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 Summertime Stories

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Summertime Stories   Tue May 20, 2014 10:22 am

Event Creation Template

  • Name: Summertime Stories

  • Character: Open to All

  • Type: Event Thread

  • Info: Remember when you were little, when your parents would tuck you in at night and tell you a bedtime story. Or on a cool summer night being around the campfire and telling scary stories. Those are fond memories of our youth, but what if something happened to them. What if those stories were perverted and corrupted beyond recognition, and started to bleed into the real world? That is what this event is about.

    Thousands of years ago deep in the moors of the British isles a coven of witches worked through the night using their magic to create a book, as a peace offering to the king that ruled the land. The book was bound in a deep, black leather studded with jewels forming a multicolored star. The pages made with the finest parchment, all dipped in gold. They made the book such that every time a new story is told in the world it would appear and be preserved in the pages of this book, every fable, legend, myth, how ever big or small would be in this book, and whenever a story was read from this book it would be re-enacted in front of the reader, safely of course. The next day when the book was presented to the king he was displeased with it. He was offended that they would present him with what he considered a mere child's book. He was so offended that he demanded that the witches be burned at the stake for being witches. At the burning the witches cast one last spell.

    "Let the purity of the stories that inhabit this world come to an end. Let darkness fill them and spread through the land. Let reality come to an end and let fiction rule the land!"

    No one could see the direct effects of this spell because it was not aimed at the people, it was aimed at their last creation. Even though he did not like the gift itself the king kept the book as a royal treasure, and while in the royal bookcase the book glowed with an eerie black aura during the witch burning.

    The book stayed in that shelf for years on end until one of the kings children decided to take a look at what was inside. He sat down and decided to read a story from it. This story was about a king who ruled the land and that in the middle of his rule his children had a devious plot, to murder him in cold blood. Each one of them wanted the throne and believed that they were all next in line for the throne. Sadly after the kings murder the kingdom fell into in-fighting from each of the heirs, leading to the fall of the kingdom. As he read the story the book began to glow with a dark aura, one that spread through each of the kings children.

    In the end the king was murdered by each of his children and the kingdom fell.

    Centuries passed and the book lay in within the now ruined castle, it completely unharmed by the passage of time. It was eventually found in the late twentieth century and became a part of museum exhibits. With no actual name
    the discoverers named it "The Legendarium" since it was a book full of legends.

    Through the years the book lay "dormant" as it traveled from museum to museum, few dared to read it as the book got a legend of its own. It is said that those who read it have horrible things happen to them, none of them are the same. Some have fallen down stairs while carrying water, some have fallen into deep coma's after having sewing accidents, and some have been crushed by falling pianos. Now for safe keeping the Legendarium is being kept at the Karakura Central Museum of Ancient History. That is it was before it was stolen. In the wrong hands this bok could be used to summon the stories that it holds inside of its pages and wreak havoc on not only the town but the world. If too many stories come to life and arent stopped then fiction will become reality.

    Brute force wont stop these stories for long, they must be put to an end just like the stories depict. It sounds easy, but some stories have never been written down and some have been altered or lost with the passage of time.

    Are you ready to become the Hero of your own story?

  • Notes: This event can really go in many different ways. The rewards will be upgrades but they should be inspired from the story they took a place in. This can make things a bit flexible since people can choose a story they would see their character benefiting from the most and make an upgrade that would fit them. I know that there are some large missions going on atm this event as something that those that are not partaking in the large them, to do, since the threads can be one on one and the tiers of both "hero" and "villain" can be much lower and still pose a nice challenge warranting an upgrade.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Summertime Stories   Tue May 20, 2014 7:30 pm

moving due to request
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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Summertime Stories   Sun Sep 21, 2014 11:28 am


Okay, based on the fact there has been no updates or edits to this thing, I am going to go ahead and place this thread into archives in order to save up space in this board.


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Summertime Stories
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