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 Amelia rework [wip]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Amelia rework [wip]   Tue Apr 29, 2014 4:03 am

Magus Template


Name: Amelia
True Age: 21
Gender: Hermaphrodite. Yes, due to a certain incident in her early life she has both male and female genitalia. She is slightly androgynous though she will eventually grow breasts. See her history for more information..
  • Always happy: Amelia seems to be perpetually happy, always having a smile on her face. However, this is just her way of dealing with emotional pain, she just buries it beneath a mountain of smiles and cheerfulness.
  • Peaceful: Amelia dislikes fighting with others, preferring to handle things in peaceful manners. However, this does not mean she won't fight. She will if she does not believe she can persuade them through different means.
  • Calm: Amelia almost never gets overly emotional. She has seen herself die and live through it at a young age and this profoundly effected her as it rid her of her fear of death. Due to this she has never learned to fear anything, leading to a calm, collected personality.
  • Doesn't listen well to others: Oddly enough Amelia has a hard time listening to others if they don't explain to her why they want her to do something. This is due to her free person attitude, one where she believes in the freedom of a person above all else. This causes her to sometimes break laws due to her own internal desire for freedom, but she hasn't done anything major as of yet.

General Appearance

Animalistic Traits: Amelia has fox like ears and nine fox like tails. The tails are white while the ears are both black and white, changing from black half way to the tip
Appearance Age: 17
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Weight: 130 lbs

Natural Abilities

Basic Magic:

Magecraft Unleashed

Lost magic, Conceptual Summoning: Amelia’s magic is known as Conceptual Summoning. In its basic form, Conceptual Summoning involves magically imprinting the concept of a being on to a medium, causing a circular seal to appear upon it. Then by pouring a small portion of her energy in to the seal along with adding a small amount of blood to it the concept is given life and appears before her. In addition, a binding link is formed between the being and the summoner, allowing them to command it mentally and the being will follow any and all commands the summoner gives them.

The beings summoned by this technique are always equal to or below their summoner in tier, the summoner chooses what tier to summon them at up to their tier. However, the higher tier the summoned being is, the more energy it drains from the summoner. In addition, if one summons more than one being at a time it requires increased amounts of energy to maintain the links between them and the summons. When summoning only one being, keeping one equal in tier to yourself will only be possible for 3 posts, once you reach that point you will no longer be able to maintain them in this world and they will disappear. For each minor tier below you that you summon them at (from 4-1 to 4-2 is 1 minor tier drop), they will be able to be maintained for 1 additional post. On top of that, if you summon multiple beings, you will only be able to maintain them for a number of posts equal to the average time divided by 1 less than the total number of beings you have summoned.

A Final note to point out, any magus sugiura can activate the seal and summon the being, however, only Amelia can make them. This is due to Amelia's magic only truly creating the seals to summon them, once they are created any magus sugiura who knows how to activate them can. The magus that activates the seal is the one the summoned being is bound to and it is their energy that is drained to keep the summon active. These seals are considered equipment that are created through her ability.

Conceptual remake: This is Amelia's single recourse in near death situations. When Amelia is about to die she can activate this technique. A Conceptual Summoning seal will appear on her body and immediately activate, summoning a complete duplicate of her. Then, her very essence will transfer to this new body, killing the old one and resurrecting her in the new conceptual body. However, due to the large amount of stress on her spiritual energy supply by this technique, she will be immediately downgraded by 2 minor tiers (from 3-3 to 3-5, 4-1 to 4-3, 2-2 to 2-4, ect), and in addition will be reduced to a 5-5 for 2 weeks of real time. The 2 tier drop from this ability is a permanent downgrade, she must earn her way back up through normal means. There is no other way to undo this effect other then earning the tier back (which really isn't undoing it).

The seven divinity concepts: Amelia has the seven seals to her most powerful summons engraved in to her body to forever stand with her and prevent others from getting at them. These summons are different in a couple of ways, most notably that they do not have their energy source tied to their caster. Instead, these summons draw their energy from the area surrounding them, allowing them to be kept around for an indefinite period of time until their caster dismisses them. In addition, they also keep their memories of the previous times they have been summoned, unlike most normal summons which act as an entirely new being each time they are brought forth. Finally, these summons are activated through thought and touch rather than simply touch and energy. Since they are engraved in to Amelia’s skin, she is always considered to be touching them, so the addition of a thought based activation was necessary. One seal sits on each of her palms, another two sit on her shoulder blades on her back. One more sits on the small of her back, one in between her breasts, and sits on her stomach.

