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 Soul State 2 Kaito Upgrade.

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Soul State 2 Kaito Upgrade.   Fri May 23, 2014 8:45 pm

Kaito's Soul State 2 came out from Shadin forcefully awakening him during the whole Australia business. I forget where the thread is at the moment, but it's there and legit. Here's the links to profile and Where Shadin rocked Kaito's world below. Kaito should be strong enough to reach Soul State 2 after this encounter with Shadin.

- Soul State Evolution Stage 2 Appearance:

- Soul State Evolution Stage 2 Abilities:
Sheath Knight: This came from the talk with Shadin and the training he did afterwards. This transformation of his skills came from a sacred weapon that’s summoned from the sheath on his left hip. The weapon was created to deal with energies that are considered evil, unholy, and energies that can corrupt a human being. The weapon that’s summoned is called Jigoku no Ken or the Sword of Hell, and is the counterpart of the Tengoku no Ken, and is considered to be its brother in terms of power. Being that it’s a sacred weapon it’s bound to Kaito and therefore Kaito is bound to it. Unless you can break the soul bonds of a person to their weapon this form is always accessible to Kaito. This form specializes in Mid-Range to close range combat, using dual swords, summoned swords and other pressure like tools to keep an opponent guessing on what he can do. Also his Yuudeshi drive is awakened here, but once it’s awakened the first time he has access to it from any form possible. Kaito’s hair grows out a bit longer, and looks much more wild, but he gains full access to his Yuudeshi Drive, and is able to manipulate it fully. This form also has the unfortunate situation of dealing with a sword of evil, and this causes a gauge to be visible to help people around Kaito make sure he doesn't lose himself to the corruption of his soul and mind when this form or it's attacks are used.

Jigoku no Ken The counterpart to Tengoku no Ken, in terms of the blade as a unholy/evil/Hell sword. The sword is based on eating energy that’s evil, Dark, hell energy and converting into a pool where he can use the energy to power his attacks up or create copies of Jigoku no Ken, and he can hurl them by sheer will. The more energy he eats or places into the weapon the more copies that are made, and can be used at one point. The blade is a black in color and the handle is white. The blade itself has a white omega mark on it, and is as strong as or stronger than a phantasmal class weapon. This weapon came from the sheath Knight Transformation is a sign of Kaito’s skills to come. When the weapon makes copies of itself the weapon clones are energy blades, and they can be broken much easier than the weapon. Although there’s strength in numbers, if he abuses the blades skill he can lose himself into the evil sealed within the blade, because more energy he places in of his own the more he can corrupt himself with his abilities. If he’s corrupted he can be purified by using his drive, but the more he does this the less his drive can cover up. Which means that he would need to see an angel, or an Angel Iramasha to purify his soul and energy.

Yuudeshi Drive: Having full access to his drive allows a few different things to happen while this is in full swing. First is mass multiplication. Mass Multiplication works in increasing a number of an item infinitely, or being able to copy something like a weapon or projectile and use it as much as he needs, granted he can only do this once he knows the item example is him copying his weapon to a finite degree. The Second is free range over all of his abilities. Kaito normally opens up in stages like a turbocharger, but this allows him to access everything that he can around him, because his drive is awakened, and that means he’s serious and ready to fight. This also means if Yuudeshi drive is active, he doesn’t have to slip into the soul states to access the abilities, but they are weaker since there’s not the same amount of energy into the attacks. The Final one allows him access to his heritage to Shadin, this increases all of his energy skills to the state where he manipulates the cyberspace around him to astonishingly dangerous degrees. His Cyber Manipulation in this state is naturally mixed with his Electric/Electromagnetic Manipulation allowing him to having to use the Yuudeshi network to power him up, but if he uses both in tandem it causes a large strain on his will, but at the same time he can do more amazing feats at once. The Yuudeshi drive activates in various ways, but the common ones are when someone he cares for is in Danger, the world is in danger, or he knows how serious a person is and he wants to make sure that he doesn’t die so this will activate to assist him.

Getsumei [Moonsong]: Getsumei starts out like any of the sheath knight skills of summoning out blades, in this case one extremely large blade is summoned and launched after the blade hits something or is broken, it shatters into thousands of tinnier blades and converge around the target to try to rip it into shreds. However it’s not without fault since it doesn’t judge on Friend of Foe as long as the initial blade hits something the rest of of the attack will follow through, Getsumei is meant to be a violent attack and fits as such being the eternal blood song of the moon. Getsumi doesn't add as much corruption to Kaito, but it takes more energy to use since the attack is stronger than Legacy Edge. Getsumei can be used much more freely on Kaito's will since it's meant to shut someone down. and not an attempt to kill say with legacy edge or Overload, so he's more willing to use this move in battle.

Reigashi Eeji [Legacy Edge] Opening up a portal using Jigoku no Ken's natural nature and summons a large amount of copies of Jigoku no Ken and shoots them in a high speed Gatling like pattern. If a person were to be hit by the blades they would be knocked back and repeatedly pierced through the same wounds over and over again due to the precise nature of this attack. While it has a decent range, it's narrowed to keep the blades tight and rapidly stabbing. This isn't as draining as Getsumei, but still can drain him if he abuses the attack. This attack also adds more corruption to him than Getsumei. This attack drains slightly on his will because of the violent nature of the attack, but pales to what Overload does to his mind, since Legacy Edge can if aimed correctly be used to shut don whereas Overload is meant to kill.

Overload Fusion: Blade Circus: The strongest, most corrupting ability of Jigoku no Ken he summons thousands upon thousands of blades in the air and around the opponent to make a pseudo cage atround the person or persons he's in battle with and begins to launch all the blades and have them terminate towards the center attempting to crush, slice through and destroy the people. If Kaito uses this attack he reaches nearly to his limit of dealing with Corruption since it's that draining on his will and his energy since the large amount of creation plus allowing himself to make this work means he has to get corrupted to have the necessary power to ensure that he destroys all in his path. This is the only attack of Kaito's where the intent to kill is apparent, and that's where most of the corruption seeps in from since it's hard for him to distinguish from killing out of necessity to killing to just end the fight.

Corruption Gauge: The more corrupted Kaito gets from using the sword and its abilities the more power and speed kaito gains, but the more corrupted he gets he the more he loses sense of who he is and becomes more savage and doesn't think through outside of battle applications. Although this can be purified and has to be somewhat often a bit of corruption helps Kaito get the edge on people. The way that one can tell if Kaito's too corrupted is when he summons out both swords, if the trail of Jigoku no Ken is brighter than Tengoku no Ken's light trail. The more corrupted he is the more that the Jigoku no Ken resonates to Kaito, where as less corruption Tengoku no Ken resonates better with Kaito. Corruption lasts for the entire thread in terms of boosting his Strength and Energy. This effect tops out pushing Strength and Energy at MAX Corruption reaching Master.

Corruption Gauge Explaination
    Using Moonsong 9 times puts Kaito at Max Corruption.
    Using Legacy Edge 6 times Puts Kaito at Max Corruption.
    Using Blade Circus 3 times, puts Kaito at Max Corruption.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Soul State 2 Kaito Upgrade.   Sun Jun 01, 2014 2:34 pm


Everything looks to be in order with your power upgrade. I read all the material and it seems pretty balanced to me. Therefore, I am going to approve it and move it into approved power upgrades. Have fun with it.


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Soul State 2 Kaito Upgrade.
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