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 Ryushin Chaozu [The Quincy] [Quincy; 0-5++]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Ryushin Chaozu [The Quincy] [Quincy; 0-5++]   Wed May 28, 2014 12:34 pm



- Name: Ryushin Chaozu
- Titles: The Ultimate Support
- Gender: Male
- Appearance Age: 23
- Age: Unknown
- Affiliation/Rank: Ryushin is aligned with most lawful organisations. However, since his recent events, he has had to abandon his post and attempt to recover lost ground. his main allegiance lies with the Gotei 13, but he will stand for those in need of his aid.

- Notes: Ryushin is a special case Quincy. Formerly the 4th Division captain of the Gotei 13, he was badly wounded by Nozomi, the first Quincy and had his own and his Zanpakutō spirits soul chains ruptured. Due to her abilities, the two are slowly reforging their powers but with clearly different results from before.

- Appearance Description:

Ryushin is a relatively tall male standing at around 6'4. His height is both a great asset as well as a detriment. Because he is so tall, he can easily reach places others cannot. This does however mean his flexibility is a bit lacking as he still covers a lot of surface area, just vertically. Because he is so tall, he is sadly very thin. Some might even say he is somewhat skeletal with how thin he is. However daily exercises have allowed him to bulk up slightly and improve his health. His thin limbs are also accompanied by length, granting him decently sized arms and legs to strike targets at a range or simply reach the top shelf with minimal effort.

Hair colour? Blonde. Has it always been that colour? Actually no, it hasn't. Ryushin was born with deep black hair which over time became blonde at the age of 6 months and when he was 4, it became brown. Ever since then he has had brown hair but as a shinigami he decided to bleach it blonde. Not many people know this. Ryushin often looks very casual. Be it his clothes, his expression or simply the way he decides to act. Ryushin might just wake up and wander around without doing anything to his appearance. he has occasionally turned up to meetings wearing the wrong shoes.

So Ryushin wears purple. Not much, but it's definitely a defining feature. Ryushin sports purple colours to match his blonde hair. The colours mix well and Ryushin is often referred to as 'stylish' yet simple. The purple colour is often seen on his headband and scarf. Ryushins typical attire comes with a black shirt or sweater depending on the weather. It doesn't always effect him though as he will turn up to the beach in a sweater if he feels like it. He will just have to deal with overheating. Ryushin then finishes his look with a set of white paints. He has always commented on how he loves his white pants but hates how they are so easily made dirty.

Considering this man was once the Captain of the 4th Division, he still holds onto his torn captains haori to remind himself of the time he spent there. However more often than not, he will not wear it because of the issues he claims it causes with both movement and his memories. He somewhat considers Haori's a distraction and also a big bullseye that says 'come get me, I'm important'. This si also why he keeps it around so he can confirm his identity if need be. More often that not, he keeps it tucked into his belt around his right hip sort of like a short cape.



- Personality:

One word that easily describes Ryushin is 'Relaxed'. He is incredibly laid back and will often not realise that a situation has elevated because he just doesn't notice it escalate. This is a pretty bad trait for a man that had once become a captain, but it doesn't mean he has outright forgotten his place. Ryushin will much prefer to sit back and sleep than draw his sword. However if he must, then by god will he fight until his last breath. You could say he is quite lazy. he would never admit it unless it was in a joking manner of which he often claims he is constantly tired from either hard work or lack of sleep of which he clearly had.

This is an example of Ryushins protective nature. He adored his squad and will stand at the front of his men to reassure them. To make sure that everyone in the 4th division knows that their leader is confident and proud to be their captain. Ryushin will raise his bow and protect those that he loves without word. Since his power struggle and his gaining of Quincy abilities, he has not be able to revisit these people. This has always felt heavy in his mind as he dislikes abandonment and this time it is he who has had to run away.

His determination is why Ryushin is considered a great leader. Get past his casual relaxed exterior and you will see a man that will push himself beyond his limits, break his body and reach out just to save someone from death. Since he has been in this situation for long enough, he has devised many sneaky tactics to utilise his abilities and defeat his opponents without anyone getting injured. However at times he may be incredibly naive and fall for simple tricks. He has in the past been caught completely off guard and ended up badly injuring himself. However, he defended his allies until he could stand no more. He is just that kind of guy.

So back to Ryushins casual nature. Go find him somewhere and chances are he has fallen asleep on the couch. Prod him as much as you like, he wont be happy to wake up. If someone were to give him an objective or task to complete then he would most likely get the job done. Just not when you want it done and usually late. However what he does do is often always correct with a few occasional hiccups here and there. he dislikes putting things off until the last minute though. He just doesn't want to do things when other people want them done. He does his work at his pace when he deems it necessary to complete.

Ryushin holds within him a competitive nature where he dislikes losing and relishes in victory. This has been a trait Ryushin gained from his life long chain of defeats and losses. Now that he has the power to save lives, he considers ever rescued soul a victory. Challenge him to a duel however and he will be all over it. Then again, his abilities do not make him the best of 1v1 fighters meaning he often loses in duels. If he takes part in a group battle however, he truly shines as he can provide his allies with the utmost support. If his team wins, he knows that he did well just because his friends are alive. He wouldn't make a fuss over losing though unless it was a crushing defeat. he knows how to take defeat and wont let it get to him too badly.

There are a few things Ryushin cannot deal with however, First of all, Ryushin is easily frightened and cannot be depended on when it comes to Sharks and Spiders. Sorry but that is just how it is. Drop a toy spider on his lap and he'll scream like a little girl and run. Take him anywhere near water and he'll freak out as if he's going to get eaten by it. It's certainly a shame, but Ryushin has developed a phobia of water. These things make him more unique than most since he has always had these sorts of phobia's ever since he was little. He also has an issue with dogs as he cannot predict their movements and actions. This worries him, but generally he can suck it up and deal with it.

Then there is Ryushins self-depreciation. Sometimes he just doesn't believe he can do anything and will become convinced that his life is a waste of time. It's during these moments that Ryushin becomes incredibly depressed and will not listen to anyone as he wallows in self pity. This is usually what happens when he loses at something with devastating consequences. In this state, he often likes to be comforted and generally wont improve his attitude without help from others. If left to wallow alone, he will spend more time upset and may take several days to recover.

