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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Kaito's Tier/Soul State 1 upgrade

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kaito's Tier/Soul State 1 upgrade   Tue Feb 18, 2014 7:49 am

Name: Kaito Yuudeshi
App Link:
Thread Link:
Prizes: Whatever ones that he's applicable for. [Frost read through the upgrade in the Austraila claim thread []
Upgrade: Soul State 1, and Probably Tier upgrade. with appropriate upgrades
Reason: Kaito, and Shadin had talks about clearing his mind, and activating his Yuudeshi Drive, which in turn activated his Soul State 1. Also, once Shadin Unlocked his inner world so to speak, he awakened something deep inside of him that came from his predecessors to help him out.

Electric/Electromagnetic Manipulation: Being a descendant of Shadin Yuudeshi, Kaito has inherited the use of electricity, along with creating it naturally. His is unique in application, because rather than using it as an all general thing, he concentrates his ability by bending the electromagnetic fields. This allows Kaito to use the electricity more so then just a regular release; in fact, it compounds onto his use of vectors. Generally, this allows him to manipulate vectors of electromagnetism, which can generally counter general electric users as long as he has the energy to invest into it. He can create, within the electromagnetic field, pulses and energy blasts, thus being able to propel them faster and longer. To do so, he uses a Gauss cannon like design, which generally allows him to speed up projectiles by having natural metals in them or being an artificial metals added to them. This is one method of using his abilities; another is that he can bend the electromagnetic fields in a way that can enhance his cyber world vectors. Relatively said, it makes those vectors stronger and easier to use. This way of using it is extremely draining because the manipulation of the cyber world vectors rely heavily on his mental strength and control, and thus maintaining an ulterior source such as the electricity may require more then he is typically used to handling. It's not that Kaito lacks control; it's just inherently it's more than his mind is used to, due to both maintain a mental straining ability and consciously controlling an energy based one. It helps him train in some ways, due to the strains that it puts his mind and body through.

Zero-Point Energy: The basis of his skilled control is the manipulation and control of Zero Point energy, which is the smallest form of Energy that can be noticed and manipulated. This energy is in everything and everyone and can be manipulated as long as it's not being used by another user of Zero-Point Energy. The energy that can be created is astronomical and by nature is dangerous, but even then the fact that he can use this type of energy is a tome to his skills as a magic user. Since he can manipulate the energy as he sees fit it helps him to have a deep reserve, because he's a magic user first before he's physical, and that changes the appearance of him. He can use that energy like a vacuum and release it in many ways in his attacks, and even to help him balance out his energy levels so he's not unstable. This ability comes from the effect of the AIM fields and being able to seeing them, and then comprehend the energy around him so he can use it effectively. This energy is hard normally to use for him, and so he must often focus to use it, but once he’s focused he can use it very well, but it takes at least 2 turns before he can use it once he activates the AIM fields to draw upon that energy.

Soul State Evolution

- Soul State Evolution Stage 1 Appearance:

- Soul State Evolution Stage 1 Abilities:
Soul of the Samurai: Kaito dons a unique kind of Armor and subsequently it modifies while he’s in this state his Katana, the fact he’s wearing armor and a unique accessory that only happens in this form. The soul of the Samurai is his materialization of his feelings of wanting to protect the people he loves and cares for. The honor of the samurai, the way of the samurai, is all coded in a sense within him, but this is the physical manifestation of that Yuudeshi drive built within him. The love of his friends and family represents his armor, as it’s the aspect of will that keeps him striving to become stronger and more caring for them. The Katana is his honor and the willingness to fight for his friends and loved ones. This provides him with a strong sharp blade to help him cut through his enemies, and people that would do harm to his family. The Final item is the accessory of the Yasaka no Metagama. Each Jewel is a representation of a moment in time where he grew, and the more growth he has, the more each jewel shines, showing progressions that go beyond just physical and mental capabilities denoting the need for something spiritual. The Soul of the Samurai is the core of this form, and is based on how strong his will is, and if he’s willing to don the entire set. Once he does however he’s locked into the form until he either loses the will to keep it up, can’t keep pouring energy into it, or finally he ascends into his next evolution.

Note: The Armor, Weapon, and Accessory drains on his will slowly over time gradually making it weaker, abilities on the other hand drain his stamina.

