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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Sijel Evela

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Sijel Evela   Mon Mar 17, 2014 7:24 pm


» Name: Sijel Evela
» Titles: none
» Age: 16
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: none

» Shifter Appearance Written: He has long white hair with black colored bangs that fall over his right eye. He's a slender guy with the figure of a track runner. He wears a black short sleeved detective coat and a red sweat shirt that stops just under his rib cage. He wears a pair of white khaki shorts with a belt that has a thin black veil hooked to it that covers the side and back of his shorts. Finally he sports a pair of black and white high top Osiris shoes.(He's black in race)

» Shifter Appearance Picture:
(Couldn't get the picture to just pop up here)
(If you have an image, feel free to post it here. If not, remove this)

True Appearance Written: His mind becomes unstable and very destructive. The thought of pain both inflicted and received pleases him very much. His eyes are completely white and his face is covered by a large grin that is filled with large jagged teeth. His tongue is long and inhumanly thick, if he was to fully extend his tongue without forcing it it would fall to just below his feet and would cover his whole mouth. His nails are sharper and are a dark black.


» Personality:
Sijel is very calm. he has a solid go with the flow attitude and doesn't really care what he's doing. He is also easily amused and will find joy in doing anything even if that means looking at his own nightmare. He's also very optimistic and will always think positive even if it seems all else will fail. However he also has a tendency to be rude if confronted with negativity. He is also fond of challenges that push him to try harder and become stronger whether it's mental or physical.

He's not stable in the slightest. His mind is always jumping from one object to another as he thinks about how much destruction he can cause in one setting. He finds immense joy in pain both inflicting and receiving it. Because of this he always looks for ways to continue to dish out pain and becomes more intent on inflicting pain every time he's hit. He doesn't care about anything except for violence and things of that nature.

» Likes: Anything fun and challenging. Thinking on the brighter side of things. Being thanked and idolized by people he's saved.

» Dislikes: Revealing his true self(This is self explanatory. What does your character dislike?)

» History
Sijel is demon of "natural" birth. His mother was a cutlist and was previously "blessed" by a demon and with his touch would conceive a baby born of his energy. Shortly after this Sijel was born prematurely, but instead of taking him to the hospital where he could be properly taken care of, his mother took him to her sanctuary and bathed him in her blood until he was healthy. Some of the people in her cult began to see that the baby she conceived was truly not normal and could even possibly be more demonic than human. Even though most of the people were rejoicing over this truth there were still some who were unnerved.
Sijel was two when a church came and took him from his mother. At this time he was more human than demon, but he had his moments where he would snap and the inhuman side would spring fourth and begin to destroy everything it could. The church tried to keep Sijel under control and free him of his Curse but they couldn't do so. After several months they gave up and decided that sijel would be killed and there fore freed from the curse put upon him. During the ceremony sijel snapped once again and if not fore the chains that bound him he would've destroyed the entire area he was at and everyone along with it. At the very last minute when all hope for Sijel was lost his mother appeared and went crazy as she tried to save her son.
His mother sacrificed her soul in the end to the demon that originally gave her sijel. Her blood pooled around and under sijel and an immense burning sensation spread across him as steam rose from the chains and off his body itself. The holy water put on him earlier during the ceremony was burning away as the blood around him glowed brighter and brighter. Sijel watched as the ground below him began to spin and a bright orange light began to spread itself out under him. He looked forward and saw his mother smiling with relief as the portal to hell opened. A large butterfly wing coated in red swirls flew out behind him and wrapped the stunned Sijel in its wing. The chains that previously bounded him shattered effortlessly as the wing dragged Sijel deeper and deeper into the portal. As he fell Sijel couldn't help to do anything but stare at the ceiling of a building he was once in. He truly didn't know what was going on but he had a strong fear of the place he was heading to now.
From there he spent four years and has no recollection of what happened during those years. All he remembers is waking up on the street with a man hovering over him. The man later became known as Yozu Evela his now adopted father.
Because Sijel has lost the memory of his first six years of life he doesn't really know what he is. He knows that he isn't just human, but he doesn't know that he is part demon. Now he roams the city and does what he deems is fun, or what he deems is right. He also hopes to find someone who can help him learn who he is or even what he is. But until then he will fight the good fight.

