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 The Walking Plague [ Cloud ]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Walking Plague [ Cloud ]   Tue Mar 25, 2014 1:27 am

The city was still as quiet as usual after the fire was put out within the forest soon after an Iramasha ran rampage and dissapeared soon after that. The world is full of mysteries, at the least. Karakura City, a city where it was always under the protection of the Yuudeshi clan and under their watch through the network, with each and every possible CCTVs that covered the entire city under the eyes of those are in charge on watching the city's safety and hopefully protecting it from any attacks in the inside and the outside that may harm the civilians in this place. Touma was one of those Yuudeshis, standing 5 feet tall with a black spiky hair that was done using hair gels, and with his usual school uniform with Karakura High's badge on it. Otherwise, there was nothing that was really that special about him.

Touma is one of those person coming from a famous family that started small and ended big in the officials, acknowledged for their power and the contributions that they have given to the world. But he wasn't much of a special person either, with an exception for his genes and with a mysterious ability that he has gained throughout his very lives. He lives in solitary, wihout using any of his family's resources, money or power wherever he goes, and obviously, he is trying to be independant and not to be too reliant on his family's resources, or going as far as dirtying their names that has been going straight and strong for the past hundreds of years since they started developing. Being Shadin's son, he isn't all that powerful as expected to be when it comes to being Shadin's child, and since he has no powers, Touma finds himself rather powerless when it comes to assisting his family in combat, wars and battles when they are in need of help, and his Imagine Breaker would only be useful when it comes to fighting against people that are heavily reliant in their supernatural powers in combat.

Imagine Breaker is one of those mysterious abilities, wihout any evidence of where they came from or how they started existing, and they just.. appear out of nowhere, even until now, not even the greatest technology or the smartest being of all can solve the mystery about Imagine Breaker and its ability to negate powers. Although there is one thing that can note about it, that it uses an unknown energy, unpredictable and incomprehendable by mankind, and where that 'energy' came from is out of the league for anyone with brains. But Touma clearly knows that it cancels, negate, destroys, resets or reverses any supernatural abilities or powers as long as they aren't the 'original' of the existence itself, as shortly explained by the nature of the power that resides in his bare hands, and clearly, so is his luck was negated altogether which eventually formed bad lucks around him wherever he goes, and when it gets into contact with the air, his hands would potentially cancel every good lucks, blessings that he receives from the God itself, and that is why his life never had anything great happening to him. Being chased by delinquents, lost his wallet, crushed his cellphone, anything misfortunate would happen to his everyday lives wherever he goes, but this is why independence was formed around himself to rely on himself than the resources he has from his family and the power he could potentially hold to be all-powerful like the members of his family does. What doesn't waver at all times is his ever-strong heart and the willingness to save anyone from the darkness, whether they are heroes or villains, as long as they are within the reach of being able to be saved by his own hands, Touma would stop at nothing to help them until to the very end, possible or impossible, strong or weak, he would save just about anyone he could.

It was just early in the morning in Karakura City before Touma would start his small jog to his school, but luckily, he has hours before it starts for suddenly waking up early in the morning because of the heat in his room. Unluckily, his air conditioner broke suddenly wihout knowing why it did, and surprisingly, the weather was rather boiling hot today as well, enough for him to fry some eggs in such a heat. "Such misfortune.."

Fanning himself with a book, he slowly walked through the small path to school, and soon after, his body collapsed under a tree, only to sheild himself from the heat and resting for a few minutes before his small walk to the school. Really, if he could use the resources of his family, he could've been living in a deluxe house with many air-conditioners and a private ride to school, but that was all but a dream that he willingly gave up in trying to be at least 'useful' to the family itself. The world is exactly full of questions and mysteries to him, whether how cycles really works depends on the flow itself. Soon enough, he might return to where he used to be part of and belonged to, and at least, personally visiting Shadin about 'it'. His eyes diverted to the sky, wandering about what he should do about next.

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The Walking Plague [ Cloud ]
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