Eight Dragons: The Armor that Kaito dons in this form is called the Eight Dragons of Heaven and Earth, but simplified down into Eight Dragons. The most defining feature is the contrast between the vibrant red of the armor on the limbs and the dark black scaly looking breastplate that covers his torso which look like scales of a dragon. The breastplate is black in color with multiple shades of blues, purples and whites to give the illusion of many scales on the plate at once. The breastplate is the strongest point of his armor where he has the most defensive capabilities since it covers his vitals in battle. The Red armor is nothing to sneeze at either, since it’s very resilient against most types of attacks. If a person is strong enough to break through the armor either physically or magically it can be broken, but it takes a lot of damage the armor due to it being based on his will of wanting to protect those that he loves and cares for. The helm isn’t always on, but when necessary it will appear to protect his head in the case that attacks would go for his head. The armor is considered to be very unique and developmentally based on him, and nothing else. As he gets stronger so will the armor in its defensive capabilities. Finally, the most unique part of his armor is the ability to resist being cursed, as in something that would change his make-up as a human or within his skills, unless it’s something to power him up or assist him in making him more useful in battle, otherwise the person will have to overpower the armor’s defensive capabilities.

Tengoku no Ken: This weapon is literally called the Sword of Heaven. The main properties of the sword in terms of its design are three main factors. The first on is the contrasts between the pure white color of the cutting edge and then the crisp contrast of the black flat parts of the Katana. The Second is the white handle with black inlays, and finally is the white sheath with black Kanji spelling out the blade’s name. This weapon came about from the rigorous training with Sagumi to help him to shape his focus in protecting those he loved by his will to fight and become stronger. Since Kaito reminded Sagumi of himself a long time ago, he began purposely shaping him to become stronger in the ways that he was weak in the past. This forced this form to make its own legendary weapon. This weapon’s power is based not just on his physical capabilities, but his capability on wielding weapons, and how much energy he has, the more energy he has the stronger the blade is and the more capable it is of cutting through defenses that normally aren’t able to be cut through. This is the representation of a Phantasm class weapon, and as this is such a weapon it's tied to his soul since he forged it out of his soul and made it his own therefore stealing the weapon is very hard to nearly impossible to do.

Yasaka no Metagama The final part of this set is the accessory that finishes up the three part set. This item is the representation of his will, and also the people who he knows has his back. The more people he has the brighter the jewels shine, and the more that are created, when he knows that most or all of the people that he loves and cares for are behind him all the jewels glow. This accessory does three main things. The First one it helps him to balance out the usage of his energy so he doesn’t over use it and force himself out of his form. Second usage is to allow him to create devastating attacks with his Katana allowing him to have ranged slashes and arcing beams of pure energy that can pass through all non-spiritual substances, unless Kaito has more energy, and will then he can break through spiritual substances with some ease, but it takes time to do that. The final usage is to allow him to revert safely back into his normal form if the need arises for him to, because versatility is a real thing when you are trying to be the best you can be for the people you want to protect.

Main Ability:

Sword Saint: Within this ability, Kaito has complete mastery over all bladed weapons that are the length of a short sword to a Nodachi. In short this allows him to use any kind of Sword, but it also allows him to place his will and his energy into the weapons allowing him more uses than just close range combat with the weapon, allowing someone like him who needs ranged attacks when people can one shot the moon in this modern day and time. Sadly, this has a limit of if it is a soul bound weapon he can’t manipulate it as well because of the binding to the other persons soul, which would make something that hasn’t subverted to him easily manipulated unless the weapon allows the user to, then in that case it’d be fine for him to use the weapon in that fashion. The Sword Saint form which is compounded on the fact he’s a samurai allows him to do particularly deadly Area of Effect attacks with his types of energy, and manipulating them through his sword as the main medium. Sometimes he’ll use his armor as a medium for a stronger defense, but that’s usually a very rare case.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Kaito's Tier/Soul State 1 upgrade   Fri Feb 21, 2014 4:44 am


Alright, seeing how I had no problems with the one you posted up in the Australian Upgrades, I'm going to go ahead and give you the approval to. Now you can fully have these upgrades and I'll make sure to move them into Approved Power Upgrades after this post.


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Kaito's Tier/Soul State 1 upgrade
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