesn't accept taking lives, his entire training from his father made him into one of the world's finest killers yet he won't use them. Tsukasa trains to save lives and he can do his fathers way or his own. Tsukasa believes heavily in being a great healer, but doesn't consider himself the greatest in the world. So when he meets those who train hard and are skilled in the medical field he praises them, not as someone above them. Just as a person, he see's it as great that such people put their time and effort into helping others. Tsukasa never seems to view things as a competition of any sort, so he does lack that nature. He does strive to become better, but not to prove something to anyone. He wishes to be an effective medic capable of dealing with situations on his own. The only time Tsukasa will fight to kill someone and this is the absolute only, is if they threaten the life of a child or someone dear. Tsukasa normally will not involve himself in such things otherwise.

A Good Person: Tsukasa despite being born into the family of vipers, he always puts others first. Enemies or friends, they come before him he's never once let himself be the first person who matters most. He aims to please and is a faithful and good child. If anything Tsukasa has a pure heart, some believe a murderer exists behind his azure eyes. But the fact of the matter is unlike his father and family, he cannot use the killer intent. His eyes haven't turned red due to the innocence and fact he's never taken a life. Tsukasa's method of handling things seems to work, because in his life he's never once killed a person. He's only slain hollows when he must, normally resorting to his kido only as a means to deal with them. His personality makes him a strange person to work with, as he will argue even with Captains about killing unnecessarily.

Hidden Killer: Tsukasa though he hates it and has done it once, has killed someone. When it happened those innocent cerulean eyes turned crimson, darkness seemed to come from his being. He lost his speaking and stopped, turning into something else. Tsukasa had physically and mentally changed when this happened. He stops talking, the smile fades away and those crimson eyes only speak of death. Nothing else is destined for those who see him this way. Tsukasa is a frightening killer, words are no longer important. For what is the point of telling the victim how you kill them. Simply kill them and rip their soul apart, nothing else remains for you. Tsukasa was said to be the ultimate killer by his father, perhaps this was part of the reason why. His lively nature seems to vanish being replaced by a vengeful and to some degree murderous child. It's unknown why, but he unlocked a killer intent far beyond the others. It's pure and unbridled murderous aura is said to be absolutely mind numbing. Two images were captured of him in said state, these images are for memory only.


Affectionate: While using the legendary skills trained by his father, he uses them to hug people from behind. Having an extremely affectionate nature about him. His loving kindness is something that is rather impressive to some that look at him. He seems to walk around with a happy nature that not many people can match. His lack of care and way of taking care of things is odd. He seems to know everyone's names, able to create nicknames for them. He knows many people but seems to hide something deep within, Tsukasa doesn't accept or acknowledge the fact his family are killers. This is simply perhaps his way of handling things, but his father often remarks he was the same before his time. The world has a way of making good souls dark, Tsukasa simply was strong enough to ignore the pain this world offered showing his prowess as the next heir to the throne Tsubasa is leaving him. Tsukasa likes hugging people from behind using a talent of sneaking around to do so fairly often..

Extremely Perceptive: Tsukasa is one of the most perceptive people you could meet, he can read an entire situation on a simple glance. his skills at reading and learning are far more advanced than most Shinigami his age. Gaining traits of his father in this aspect, he seems to be a simple lad who keeps his happy nature showing most of the time. Making him a handful for most people attempting to deal with him. Tsukasa isn't so simple that one can understand, his perceptive nature however is one of a kind. Tsukasa can come up with creative and very unique answers others cannot. It's simply part of the nature he has, making himself a rather odd and specially talented child. Despite his age and way about him Tsukasa keeps his perception fairly well hidden with his happy and excited nature about life. His eyes are often on the subject before others notice it. But he allows himself to remain out of it for a time, this skill allows him to keep out of problems till absolutely needed.


