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 DONUTPALOOZA!!! [private]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: DONUTPALOOZA!!! [private]   Tue Apr 08, 2014 12:56 pm

It was a bright sunny day in Karakura. The sun was beaming down its rays on Fuma Park, creating a beautiful day to spend there. It was so gorgeous that the donut truck in the park decided to hold a special for the day, and they called it "DONUTPALOOZA". Thats right Donutpalooza. For this day only with a purchase of a donut not only will you get a free donut but free ice cream!!

Today the truck was parked near the lake in the park, and it was surrounded by people. The special was a success, but only one person was manning the truck today, it was Hayato. Sure there were enough materials to feed everyone, but with so many people things were going a bit slow, the positive for the people and what kept them from getting mad and starting a riot was that when they got their donuts they were fresh. Fresh and crispy outside, soft and moist inside, partnered with soft serve ice cream, it was a match made in heaven.

It took a while but but the crowd thinned out and Hayato sat down on at a table near the truck so that he could rest for a while. "God I'm glad that Mr.Dolce came up with this idea to bring up business, but sending me alone to do it , I should have thought about finding someone else to help. Im getting too tired. Designing an entire fashion line in a month would be easier than this." He let out a big sigh trying to relax for a few minutes, but then he saw a few more people approach the truck.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: DONUTPALOOZA!!! [private]   Tue Apr 08, 2014 8:38 pm

    credits: Template by PerfectFallacy
    music: NONE ∞ NOBODY
    words: 0000
    status: Template | JJ | Gift | Gilgamesh
    notes: This is to place some ooc notes. Status is to put stuff like if the thread is open/closed, who's in it, what it's for, characters wanted etc. Whatever you want there. Music/words are self evident. Leave credits be. (ooc note no longer then this or it'll be weird.)


"The Shining purity of this noble land! Cure Royal!" he said once he came out of his transformation. "The first thing that we need around he is some light!" He said as he jumped high into the sky and said "Royal Chandelier!" Purple flames surrounded his body as he extended his hand and a glowing purple chain flew into the sky. As he fell the flames stayed in place, hovering as purple fixetures surrounded them creating an intricate chandelier in the sky that shone its light all over the darkened area.

The moment the area was lit up Hayato noticed that the lake started to ripple as thick tentacles flew out from it in his direction. He took up a defensive stance as they hit him and droplets of the red fluid went all around him. they floated in space as they coalesced into small human shaped beings that all hit him at the same time sending him hurdling towards the ground in front of the single spectator.

He landed creating a cloud of dust and a small crater. As the dust cleared he got up and dusted himself off. "Im alright, happens all the time."

A smug laugh filled the area. The man on the throne would recognize the laugh as his own but it was distorted. Hayato looked around himself as he heard the laughter as said "Is anyone there! Show yourself!" The voice just kept laughing as the blood red lake started to ripple and the laughter stopped. The water started to rise in a single spot as the voice began to speak "Love is useless. Adoration is all that one needs, but it should only be on one self. All others should be destroyed, so that only one can be left." This was clearly that mans voice, but it sounded so distorted and dark.

The water coalesced into a human shape that was almost an identical copy of the man, the only difference all the gold color turned into a a deep red. "Love is useless. It fades when people die, its quickly forgotten. Adoration is all you need, and those that don't follow you. Have no place in this world."

The water from the lake rose up taking the shape of hundreds of assorted weapons. Swords, lances, arrows and even cats went flying towards Hayato and the sitting man. "Royal Wall!" Hayato called out as a large six pointed star formed in front of him stopping the seemingly endless rain of weapons. "You know you should really move, I cant hold this forever" he said as the floor directly around them was stained red.
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DONUTPALOOZA!!! [private]
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