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 The Fast and The Furious

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Fast and The Furious   Sat May 17, 2014 9:36 am

A loud engine was heard roaring, a single motorcycle riding down the shoulder of a highway within Britain. The driver moved too fast for most to hold pace, even thought most used high speed movement. Her black suit and black motorcycle helmet being key pieces of her attire wherever she was led by her traveling will. Her eyes, swiftly looking in each direction to check for oncoming beings. They were not human or people to her, simply put they were not above nor below that title. She simply refused to use several different words and phrases dependent on race and background. Why was time on such mundane and trivial matter such as race. Anyone was acceptable, as long as they did not seek evils. One could easily stop themselves, but most did not in such a blood veiled age. Such an age, needed to end and become more prosperous for her people. Britain was her Kingdom in a past life, but the young blonde haired woman knew not that she was the reincarnated King Arthur, or at least a descendant. She did love her bloodline, and she found pleasure in her right to rule that she was to acquire.

She had been taken hostage and saved by her friend, Zalera Iramasha who broke into a facility upon hearing she had disappeared and searching for her spiritual traces. It was at that time, she had held Zalera for the first time in years. Zalera was like her baby sister in a way, who looked out for her like an older sister. Her hands brought her out of her stupor and revved the engine, speeding down the road into the countryside. Perhaps today, she could find someone of interest.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Fast and The Furious   Sun Oct 04, 2015 11:24 am

✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
┣▇▇▇═─          ☠          ─═▇▇▇┥

It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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The Fast and The Furious
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