Tsubasa Unabara: His father, a man who trained Tsukasa into what he hoped his son would be. Though Tsukasa disappoints in the area of killing, his personality is that of his mother. And senseless murder isn't something he'll engage in no matter what they ask of him. Many believe he's innocent or naive, he and his brother are very much black sheep. But like the clan, Tsubasa has taught them the art as to what they have chosen to do with it. Their father is proud of the skill they have, but does wish it would be used more effectively. Tsubasa is very proud of Tsukasa and the prowess he has a warrior, he's very layered and capable in offense and defense. Tsukasa is a one of a kind person that his father can only acknowledge as a great killer if only his personality wouldn't interfere, Tsukasa's greatest weakness in his father's mind is that he's naive. He only see's one side of thing, not wishing to harm or kill is childish. Tsukasa clings to it, but someday Tsubasa believes it may change. Tsubasa has given his son an objective that few people can answer. He left him with the words what is strength? Tsukasa has spent time pondering it not finding a real answer.

Aiko Unabara/Kyoraku: His mother and he hold a bond that most children do. She doesn't really care about his belief in not killing his enemies. Tsukasa's power is a perfect killer but his mother is supportive as she is meant to be. Tsukasa was named the next to take the title of Pale Rider by his father, taking up the mantle of a murderer is the duty left to him. His skills were set for such, that his mother and father put faith in him first. The blonde haired slayer of men was suited for dealing death to all whom brought blades against him. Trainined in several methods some of his mother's secrets were taught for simple purposes.

Tsukuyomi Unabara: His brother and he hold an unshakable bond that the boys developed. Tsukasa was someone that Tsukuyomi found to be good to be around, he tolerated his brother above any other members of the family. Their relationship was a bond that only brothers had, they were the heirs to the legendary Tsubasa Unabara. A man who built his legacy upon the legions of bodies. It wasn't something they could consider anything short of a legendary figure. Tsukasa respects Tsukuyomi sometimes wondering why he is followed around, his energetic and outspoken happy nature seem to get on peoples nerves. But Tsukuyomi seems to handle it better than any of them and enjoy the presence of the boy. Tsukasa is young but already considered to be great among his family, able to effortlessly be the killer who will someday replace his father. Tsukasa and Tsukuyomi have both a purpose in this world someday that will outshine even the Unabara.


Aura of Decay: Tsukasa's reiatsu is rare and indeed strange, his Zanpakutō has empowered him with decay. He's able to decay things by focusing his reiatsu and dealing large amounts of damage that few others understand. His weapon is a scythe representing the decay of things around him. Tsukasa's reiatsu when activated takes a vapor like green color that's clear and acid like. It's able to show the process of decay to the ground and things around him. When he activates it letting his pressure out, the effects on people are slow and effect with little. The first bit of decay is not very powerful, five turns in his reiatsu will damage a person. This is if they just stand right next to him and don't move, Tsukasa's reiatsu and aura are special compared to others of his clan. Tsukasa the assassin child of Tsubasa has been granted a demonic power that others have not yet come to terms with.

Assassins Presence: Tsukasa is able to blend his presence into the darkness, becoming almost one with it. This type of training is hard and allows him to slip away from targets, he can do it at any point really. Tsukasa simply needs cover to perform the task needed of him. Tsukasa is said to be extremely skilled at hiding his presence among the clan. Able to sneak up on some of the older members if he'd only remain quiet. The only time his Assassin's presence really works is when he let's himself become a killer. Tsukasa is kind and generally too happy to make use of this skill. If he's alone he'll use it to simply move in and play practical jokes on people. Tsukasa's presence and skill are much like that of his father. The crimson aura he gives off when he becomes a killer is far greater than anyone could truly realize. A child who mastered the Unabara ways of death and became greater as he developed them further from what anyone else would see of them.

Killer Intent: Tsukasa can use the Killer Intent like his family, he does have a regret or two in the bag. Tsukasa's is the most powerful to date as his killer intent upon eye contact forces an illusion on the person who see's it. The illusion is not of their death it's far greater than that. It's of the chances in life they've failed the times were things were best and were worse. It's a one minute illusion for those that enter, they face personal demons and must overcome them. This version of the eye is known only to Tsukasa due to his pacifist nature. It allows him to create a very fine way of fighting his enemies. Using this can allow him to knock people out and defeat them without going into detail. However this requires direct eye contact from his enemies thus making it harder to execute. Tsukasa has used it to capture his prey over killing them. Most of his moves allow him to execute for the purpose of keeping them alive over killing them. His own special brand of kido shows that clearly.