But you have to admire the guy. His dedication towards his what he does is impassable. His eyes are always set on the prize and nothing will stop him from getting to where he wants to be. Those that know him could easily say he is very approachable, funny, great to be around and considerate. He will also inspire people to achieve their goals regardless of the set back. This is quite the contradiction to his depression swings as he will often forget his own words in these times and needs to be reminded.

Here is where we get onto his creative side. Ryushins old office was half full of unhealthy food and snacks whilst the rest were pin ups of drawings and crude designs. Ryushin is a designer to heard and likes to scribble down notes and draw things he might want to write about later on. Some of the crap he comes up with are actually quite genius. Many have commended his creative imagination and he likes to boast about his creations even if nobody really cares. once, he managed to write the first 10 chapters of a book but he quickly grew lazy and forgot about it, even though people were always commending him on the writing.

Now we come to Ryushins cravings. He adores chocolate. Who doesn't? Either way, sweet things smothered in chocolate is the way to win Ryushins heart. He will happily take a gift of candy any day of the week and its one method of curing his depression. Pretty much any food that is bad for you is on Ryushins dinner plate, especially cookies and sugar drinks. However he has started to realise that eating all of this junk will likely be the death of him. Nonetheless, he continues to chomp on between the occasional meal of pasta or some meats. He also has a thing for strawberry sundae's and if ever given the opportunity, will always buy one for himself. Many would consider it too simple for their tastes but to him, it is a match made in heaven.

On the flip side, you will never catch Ryushin eating things with odd tastes such as celery, some sauces and licorice. There is just something about the way that they taste that really puts Ryushin off. usually, he can eat anything and if he was forced to try and eat something he disliked, he would try but quite quickly give up. He doesn't usually eat things he dislikes since he is open to pretty much anything. Although if you ever caught him running for a glass of water, he probably had a candy he didn't realise was licorice.

If there is one thing Ryushin wishes he could have, it would be a family. His life is summarised by his actions and the way he protects his friends. However what he has never managed to gain is someone to love and someone to care for in his own special way. He believes that everyone will eventually get what they deserve. He just wishes that he will find his sooner rather than later. This can sometimes become quite the detriment to him. He has the knack of becoming attached to people without warning just because they showed him small moments of affection. He begins to hang around girls that talk to him and will often bug them for conversation, though he will never admit his feelings.

Generally, Ryushin dislikes violence and would much rather talk his way out of a problem. He has his way with words so long as he doesn't stumble over them and say something ridiculous. At times, he could be seen as a fool that has no clue what he is saying but will carry on anyway just to avoid confrontation. If it means he ends up looking bad or dumb, he will try to push combat away.Nonetheless, once a sword is drawn he will retaliate. When people begin to die, Ryushins real feelings can be seen. He cannot stand to see his comrades lose their life and will begin to fight much more aggressively in the heat of battle. He will not kill his target however regardless of how terrible they are. He isn't that kind of guy. under his belt, he can say he has only ever killed a single person and he will never kill again.

It is when Ryushin has to face a woman that he tends to lose his nerve. Ryushin has trouble fighting females since his loving nature can sometimes pull him away from hurting them. This is a major detriment to his ability and also why he lets others do the dirty work. If a girl is involved, he may suddenly begin making odd decisions, even if they are the most evil creature on the planet. He gives them more chances and offers more ways to escape than if he fought a male counterpart. His lust for love really puts him on the wrong path sometimes as anyone can be a threat, although he will never want to understand this fully. The most evil man in the world must be stopped and removed but the most evil woman? Ryushin would rather convert them to his side.

As of now, Ryushin would claim that Onzon is the most important person to him, although she is female. Because she had always been a part of him, he still considers her as part of his soul and will defend her more than anyone else in the world. It is somewhat helpful that she is also still his weapon. Ryushin can't say there is anyone else out there he would openly die for anymore. His squad were priveledged to have him as their captain and the man that would defend them, but he could never bring himself to fully give up to save them. Onzon to him, has become an ultimate special case.

On earth, Ryushin could not say he has any friends at all. nobody really knows him there since all of his work held him in Soul Society where he was always surrounded by the same set of 40 people. Now that he wanders alone, he can only put down the old witch of the woods 'Yubaba' as a friend, but even she is way to ambiguous and unpredictable for him to consider her trustworthy. Ryu hasn't always been a guy to blend into large groups very well either way, so the solitude he is experiencing is not completely bad. If anything did go wrong however, he could only ever turn to Onzon who would always be there for him, or Yubaba.

He has never really cared of what people think of him in general. He knows he is a good guy and that people looked up to him. Any passing comments or insults tend to fly right by, but direct and purposeful comments will get under his skin. Ryu has been known to retaliate verbally to people that directly go out of their way to pick at his problems. Usually though, this has to be from somebody he knows since he never really gets into arguments with strangers. In fact, he hardly gets into arguments at all. he does what he is told so long as he agree's with it. if he doesn't, he just wont do it and will avoid the conversation later. He is happy with himself and that is all he really needs to feel.

The shinigami torn, a Quincy reborn

-Onzon Chaozi:
Onzon is a tall woman with bright red hair and bright red eyes. She wears a classic Japanese school uniform with a white buttoned up shirt and a black skirt that doesn't exactly stretch down that far. Her general appearances makes her look somewhat stern and intelligent which isn't too far from the truth. Onzon has been known to be quite fierce and demanding but inside, she is very cute and likes to play around. Then again, some say he nature is slightly twisted as denoted by her red colour scheme. She is around 5'8 in height and doesn't weigh a great deal considering she is pretty slim.

Onzon used to be Ryushins Zanpakutō. However, in a battle against the first quincy, they both had their soul chains dramatically damaged and neither would be able to retain their spiritual power from their captain status. Due to the abilities of Nozomi, Onzon the Zanpakutō spirit was corrupted along with Ryushin that caused the two to replace their shinigami powers with Quincy ones. However, still managing to cling onto their roots, onzon never fully separated herself from Ryushin, This allows Onzon to constantly communicate with Ryushin in any way or form via a strong telepathic bond they share. It is possible to sever this link and even hack into it as the two are not entirely sure how to secure it.

