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 Jun'ya Kuchiki [ Vaizard, W.I.P. ]

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Jun'ya Kuchiki
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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Jun'ya Kuchiki [ Vaizard, W.I.P. ]   Sat Apr 26, 2014 9:29 am


» Name: Jun'ya Kuchiki
» Titles: Jun'ya is a member of the Kuchiki family, though he is more of a distant relative to the family. Certainly, he is not and never was in line to become a family head like Byakuya. However, he is a noble nonetheless. Jun'ya is also an ex-Captain of 5th Division. He was in charge of the division just before Shinji Hirako took over due to Jun'ya leaving because of his Hollowfication. His titles, therefore, are: Kuchiki Family memberand Ex-5th Division Captain.
» Appearance Age: Jun'ya looks like he's about 35 years old.
» True Age: Jun'ya was born into the Kuchiki family during a time of strife before the Gotei 13 even existed. As such, he is 3,250 years old.
» Gender: Male
Affiliation/Rank: Jun'ya is a rogue, and he has been one for the past 500 years.

» Appearance Description: At a first glance, Jun'ya looks like any Shinigami of Japanese descent. However, this is misleading, especially since he was born in Soul Society as a Shinigami. He was never a human like so many other Shinigami. Jun'ya has black hair, like the other members of his noble family. Like them, he wears it long, often longer than shoulder-length. Even though he is a rogue now, Jun'ya still considers himself a Kuchiki, so he wears the family's Kanseikan in his hair. (Kanseikan are the tube-like things that male Kuchiki family members wear in their hair.) Jun'ya's Kanseikan are light blue. Jun'ya has dark blue-grey eyes like most other Kuchiki family members. He also has very light skin.

Even though he left the Seiretei long ago, Jun'ya still dresses like a member of the Gotei 13. He wears a standard Shihakusho uniform, which consists of a black kimono and hakama, held together with a white obi. He carries his sheathed Zanpakutō tucked into the obi near his left hip. The reason for this is that he is right-handed, so having the sword on his left side makes it easier to draw quickly. Also, Jun'ya used to be a Captain, and this is something he will never forget. As such, he wears his old 5th Division Captain's Haori over his Shihakusho. This Haori has no sleeves, so the sleeves of Jun'ya's Shihakusho are visible even when he is wearing his Haori. The Haori's inner silk lining is a light blue-green color. As another mark of being a Kuchiki, Jun'ya wears a light blue silk scarf around his neck. It is the same color as the Kanseikan in his hair.

Sometimes, Jun'ya finds it necessary to be visible to ordinary humans. Luckily, he planned ahead for this and stole a Gigai from the 12th Division before leaving Soul Society. Because of this, he can use a Gigai, which also means wearing human clothes. In Gigai form, Jun'ya wears either a T-shirt or long-sleeve plaid button-up shirts depending on the weather, jeans or shorts (also depending on the weather), and white Converse shoes with blue laces. If it is really cold, he will wear either a white hooded sweatshirt or a black leather jacket. Jun'ya will also sometimes wear either a snapback hat or beanie while in Gigai form.

Because he has lived 3,250 years and been though far more than many beings currently alive, Jun'ya has a body that is covered in scars. Some of these are small, insignificant white lines. A few are deeper grooves left over from deep sword cuts, and there are one or two that really stand out. Jun'ya's entire back is covered in an ugly burn scar from when he was hit with a Cero at close range while fighting a member of the Espada about 1,600 years ago. Also, a deep, rectangular, pit-like scar in the center of Jun'ya's stomach that matches up to one on his back is a permanent reminder of the time he was run through with a sword. Further down, a huge scar ripping three quarters of the way across his torso shows where he was once cut nearly in half. Finally, a deep scar on the side of his neck reminds Jun'ya of the time another Shinigami tried to decapitate him.

