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 Zero Division [WIP]

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Adding to the roster

The division is a very tight group of people that are not thrown together just for the sake of it. If there are only 3 members, then there are only 3 members. It does not get filled up just because it is low on people. Instead, people are invited to the organisation through their actions. Shinigami are the only race allowed into the division and they are often sought out after completing difficult tasks that have benefited in upholding the peace and the survival of Soul Society. This also means that the division might not always be full of high power shinigami. Some will be much weaker than others, even weaker than normal shinigami. However it is what they do and what they continue to do that makes them a valuable asset.

The Structure

Every member of the 0 Division are considered equal regardless of strength and talent. Even those that have arrived just today are considered on the same standing as the rest. They have their own thoughts and opinions just as much as anybody else would. There is however 1 shinigami that is in constant contact with the Captain Commanders and other organisations. This is the elected Ambassador. They are known to be a part of the 0 Division and are the only member that can make themselves known to the public. However just like the rest, too much attention will get them into serious trouble.


Being a member of the 0 Division is an honour beyond honours. You are the force that protects the lifeline of all shinigami: the soul king. The task is of the utmost importance and second to none. Because of this, your respect among other shinigami is enough to make even the Captain Commander commend you for your hard work and dedication. Some division members in the past have abused this recognition for fame and glory. This creates hostility between the gotei and 0 division as jealousy and envy . Some just plain dislike the way they run and the rules they follow.


Those of the 0 division are often disliked thanks to the Strafe rule. They are able to work against the law to achieve their goals. This means that they are able to do things as they see fit so long as the objective is complete. However, this does not mean they can go on a rampage. If civilian casualties rack up, then the member will be punished for it. What this rule does allow however is express VIP access to pretty much anything apart from each organisations most important locations. This means the 0 division can travel almost anywhere within reason without authorities getting in the way. This doesn't mean they can walk into enemy territory however.

Housing and Location

Each member of the 0 division is given a magical platform the size of a small village hidden from all. These are created using a powerful phasing technology that removes the platforms from the world unless the person that wishes to view them is given permission by the 0 division themselves of whom control the ability. To everyone else it will be as though they never existed in the first place. They have no physical form otherwise. People that are on the platforms are also effected by the technology. Visually, the platforms would be located above all else in Soul Society, orbiting like space stations above the cloud cover.

What can actually be placed on the platforms is down to the shinigami that owns it. Generally, people like to keep things in theme of their own job. Someone that excelled in training other shinigami could have numerous arrays of weapons and training equipment in a dojo style platform. Another could have helped bring life back to a destroyed battlefield, thus they have related their platform to this by creating a replica of it as their home. It is all down to that member. The only real restriction is tampering with the phasing technology.

Similar to Las Noches, each platforms phasing technology is also capable of transforming the outer layer to represent different times of day and weather cycles. The owner could create their own artificial day that never ends. They can cause it to rain, hail and snow at will. This outer layer is of a dome shape on the top of the platform that contains the weather cycles to prevent them from moving.

Activities and efforts

Because the division has had to switch its priorities due to changes in antagonist forces, the 0 Division has has to adopt several other tasks to keep the well-being of Soul Society and it's allies alive. The following are the list of activities that each and every 0 division member must follow in priority order:

Defend the soul king. His life is vital. The loss of the soul king means the loss of the whole of soul society and the struggle for peace will be forever disrupted and unrecoverable. Every single member of the 0 Divisions highest priority is to defend the soul king at all costs. Regardless of where they are, what they are doing, if they do not arrive at the palace when under attack, they will be immediately revoked of their 0 division status and banished from soul society. The strictness and harsh punishment for failing to comply with this reflects the importance of the soul king. The divisions own lives are forfeit if the king dies. So long as it remains, no effort is in vain.

Defend Soul society. Even if it your platforms being attacked, if soul society is under threat then the division must swoop down to assist. However, what actually determines the summoning of the division is the scale of the attack. The 0 division cannot make a move and abandon their posts with the soul king to defend soul society until the Sereitei is almost completely eradicated. It is only acceptable for the division to influence the actions of the Gotei if the gotei itself has failed.

Uphold the peace. Not only are the 0 division classed as Soul Societies ultimate line of defence, but they are also burdened with the task of keeping the peace across the universe. This is an activity they are issued when they first join the division and are able to accomplish this task in any way they see fit. Because theya re unable to join any other organisation, the division members must lay low and execute actions without bringing attention to themselves. If a battle were to break out on earth, they may choose to enter. However they must NOT reveal their identity, nor their connection to the 0 division whatsoever.