Because of this, onzons own abilities are directly linked to Ryushin. She has the innate ability to transform herself into a large bow made of bright purple energy. More on the bows appearance below. This is done by converting her entire body into reitsu that is passed directly through to Ryushin. His own reitsu absorbs this into his pool. Because of the strong connection between the two, Ryushin takes priority over any other potential abilities that try to steal Onzons reitsu in mid transformation. Usually, Onzon will glow a bright red and jump into Ryushins arms. The change is next to instant, creating a fluid transition between human and reitsu forms. This ability can also allow Onzon to traverse area's in a gaseous form. Because there are many reitsu manipulative people in the world, she takes great care in using this form.

Quincy Racial Skills

Reishi Control: Much like original powers that are different to each and every Quincy. For example one has the power to change form and gain the ability and appearance to fight his target, while other that can change his appearance, but only is able to copy his target memory and personalty. One own control over reishi can also account for how many arrows they can fire at once, as well how much Reishi they can use at once, also controls there use of Hirenkyaku. The more powerful a Quincy is in this trait, the more powerful there arrows and ability are. Original powers created from reishi control are known as "Zet to". Ziamchi Quincylostthe use of "Zetto"

Shadows: Using "Shadows", A Quincy can disappear and use a form of teleportation that allows them to quickly leave a place, reappearing almost instantly in another. However, this skill was thought to be limited to those of the old style Quincy. However Modern age Quincy are known to be able to perform this.

Archery: is the most used form of combat among the Quincy. Since they're still human, maintaining a distance from highly dangerous Hollows as well as launching numerous attacks on multiple opponents gives them a great advantage offensively and defensively. There are cases when a Quincy uses blade over a bow.

Heilig Pfeil (Holy Arrows) are the primary attack used by Quincy. It is basically the same as an average arrow, but if the arrows are shot continuously they will eventually injure the wielders hands. The arrows can be created by collecting Reishi, absorbing Reiryoku from an opponent or gathering spirit energy, giving the Quincy many ways to form their bow and arrow. The power of the arrows vary in power and size, while some arrows are more powerful than others, for every quincy it is different, and normally comes down to skill, since the total amount of Arrow’s fired also showcases the amount of skill, while those who use only a few arrows at a time have more of a impact than others. Depending on what one spirit weapon is, the Arrow shape can change, as if one was a blade, then the arrows fired would appear as blades.

Marksmanship: When a Quincy becomes more skilled using their Bow and Heilig Pfeil, they gain more power and precision with their arrows. This is similar to how a marksman gains skill, and hits the target more frequently. Uryū Ishida has increased his power and skill much throughout the series, and is a prime example of this. In the beginning, he showed great accuracy, able to kill Hollows instantly using one arrow. During the Soul Society Arc, he fought Jirōbō Ikkanzaka, another projectile-type user, and easily defeats him. After defeating him, Uryū fires two arrows through his soul chain and soul sleep, to keep him from ever harming anyone again (he attempted to attack Orihime Inoue). This still does not compare to his father's, Ryūken Ishida, who can fire two arrows at the same time in two separate directions, killing their targets instantly, one-handed. Even some modern Quincy’s create their own use of marksmanship

Quantity: Currently, arrows that are smaller in size, but pack the same amount of power as larger arrows, as some Quincy can even fire a total of 1,200 arrows in succession without stopping. This also showcases one reshi control, as this can affect one power of arrows as well numbers.

Path Control: When Uryū fought Cirucci Sanderwicci in Las Noches, he was able to curve his arrows' path after firing them, putting stress on the former Espada. This effectively makes the Quincy's Heilig Pfeil miniature heat-seeking missiles, but instead of locking on to heat, they target whatever enemy they have. It is unknown how long Uryū can control the arrow's path, or if there is a limit to how many can be under his control. So far he has only fired 3 simultaneously using this method. This also is affected by reshi control and marksmanship, the stronger one skill with it, than the longer they can stay on target, even when fighting those with high speed.

Negation of Attacks: If a quincy can use these arrows precisely, they can to a point they can negate another attack on impact. To do this, the charges the arrows with a sufficient amount of power, and fires them to strike an incoming projectile. However because of morden Quincy style’s, this use has fallen out of use, however a few old style Quincy still use this a thump.

Spiritual Awareness: As a spiritual being, the Quincy can sense Hollows and other spiritual beings at a significant distance or tell in what direction they are in. Quincys are well known to sense the distance to any hollow, and capable of telling how much spiritual power a person has from a simple glance, making them living radars, only a small handful of beings are capable of not being able to appear to a Quincy.

Hirenkyaku: An advanced Quincy moving technique. It allows for high speed movements by riding on the flow of reishi created below the user's feet. To perform the technique, the user gathers spiritual particles under their feet and rides them to the desired location. Like the air-walking skill displayed by most Arrancar and Shinigami, it can also be used to hover or fly for long distances. Mayuri compliments Uryū on being able to use this technique at such a young age, suggesting that it is difficult to master. Hirenkyaku enables Quincies to keep up with, and overpower faster opponents depending on the user's skill. The use of this technique aided Uryū as he defeated a seated Shinigami officer, a Números Arrancar, and even a Privaron Espada in combat. However, there is apparently more use for the technique than simply moving quickly. Upon entering Hueco Mundo through the Garganta, Ichigo Kurosaki and Chad noticed that Uryū apparently had a platform of reishi under his feet. Ichigo and Sado had trouble controlling their reiatsu on the path they were given, while he used an instance of Hirenkyaku in order to make his own individual platform. Later on Uryū used the technique to elevate himself and Orihime Inoue through the hole Ulquiorra Cifer created in the artificial sky, and above the dome of Las Noches. He reveals that he only recently realized he could use the technique outside Garganta, and in Hueco Mundo itself, halfway to Las Noches. He also laments the fact that if he had known sooner, he might have been of some use on the battlefield. It is currently unknown if Ishida, or any other Quincy, can use this variation of Hirenkyaku outside of Hueco Mundo, within Soul Society, or the Human World. Depending on one skill with it, can show how long they can use this before tiring out.