Name: Kha’Zix

Gender: non gendered
Personality: Kha’zix is a loner, hating almost all forms of social interaction. He only will deal with social interaction from Amelia and the other divinity concepts, though he prefers it to be kept to a minimum. Kha’zix greatly enjoys inflicting harm and pain on others, though he does restrict it to those Amelia requests him to harm. When not hunting, Kha’zix tries to spend his time alone while thinking about killing new sorts of creatures.


What Race: Summons

Basic Powers:
Unknown threat: To those searching for him via spiritual detection, Kha’Zix appears to be nothing more than an ordinary human. This is due to Kha’Zix constantly disguising his spiritual pressure so as not to alert those around him to his true strength. In addition, Kha’Zix can cloak himself in a powerful aura that completely wipes away his spiritual presence, as well as turning him invisible. To those using their eyes or any ability to detect spiritual presences, it will be as if she didn’t exist. This ability is cancelled upon attacking someone or using another active ability. This ability has a cooldown of 3 posts after it is broken. If this ability has adapted to an opponent, and that opponent is affected by the ability or attack that cancelled this ability, the cooldown of this ability is negated.

Hyper Claws: Kha’Zix has a twin set of deadly looking blade like claws, which is what he usually uses to attack his enemies. These claws are equivalent to a steel blade in terms of their durability and slicing capability. In addition, Kha’Zix can pour some of his energy in to the claws, allowing them to rip through any natural or spiritual defenses as if they were not there, but cannot do so again for 3 posts regardless of whether or not his attack succeeded. If this ability has adapted to an opponent, and that opponent harmed by his hyper claws (whether with a normal attack or with the active portion), Kha’Zix absorbs 5% of that person’s maximum energy and uses it to heal himself of any injuries he can with the energy. Any energy left over is dispersed in to the surrounding area.

Wing leap: This ability causes Kha’Zix quickly leaps towards a target location within less than a second, letting off a dangerous blast of energy within ten feet of the area he lands in. If this ability has adapted to an opponent, and that opponent is caught within the energy blast, Kha’Zix heals all his minor injuries, and partially heals all his major injuries, reducing them to minor injuries. Lethal injuries are reduced to major injuries as well. In addition to the healing effect, the cooldown of this ability is reduced to 1 posting round if this ability has adapted to an opponent and the opponent is caught within the blast of energy. Normally, this ability has a 3 round cooldown.

Adaptation Evolution: While battling against an opponent, Kha’Zix’s abilities will slowly adapt to better suit one of his opponents. After 2 posting rounds of combat, one of Kha’Zix’s abilities adapts to the opponent of his choice. When it comes to interactions between one of Kha’Zix’s abilities and the opponent it has adapted against, the ability will have additional effects.

Name: Dask Di Shio

Gender: Female

Personality: Dask Di Shio is extremely motherly, caring for Amelia and all of her summons in addition to the dragons she can bring in to existence. Dask sees Amelia and her summons as her own children, and is very protective of them. She does not enjoy fighting, though she will do so if Amelia or any of her summons are threatened. Dask seems to be fairly calm unless someone threatens Amelia or her summons, at which point Dask seems to become an angry beast and responds as such to the threat.


What Race: Summons

Basic Powers:
Dragon Birth: Once per post, Dask Di Shio can bring a baby dragon in to being that is 10 tiers (2 major tiers) below her (so if Dask Di Shio is a 0-5, the summoned dragon would be a 2-5, if Dask is a 1-3, the summoned dragon will be a 3-3, ect). When she summons one, she gives it a certain element, and the dragon breaths a breath weapon of that element. At the start of the posting round after the dragon is summoned, it grows in to an adult dragon, increasing its tier by 1 major rank (from 3-3 to 2-3, from 2-5 to 105, ect). At the start of the posting round after that, the dragon then grows in to an elder dragon, increasing its tier once again by 1 major rank. At the beginning of the next posting round, the dragon dies, its body vanishing as if it never existed.

Force Blast: Dask can unleash a blast of pure force from his mouth once per post. In terms of power, this blast is equivalent to a Hadō 63 – Raikōhō cast by someone of Dask’s tier with adept kido skills

Human Form: At will, Dask can transform her body in to a more humanoid form. Her humanoid form has deep red hair along with red eyes with slits for pupils instead of the normal round ones of normal humans. Another difference between her and normal humans is that she retains her wings and tail in this form, though they have scaled down to a more appropriate size for the much smaller human body. While in this form she cannot use any of her other abilities, but she can revert to her normal form at will.

