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 The Annihilator V2 [ W.I.P ]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Annihilator V2 [ W.I.P ]   Sat Apr 12, 2014 6:54 am

The Annilator's Introduction

Item Name: The Annihilator V2

Item Type: Exclusive only to Sou Yuuki.

Used For: Offensive and Defensive

Item Description: A weapon that went through a few modifications and additionals after the events of Australia war. In general, the Annihilator V2 is a more efficient and a more powerful version of the original itself, with additional mechanics that makes up what the original lacks, making it a weapon that should be reckoned with after the creation of the very weapon, the second version of the Annihilator.

However, its appearance still does not hold any changes, except its materials are much darker in color and seemingly tougher of its own. Otherwise, the main purpose of the Annihilator V2 is serving as his backup combat weapon after he found the use of it, giving it its name the 'Annihilator' because it has an enormous strength behind it despite that it does not surpass his own, it is considered to be enough to swing it as a stick around and send hundreds to the air wihout a problem. Otherwise, this is nothing more than an improvement from the original that lacks the capabilities that the more 'improved' version has of its own.

The Annihilator's Mechanics And Devices

Seperated Appearances: Although its designs and modifications when it comes to taking in different forms during the activation process, it has come to a disguise for such weapon. An appearance of a normal underarm crutch that you see everyday from the hospital as a disguise of a true appearance, a full set of black-colored gauntlet that sheilds the entire arm that weilds the weapon, with a few visible buttons and a bar that shows its battery life. Nothing surprising behind those, as its complicated to turn something so small and thin into something that is so tough and big, isn't it?

Activation And Deactivation: Its activation method, deactivation and modifications are somehow irritating yet very.. 'fun' to be used around. Looks stylish when activating and deactivating it, very annoying when creating it, but its still fun either way. The crutch's process, or via The Annihilator, in its activation, is quite simple as a matter of fact. To keep things easy-to-access, a button was installed in an area of a crutch where the handle is located which he frequently holds the crutch, and with a press of the button may activate the weapon and begin to absorb its battery life.

How does it activate, you ask? Well, as a matter of fact, it is complicated in terms of modification, but simple when it comes to using it. Once Sou pressed the button that was installed on, the button would then signal its electrical output to the nanowires that connects a nanochip, which may signal the rest of the circuit to start working upon the signal of the nanochip, by compressing itself to a smaller size for convenience by folding itself up before expanding itself again by unfolding itself again outwards of the folded area into a full set of gauntlet to his entire arm, as the same process happens during activation, and the deactivation is only the opposite of the activation. Hardly to speak, its functions and circuits were not affected during the process, as one may think that folding up a circuit may break the entire thing up, but as a matter of fact, the circuits may either be bendable, or maybe made out of a foreign material at some point.

Battery Life: Different from the previous battery that he used, that battery life, is something to notify Sou if his weapon is about to run out of power, and wihout worry, its batteries are rechargeable and changeable, though lasts much shorter time than a normal battery, comparing its own size. Despite the large battery size and its long-lasting time that can compare to a normal vehicle's battery life that can be presumed to last around two to three years, but his underarm crutch, via The Annihilator, battery life can last across 10 to 30 minutes [ 2 to 8 posts at max depending how it was being used ], because its consumption rate is very taxing during its activation by the process that most of the devices installed actually does, including the calculation device, hacking device and the process ran by the entire weapon itself in order to work properly, and since the weapon itself is small but the entire process is vast, of course, size does not matter but to run the entire thing matters to the life that runs the entire device and processors. So, Sou should be conservative with the weapon and hopefully would not require such use unless forced to do so otherwise. However, even if it is only 2 to 8 posts wise after activation, Sou could execute as many attacks as possible wihout hesitation or much exhaustion since everything is done naturally using the compressor and does not use any spiritual energy nor chi energy to summon them, expecting only to use a tiny bit of his amount which would do almost nothing against Sou. Which means, in exchange for the Annihilator's low battery life, it gives him the advantage to execute as many attacks as he desires. The weapon ain't called The Annihilator for nothing.

However, after its modifications that it went through ever since the aftermath of the Australia War, the Annihilator's battery life was extended to 4 to 10 posts, also known to last at least an hour before its combat time runs out of power. The battery life was extended by increasing its voltage capacity and the system that runs the power, through changing the wirings of batteries and the boxing of the batteries, including the wiring between the crutch and the battery, where it uses less power but converts into a larger form of raw energy that powers the weapon with ease. It was also to make up what it used to lack, the combat time that lasts no longer than 2 posts if he unleashes his full power with it, and in order to execute more attacks, Sou extended its battery life to at least 4 posts to destroy his enemies in a neck-breaking speed of smashes from the crutch itself.


Calculation Device:

The Network:

Modified Compressor:

Annihilator's Functions/Abilities

Plasma Manipulation:

Annihilator's Information

Wielder/User: Sou Yuuki

Obtained From: Personally Modified By Sou.

Yen Price: Since this is an upgraded version of Annihilator, its price can be varied depending on the checker/staff's decision.

Notes: The Annihilator returns!

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Annihilator V2 [ W.I.P ]   Sun Jun 29, 2014 10:40 am


Alright, since I saw a different version of this completed awhile back, I am going to go ahead and move this piece of unfinished equipment into archives. That way, we can save up a bit of space in the WIP Equipment section.


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The Annihilator V2 [ W.I.P ]
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