Blut (血装 (ブルート), burūto; German for "Blood", Japanese for "Blood Guise") is an advanced Quincy technique that grants one inhuman defensive and offensive capabilities.By making reishi flow directly into their blood vessels, a user of this technique is able to drastically increase their attack and defense power. However, despite the significant danger this potentially presents to one's opponents, Blut possesses one major flaw in that the independent forms of the technique for attack and defense operate using two different reishi systems, meaning they cannot be employed simultaneously or else they suffer all their veins bursting at once, killing them instantly. However some are able to use both at once but not for short periods of time, as they start to burst their veins. This is a pure blood Quincy ability, Quincys that are fused with a Ziamchi are unable to use this.

Blut Vene (静血装 (ブルート・ヴェーネ), burūto vēne; German for "Blood Vein", Japanese for "Stilled Blood Guise") The defensive form of Blut that grants the user inhuman durability, represented by a faint pattern tracing the veins beneath the surface of their skin, which is only visible on the afflicted area when struck. If consciously kept at full power, even attacks delivered by a Shinigami's Bankai can potentially be negated completely. However, despite the considerable defense afforded by this technique, it seemingly isn't absolute and can be torn using sufficient power. As overtime the defense shall be worn down due to the nature of Blut Vene. This massive defense also has time limits, depending on the level of skill with this, it can vary to short periods of time, to lengthy amount, but they need periods of rest which can be risky if they are fighting a foe that can attack rapidly.

Blut Arterie (動血装 (ブルート・アルテリエ), burūto aruterie; German for "Blood Artery", Japanese for "Moving Blood Guise") The offensive form of Blut that grants the user inhuman attack power. This technique is the only thing capable of ensuring that a Quincy's attacks are able to significantly damage a Bankai-wielding Shinigami. One notable use of this is applying it towards physical attacks as well as coating it on there own arrows to increase the damage output to that of a Bankai wielding captain. This is a vary powerful skill that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Ransōtengai (乱装天傀; lit. "heavenly wild puppet suit", "disheveled paradise puppet" in the Viz translation): This is a high level technique that allows the user to control their body parts using strings of spirit energy controlled by their brain, forming lines or strings out of countless reishi. By using this technique, the user can control their body as one would a puppet, allowing them to move freely despite paralysis, broken limbs, or any other force that would impede normal movement. It was originally created to allow elderly Quincy to fight effectively, and is rare enough that Mayuri had never encountered a Quincy (out of the 2661 that he examined or studied) who could use it before Uryū. Mayuri stated it as "the most powerful technique for the Quincy," but he did not know of the Quincy: Letzt Stil, which means as far as Mayuri knew it was the strongest.


- Type: Longbow
- Appearance: The bow structure is strong, keeping the usual curve of a wooden bow but curling towards the front at the ends. The main point where arrows would rest on the shaft extrudes two sharp points of energy that can be used to shunt into the target. The entire bow, although made of reitsu, is flexible and animated. When Ryushin pulls back on the spiritual string, the shaft will bend as though it was under strain.
- Reishi Color: Bright Purple with yellow arrows


Permission to use this form over Volstandig given by Phantasia

- Appearance:
Ryushins blonde hair becomes dyed at the tips with a bright purple colour all around, with one larger stripe from the right side of his fringe up to the top of head head and down the left side of the back of his head. His nails turn purple and his eyes glow yellow.

If Onzon Chaozi is not in her bow form in this state, she also changes colour scheme in the same way as Ryushin, but the colours are different. Her hair gains a blue streak with blue tips. Her eyes glow blue and her fingers nails also become this colour.

In bow form, Onzon gains a golden trim along its edges and fires blue arrows.

- Abilities:

Preservation Fields: Ryushin fires an arrow off, slightly larger than the norm that creates around the struck area a large yellow zone that he can set the size of between 0-10 metres in a spherical diameter that will last until Ryushin decides he no longer needs it of which it will shrink and vanish after 2 seconds when willed away. The arrows can be detonated early as Ryushin wills it to trigger the zones effects mid flight. The zones do not have a weight. Everything within the zone is recorded and preserved perfectly and up to 10 can be placed at any given time. If anyone were to destroy something in these zones, then once the zone is removed in reality it would not have been destroyed. Ryushin can create this zone around objects using his hands alone but it will not be any larger than 30cm without the aid of his bow. If a living being dies in the Preservation field, they will come back to life once the zone is revoked. If Ryushin dies, the zone will instantly vanish. They will still have died inside the zone, so the revived version will have experienced death. They will have also retained the energy they had upon entering the zone. Leaving the zone removes your influence in it so that when you re-enter, you create a new trace of yourself. Leaving the zone removes the trace.

Ascension Strike: Ryushins bow is also used as a melee weapon that can clash with other weapon even though it appears to have no density. When it does, it will appear to apply a minimal force and maybe inflict somewhat minimal damage. Once the target is struck, it traces their entity. The next time Ryushin strikes them with the shaft of his bow, it will feel heavier, more impactful and do more damage. This effect has no limit to how powerful his attacks may become, but the trace is reset if he attacks another target.

Protection Collision: Ryushins arrows and the bow itself nullify force upon hit. If a train were to crash into Ryushin, he can stop all kinetic movement from the vehicle in a single direction so long as his swing or arrow is attacking from the opposing direction. All kinetic force is still applied to the arrow or ryushin himself, but this allows him to safely halt enemies movement in one direction so long as he attacks them from that angle. If the enemy clashed a sword against his bow, they could no longer move the sword any more in the direction of that swing, but they may pull back, to the side etc. It is wise to note that an incredible force will still have a vast amount of kinetic energy behind it, potentially shattering the ability before it even applies itself and can even be pushed into Ryushin himself if he cannot withstand the impact.