Name: Lulu

Gender: Female

Personality: Lulu is extremely childish, and will often say things that make no sense to anyone else. She is a happy go lucky type of individual though, never complaining or acting in any way sad or angry or frustrated. She seems to have this perpetual smile on her face and giggles a lot, even when inflicting pain on to others.


Race: Summons

Basic Powers:
Pixy Shield: Using her magic, Lulu commands a bunch of pixies to shield an ally, preventing some of the damage that would be dealt to them. While the ally is shielded by this technique, any damage they would take is reduced by 30%. This shield lasts for 2 posting rounds, and has a cooldown of 5 rounds from activation.

Whimsy: Using her magic, Lulu commands the pixies to come to her aid against an enemy ability. This ability turns one of the opponents abilities in to a harmless critter, effectively negating whatever attack or defensive ability they were using.

Wild Growth: Using her magic, Lulu calls upon the pixie magic to empower herself or an ally, increasing their durability, general speed, and strength by 2 ranks each (max Master). This boost lasts for 3 rounds, but once over causes the target to become weakened, reducing their durability, general speed, and strength by 1 rank, in addition to permanently turning their hair purple.

Name: Heimerdinger

Gender: Male

Personality: Heimerdinger is obsessed with technological advances, and spends most of his time tinkering on something. He is somewhat antisocial, preferring the company of mechanical things to that of living creatures. If he has to engage in conversation, he prefers it to be logical, to the point, and most of all, not useless chatter in his opinion.


Race: Summons

Basic Powers:
Turret Creation: Three times per post, Heimerdinger may erect a small mechanical turret. Whenever an enemy is within 50 meters of the turret, the turret will fire small blasts of energy at them, equivalent to a Hadō 4 – Byakurai cast by someone of Heimerdinger’s tier and with decent kido skills. Each turret can fire up to ten time per posting round, and fires all shots throughout Heimerdinger’s post. While the turrets aren’t particularly sturdy, they do take some strength to destroy. An averagely skilled person of around Heimerdinger’s tier should be able to destroy a single turret with one or two attacks. If Heimerdinger Overpowers this ability, the next turret Heimerdinger places will be an apex turret. Apex turrets have twice the range of regular turrets (100 meter range) and their blasts are equivalent to a Hadō 63 – Raikōhō cast by someone of Heimerdinger’s tier with expert kido skills. They fire twice as fast as regular turrets, but unlike regular turrets, apex turrets only last for 2 posting rounds before disintegrating in to nothing.

Energy Rocket Bombardment: Heimerdinger shoots five rockets at his opponent(s) in order to harm them. Each rocket has a range of 150 meters, and upon coming in contact with something solid it explodes in an energy blast equivalent to a Hadō 31 – Shakkahō cast by someone of Heimerdinger’s tier with adept kido skills. This ability can only be used once per post. If Heimerdinger Overpowers this ability, he fires five waves of rockets instead of 1, and each rocket is equivalent to a Hadō 33 – Sōkatsui cast by someone of Heimerdinger’s tier with expert kido skills.

Energy Cage: Using this ability, Heimerdinger tosses a small orb at his opponent. If it hits a sentient being, it traps them in a sphere of energy, capturing them within. This sphere lasts for 1 round, and is extremely durable. It would take an immense amount of force to break out of this cage, but it also prevents anything from entering the cage, thereby protecting the prisoner. If Heimerdinger Overpowers this ability, instead of causing a cage to erupt around the being it creates an indestructible collar around them for 1 round. If the being wearing this collar disobeys Heimerdinger’s orders, the collar will inject energy in to their system which causes every nerve in their body to suddenly flare with pain along with causing their leg muscles to relax, thus dropping them to the floor.

Overpower: Using this ability, Heimerdinger empowers the next ability he uses, strengthening it and having a different effect depending on what ability Heimerdinger uses. Whenever Heimerdinger has used this ability but not used the overpowered ability, he is surrounded by a red glow, allowing those around him to know that his next ability will be overpowered if they understand the connection. Overpower has a cooldown of six rounds.

Name: Miss Fortune

Gender: Female

Personality: Miss fortune could best be described as a gun enthusiast. She is constantly drawn towards any sort of gun and any information about guns. She prefers pistol type weapons, and consequently her draw to such weapons is greater than other types of guns. She is quite free spirited, only willing to take commands from Amelia and will be more willing if it is phrased as a request rather than an order.