Bug Kido: Tsukasa was absolutely set on not killing people so he developed kido that create bugs of living form. Using these in conjunction with his plant based kido, he can create spore that stun from the bugs flying over head. But just as he can do this, he's able to create healing spores that go into the body through being inhaled. Tsukasa's bugs can really be anything he desires, it's up to his imagination. Due to the way he went with kido, he often goes to these over anything else. Tsukasa uses his kido and hakuda skills to fight enemies. Disliking use of his Zanpakutō, while being an extremely skilled user of it. His Kido shows much of his time spent creating masterpieces that few others could of come up with. His bugs are good for say tracking enemies as he can slip them on people without really letting them being noticed. They can also be used for explosive means, the weak point of this is. He must pick the type of bug he wishes to create and can create one hundred of them at max.

Plant Kido: Tsukasa has seed's he carries and sometimes creates in the middle of combat. These are able to spawn kido plants, special plants that either use aroma's as combative weapons against the unprepared. Tsukasa's plants much like the bugs can take any shape he wants really and grow how he desires. Just as many plants exist within the world of humans, many exist that if fed spiritual energy can grow into fine tools. Tsukasa makes use of the objects they give off to perform amazing moves. Much like the bugs these can heal or be lethal as the user directs. Tsukasa has selected the arts which allow him the choice of how he'll fight a person. His kido arts developed from the features of his personality and nature, it fits nicely. But shadows of a killer remain very clear as Tsukasa is a capable killer to the Unabara, to others he's a kind child.


Unabara Vibration Palm: Tsukasa has developed a style where he can touch a person and damage or heal their muscles. His attacks hit the muscular system directly for some reason when he uses his hands. His talent and skill with this is insane. He's able to use it by simply touching a person's shoulder or just by tapping them. His control and style are very odd and diverse, the damage he can inflict from hitting a person in the back of a neck. Was enough for him to knock out people several times his size. Tsukasa's developed this art form for both healing and damaging without killing his enemies. It's been a practical and very effective means for him to keep his goal of being a pacifist clear. Tsukasa only killed one enemy and it's his deepest regret, the story behind that takes so much from him. Tsukasa cried for a person he never knew, the man could of been wicked but his kind heart didn't want to see it.

White Palm: This is a move that allows him to stop his foes's fist and create a backlash upon their bodies. The attack is a defensive counter attack of which is activated when an enemy attacks him. Using the force of their attack the white palm or Vibrating Palm sends the damage back from the vibrations they caused making them harm themselves. This move isn't perfect as he can only do it with his hands. Hitting his body will result in him getting hurt, his hands in someone else taking damage. This move is purely defense as he does have other moves he can use, Tsukasa doesn't normally use them unless he absolutely has to do so. But as a Hakuda fighter he surpassed both his sister and father, showing extremely skilled use of the style he uses. This move simply being one of many allows him to fight defensively and offensively, his knowledge and understanding of both kido and hakuda are extremely vast and cover a large distance that few others could hope.

Black Palm: This is another move that's far more devastating and used to such an effect as he lays his hand on an enemy. This move doesn't require motion or striking, it's simple resting his palm on one of the points. Tsukasa uses this to attack the muscle system and to some degree's he can knock enemies out simply by hitting them in the back of the neck. Strong enemies simply find their muscular system had been shut down. This allows him to fight without killing something he practices almost like a religion. Tsukasa is a rare black sheep of the Unabara capable of killing but not resorting to it unless he must. The Black Palm let's him attack someone's muscles and do damage to them, depending on the location of the blow. Such as the back of the neck or places where he can damage all of them. This move allows him to destroy or restore muscles, as the Black Palm and this style allows the user to help muscles heal simply by sending the correct feeling through them.

Rotating Palm: This hakuda move is used for dealing with energy, he circles his hands catching the energy in high vibrations and spins them clockwise or counter clockwise of the motion they are original shot at. Countering the spin and stopping them, while moving his hands into a motion. This motion lets him take the duration of the attack as far as it can go. Using the palm lets him move his hands into a circle before forming a clasping of his hands. The power and majority of force are drained from the attack, he's been shown to do this with Hakuda and other such attacks of energy based nature. Able to catch them in this rather odd and strange Hakuda move that he developed himself, allowing him to show off some truly odd prowess as a Hakuda based fighter. Tsukasa doesn't believe in killing this passive move allows him to fight without doing a majority of damage to his enemies. This move doesn't send energy back at a target it simply allows him to have the attack travel it's duration faster and end without making a big fuss.