Repair Fields: Similar to the Preservation fields, Ryushin can create Repair fields. These are much more advanced than the other fields as it brings the past closer to the future. They cannot however be used outside of preservation fields and are activated through hand gestures as opposed to arrows. The repair fields are purple in colour and can only be 5 metres in spherical diameter. When somebody moves into a preservation field, they are traced. If they move into a repair field, the trace is accessed for a second time. The zone will analyse the entity within, checking to see what it is missing from the trace it has recorded last before beginning to attempt to revert any noticeable differences damage. This means that if Ryushin lost an arm, even without being in the repair zone but still within the preservation zone, the repair zone can see he has lost part of himself and it will begin repairing his body to match the trace as best it can as soon as he moves into it. This does not repair structures or anything that is not a living organism.


- Additions:

Tsubasa's Tome: handed to Ryushin by the captain commander himself, this tome contains knowledge of every race's abilities, methods and medicines that improve health, restore, repair, preserve and more. Given to Ryushin as the captain of the 4th Division, he was entrusted with the ultimate knowledge to heal any wound and prevent it from happening again. This tome grants Ryushin knowledge on all races defensive and supportive racial traits and any medicines. The book was made up of tattered notes, but Ryushin rewrote the contents on fresh paper and bound it with a purple spine and hardback cover. this spine is chained to Ryushins side and never removed.

Enhanced Speed and Strength: As a former captain and vessel of incredible power, Ryushin has heightened speed and strength beyond a normal powerless human. However this does not mean he is the most physically advanced. He can widthstand much more pressure than most and is able to push his body to crazy points, just like any other high level person could. This also allows Ryushin to move at high speeds without issue. This is enhanced even further when using Wahrender.

Enhanced Senses: Along with enhanced physical power, Ryushins senses are also heightened thanks to his spiritual power. He can notice things that a powerless person would never notice. His range of hearing, sight and focus is vastly superior to the average human, just like any other high level character. This does not translate the same way at night as most often struggle to see in the dark, Ryushin will have a slight advantage however This is enhanced even further when using Wahrender..

Spiritual World knowledge: Ryushin is aware of all of the different worlds currently known to the majority of organisations. Only hidden dimensions are unknown to him including the Sueki realm. Ryushin is fully aware of the Soul Society, hueco Mundo, K-world, Hell, the living world and more. This is enhanced even further when using Wahrender.


- Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
- General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
- Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
- Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

- Marksmanship: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
- Blut: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
- Hirenkyaku: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
- Reiryoku Absorption & Manipulation: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


An evening with the Captain
Ryushin was always a man to mingle amongst his friends. He was not exactly outgoing, but he was seen as the father of the squad. Everyone looked up to him and the new recruit Kaida was no exception. Ryushin showed the young girl around the barracks until the late hours of night. then, he took her back to her chambers and left to do his work. He cared for all, even those that had only just joined.

The captain training grounds
As a captain, it was Ryushins responsibility to protect the Soul Society, his allies and the innocent. He utilised his skills to complete this goal, but he was always lacking in motivation and technique. Because of this, Tsubasa, the captain commander called out to him for a meeting. it was here that he gained access to Tsubasa's notes on the worlds medicines and abilities. Suddenly with opened eyes, Ryushin realised what more there was to learn in the world and was eager to utilise the book.

Stranger at the Door
Ryushin was met by nozomi, the first quincy at the Northern gate in Soul Society. A large scale attack had devastated most of the world and he had been late to join in the defence. Ryushin alone attempted to fend off Nozomi, but his own powers were used against him as he underestimated his foe greatly. In the end, his spiritual pressure was locked and a lot of his power was destroyed. Over time and with special healing, he has slowly regained these traits of his. However, his Zanpakutō and himself have gained a new power. A gift from Nozomi of whom spared his life.

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The child that shouldn't be: Ryushin was born into what you would consider your average family on Earth around 100 years ago. They were nothing special and generally got by on minimum wage, living off of simple food and never really going out of the way to get anything fancy or exciting. His parents were not exactly talented, nor did that have any real goals or aspirations. They never spoke of their past and wanted nothing major out of the future. This was because they all lived their lives in hiding. This was because of their rebellious actions towards their own families. For several centuries, the Chaozu and Chaozi families were both incredibly entwined with one another as well as fate. The chaozu family always gave birth to male children and the Chaozi family only ever had female. The tradition between the two families was to give birth to a child at the same time. Everything was planned. On exactly the same day, a new boy and a new girl were born. These two children would eventually become Ryushins parents 30 years later and they had no choice in the matter. There were never any questions asked about whether or not this was a humane or correct thing to do, nor did anybody ever have a reason to question it. The two families dubbed their names upon them as though it was a title so that to the public eye it would come across as two people that were completely unrelated but had their surnames switched, What was really going on was much more disturbing to some. Ryushins parents were just a few of the people that disagreed.

Although the two were married, the tradition was for them to reproduce with their own respective family to create another son and another daughter. Rebelling against this idea, Ryushins parents were often caught together and separated to reduce the risk of them having a child and breaking the tradition. They absolutely hated this and constantly tried to find ways to meet. The first couple of secret meets they had were nothing major. A meal in a local café, a walk by a nearby lake and sometimes they were allowed to mingle at parties the families attended. They couldn't do anything if they were being watched could they? These meetings, even if someone had managed to watch them, was only the build up to a much larger plan.

A huge party was thrown with masses of food and entertainment and Ryushins parents were both on the guest list. Everyone that meant something in the town attended and most of the attention was draped over the two with questions about the children they would be raising after the ceremonies were complete. They talked as though they were fine with everything. They agreed with what everyone said and laughed over jokes and stories of previous generations. It wasn't until they were supposed to give a speech that they were nowhere to be seen. Their plan was about to unfold as they had in fact slipped away to a bedroom at the top of the building, committing the ultimate act of treachery to destroy the line of unnecessary and forced incest. The hatred towards the system caused the two to make love in the hosts main chambers, remaining as silent as they possibly could as to not draw attention to their location. The deed was done, the bed was left a mess and the two recorded the entire thing on a camera that they left behind in the chambers for everyone to find. Then, they rejoined the party. Strapping clothing back on, entering from two different doorways and acting as though nothing had ever happened. They knew nobody would go near the main chambers. They were private to all. Except for the one man they wanted to see the footage.