Race: Summons

Basic Powers:
Gun Creation: Miss Fortune’s single ability is to create a gun out of nothing. These guns that she creates have unlimited ammunition and fire energy blasts that are equivalent to a Hadō 63 – Raikōhō cast by someone of Miss Fortune’s tier with expert kido skills. She can fire approximately five shots from each gun per round. These guns are typically pistol type guns, and Miss Fortune usually uses two guns at a time, one in each hand.

Name: Katarina

Gender: Female

Personality: Katarina seems somewhat of a happy being, though her joy seems to have a darker side. She enjoys harming others with her blades, though she does understand that she should only harm enemies of Amelia. She does enjoy idle chatter with others, but when she talks she usually inserts some dark humor in to the conversation. Whenever she is not in battle, she will usually be playing with a blade of some sort.


Race: Summons

Basic Powers:
Unlimited blades: Katarina seems to have an unlimited amount of throwing daggers upon her being, as she will never run out of them. This is because she actually crafts these throwing daggers from her own energy.

Quickening blades: Every time one of Katarina’s daggers harms an opponent, she gains one quickening charge and reduces the cooldown of one of her abilities by 1 round (in other words, she is able to use one of her abilities that is currently on cooldown one round earlier. For every quickening counter that Katarina has, her movement speed and reflexes increase by 25%, stacking additively. Every five stacks is equal to a single rank increase in her general speed stat.

Blade Storm: Using this ability, Katarina throws five of her throwing daggers at her enemy in an arc. After being released, these five daggers then multiply in to 125 daggers which shoot at the enemy in a box of flying blades. This ability has a cooldown of 4 posts.

Blade Step: Using this ability, Katarina teleports to the location of one of her throwing daggers. After teleporting to the dagger’s location, Katarina can instantly throw the dagger at a sentient being. If she does this, the dagger homes on to that being chasing them until it draws blood from them. This ability has a cooldown of 4 posts.

Death Lotus: Using this ability, Katarina rapidly releases ten throwing daggers that home on to a target enemy and fly at them at amazing speeds. They will not stop until they stab in to the target enemy. Each of the blades are targeted separately, and one can select the same target for multiple blades. However, each of these blades are coated in a special acidic substance that devours spiritual and physical flesh alike, causing great pain and great damage to the those hit with it until it becomes impotent after 1 posting round. This ability has a cooldown of 10 posts.

Name: Xerath

Gender: non gendered

Personality: Xerath is another divinity concept that is somewhat antisocial. However, Xerath will participate in any form of social interaction if requested to. While interacting socially, he always has a bored attitude and will give replies that are emotionless, short, and containing only the necessary information. Xerath enjoys researching spiritual energy and its uses, and devising new ways to use said energy.


Race: Summons

Basic Powers:
Energy Transfer: Xerath can transfer a portion of his energy to any willing ally, restoring their energy. Xerath can only restore up to 20% of that person’s energy per post, otherwise their body will be unable to move while a great amount of pain surges through their body due to their body being unable to deal with the sudden increase in energy.

Energy protection: Xerath cannot be injured at all by spiritual attacks. This is due to him being made entirely of energy, and the chains and seals around him deconstructing and absorbing any incoming energy attacks in to his own body.

Energy flash: Xerath’s own high speed movement technique, this ability works by turning the chains and seals that normally keep him in a semi physical form in to pure energy, allowing him to move as a stream of energy at extremely high speeds. However, he must solidify his chains and seals, and therefore himself, before using any other technique. Due to being pure energy though, he cannot be harmed by physical attacks while traveling, as he has no physical form.

Energy shielding: Xerath can use his energy to shield an ally, protecting them from any sort of attack. This shield prevents 30% of the damage that would be inflicted to the shielded ally, and lasts for 3 rounds. However, the shield will only protect them from six attacks, after that it will be immediately dispelled. This ability has a cooldown of 2 rounds and Xerath may not use his Energy Transfer or Energy Cannon during the same post as he uses this ability.

Energy Cannon: Xerath releases a large amount of energy in to a huge blast equivalent to a Hadō 88 – Hiryugekizokushintenraiho cast by someone of his tier that is an expert in kido. However, this ability is extremely taxing to Xerath, and may not be used for the next five posting rounds. For the next three rounds after this ability is used, Xerath cannot use his Energy Transfer, Energy flash, or Energy shielding techniques. While this ability remains on cooldown, whenever he uses his Energy Transfer, Energy flash, or Energy shielding techniques, the cooldown of this ability is increased by 1 round.