» Appearance Picture:


» Personality: Jun'ya overall has the personality you'd expect from someone over 3,000 years old. He's very mature and good at making important decisions. However, because he's lived so long and been through so much, he has become cold, emotionless, and detached from the world. Also, he retains the elitist attitude of a Kuchiki family member. Growing up in the feudal Shinigami society that existed before the Gotei 13, Jun'ya never thought he'd live more than 400 to 500 years. He certainly never thought he'd be living to be over 3,000. Because of this, he doesn't really care about life anymore and almost hopes that he'll meet someone stronger than him and be defeated soon...

Of course, when he enters his Resurrección state, Jun'ya's personality changes due to him becoming more like his Hollow side. Jun'ya did not become a Vaizard the way Ichigo Kurosaki and the other Vaizards did. Instead, he had an actual Adjuchas-class Hollow sealed into him when a sealing Kidou he tried went badly wrong. This Hollow's Aspect of Death was known as Destruction, and this greatly influences Jun'ya's Resurrección personality. In this fully-Hollowfied form, the only thing Jun'ya thinks about is how to kill and utterly destroy his enemy. He doesn't think about anything else at all until the battle is over and he returns to being himself. He becomes a cruel, savage bloodthirsty monster in this state. This is most likely because he has accepted that while in Resurrección, he is technically a Hollow.

Normally, however, Jun'ya's personality is far more civilized and what would be considered normal among Shinigami. Being 3,250 years old makes Jun'ya very mature. This is helpful for him because it prevents him from doing anything stupid or immature in a situation where it is better to remain calm, for example. Even the cold, emotionless side of Jun'ya's personality can have positive effects. While he was still a Captain in the Gotei 13, this helped to keep subordinates in line. Now, as a rogue, Jun'ya is able to scare most of the people occasionally sent to look for him, as well as enemies from Hueco Mundo, the Kyokuryuteshi, or others that want him dead. Being emotionless also means that Jun'ya can tolerate a huge amount of pain, which is a great advantage in battle. The fact that he doesn't care much about anything seems wholly negative, but it can make him seem fun to be around since he'll be reckless and take crazy chances. If Jun'ya were a human, he'd probably be involved in extreme sports.

Like any personality, Jun'ya's has a negative side to it as well. Being mature is good, but it gets in the way when he has a reason to interact with anyone under the age of about 1,500. Jun'ya pretty much has no sense of humor and no ability to tell jokes. It's not that he doesn't get the jokes, but he's just been through so much that his brain no longer sees jokes as funny. This, of course, pushes away potential friends and makes it hard for younger beings to like him. Being cold and emotionless is also a trait that can be considered mostly negative. Most of the time, people get the idea that Jun'ya doesn't care about anyone or anything, which is true to some degree. Some even go so far as to say that he's selfish. This isn't true, however, since Jun'ya does not really care about himself either. Of course, this makes people really dislike him if they don't understand that the way he is was caused by his age and isn't really his fault. People also don't like Jun'ya because of his elitist atttude. Nobody really likes someone who goes around thinking they're better than others.

Though he doesn't really care about anything that much, Jun'ya still has likes and dislikes, just like anyone else. In terms of the types of people he gets along with, Jun'ya likes people that can understand him. Mostly, this means either people who have lived a long time or people who know another old being very well. If he were still living in Seiretei, he'd probably get along very well with people like Yamamoto Genryusai and the older members of Zero Division, if he ever met them. Also, he respects anyone who's ever had to make a difficult choice since that was what happened to him. Jun'ya had to flee Soul Society when he realized the full implications of having a Hollow inside of him even though he really wanted to remain in the Gotei 13 and bring honor to the Kuchiki name. Because of this, he likes anyone who's ever had to do something similar, along with people who understand him.

Being cold and detached from life really prevents Jun'ya from liking anything other than being with others, but he's still able to like a few earthly things like food and drink. Believe it or not, Jun'ya is also actually capable of having fun. He likes mostly Japanese food since that's what he ate for most of his life in Soul Society. However, since he went into hiding, Jun'ya has traveled to different locations in the human world and had the food in almost every country. He especially likes Vietnamese and Mexican food. In terms of fun and entertainment, Jun'ya has come to like fighting as much as many 11th Division members. He loves a good battle, leading him to also like and respect strong people, especially those stronger than him.