Name: Shi no Tobira -Death's Door
Appearance: His Zanpakutō takes the form of a female wielding a large scythe, the blade is rather powerful it's very presence is that of death. Many ponder from his weapon if Tsukasa hides his demons better than any member has in history. The aura around the blade she carries is covered in the gray mist like aura, her body gives it off as she often comes up and moves his hair away. Tsukasa and her have a strange relationship only when he accepts death, when he decides that he has no choice can he use her powers completely, though she does believe in him and has a person within in it. Tsukasa however is young and has a hate for violence in general. His father told him that their was a difference between the killers of this family and others. They were farmers and people like Tsukasa were what Tsubasa wished he was. But the blood on his hands prevented such a future.

Passive Power: Shi no Tobira's great power is to decay anything that comes into contact with it, in passive it takes five turns but the decay upon being struck on a person's body or moves will cause them to decay and take away from the power. The decay eats through most everything, though it's not complete or perfect due to his nature. Tsukasa is at a stage in his life where he doesn't desire to kill anyone, this contrast with his Zanpakutō doesn't allow him to access the full power it has. He is more likely to try and reason with a person before going to these methods. Tsukasa while like his father in many forms he doesn't seem like the type to use such a wicked blade. While in it's sealed form the blade is not as dangerous as people would believe, he can decay at areas of his body. But his reiatsu does cause decay as well when he truly taps into it. It's quite the site, Tsukasa is a man who doesn't wish to kill standing among those that have.

Shikai Powers: The blade changes from a regular katana into a full scythe. The entire blade is now covered in decay as are his arms. He's not engulfed yet in decay but it's a large scale power that allows him to be very effective. Tsukasa's Zanpakutō is a weapon of death, able to decay energy and many things while keeping a warm and happy personality. Tsukasa claims that Shikai is easy to control what he decays, but when he puts it down he cannot pick the old ways up to easily. Tsukasa strangely enough seems to prefer use of kido or Hakuda to use of his zanjutsu. Where he is extremely skilled as he was able to pass his father's trials of swordsmanship in no less than twenty tries. His skill at figuring out everything was considered to be extremely amazing. Now the decay in shikai takes three turns to fully decay an arm allowing people plenty of time to act before they lose a body part. Tsukasa's weapon however being used fairly rarely has not been seen by many.

The time period of how long something takes to decay really depends on energy put into the attack or how long the thing in question allows the decay to remain on it. For example if the decay is left upon an attack as it's traveling the decay will slowly devour the attack turning it into nothing. Tsukasa's power is rather fearsome and doesn't have attacks like those of other Zanpakutō. But it makes his powers no less fearsome as he is capable of bringing death upon those that are not ready for it. In shikai his weapon is the only thing that's covered, due to the amount of power it takes. His hands and weapon are engulfed in the Zanpakutō's decay as one would expect this makes him an extremely hard enemy to fight. Unlike most however Tsukasa's Zanpakutō is absolutely a last resort that he will not use unless he absolutely has to do so. His nature in such a way make him a rather gifted warrior in such aspects that people battling him may know of him as the Warrior of Decay.

Bankai Power: One of the youngest to learn Bankai, Tsukasa despite rarely using his Zanpakutō can use his Bankai freely. Tsukasa has shown tremendous control over it for his age. The aura of decay once only upon his Zanpakutō and hands has now spread to his entire body. Allowing him to cover himself in a thick fog of decay, this is mostly invisible to those that do not know about it. Tsukasa's power to keep his Bankai hidden makes it a rare feat, though the fact he doesn't use it often is stranger still. Tsukasa's Bankai has only been witnessed by his father whom was to powerful for the aura to get near. The aura surrounding his body is something that can eat away at most things, making him a hard man to fight. Their are ways around his powers as in Bankai he does have issues with kido. Tsukasa's decay devours his own kido attacks so forming them is no longer an option meaning he has to go to his hakuda and zanjutsu skills.

