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 Fire and Ice

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Fire and Ice   Thu Feb 27, 2014 10:10 pm

[9 : 0 0 P M . O U T S I D E . O F . R O M E . I T A L Y]

One half of the field was completely embroiled on fire; the other half was frozen. An inferno and a storm of ice both occupied the space at once; it was a strange phenomenon, to be sure. To be fair, flames made of ice in and of itself was an unusual thought, but that was what was occurring. The two forces within the center of this strange flower were a single pair of eyes and a human form, frozen completely in the flames made out of ice.

However, all at once, it ended. The woman thawed out as flames stopped generating over her body, and the rest of the male's body came in to rejoin his eyes once more, his gigantic locks of brown hair resting on the cloak that he wore around his body as he looked directly at the scantily clad woman who had challenged him. "Hmph. Satisfactory ability." He muttered, feeling the ice cease oppressing on his body as he beheld her figure. He was no stranger to the female form; although his body seemed to be a rather... small young man's, hers was a well-endowed, almost frosted like appearance.

".... I deem you worthy of an audience. What is it that you desire?" He asked of her as the ice below his feet became two pools of water, the inferno and blizzard still remaining present around their bodies; it would not dissipate for some time, due to the force of their release. However, in this middle space, the temperature was... perfect. It was ais if they had cancelled out the strange properties of the other. For one of the first times in his life, Blaze felt... calm. Not roiled up; but almost at ease. If only for this effect alone, the woman before him deserved the audience that he was going to give to her. Besides, he had been rather bored lately; and she did not seem to be... as trashy as most of the humans he encountered were, this one was a... pleasant exception.

Now, most would not regard the frigid woman before him as 'pleasant'. However, her strange attributes coincided a bit with Blaze's own, and made him consider her more than he normally would another being. "Though I wonder... how much intelligence you possess... and what you are to be called..." He chuckled softly to himself, relaxing slightly as he awaited her response. After all, there was some time before this field around them died down; until then, he was going to devour whatever information she gave him to explain why it was that such a being was able to exist...


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Fire and Ice   Tue Mar 04, 2014 7:53 pm

Still standing before him, it was a near miracle she hadn't bored herself to violence already. For the most part, most man were only good for a minute or two of uninterrupted fun. The rare few would do for a couple of hours of fun, specially in the bed, but they were soon devoid of their enticing qualities, and their life. This individual... to call him intriguing would have been an understatement, and that was possibly the main reason she had not lashed out at him, too much. All around the, the area was steadily being destroyed by two very powerful and opposite forces. To one side, fire consumed all that lived, and to the other the freezing snow and ice paralyzed what the fire had not reached. The nearly equally strong forces were powerful enough to devastate their own area but not enough to trespass onto each other's foreign territory. Although her ice was as mighty as it came, it was too difficult to overpower him, and though she had never met a fire as potent as his, he was not able to engulf her either. Their powers, opposite as they were, raged in a mad stampede against one another not giving an inch. In a way, there was a chance that their personalities might not have been as polar opposites as their abilities. But that, would be part of the fun.

Raising her upper lips as her mouth opened slightly, even her neck lifted itself up just some. "Satisfactory eh? I guess that's as much as I can say of yours." She wasn't sure whether he was truly and purposely trying to downplay her abilities, but she could play his game. Their powers, surprisingly, had been very evenly matched, even though she had planned to engulf him in her ice. To call her abilities as merely satisfactory would not make his any better in her eyes. Looking at him up and down, her tongue was visible at the corner of her mouth as it slid, grazing under her teeth and licking the outer edge of her upper lip. The fire guy might just have been interesting enough to take to bed. He looked young, but instead of putting her off, she merely smiled. Not out happiness but excitement. As to what exactly her excitement was directed to was not clear, but knowing her, it was definitely nothing good. For him. As for her, her actions always benefited her in one way or another.

Laughing to herself and allowing some of the cynical laughs and smiles exit her she continued to look on at the man, trying to find a way in which to best respond him. "Do I need to desire anything?" she said as she continued to walk closer to him. She was aware that his fire was strong enough to avoid the ice from mortally wounding him, but she was also very cognizant of her abilities and the fact that his would not achieve such a daunting task either. Coming closer to him, the feeling was, odd. Changes in temperatures were no foreign concept to her. Granted she was much more acquainted with the cold, freezing temperatures, even if she did occasionally like to indulge in some of the richness of warm weather. Nevertheless, the space between them was neither hot or cold. It was as if an specially unique vacuum had been created with an acquired temperature of such caliber that could not be recreated by anyone else anywhere else.

Raising one of her hands she would attempt to glide a couple of her fingers on his hair. There was nothing extremely dangerous about it. She would obviously try to force some of her ice on his hair but it was obvious to her it would evaporate giving the proximity to his body, and that was alright. She meant to see the melting water cease to exist on him. "Intelligence? Well, I think you best find out for yourself. As for my name," she said as she threw a thick sheet of ice like a wave onto his torso which would likely melt and evaporate but not before making his chest at least temporarily wet. The sight would make up for violence and killing, at least for the time being. "I think you best introduce yourself first, mildly interesting...spark?" she giggled, "You best introduce yourself before asking someone else for their name."

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Fire and Ice   Sun Oct 04, 2015 11:24 am

✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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Fire and Ice
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