Unfortunately, Jun'ya has a lot more things he dislikes than things he likes. He's one of those people who really doesn't like anything. The things he dislikes the most in terms of types of people are those who don't understand him. Young beings who are cocky and immature just really get on Jun'ya's nerves. They annoy him, but they also remind him of how he once was, a very long time ago. He also doesn't like people who are overconfident or weak. In his eyes, being confident is something only the strong can do. Jun'ya quite frankly finds the weak to be a waste of souls, space, and Reishi. This is mostly due to his elitist attitude.

Mostly, however, Jun'ya focuses his negative emotions on the Gotei 13 and its laws. It was because of them that he's been without a place to call home for 500 years. He hates Seiretei above all else, and he wants to either get his revenge or try to change the laws about Vaizards. (Of course, he has no idea that Vaizards are more tolerated in Soul Society than they were before.)


"Freeze with burning cold, Shiryu!!"

» Zanpakutō Name: The name of Jun'ya's Zanpakutō is Shiryu. This means "White Dragon" in Japanese.

» Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: Shiryu is just what it sounds like: a white dragon. Of course, he is far bigger than Jun'ya. In fact, some say he is one of the largest Zanpakutō spirits. The length of Shiryu's body from the tip of his snout to the end of his tail is 1,000 feet. His head alone is roughly the length of a school bus and twice as wide. Shiryu's sharp teeth vary from eighteen inches in diameter at the base and six feet in length to two feet in diameter at the base and seven and a half feet in length. Each of his eyes are four feet in diameter. His neck is about 200 feet in length and a good fifteen feet in diameter. Shiryu's tail stretches behind his body for a good 500 feet, meaning that the main portion of his body is 300 feet in length. His tail is 25 feet in width at the point where it meets the rest of his body. He has an enormous wingspan of about 850 feet. Shiryu stands with his shoulder 175 feet off the ground when on four legs.

Shiryu's body is covered in white scales. These scales are each about five feet in length and three feet thick. They are capable of stopping the thrust of most swords because they are made of diamond, the hardest natural material. Each of these is so cold that touching one will make your hand go numb instantly. He walks with a crackling sound because his body is so cold that the very air around him is flash-frozen. Jun'ya is, of course, immune to the effect of Shiryu's scales since he is Shiryu's master. Even Shiryu's wings are protected by scales. These are lighter and thinner than the scales on his body because they are made of deep-frozen ice. Shiryu's eyes are light blue. This fits in very well with the theme of him being cold, and indeed, Jun'ya began to shiver uncontrollably the first time he looked upon his Zanpakutō spirit.

Despite Shiryu looking like a cold ice dragon, he can also manipulate the power of fire. Being a dragon, it is only natural that he can breathe fire. He can also breathe blasts of freezing air at opponents during battle. Also, Shiryu uses fire to repair his diamond scales if they are ever damaged. As a reminder that he can use fire as well as ice, Shiryu's claws, as well as the underside of his body and wings, are a bright, flame-red color.

» Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: Shiryu's personality is pretty much in direct conflict with Jun'ya's. The two are polar opposites. Needless to say, this is not the best combination of Shinigami and Zanpakutō. However, over the years, Jun'ya has been able to get Shiryu to listen to him. This was not easy, of course, due to the two being so different.

Although he has lived exactly the same amount of time as Jun'ya, Shiryu is immature, emotional, lazy, and cares too much about himself. Shiryu will get sad, angry, or happy over literally every little thing, while there is very little Jun'ya will react to in any way. Although this Zanpakutō is 3,250 years old just like his master, he has about the same level of maturity as a middle school student. This also means that Shiryu has a crude and juvenile sense of humor. He's played several pranks on Jun'ya, resulting in one of the rare occurrences of him actually getting angry.

