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 Dealing with one's humanity [FNG]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Dealing with one's humanity [FNG]   Fri Apr 25, 2014 12:38 am

The blonde haired female sighed softly as she looked up in to the sky. Graffiti covered the park bench that she sat on, in fact it covered most structures in the area. After all, that was the norm when on the south side of Chicago, an area that had always been known for crime. It was an area ruled by various gangs, fights between rival gangs happening almost every night. This had not changed in the last four hundred years, the only real change was the racial makeup of the gangs. Whereas before it had been almost entirely humans who ruled these parts, now human gangs fought with demon gangs and the few gangs based on hollow races. However, this was also one of the only areas in the Midwest where one could find a strip club and whores that sold themselves out to the highest bidder. Of course, that was what Meru had been doing earlier this night. It was quite easy to feed off the humans who wanted to buy a few hours of pleasure if she pretended to be just another whore. Of course, all of them had died of ‘mysterious conditions’ before they could actually get off from her body. She didn’t care of course, she was a demon after all. What did it matter if she sold out her body to survive, it wasn’t like it mattered to her.

A small voice spoke up in the back of her mind, but she pushed it away with a snarl. It reminded her of that time at the bridge when that damn woman had somehow awakened whatever spark of humanity had been passed down to her from her father. Her hands tightened around the wooden bench, wood splintering beneath her flesh. She hated it, she was supposed to be a demon, and yet she had to be reminded of her human father whenever that small voice spoke up. Taking a deep breath, she stood, playing with a strand of blonde hair before she walked off, looking for some place where she could sleep that night.

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