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 Land of The Demons & Home of The Brave

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Land of The Demons & Home of The Brave   Fri Mar 28, 2014 9:07 pm

Zane Fenier
Commander of the Iron Cross

America was a place that Zane heard only a small amount of stories about, mostly for the fact that int the current time it wasn't as impressive as it made itself out to be many years previously. If there was one thing that Zane wanted for the people and humanity of this world, he wanted to protect like he does in Kokuryuteshi Realm. For the longest time, Zane was the Stone Cross Commander, and those that were among that Cross referred to him as, the Ever-expanding wall of the Kokuryuteshi. But now, he was the Commander of The Iron Cross, a cross that answered to the requests of their leader, Kin Iramasha. With taking that job upon himself, he found periods where he wasn't need to be used constantly by his leader and still be able to carry out his own objectives. So, this was how he found himself in the countryside of America as he wanted to observe how humanity fared under the control of demon kind. Even though they are allies of theirs, Zane knew that they had differences in style and how they wished to go about controlling the world and the system that governs the world.

So now he found himself walking along a country road that had little to to be found actually on it. He was walking to the next city on foot, and although he could of gone indefinitely faster, he wanted to see how it would be to hitchhike the road like he has been told is done often. He wanted to know what people could experience on this road and in this kind of society for a few days, so he merely continued on his way. If one were to notice him he would not look the greatest by any means in terms of clothing, wearing something a common citizen would wear of any race. He had no trace of being a Kokuryuteshi unless someone could identify him by face alone, which was unlikely unless they were a higher up of Shadow fall or took part within the recent Australian War. With a final notice to finish off his commoner appearance, He did not have his signature spear upon him and had no way to access it, although sealed within him was all of his power, but with the marks on his upper back, they wouldn't be shown easily in terms of pressure.

With a final offset to as what was going on around him, one could notice two demon folk walking behind him, and up ahead of where he was walking was another human. If one were to notice anything of Zane, it was that he altered very little of his physical appearance as one could notice that he still gave off a look that signaled that he was neither common or normal. It was however up to the observer to judge that though, it was pretty much something that he has forgotten can make or break the chances of fooling someone. He would try his best though to not break his act unless it was absolutely necessary to the situation at hand or he felt that he had seen enough to where he didn't need the disguise anymore.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Land of The Demons & Home of The Brave   Fri Apr 25, 2014 12:55 am