Also, Shiryu is very lazy. He spends most of his time alone in the inner world sleeping. When Jun'ya first came to the inner world to learn Shikai, he had to force Shiryu to wake up. The Zanpakutō actually didn't want to teach its Shinigami to use Shikai. Shiryu also cares about himself too much. He thinks that the universe revolves around him. Also, he gets very angry if anyone else so much as scratches him. Obviously, this made Jun'ya's life very hard since he actually had to battle Shiryu twice: once for Shikai and a second time for Bankai.

Currently, the relationship between Jun'ya and his Zanpakutō is, surprisingly, very good. Over the past three millennia or so, their relationship has been tested many times. It was tempered by battle and tested by Jun'ya's Inner Hollow as well as outside enemies. The relationship between Shinigami and Zanpakutō was built on a foundation of battle in this case. The two beings don't necessarily get along with each other because of how different they are from each other, but Shiryu can tolerate Jun'ya, and Jun'ya can tolerate Shiryu. Tolerance is all that's needed in a Shinigami-Zanpakutō relationship, and the two make a great team in battle.

» Inner World: Jun'ya's inner world consists of three parts. The first is a mountain meadow filled with pine trees and grass. Here, the sun is always shining. There are no clouds, and the sky a a perfect bright blue color. It's always warm here, with a cool breeze blowing every now and then to keep the temperature comfortable. This area seems to stretch on in all directions to someone who's just arrived in the inner world. However, the area that actually needs to be traversed to reach Shiryu is only about 3 miles.

The next area of Jun'ya's inner world is the first one where one begins to get an idea of the real nature of Shiryu and his power. After 3 miles, the mountain meadow comes to an end by the shores of a deep, icy mountain lake. The lake is surrounded on all sides by 5,000-foot vertical cliffs of slippery black rock with huge fires blazing eternally on their tops. Because of this, the only way to proceed is to swim across the lake. The water is cold enough to have chunks of ice floating in it, and the distance to swim is nearly 2 miles. To prevent anyone from wading along the shoreline, the lake drops off to 5,000 feet deep immediately. Nothing lives in the icy water, which leaves one's body numb by the time they reach the lake's opposite shore.

The final area of Jun'ya's inner world is the nesting place of Shiryu. It is a huge mountain of black rock that's usually mostly covered in snow. A hurricane-like swirl of black cloud is always enveloping the mountain's summit. Snow is eternally following here, and blots of lightning flash down to strike the ground every few minutes. Also, a freezing wind blows here, making life very uncomfortable for people who've just finished swimming across the lake. The mountain itself is 13,100 feet tall. The climb to its summit takes about four hours. The summit of the mountain is a wide plateau of black rock, warmed by fire burning in the very center. Near this fire, Shiryu can be found, usually sleeping.

Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: In sealed form, Shiryu isn't that impressive. It's like most Shinigami Zanpakutō in that it's just a normal katana. The hilt of this katana is ten inches in length and about an inch and a half in diameter. It's wrapped in white cloth for a better grip. The pommel of the sword is of pure gold, and it's used to perform a Konso on Plus souls that haven't yet gone to Soul Society. The tsuba, or cross-guard, of the Zanpakutō is a circular ring of black metal. However, the ring is not filled except for three curved, metal bars that connect the outer ring to the hilt and blade.

Shiryu's blade is a rather normal katana blade. It is four feet in length and slightly curved. Of course, it is razor sharp. There are a few notches in the cutting edge of the blade because of the fact that it has been used so much. On the flat of the blade near the hilt, the figure of an Oriental dragon is engraved. Jun'ya keeps Shiryu in a black sheath. There is a white ribbon tied to the sheath that's about four feet long. This means that it's long enough to trail out behind Jun'ya while he runs.

» Release Phrase: Jun'ya says "Freeze with burning cold, Shiryu!" This causes Shiryu to glow with blue Reiatsu and then begin to transform into its Shikai state.

