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 Kakine's Partial Angel State

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kakine's Partial Angel State   Tue Mar 18, 2014 6:49 am

  • Name Of Character: Kakine Yuudeshi
  • Link To Character Profile:

  • Reasons For Upgrading: Due to the events that have unfolded in Bendigo, War For Australia, Kakine has conquered the darkness that overtook his body, Dark Kakine, his once inner hollow, not being destroyed, but rather 'becoming' one with the original Kakine Yuudeshi. Through the efforts of Kakine's own will and Shadin pushing his body to the extreme to bring his brother back, Kakine had achieved unity with the being that was stored within his body. From this unity, he had achieved the idea of 'chastity'. Chastity in a state of mind, purity as a main concept. Through the combining of Kakine and his Hollow, Dark Kakine, he had achieved this 'pure' state of mind that allowed him to gain pure white wings. The wing's that initially revealed themselves were from this state of purity being reached, he had reached the point of enlightenment. This doesn't mean his personality changes, nor his ideals, but rather access to an initial stage which is titled, fittingly, as 'Angel State.'

    What Are You Upgrading: With the unfolding of the events, the angelic wings that appeared upon his back were proving of his nature and 'ascension' or 'on the path' of becoming an 'angel'. However as he is 'on the path' to this ascension, it has gifted him a few new traits upon realising these powers existed within him.

    The Angel State

    Appearance: The Angel State isn't something completely mastered by Kakine yet, in fact he has just recently been able to tap into that side of the body. Only a small portion of him has the knowledge of this side, and even then has not been fully awakened. The appearance of Kakine's Angel State does not change his outer appearance to much extreme. He still maintains the maroon-red coloured slacks and blazer, he still keeps his dirty blonde/brown hair and even keeps his intense green eyes that he obtained during the merge of his hollow and his body. Rather, upon his back appears to shoot out six wings in total, three on either side of his back. Lined up vertically, the wings that protrude from his back are a blinding white in colour, almost vibrating with white aura across them. From here, the three sets on either side are shown to stretch out for around, or even beyond, twenty metres each side of his body. The huge wings that are formed not only represent the angel take over of his body, but they also represent the way in which purity has over come him. For now, this is the only traits that have proven themselves to take place, however it is subject to change the deeper he dives into this angel side of him, gaining and becoming more pure until he fully awakens.

    The Wings: The wings that Kakine has gained in his partial Angel state is not only there for symbolic reasons. The main point in which these wings come into play is not only for flying purposes, as such features could be done simply enough in base form. The main reason these wings have manifested are for both defence and assault. These twenty metre long wings are capable of shielding himself from harm should an assault come his way. These wings themselves are harder than Seki-seki stone, harder than the strongest materials known to man or any other realms. For one to pierce through these wings is an amazing feat in itself. It would take incredible force and assault power for a person to rid of these rather deceiving, feathery wings. Not only are they defensive, but the very edge of these feathers are capable of splitting upon almost anything he so wishes. By swinging them at the target, he is capable of even slicing open the guts of an opponent and letting their insides leak out onto the battle field. Sharper than the strongest sword and more defensive than the finest metals, this is one of the most intense weapon's in his arsenal.

    Overall Condition Enhancement: As one might suspect from the name, once Kakine Yuudeshi enters his partial angelic state, he has been shown to not only have a variety of new elements to him, but now his entire bodily state and functions are now enhanced. By allowing this influence in, Kakine's strength has been said to go through a major overhaul, a simple punch could shatter bone of the opponent. Not only this, but his conversion of energy is much cleaner as a whole. By using his partial angel state with his CreationConstruction, his overall rate of creation is far beyond that of normal. Due to the intense amount of energy that flows throughout his entire body now, the items or effects he creates out of nothing are capable being much larger or dangerous without wasting too much of his energy.

    Overall, he can react much faster than he usually would to assaults. Think of the enhanced conditions as a passive ability, similar to how a vizard mask would work, this enhances his power, speed and overall durability when it comes to fighting. The angel state is said to be one of his most powerful attributes, so when these wings are brought into play, it is nothing to laugh at. When these are used, it means his serious side is now in play, and he is either trying to do two things: end the fight quickly or end your very existence.

    Molecular Oscillation: Due to the massive ascension from his normal state into that of an angel influence, Kakine has been able to enhance most natural parts of his body until prime state. Due to the ascension, his already insane speed has been shown to not increase, but the very molecules within his body vibrate. Due to his speed already being considered 'utopia' of speed, just his fragile body does not allow his body to travel at such speeds, the very molecules and particles making up his body can begin to oscillate at intense speeds. This gives him yet another field of intense power that he can shift on and off at will, the enhanced oscillation of molecules in his body allows even swords and sharp objects to be split open or torn apart. If a fist were to make direct contact with this activated, it is likely the very skin would be separated from bone and torn into nothing but pieces of flesh in the air. Although this isn't an unbreakable field, but due to this, Kakine's partial Angel State can take much more damage -- if someone found a way to either stop the molecules from vibrating or use overall intense strength to tank through it is also possible.

    AIM Energy - The Angel Energy: By taking on the traits of angels and 'holiness', Kakine gains a new sect of energy mixed in with his reiatsu. This energy is known as AIM (An Involuntary Movement) and seemingly has no radiance to it. This does not mean it's not strong or isn't an energy source, but rather as an 'energy' that is undetectable. Due to Kakine not having his full awakening of angel state, he had been able to use a mixture of both his reiatsu and AIM, which surprisingly blends well with his Construction Spheres embedded in his body from birth. However, due to being able to mix both his reiatsu and AIM into one, Kakine's AIM energy has shown to be much weaker most other angel states, compared to someone like Shadin for example. The AIM energy simply allows Kakine to blend his usage of energy into another channel, not only giving him an extra source of energy to use his power with, but acts as his primary driving force.

    Purification: As a typical trait of the Angel story, Kakine has found and been able to obtain the power of 'purification.' This is simply in meaning, and means exactly what one would imagine: 'to make the impure; pure.' By giving off a blinding light, Kakine Yuudeshi is able to purifying the evil, impure beings and objects or surroundings in the area. For example, if an area was caught up in disease, eaten away by famine and poisons, by using this burst of light, all impurities and poisonous based surroundings would be eliminated and crushed into nothing with the blinding white light of purity. This can also be used on opponents, meaning that even if someone's very being is dark and impure (specifically for demons), some might find their bodies unable to function correctly or even parts of their power or such to shut down for a brief period of time. Not only this, but for people with impurities, it will act as a 'burning sensation' upon blasts of white light hitting their bodies.

    The purification can come in many forms, through massive pillars of white light to touch, as long as he can figure out a way to properly hit a target with it, he can most likely use it in any form. Through the usage of his cyber-brain on top of this, Kakine is able of formulating a path to even cause mental assaults on targets, but, essentially 'entering the opponent's mind' and using a meta-physical based attack to burn their impure attitudes and negative emotions. Through this it would act as physical contact, literally causing intense burns to a person's mental state. For people with deep negative emotion that runs through them, being able to purify their mind even for a short time can be taxing, if he can get into their mind to do so at all. This will not permanently destroy one's negative emotions, most likely just injure them and give him time to continue a follow up assault.

  • Any Extra Notes: This is an incomplete angel state. He still has a long way to go until he goes full angel.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Kakine's Partial Angel State   Fri Mar 21, 2014 4:59 pm

Ho'kay, everything seems to be pretty in order here. With that said, I'm going to go ahead and give you the clear for these upgrades and you'll need to add them into Kakine's app a little later after this post. For now, I'm moving this into approved upgrades.


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Kakine's Partial Angel State
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