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 Spilt Post From Love Life Kek

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Re: Spilt Post From Love Life Kek   Mon Apr 21, 2014 12:26 am

☨ killerants☨
☨word count: 564☨

Today was a beautiful day in karakura. The sun was up high, and shining brightly. The nice, warm rays from the sun could put anyone in a pleasant mood. Everything was as it should be. It seemed like the day would be a great one. killerants walked the streets with a smile on his face. He enjoyed coming to karakura city. It was a huge place. The city had something to offer everyone. Even this area of karakura city. It was a nice, quaint, and peaceful area. There wasn't too many towering buildings, and it felt almost closer to nature. killerants rarely ever gets a chance to visit the world of the living, so he relishes any opportunity he gets to visit the great city.
But killerants didn't have time to fool around. He is here on duty, and has to spend the day patrolling the vicinity for any signs of trouble. He had been scouting the area for quite some time now, but had not found anything out of the ordinary. He surveys the nearby area. Only buildings and a few poles every now and then. This gave killerants a feeling of dread. As much as he loves visiting the world o the living, he hated having nothing to do even more. He assumed that this day would be pretty boring. "Well this place looks good." he sighs, and with nothing else for him here, he continues with his patrol.
As he walks, he feels something strange. Something was off. It was a feeling of nothing. Everything seemed to stop. It was deathly silent. It made killerants feel uneasy. Things don't just stop. It was almost as if everyone and everything disappeared. killerants then feels an unusual reiastsu. He thinks to himself maybe this won't be a boring day after all. He shunpoes towards the direction of the reiatsu. He gets to the destination, and quickly scopes the place out from above. He sees the debris left from a very destructive force. He lands and then he lays eyes on the man who triggered the destruction.
He could feel the arrogance exuding from the guy as he looked straight into the man's eyes. It was unnatural. Was this guy for real? killerants couldnot believe it. This guy was overwhelming. He single handily obliterated this place, and now he is challenging anyone around. killerants didn't know whether this guy was an enemy or an ally, but this guy was definitely a threat. He was on a completely different level. Something killerants only thought was possible in fairy tales. And the guy's attire only added to this persona.
killerants was trembling. He knew that a fight would probably leave himself badly injured, but he had to do something. He couldn't just walk away and pretend nothing happened. killerants could have back up. If the other people, Yukichiyu, and the other boy decide to help killerants. But this was not the time to think about that. This was a time to act. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He musters all the courage and bravery he could. He does his best to gain his composure, and unsheathes his Zanpakutō. "I am killerants ishida. I will challenge you." without thinking killerants charges blindly into combat. He thrusts his blade at the man sitting on the throne, aiming to pierce right through the man's heart.

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Spilt Post From Love Life Kek
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