He was the high overseer and watcher of the two families. He came from an outside source, completely unrelated and only there to control them. It was his mansion they were in and he was too occupied with being the perfect host to notice anything. The night went on, the party ended and everyone was escorted home. It wasn't until the following morning that everything went into a horrific uproar. Ryushins parents suddenly had a bounty on their heads, everyone was out for blood and the entire town was made aware of their treachery. As every guard under the High overseers command and every family member available for the riot stormed the family houses, they discovered that the two lovers had already escaped. Already many miles away, they masked their names and threw away their old life to continue living on as anybody else would. They had no reason to want any glamorous items, the luxuries they were force fed. They just wanted to be together with a child that they had brought into the world. The seed that was to become Ryushin was planted firmly, and the child that was to break the family tradition was to be born far away from all of this madness. On the day of Ryushins birth, he was given his father surname of Chaozu. Nobody in their new home would know who they were and from here on out they planned to continue the family legacy but this time Ryushin would make his own choices.

The Haunted: His early life moved along as you would expect. he was quite the large child upon birth but quickly lost weight around 2 months of age. It was when Ryushin was 7 months old that his parents realised how much he took after his father. the boy was relatively tall and very slim, losing a lot of his baby weight within 7 months to the point where he looked 6 months older than he was. he grew up quickly, but this doesn't mean he grew up smart. Ryushin was quite the confused and bewildered child and by the age of 3, he was questioning simple things on an incredibly regular basis. What his parents didn't realise was that his silly, cute little questions were actually directed towards something utterly different. Once, his mother explained what the front room mirror was to him, but in actuality he was pointing to what was in the mirror. A face, watching him. it moved side to side and simply stared with a straight mouth as though it had been trapped there. His mother could not see what he could see so she was never made aware of it. Another instance of this peculiar phenomenon was at the age of 5 where he freaked out and fell off his chair when he saw a very similar face appear on the kitchen window. He tried to explain what he saw to his father, but he couldn't understand what Ryu was trying to say. The boy just didn't know the words to describe it at the time and so it was ignored. it was twisted, glowing a more noticeable green and silent. It had no body. Just a face.

These strange faces began to appear more often after he was 8, haunting Ryu mostly at night whenever a bright light passed his bedroom window. On the far wall of his room, a face would appear then vanish as the light shone over it. Every time he tried to explain it his parents couldn't see it. They even sat in his room one night to watch for it but they both said it was probably just his imagination turning the bright light into a face. Ryu was not convinced. He spent many nights under his sheets, trying to keep the face out of his line of sight. Once Ryu was 10 however, things got worse. At midnight exactly, Ryu awoke from his sleep to notice that the face was already there without any light to summon it. The face was floating off the wall this time, hovering at it's own leisure with it's gaze locked onto Ryu. the boy couldn't move. He was frozen in fear as he knew the only way to get his parents was to move straight through the face. his eyes fell upon the face's glare and they both stared for several minutes. Then, as Ryu went to call out in a desperate attempt to get help, the face reacted in fright of his screams. Darting rapidly towards Ryu, the faces torso and limbs burst into reality. it had no legs, only arms but they were sharp. The creature screamed in response to Ryushins screams and crashed into the wall just above the boys head, vanishing from sight. It was then that Ryushins parents darted into the room. Ryu was shaking uncontrollably, tears streaming down his cheeks and reaching out to be held. He had never been this terrified before.

The following day, Ryushin was taken to a psychologist to figure out what the problem with him was. He was seeing ghosts. The remnants of the dead that had not passed on properly. In this day and age, people knew about the spiritual world and information regarding shinigami and hollows were fed to his parents so they could relay it back to Ryushin in ways he would understand. He had to accept the fact that a ghost was haunting him. So, every night, he slept in his parents room. For some reason, the ghost never showed up there. He looked around every single night, even under the bed to see if the ghost was there but it wasn't. He could sleep properly for the first time in his life. He had never been so happy. This joy though was not to last. He slept with his parents for several weeks. He even managed to go to bed before them and sleep perfectly fine without interruptions. they then decided that maybe he was ready to return to his own bedroom. The ghost was no longer appearing so things must have settled down. Ryu however was not prepared for this and requested he could stay for one more night. he slept in his parents bed, then when he awoke suddenly at midnight, he had the worst feeling imaginable. The ghost was not here, but he couldn't help but feel like it was. he climbed out of bed, his parents fast asleep as he scurried out of the bottom of the sheets. He then slowly stepped across towards his room. He opened the door, and there it was. The ghost was floating there, staring at Ryu's bed in it's usual place. this time however, it had most of it's body excluding the legs. Ryu gasped, stumbled back and tripped. the thud he created caused the ghost to jerk to the side and glare right at him. This time though, it's face was less distorted. It could be seen as who it was. Ryushin would not know who it was, but to everyone else, it was the High overseers ghost.

Cursed Ancestry:There was a secret kept from the Chaozi and Chaozu families that not a single member was aware of. Only the High Overseer was allowed to know and he would pass this knowledge down unto the next High overseer when he was elected. This secret would bring light to the family tradition and explain why it was enforced as much as it was. The first to hold the names of Chaozi and Chaozu were once poor people that met were met with a fortunate chance. They hated the way that their lives were unfolding and sought to break fate. Their wish was brought to fruition by a devil from Hell with magical power that could move their future down a different path away from poverty and away from despair. All the devil asked for was the souls of the children to come. However, there was a catch. The devil also laid down a curse where they must never create a child outside of their own blood. If a chaozi and chaozu member at any moment in history were to conceive a child, the curse would trigger it's dramatic effects. Everyone of the chaozi and chaozu bloodline would suffer eternal agony in hell after dying an abrupt death. The child would not be included in this however. They would live on unaware, with a rewritten memory of an orphan. This curse is why the high overseers existed in the first place. They were specifically males of whom were not related whatsoever to the families. They would become the vessel of the curse, and in exchange for bearing the curse within their bodies and becoming the families eternal watchers, they would be granted an immunity to 'death by ageing'.