» Shikai Appearance: In Shikai, Shiryu's true nature as a Dual Zanpaku-to becomes clear. The katana sword dissolves into two columns of light upon release. One is red, and the other is blue. The red energy drifts over to Jun'ya's right hand, and the blue energy heads to his left. The energy re-forms as broadswords of the same color. Each sword has a rather similar appearance besides the color. The hilt of each weapon is long enough to be gripped with both hands, even though Jun'ya only holds each weapon with one hand. Each sword also has some form of cross-guard, along with a broad blade three and a half feet in length. Each blade is four inches in width at the base, obviously getting narrower close to the tip.

Each sword also looks very different from the other, however. To start off, the blue sword. The pommel of the blue sword is a silvery circle with a lighter colored metal cross on it. The hilt is off bronze with silver pieces on it every few inches. The sword's cross-guard is of a rather complex design. The outer part of the guard is made of iron and takes the shape of a thin pair of inverted wings. The guard's inner section is made of silver. It looks like an inverted butterfly with rubies set i it every half-inch or so. Just above the guard, there is a large, circular sapphire set in the weapon. The blade itself is blue-grey along the edges with a line of pure, ice-blue running up the center of the flat.

The pommel of the red sword is a silver circle with a silver oval set inside. The hilt is silver, with parts of it colored green every few inches. The cross-guard is in the shape of a half-circle with a ring of spikes along the outside. There are intricate designs in the gold that makes up this part of the weapon. In the center of the cross-guard, a single, circular ruby is set. The red sword's blade itself is red-grey along the edges with a red line running up the center of the flat.

» Shikai Abilities: (What abilities does your character attain in Shikai? Please describe them with at least two paragraph's; five sentences each)

"This is my Bankai, a blade you're 2,500 years to early to die by."

» Bankai Appearance: Just for an idea of how Bankai will look, not 100% accurate:

» Bankai Abilities: (What type of additional abilities does your character get in Bankai? Please describe them in 3 paragraph's; six sentences each)


The Evil Inside

» Inner Hollow Description:

» Inner Hollow Personality: (What is your inner hollow's personality? Please use at least two paragraph's with 5 sentences)

» Inner Hollow Powers: (What powers does your inner hollow have?)

» Hollow Mask Appearance:


» Vizard Powers: (What benefits does your character get from transforming into their mask state?)


"Reduce all to rubble, Del Destrucción!!"

» Resurrección Appearance:

» Resurrección Abilities: (When a character ascends to this state, they at their peak power. As such, you will need to post at least 5 paragraph's describing their powers.)


"Commoners like you couldn't hope to understand what I've been through..."

» Background: (Please post at least 5 paragraph's describing their human life, death, progression to shinigami and how they became a Vizard along with their inner battle and the resulting conclusion of it)


» PhatomTech: (Does your character have a PhatomTech brain installed? If so, you'll be able to qualify for upgrade at the Cybermind or add other Cybernetic parts to your character to make them stronger. Click here for more information about Phantom Tech)

» Phantom Tech Abilities: (What can your character do with his or her's add-ons? This applies to any upgrades your character has gotten from places like The Cybermind as well.)

» Phantom Tech Powers: (This refers to things outside of Add-ons unlike Abilities. What Phantom Tech Powers are, in a sense, is basically what kind of power did your character gain from having a Cyberbrain? For example, Shadin Yuudeshi gained Imaginary Computation with his Cybernetic upgrades and has the ability to bring tangible things into existence with his computers Quantum Calculations.)


General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Cero/Bala/Kidō: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hakuda: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


» Role Play Sample: (This is to test where your level of role playing is at. Please paste or create an example how you role play if this is your first app on the site. If this is not your first APPROVED app, then please remove this section of the app.)

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Jun'ya Kuchiki [ Vaizard, W.I.P. ]   Wed May 14, 2014 2:16 am

Moving to Old WIP.

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I see no progress in this app nor was i noted about it. Its been more than two weeks, so to archives.
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Jun'ya Kuchiki [ Vaizard, W.I.P. ]
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