» Natural Abilities:
Akuma Kyōdo: Thanks to the full body seal most demon's have on their bodies from birth, Akuma Kyōdo gives most Demon's a layer of defensive skin that is similar to an Arrancar's Hierro. Therefore, the higher your skill is with Akuma Kyodo, the more powerful this layer of defense will be with your Demon. A Master of this move could possibly even take a Grand Ray Cero head on with only scartches and bruises.

Affinity For Hell: If a Demon ever gets the chance to foot into hell or has the skill level and power to summon it's presence on the battlefield, they can potentially increase their power by five times just by having it around them. In some instances, in fact, Demon's can even rise one tier level if enough consumes them for the duration of the thread they are in. This is due to the fact that there is a large amount of hellish energy within that place for Demon's to thrive on and it's filled with many hidden elements that were designed to overcharge a Demon in times of crisis. But, in addition to that, the presence of hell augments not only their power abilities but the inherent and magical abilities of said demon; giving improved versions of their abilities or completely new ones altogether.

Body Manipulation :can be used for offensive or defensive purposes. For example, a demon can use Body Manipulation in order to generate a layer of steel-like skin around their body in order to increase their defense and block out outside sources from entering their body by clogging every pore on it. Or, for another instance, they could use it on the offensive side by hurling body parts at their opponent that are extremely hot and turn into acid blood, using their increased height to smash down on most opponents and the same may even apply for some more powerful demon's attacks; or finally, in an avoidance way, more powerful demon's could even control their body in order to be broken down into a liquid, wind or fire type form in order to gain more ways to escape or evade attacks.
(What type of powers come naturally to the Demon? This can be, in addition to, their natural abilities and up to four other abilities)

» Unique Abilities:

Butterfly phantasm-
Swarms of black and blue butterflies rush out from a void hidden inside sijel's jacket and rush towards the target. Once they are within range of their target they will explode unless told to do so before hand by sijel. The butterflies are also a defense made to counter incoming attacks. Butterfly phantasm when used for a prolonged amount of time puts a large strain on Sijel's mind and as such can only be used for up to 3 posts and after use must be cooled for equal that amount of time.


» Note: Feel free to change "Adjustable State Appearance" to any title you'd like for your Demon's Stages.

» Adjustable State Appearance: (What do they look like if there is any kind of stage? If they have stages, feel free to repeat as necessary.)

» Adjustable State Benefits: (Do they get any nifty powers, abilities and things of this nature? Put all of that here in seperate sections and feel free to repeat as necessary for other forms.)

» Adjustable Demonic States:
Unlike most other races where most of their forms are clearly defined in stages such as Unreleased, Released, Fully released and things of that nature; most demon transformations are not the same 'nor can they be cookie cut either. For every demon born, they begin to forge just how much of their power they wish to seal, contain, adjust or transform into. Therefore, one demon could have a five stage process to reach his full power; while another demon would simply be at his full powered state at any given time. There benefits to both systems: if a demon chooses to simply be fully released all the time, they will typically have a much better mastery over their powers, will be able to unleash their full power at the drop of a hat and can generally be quite the problem to deal with. While, on the other hands, demon's who prefer to go through stages usually unlock new sets of powers to go alongside their additional powers, can possibly gain new traits and get new insight on all of their capabilities. So, this choice is quite the tricky one for demon's to go through. However, if one chooses to go down the staged route, they are limited by how many stages they can per tier.

Tier five will not be able to perform any stages, tier four will be able to perform about one transformation, tier three will be able to perform two stages, tier two will be able to perform four stages, tier one will be able to perform a maximum of five and tier 0 can have up to six. Though, no matter how high you go in stage, your tier will usually reflect your power. So, you cannot have a form that gives you shikai power, then bankai power then super Bankai power. It does not work that way with demon's as these stages are usually meant to help train a demon, help them discover new powers, hold back their strength or mask their presence at times when needed as they are not the same as those types of releases.


To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not feel your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. We will also do your will sheet for you upon grading your application.

Racial Skills
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Sijel Evela
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