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Adept
  • Kidō: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Hakuda: Advanced


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Tsukasa Unabara [APPROVED 1-3+]   Wed Apr 16, 2014 10:15 pm


He was born the child of Aiko and Tsubasa Unabara, born into their union with a single brother known to show for it. His cheerful smile was the first thing anyone saw from him. He showed an usually cheerful and optimistic outlook on things that went on around him. His father began his training at the age of five among human appearance. His training was hard, this normally was the process to train a killer and yet Tsukasa never once broke and killed someone. The training was intense from punching solid stone his father had harm him if he didn't use the proper move for several days. To using specialized kido that only Tsukasa could understand the principals behind after a couple days. His learning and studying were something to behold. Tsubasa admired his son's resolve and it showed clearly that he was a prodigy for this family. Someone who would wield his power with a different manner in mind. He wasn't a murderer among heroes like the family had so often claimed. He was a hero among murderers, Tsukasa stood out from the others.

Where as his family would often fight he'd simply put an arm around his enemy and smile at them. Talking them from the path they'd selected as Tsukasa was an extremely dangerous combatant able to do damage from short ranges such as these effectively. His father made it a clear goal to train both the mind and body, ensuring his child learned and understood all the knowledge he had to help him. Developing moves specially for Tsukasa alone, his training really allowed him to become his own man. Diet and even exercise methods were used different from others to create a rather complete fighter. However even his father didn't anticipate that Tsukasa would utterly refuse to kill anyone. His refusal to kill made him one of the clan's most odd members, unwilling to kill without an absolutely good reason. He wouldn't go for death blows where as his family often made it clear they were aiming to the soul purpose of killing the target.

Tsukasa's rock solid and firm resolve showed he wouldn't kill an odd thing for a member of the Unabara. Not to mention in the current world, his refusing to kill was almost a laughable idea. Tsukasa wouldn't accept it though, as he continued to age he developed moves and forms of fighting that let him avoid it. His hakuda and kido training gave fruit to impressive freedoms that others didn't have. He also made certain that no matter what came of it. He always had a means to heal someone, his happy nature unsettled some people. But it wasn't something that anyone could truly lay a finger on without understanding the full extent of things. Tsukasa helped his family grow into the role his father had always wanted. They were becoming normal people, the art of murder was something passed down. But how would they use it that was entirely up to them. Tsukasa was showing that he'd chosen a route no one else had ever selected. Tsubasa often said his son was his sister reborn.

However the delightful and happy child wouldn't get to keep his promise. On one winter night an infant was being taken away. Tsukasa did everything he could but in the end he was forced to use lethal force to protect the child. After returning the baby to it's family his regret and sadness were overwhelming and he disappeared. His mother found him and tended to his sorrows that weren't something that ever faded. Deep within his heart he felt absolute sadness for taking a life. Renewing his resolve to never kill he trained harder and studied more. Developing plant and bug kido now to allow him freedoms to fight and heal as he needed. Letting his imagination be the key element for fighting enemies that dared to face him. But he was seeking ways to save people not kill them, his hakuda training helped him find even more ways to keep his path. He was finishing up training as his father helped him despite not agreeing. His father seemed wise enough to know that we all follow our own destiny.

He was trained in the use of Shikai and Bankai by his father, the training was some of the most intense he'd ever had. His Zanpakutō was a weapon that was extremely deadly and his father made certain he understood it. He didn't leave without a couple cuts and bruises for sure. His father had helped him manifest his Zanpakutō so it could teach him. Shikai and Bankai each came at different times, at the time he'd been unable to save the child. He understood only shikai and returned asking his father to teach him further. The training had nearly killed him but Tsukasa had emerged stronger and kept his belief, strangely enough his Zanpakutō had agreed with him despite it's amazing strength. Simply being a mad killer was not in his Zanpakutō's mind as it simply kept it's composure and trained Tsukasa. It took him three days to complete his bankai training, doing other forms of training over the years to get a full understanding of it. His father had sent him off on a trip to study and grow.

He is now returning it's hard to say what kind of man Tsukasa has turned into, but only time will truly tell.

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Application Checklist
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  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
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  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

Comments/Notes: Got the go ahead for Bankai from Imakuran, if anyone has any questions or concerns just let us know. As far as everything else goes, I can't wait to see his personality and shikai put to play. Looks fun as fuhhhh.

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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Tsukasa Unabara [APPROVED 1-3+]   Fri Jan 08, 2016 3:53 am

Arching Due to Request.
[1:32:56 AM] Crow: Put em up, or erase them.
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Tsukasa Unabara [APPROVED 1-3+]
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