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 Killer Instinct at a Teacher Conference

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Killer Instinct at a Teacher Conference   Mon May 26, 2014 1:24 am

The last time wasn't good at all being attacked by a powerful warrior wasn't good but a lot of people were dead by his hands the cyborg wanted blood and death. Sid knew his orders and they must be obeyed but this seemed wrong hunting down parents like this and something like this wouldn't be good this place might have a reputation. Hagokumo Masada anniversary of when the demon killed many teachers and parents at this high school and got away with it wondering if fate will happen again. He needed to get this done and update his parts but the cyborg couldn't go inside people might recognize him but then again the robot sees his invite. Their was going to be a parent teacher conference about school field trip all the teachers and parents will be their this was perfect. It was going to happen tonight two people were leaving the school and the cyborg activated his seishin buki remaking his gattling gun and then started shooting. The two people got caught in a sea of bullets then the cyborg started aiming and shot them both in their heads killing them easily that was too fun. A bloody mess upon school grounds but nobody noticed it the sounds from the gattling gun wasn't loud enough for any humans to come after him. The cyborg flew down to the scene and started grabbing the dead bodies seeing the conference was about to begin and cars were coming as the warrior started leaping to a rooftop. People were coming this would be the best time for making a massacre like what that demon did long ago but this has to be flawless and no one should able to stop him. But the warrior needed to dress for success or they'll think he's some sort of bum or worse meaning someone needed to die a random stranger would be good.

Then the cyborg broke into a house and started shooting the owner of the house with filling him with a bunch of holes. Sid goes upstairs looking for anybody else the place seemed quiet and the iramasha looks for a black gentlemen attire and then finds one and puts it on the cyborg looked pretty good. About 20 minutes later, Sid enters the school seeing all the parents and teachers were inside the gym as the cyborg hears talking about the yuudeshi clan that can't be good. This could be fun as the cyborg transformed into his bio hybrid state and then busted down the doors of the gym as people were wondering what was going on. People started getting afraid but they shouldn't be they were going to a very nice place after the killing stops but then the cyborg used his blasters and started shooting at people. The cyborg killed about 40 people then more people started from the blast of his bio missiles but one of them was disembowel from the missile attacks. "Help....Someone help us please" She said. Sid hears it then the cyborg stops his assault killing enough people the cyborg does a count of the dead bodies about 50 people were dead from his attacks all in all a good job. Maybe his superiors will give him the respect he deserves for killing innocent people but now the cyborg could just take the time to appreciate his work. The bitch called for help and then someone was talking on their cellphone that wasn't good "Help....I'm a Kakakura High School and a mass murderer killed many of the teachers here and I'm about to die here. Stop this sonuvabitch someone avenge us because this bastard murdered many people here.......It's not fair where's a good superhero when you need one. I'm losing gallons of blood here......Help Please....The killer turned Karakura Gym into a Bloodhouse......Goodbye...." The man said. The human dropped the phone falling to the ground the security systems were down so the cyborg could get the hell out of here.

"Bloody Genocide.....Mission Complete activating new objectives" Sid said.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Killer Instinct at a Teacher Conference   Mon May 26, 2014 5:30 am