This however did not stop some parties from attempting to assassinate High Overseers for their decisions. Whenever an Overseer was slain, the curse would move on to the killer and the Devil behind it all would collect them, giving them the briefing on their now permanent future. They would automatically be elected into power as the Devil would twist everything into their favour and people just accepted these peculiar changes, never questioning it. When Ryushins parents gave birth to their child however, the curse was broken and everything was set to decay. Every member of the Chaozi and Chaozu families began to die abruptly from scripted events. One was hit by a truck, another fell into a sewer, another was trapped by machinery at work and another drowned. The deaths were all triggers chronologically from the oldest to the youngest members of the family. What the Devil never told the High overseer however was what happened when the curse triggers. Their own bodies would be the first to die, exploding into a plume of flesh and blood. The most recent overseer was in the middle of a meeting when this occurred. He stood up, stumbled into the corner of the hall and soon after, blood littered half of the room. This is what started the hauntings in Ryushins home. Without a killer to take on the next Overseer and the curse now broken, the High Overseer at the time was bound to the spiritual realm similar to a spirit that was to become a hollow given time. However his soul chain was tangled around Ryushin's neck, watching his every move. This was why the high Overseer was still here.

One Hundred Deaths: The High Overseer continued to haunt Ryushin throughout the remainder of his life. It didn't take him long to understand the ghosts movements since all it ever did each night was appear at midnight and stand there, watching Ryushin sleep. Ryushin was never told that this ghost was the High Overseer but his parents certainly knew. Many conversations brought up his name and the two would often disappear for the day to go meet with individuals Ryushin was never to know about. Through all of this, Ryushin tried his best to continue on with public education and when he was 17, got a part time job at a local supermarket. The boy spent a lot of his time away from home but every night he would be visited by the ghost. One night, he decided to try something he had never tried before. At midnight, Ryushin was wide awake and sitting straight in bed, just watching the corner of the room. Slowly, the ghost began to materialise itself and do it's usual thing. It stared right back at him with no intention of doing anything else. It was then that Ryu opened his mouth and asked it for it's name. The ghost was weirdly hesitant at first, but it actually responded. It's usual glare became a look of confusion as it heard the question.

At first, there was only silence. Then, the ghost opened it's mouth and slowly began to squeak out sounds that could be formed into sentences if you listened hard enough. It spoke of his ancestors and of itself. Ryushin sat and listened eagerly, taking in it's words. The Overseer explained all he wanted to so Ryushin could understand what was happening. it didn't let up on the details as it was quite happy to speak in a sadistic sort of sense. However, the ghosts confused face became a great frown of anger as it began to speak about Ryushin directly. He was the problem. The curse from the first Chaozi and Chaozu had dragged the entire family into the dirt because of his birth and because of it, he shall pay dearly. This was not part of the curse at all. This was what the family wanted. The deaths had technically already ended, but it still had two more family members to kill. The ghost chuckled, telling Ryushin that every single member of the family was now dead except for his parents and this was the night that they were to die. They would not die from an accident however. The High Overseer had planned something else.

Ryushins parents laid in bed fast asleep as everything began to unfold. Hollows. 99 Hollows burst into the building, every single one pouring up the stairs in a rage. They roared, they screamed, they trampled one another to get to the parents bedroom. Within seconds the door was blown off it's hinges and the monsters piled into the room, leaping onto the sleeping two and tearing them apart in a flurry of negative emotion. Meanwhile, Ryushin heard everything. All he could think of doing, was to run. He bolted out of bed and dashed down the stairs. the hollows in the parents room were finished with their act of violence and set their sights on Ryushin now. he left the building and began to sprint down the road with tears pouring from his eyes in fear. He couldn't see any more. he felt like he was having a nightmare. Suddenly, he tripped and fell flat on his face. Turning round, he could see that the High Overseers ghost had it's grasp firmly around his ankles. Every hollows had managed to catch up. Some were wounded badly from being trampled but not a single one was to let up in the chase.

The Overseer held the boy down, and each hollow stood around him with gazing eyes. The overseer would then begin to talk. He was the reason the family was now dead. He was the boy that should not exist. He was going to feel the rage of the entire family line. Then, in turn, 99 hollows clawed at the poor boy. They took turns to pull his flesh from his body and rend his organs. He would not be let be until all 99 of them had their turn. then to top it off, the High Overseers ghost removed his head. Ryushin and the entire chaozi and chaozi line were now dead.

Vengeance Inescapable: Ryushins life had come to a dramatic end. Meeting with a painful, agonising death that he had no clue was headed his way, his spirit was released from his shredded corpse and as luck would have it he was moved to another location away from where he was slain. Confused, frightened and alone, Ryushin wandered the streets of his town in an attempt to find some form of help or aid that could both explain what was happening to him and how he can progress through it. he was no fool. he knew he was dead but this was not what he expected to happen. he himself had become a ghost just like the High Overseer but there was a clear difference: Ryushin was still whole. He wasn't mutated or mangled. He looked just like he always had and this only brought up more questions. All he knew was that the dead became monsters like those that had attacked him. His time as a wandering spirit would not be easy as he moved into the future.

He spent several days watching living people wander around. He even saw many that were once his friends, now mourning over his death and the death of his parents. He found that everyone had organised a funeral for them and Ryushin was determined to attend. Making sure he could survive till that time would prove difficult though. 5 days after Ryushin had died, he spotted something moving through the town. Floating on by with it's ominous teal glow was the ghost of the High Overseer. It had begun to patrol the area for reasons unknown to Ryushin. The best option he had was to make sure he never encountered him again. Is it even possible to die when already dead? He didn't want to think about it and certainly didn't want to find out. Instead of wandering any more, Ryushin went into hiding. The Overseer absolutely petrified him now.

