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 Tsuyasa Unabara [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Tsuyasa Unabara [WIP]   Fri Apr 25, 2014 5:21 pm

Song: Intensive Music Mix by Versus Music Official
Word Count:N/A

ENTER Tsuyasa Unabara

Actual Age:Two-Hundred Thirty-Eight

Visual Age:Late Twenties



March 3rd

First Division Member

Face Claim:
Katsura from Gintama

Find His Origins


Respect: something which is generally granted by him unto all persons from the first meet. Upon first contact, he will treat someone with due respect, talking to them as equals. Without prior knowledge of the person, Tsuyasa will see them eye to eye, or at least presents his viewpoint to gravitate towards equality. Even if he did possess information regarding a person he has yet to meet, should the time come, whether they were to be regarded with reverence or deemed the lowest of criminals, given the circumstances Tsuyasa will converse with them in a formal manner.

Despite the few years he has lived and spent in Soul Society, this aspect has chiseled its way into becoming a natural characteristic of his, to the point of having a generally polite way of carrying himself at essentially all times. Tsuyasa finds it shameful for someone to act without manners, therefore he does just the opposite. Furthermore, when someone has actually done something worthy of acknowledgement, he won't simply have manners, but legitimately respect them, or hold them in relatively high-esteem and convey this feeling quite clearly. In contrast, if someone does something uncouth, he will most likely cease to treat them with manners. In the event that the person subsequently does something shameful to doing something respectful (or doing both repetitively), he will likely retain polite tones, but might express his disapproval subliminally, in light of their shameful actions.

In regards to higher-ups, as they naturally deserve respect, for reasons such as simply being "higher-up", as well as doing something deserving of that position, naturally Tsuyasa will give them respect; however, a situation may arise in which Tsuyasa's personal opinion differs with their position. In this case, he will treat them politely, but express his disapproval subliminally perhaps; in other cases, especially if they were to exceedingly be discomforting to himself, Tsuyasa may simply try to avoid them, simply so as to not deal with carrying himself morally before them.

Tsyasa is widely known for the aura of grace and elegance he carries. The young Unabara walks in perfect posture, each step taken with a lack of extra movement entirely, primarily to present that which is expected of the son of a great man--at least, in his own vision.

His pristine actions fail to convey much body language, as even sub-consciously the conservative movements he has trained himself to performs lacks a definite divergence from the consistent pattern ingrained into his muscle memory. Tsuyasa preserves himself in an attempted utmost efficient fashion; all these physical quirks developed are mostly due to一just as his mannerable/respective trait一the complex he has developed to preserve himself as what would be expected of him, or at least how he views what should be expected of himself.

Tsuyasa's loyalty knows no bounds when it comes to the Gotei, or Soul Society in general, for that matter. Being the son of the Captain Commander, he dedicates much of his time to the First division, pouring his heart and soul into the organisation as best as he could, and rightfully so. The only thing Tsuyasa is loyal to moreso than the Gotei and Soul Society--the Soul King much included--is his family.

Following his loyalty is the willingness to go to the farthest reaches of Hueco Mundo and the deepest depths of the Muken under instruction; in a difficult situation, he is more likely to pick the option best suited towards the well being of the Gotei, even if it means his own demise. And above himself and the Gotei, he places his family above all else. Tsuyasa holds his own family as the highest priority, as his love is centered around them. Never would he willingly do anything to endanger them, and an order from his father or plead from help from his brother would be placed before thousands upon thousands of souls. Of course, he knows that they can protect themselves quite well, so it's not to say that he may go paranoid over their well-being, but rather, presented the situation he would take actions that would be for their betterment, as opposed to all else.

Discover His Qualities

- Reiatsu Color: Grey

- Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Tsuchi no Umare (土の生れ ~ lit. Born of the Soil)

- Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:

- Inner World: (What is your Zanpukto's inner world like?)

- Sealed Zanpakutô Apperance :

- Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities:

Immense Reiatsu: Tsuyasa presents a remarkable level of spiritual pressure, despite his young age

Intensive Reiatsu Control:

Profound Accuracy:

Proficiency in Zanjutsu:

-Kierudo Training

Proficient Kido:

Remarkable Strength:

Expansive Capabilities:

Matter Manipulation:

Reiryoku-Substance Conversion:

-Metal Manipulation:

- Release: Obey my command, Tsuchi no Umare!

- Shikai Description:

- Shikai Abilities:

Enhanced Reiatsu:

Earth Manipulation:

Wall of the Heavens-

Kingly Throne-

Wave of the Earth-

Reiryoku-Substance Conversion:

Metal Manipulation:

- Bankai Description:

- Bankai Abilities:
Know His Struggles

-Born to Tsubasa and Aiko Unabara
-Grew Up fascinated with the Gotei and wanted to grow up joining it
-Academy years and personal training from his father (10y)
-presented prodigal proficiency
-graduated and joined 3rd division before beginning to learn Kierudo(20y)
-Gained Shikai (30y)
-Brother was born
-learned of low longevity, and how he physically aged faster than most(40y)
-raised to 3rd seat before transferring to 1st division (80y)
-younger Brother was to be successor of the Unabara clan; dissapointed, but tried to understand
-learned Bankai on Mission against adjuchas hollow (170y)
-raised to 6th seat (200y)

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Tsuyasa Unabara [WIP]   Wed May 14, 2014 2:15 am

Moving to Old WIP.

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Tsuyasa Unabara [WIP]   Fri Oct 03, 2014 10:58 pm

Archivedo on requesto.

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Tsuyasa Unabara [WIP]
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