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 Bladed Dynasty

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Bladed Dynasty   Tue Nov 23, 2010 2:30 am

Shink, swoosh, shink

From the sheath to the tree, Kiba Ookami moved swiftly, with the grace of the creature it too it's namesake from. Standing behind the blade was a redheaded Shinigami, with an adjutant's armband featuring the symbol of the tulip, and the number two. He grimaced, and Daigoro Ito eventually stopped his assualt, breathing heavily... The tree simply stood, unmoving before him. But he wasn't done. He couldn't be spent already... Daigoro went onto one knee, breaths moving and pushing the grass beneath his feet. He closed his eyes, but he couldn't take it any longer... Collapsing onto the grass, with thoughts spreading throughout his mind.

Why did that take so much out of me...?

TIME SKIP - 30 Minutes Later

The redheaded Shinigami groaned, and sat back up. He looked around for any signs of life, and noticed that he may, in fact, not be alone. He wasn't completely sure... But he had to check it out. He stood up, and brushed himself off.

"Yo...! Anyone alive out there? I know you're out there... Just show yourself..."... Nothing. He blinked a couple of times, and turned back to the tree, flicking his zanpakuto out by his side - no words coming out of his mouth. No... That was a waste of time, and a waste of his own strength. He should just wait... Maybe practise throwing his bombs next... Yeah.

He reached into his uniform, and pulled out one small orb, throwing it into the cuts that he'd managed to etch into the tree's trunk. A second later, and the bomb exploded, sending splinters flying out to the ground, but still no movement of the tree. He smiled, and patted it softly.

"You serve your needs well, tree." His red eyes closed and his smile simply grew brighter, until he noticed a source of Reiatsu. Now he knew he wasn't just sensing random things... He rapidly turned around, and shouted out.

"Come out!" Still nothing. Hmph.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Bladed Dynasty   Tue Nov 23, 2010 3:22 pm

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Lets play oh read haired one. I shall put out your flame.

Hinashi giggled as she sat at the top of the tree behind theyoung man. Smoke twisted above her head and in the sunlight it gave her head apinkish glow. The young man had just sensed her but he couldn't tell where."sighing softly to herself Hinashi stood up to her full height and madeher way down the tree. Her orange hair bounced with each step, pipe firmlygrasped in her mouth leaving a trail of cherry scented smoke behind her.Normally she would of been silent with her descent but being as it was mid afternoonshe was a bit tip-see. She finally landed behind the young man and walked over to where he stood. She stood up, her massive height towering over the young male.

"Looks like you have finally noticed me young shinigami." she said slowly. Took you awhile." Hinashi smile as she took a little stumble to the side but straightened up. "Now what are you up too little one. Training here. Trying to improve your skills." She tapped her pipe against a tree, emptying the ash and reached into her kimono to grab another pinch of tobacco. Filling her pipe, she stopped to light it, taking a brief puff before settling into her habit of making the area around her head swirl with the pinkish blue smoke.

Her zanpakuto was strapped firmly to her back, the length coming to a total of 4 feet. She reached back for the hilt, drawing the sword out slowly. "Before you looked intent on doing something when you noticed my reiatsu. What exactly was it?" Smoke drifted slowly from her mouth as she smiled and brushed a piece of hair from her head.A giggle escaped her lips slowly as she smiled softly.