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 Nap in the Park [Private]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Nap in the Park [Private]   Thu Mar 27, 2014 10:02 am

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Notes:#OpeningPost #PostTemp #Akki!!

The school day had just ended, and Akki felt displeased with going straight home, for whatever reason. Actually, Akki probably didn’t feel the need to have a reason. He carried his own, had a lack of ‘friends’, and simply found it unnecessary to justify an action that only he would care about—well, save for his parents. But, it’s not like his parents would know, right? So, what would be the harm? Thus, the young man would thoughtlessly walk into Fuma Park, only a kilometre or two away from his High School.

Normally Akiyoku wouldn’t even walk. His usual lethargic attitude wouldn’t permit it. Instead, the usual action to be taken was floating. It was far easier to sub-consciously think of floating via telekinesis as opposed to actually walking. His high-metabolism could be considered a miracle when taking into account the massive lack of movement Akki produced. Regardless of digression, the bottom line was Akki walked to Fuma Park.

Despite the 1-2 kilometres, it was still a shorter distance than his house. In fact, his home was all the way on the outskirts of Karakura. In the perspective of an average mortal, Akki would be better off sleeping in the park. In fact, that was precisely what he set off to do. Sometimes, a man’s just gotta take a nap in the park. Who knows, it could be a profound spiritual journey—however doubtful such may be.

Crossing the every-so-often crosswalk and streetlights that came with such a distance, the young man finally arrived at his destination. Fuma was a gargantuan park as compared to most throughout the world. The total distance of the place was greater than how long Akki himself walked. So imagine the time it would take for him to find a good place to nap?! Ludacris! Why take so much time through a normal paradigm?!

There was no way Akki was going to take that long. He’d much rather walk home. Instead, the psychic child used his powers, which was most likely unwise in public. Despite the common knowledge of “supernatural” beings in everyday life—considering the existence of Karakura High School and the assortment of political leaders being just that: supernatural beings—a possible outcome in presenting his abilities publicly was most likely a confrontation. In his past, there have already been quite a count of people wanting to prove themselves, and though Akki didn’t find himself to be all that special in regards to the viscosity of his powers, once in a while someone did. And from that, Akki had found himself pounding in a head or two—for reasons of self-defence, of course. Although Akki wasn’t the prideful type of person, it was inevitable to find a lack of humility when thinking or discussing these things, as he has yet to find someone superior to himself, in terms of power. Nevertheless, to show his capabilities would essentially be challenging every imbecile out there, whether intentional or not. And yet, the boy offered no restraint.

In an instant, his body shot up via «Pressure» gathered below his feet. Said «Pressure» propelled the young man several metres high, offering a pleasant view of the surroundings. To complete the task at hand, he focused on his «Clairvoyant Sensing», and searched throughout the park, both hoping to find a nice napping spot and hoping to avoid any trouble; well, if he had just so happened to do just that, Akki would simply run away or defeat them, but it would present trouble nonetheless.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Nap in the Park [Private]   Sat Apr 05, 2014 6:54 pm

One thing Kit enjoyed about the very few, very rare ventures he went on into the human realm were the gigais. While in one it felt so easy to let some more pressing matters go to the back of one's mind, let them simmer on their own for a little instead of taking up the forefront of his mind. Adding onto that, Kit liked the freedom of clothing choices he could put together, something a little different from the usual shinigami attire he wore day in and day out; something a little less boring. Then again, out in the human world like this, wrapping up some minor business and spending the rest of the leftover time as a small breather felt strangely safer to him.

No one in the human world knew him on any particularly personal level, thus he could present himself however he pleased without fearing for lasting consequences in society. He could wear some cheap, basic makeup; he could listen to music with a pair of neon pink earphones, sleek in design and wireless; he could put on a skirt he felt partial to and a matching hoodie without feeling like someone would call him out for doing so, since for all the people around him knew, he could be a girl -- it wasn't like he hadn't been confused as such in the past.

Right now, though, Kit took up to lying down on a park bench, staring up towards the late afternoon sky with his purple eyes, off in daydream land as music played in his ears, washing out the natural sounds of Fuma Park. Normally Kit would adore listening to the little amount of wildlife, but with the sounds of kids, parents, adults and so forth mixing into it all, the young shinigami found it easier to simply drown out everything with music he enjoyed: something soft, peaceful, yet powerful enough to phase out his attention. Perhaps not the best idea, granted if something terrible were to occur it would make it hard for him to take some immediate notice, but then again, Kit didn't expect anything awful to occur. The place seemed safe enough.

Letting out a gentle sigh, Kit's attention shifted up a little as a flock of birds suddenly took off from a nearby area, likely spooked by something. Exactly what spooked them didn't concern the individual, for he figured it must've been a vehicle of some sort, or some toddler jumping into those birds' exclusive group. Giggling a little at the latter though, Kit sat up a little bit, stretching and looking off in that direction a little bit more.

"Huh, I di'n't know people could float," he mumbled lazily to himself, not thinking anything particular of it: he was surrounded by people who could float around most of the time, plus he wasn't entirely oblivious of humans who had abilities and powers of their own in the world. Although, he had to admit it a little weird for such a person to act out with their ability in such a public place, or was that only he who thought it weird? Then again, he might've been thinking too much on it, granted Kit was the type to usually go with the flow and try to fit in -- despite the fact he was currently in a skirt.
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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Nap in the Park [Private]   Sun Oct 04, 2015 9:24 am

✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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Nap in the Park [Private]
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