Punishment System

Because of the secrecy and VIP status of the division as well as their pivotal role in defending the Soul King, the punishment for disobeying the rules can become quite severe. Usually, minor issues such as drawing attention to the division or revealing the identity of a member results in a minor punishment. Allowing the enemy into the Soul Kings palace or even onto their own platforms is a huge risk and the punishment can be massive.

Lock down: This punishment is pretty much about restricting the movement of the shinigami. The phasing technology locks their body inside of the dome and locks their reitsu in place so they are incapable of leaving. They can however still wander their platform and have visitors. They just cannot leave.

The Punisher: A special enchanted platform kept away from everyone except for a feared NPC known as 'The Punisher' and the people that he is attempting to punish. This platform and the punishment associated with it is not entirely restricted to just the 0 Division. Anyone can be dragged here. When the maggots nest is not enough or if an incredibly powerful threat must be tamed then the Punisher will keep them here. What this platform is, is a mixture is impossibly intense gravity and paralysis magic. The victim loses all ability to move their muscles, their nerves go completely numb and the weight of gravity forces their bodies to be dragged towards the floor. Since they are usually chained to a near indestructible wall with reitsu and death energy draining chains, escape is nigh impossible without the Punishers permission. Just like Lock down, the dome around this zone is also reitsu and energy draining. The platform itself looks like the surface of a desolated planet battered by constantly raging storms. Unlike the artificial weather cycles before, this is just visual and the storms don't actually exist.

The Second Punisher: This level of punishment is generally saved for those that must be exiled, but cannot be killed. These people are trapped in an endless nightmare and kept on the Punishers platform, within a second platform. This one is MUCH smaller and can only house up to 4 people and only accessible from within the first Punishers platform. This second platform is like the first, but also creates its own version of gravity and energy sapping. Because it is held within the first, everything is doubled in pressure. Energy is barely existent and the gravity can tear people apart. This place is used to hide the true abominations of the universe.

Operation Thunderstorm

A very important defence for Soul Society that involves just the 0 division. If an incredible power were to invade soul society with the intent to destroy, the Captain Command may request 'the Thunderstorm' to the Ambassador. This would then go through the division until an agreement is met.

The Thunderstorm is a huge defence mechanism that the 0 Division use where one huge platform with phasing technology envelops the invader. This will place them in a replica of Soul Society where they are led to believe they are still in the real one. What this allows the gotei to do, is move people to safety in the real Soul Society and send specific people to confront the attacker with minimal destruction to any real structures. What gives the platform away is how the place will appear completely empty. It is possible to destroy the platform if enough damage is dealt to the ground level. This means that smashing into the ground will eventually cause the platforms illusions to vaporize and the platform to eventually fall apart. Actually destroying this takes quite a bit of effort however as the technology had been created to be able to contain high level fighters after confrontations with people such as Mana and Kin.

Additional notes

All 0 division members that want to see the Soul King NPC must get permission beforehand from the staff team. Considering he hasn't been decided on anyway, likeliness of a visit is low.

Only 1 character can be in this division per member. NO exceptions.

The division is tied to the Gotei as a separate team that works independently, but considered as a branch just above them. The captain commander is the only person capable of swaying them through the ambassador of whom holds meetings with the rest of the division in a 'star wars senate' style meeting with all able to attend.

The Members

Zero Division [WIP] C2ef2a18-715a-4d00-a629-2bb0a7cc3aeb_zps37ef8b0c

MICHEAL 'ROLA' KARONDAI 0-5+ The Ambassador

Rola is certainly a man among men. His determination to not only protect the people he loves but also the innocent has gotten him far in this world. Some might say Rola has done what others may fear to attempt. His actions to preserve the peace and defend the weak has granted him the ultimate title of 'Ambassador' and he now spends his days communicating between the Gotei and the Zero Division.

The platform that Rola has been granted by the division is somewhat simple. It is a clone of your average Japanese housing establishment with high walls and alleyways. However one large circuit around the little village seems much larger than other roads. His house remains off to the east of the village and looks no differen to any other. he prefers it that way.

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Zero Division [WIP] Image8717_zpsrh1btrb8


Alright, since we don't need two Zero Divisions, I'm going to go ahead and archive this version since it seems we went with Crow's take on it.

Zero Division [WIP] WVMWLOu
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Zero Division [WIP]
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