Concept of Home: Concept of Home is one of Amelia’s strangest summons. Like her seven divinity concepts, Concept of Home has its seal branded in to Amelia’s Skin. It is much larger than any other seal she has, covering both her legs. As with the seven divinity concepts, Concept of Home draws its energy from its surroundings instead of drawing on the energy of the caster. However, unlike the other concepts she can summon, Concept of Home is not a creature of any sort. Instead, it is a log cabin, about 20 feet by 20 feet and 15 feet high. However, the inside is extremely different than the outside. It is a sentient house, tuned to Amelia’s mind to provide for her whatever it is she wishes. The interior will have as much space as she wants, always changing to fit her needs and desires. The only real limitation that occurs with this is that anything created by the house must remain in the house. For instance, if the house created a weapon of some sort, then that weapon could not be removed from the house. If someone tried, the item would just vanish entirely. Amelia uses her Concept of Home as a mobile base of operations and as a home for all those she calls friend and family.

Conceptual Seal Editing: Conceptual Seal Editing is a new development of Amelia's, one which made her seven divinity concepts and Concept of Home possible. Conceptual Seal Editing is the ability to modify conceptual seals to change aspects of the summon while still maintaining the basic concept. She is not able to change the concept, but other features that would not have a direct effect on the concept of the seal. For instance, using Conceptual Seal Editing, she tied the energy supply for her seven divinity concepts and her concept of home to the ambient energy in the air. She also used this ability to change her own appearance by modifying her conceptual rebirth seal. Since the concept of that seal is just herself, manipulating her appearance will not change it.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background:
Twenty years ago Amelia was born to two parents who did not want her. They abandoned her, leaving her out in the streets of her town. Luckily for Amelia she was quickly found by a young couple. Upset to see the child alone, they took her in as their own and cared for her as such. For five years things were happy in their small family. Then the worst thing happened to Amelia, she came down with an incurable illness.

It happened randomly, without warning. Amelia became sick, and nothing could be done to make her better. Her family tried everything to heal her, but nothing worked. For a year she fought off the illness, but eventually her body succumbed to it. On her sixth birthday she lay in bed, too weak to move, only hours away from death. Then, suddenly a bright glow appeared on her body as strange markings appeared on her, as if being drawn on by some unnatural force. When they finally stopped, a bright light shone next to the girl as a duplicate body of her appeared. Her consciousness began to fade from her body, but at the same time the newly created body started to gain consciousness. Her eyes finally closed, the sickness taking her body, but she had managed to transfer herself to the new one. Somehow she had unconsciously managed to tap in to some magic deep within herself and use it to create a new body for herself. However, there was one miscalculation. Due to the instability of her mind and her spiritual energy at the time, her subconscious had confused her gender in the new body, attempting to make a body that was both male a female. The result, the body had both the genitals of a male and a female, and although no one could be sure as of yet, she would probably grow breasts, not have facial or body hair, but her body was definitely slightly more androgynous then the average female.

After this her parents decided she should be trained in magic. She quickly absorbed the training and progressed at a rather remarkable speed. She pushed herself to go as far as she could, trying to achieve as much as she could. She managed to surpass her instructors in every way possible, and after five years they said she should study on her own. This was also marked with the birth of a boy by her adoptive parent, an event that everyone celebrated. Amelia was delighted to have a sibling finally, but secretly worried whether her parents would not care about her now that they had a child of their own. However, this was quickly proven false as it only strengthened their love for her.

With the new child around Amelia decided to pursue her own special brand of magic, learning more and more about her magic and pushing herself further. She also spent time playing with her new brother, and the time passed. Once she turned 21 years of age she decided to look for something else in life and figure out what she wanted to live for.

One day she was approached by a strange man. Introducing himself as Gilgamesh, he offered her a place as a general in his forces, forces that would help to push the sugiura in a new light. Tempting her with power that he could give her, Amelia accepted his offer. Having been handed a scroll that would unlock her true potential, she discovered that she could actually alter her conceptual seals. Using this ability, she changed her appearance, and over time developed summons that did not draw from her energy, but from the energy of the earth. This allowed her to utilize these summons indefinitely, it also meant that they kept their memories from each summoning. With her new potential, Amelia looks forward to helping her new leader with his goals.

General Skills
Durability: Adept
General Speed: Adept
Strength: Adept
Weapon Skill: Beginner

Racial Skills
Sugiura Magic: Adept
Animal Instincts: Beginner
Martial Arts: Adept
Casting Speed: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Adept

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Moving to Old WIP.

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This app is very old now. It's getting archived. You can unarchive it HERE!

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Amelia rework [wip]
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