Several more days passed and Ryushin had not left his hiding spot. He found a home lived in by a family similar to his own: A mother, Father and son. Ryushin spent his time simply sitting in the front room and watching out of the window whenever the curtains were pulled apart. During the day, he would watch the television but was limited to the programmes that the father watched. He controlled the TV it seemed. The mother spent most of her time out of the house whilst the son spent most of his time in his room. The family was definitely simple enough, but Ryushin never had these luxuries. He spent all of his time with his parents. They couldn't afford much of this stuff. Staring out into the street became his pass time for a short while until the father came home from work. if Ryushin didn't have a goal in mind, maybe he would have stayed here longer. A few more days passed, 18 since his death to be exact, and his funeral was to be held today in the afternoon. It was quite fitting since it suddenly began to rain. Watching every street as he moved, Ryushin left the home and slipped away towards the graveyard. He made it undetected luckily. No human would have noticed his presence since he was completely ethereal to them. It was the ghosts he was worried about. People he wasn't sure were still alive or even those that clearly looked out of place such as the Overseers deformed body. Luckily, nothing came up and he moved on.

Arriving at the graveyard, he moved into the small crowd that had gathered to make sure that if anybody was watching, which is highly likely since the Overseer was so bent on finding him again, then he wouldn't be spotted easily. Chairs were set up underneath large parasols to keep the rain off of those that attended. Ryushin found a seat that was empty between two sets of people and sat there. luckily, thanks to social anxiety, Humans never really liked to sit beside people they were not comfortable with so seeing the odd free chair gave Ryushin the option to blend in perfectly until somebody comes along and sits on him. The funeral went on as expected. Words were shared from friends of the family, school friends Ryushin knew well and even a few of his teachers had arrived. What was odd, was when the man hosting the funeral brought up Ryushins ancestors. They spoke of how they would have been proud of the family if they were able to see them now. Ironic, but also terrifying. As this line was said, a voice leant close to his right ear and spoke to Ryushin directly, commenting on the irony themselves. it took Ryushin a few seconds to realise that he was being spoken to and stood up instantly, spinning round and freezing on the spot. Behind him, grinning menacingly from cheek to cheek was the High Overseers ghost in the row behind him. With no time to even think, Ryushin ran as fast as he could away from the funeral. He was probably sitting there from the start of the entire ceremony. He had no clue.

As Ryushin got some distance away, he decided to look over his shoulder as he ran. The ghost was indeed following him from behind to the other end of the graveyard but it was doing something odd. it's mouth was wide open, spewing a sort of white liquid and gagging loudly as it flew along. Ryushin couldn't take his eyes off of it to the point that he ran right into a wall. Admittedly, some ghosts can walk right through obstacles but he didn't know any better. He stopped, spun round and widened his eyes as the Overseers body grew in size on approach.

It's face was now drenched in the white ooze and it's body was growing at an alarming rate. Within seconds it had grown to a towering height, easily over 10 storeys in size. The green glow had become jet black, it's legs sprouting from a now armour plated torso. The white goo on it's face had moulded into a skull mask which was complimented by a set of fear inducing horns. As it came closer, it spun itself round and crashed in front of Ryushin on it's hands and knee's with a gigantic explosion of dirt and sound. It's skull face stopped only a few feet away from Ryushins cowering body, opening it's truck sized mouth to show off it's flaming throat within. It's words were no longer legible and very demonic, clearly the world of the Devil from all those years ago. Ryushin wouldn't figure that out however. the monster that was the High overseer in his cataclysmic form brought itself onto it's feet, stretching gigantic wings across the entire graveyard. Following this, he roared victoriously as it brought a blazing fist furiously down onto Ryushins location. Ryu simply closed his eyes and accepted that he had no chance against this beast, quivering in fear and losing the will to stand. He felt like the wind around him was blowing hard from the force of the fist moving down, but that wouldn't make any sense would it?

Another chance: What had actually occurred that time was unclear to Ryushin after the Overseer became that monster. he thought that the force of the attack was creating a vortex around him, but that was incorrect. As he opened his eyes, he discovered that a Shinigami had in fact swept in at the last moment and pulled him to safety. Rushing to a nearby building, he was brought to his knees and the Shinigami addressed him quite fiercely. It was a woman and she made it clear that she no power to deal with the monster before them. Doing the only thing she could think of, she sent Ryushin to Soul Society. The monster was clearly after him alone and this was the only real option to hopefully cause it to back down. The womans sword was whacked into Ryushins forehead quite forcefully, connecting him to the Soul Society and quickly sending him on his way. Ryushin didn't see what happened to the Overseer, but he could only guess it did leave after that, otherwise he would have likely heard about it later on.

Ryushins arrival in Soul Society went as expected. He appeared in the Rukongai within district 38. It was here that he would spend the next few years of his life, trying to piece together some kind of aspiration to follow. he knew he needed to do something with himself since the afterlife does go on for quite some time. His first year was spent mingling with several groups of people that had taken residence in district 35. He wandered between districts and tried to make friends with people, sharing his story of how he ended up here. Many grew attracted to his tale and spread the word around that a young male had survived an encounter with a gigantic beast and was in the Rukongai. Slowly, Ryushin built up a name for himself and to go along with their positivity towards him, he decided that he wanted to find that monster again and slay it. Everyone he would say this to would think him as suicidal since he only escaped thanks to a shinigami travelling by. He would only smile at this, since he knew that's exactly what he wanted to become. He learned from the people here. He was taught how to look after himself and cook by a mother figure in a group from district 28. She spent a lot of her time moving between groups to show people what she knew and help them on their way. Ryushin was no exception and his tale had actually given him a sort of vip access to her. She wanted to help him meet his goals but as he was, she knew he wouldn't get far alone. The first year of his life in Rukongai ended with him now staying with this woman in district 28, sharing a shack with 4 others of whom were all talented just like her.

The second year was where Ryushin became more and more enthusiastic. He wanted to better himself and so he asked each person in his group to teach him. A younger male taught him how to fish, an elderly man taught Ryushin patience as they spent days sitting by a river silently. A large muscular male that was also quite old taught Ryushin how to fight with his hands of which took the longest for him to cope with. He often walked away with bruises and cuts from the mans relentless training methods but each day he would return as excited as ever. As the year went on, Ryushins fighting ability began to excel to a point where he actually managed to knock the man down onto his back. Slowly, from all of this training, Ryushins spiritual power began to grow and the man noticed it. That was where his training went a step further. After mastering simple fighting basics, Ryushin was shown how to control his reitsu. This was no simple feat as it required the two to simply stand by the side of the river and meditate. Ryushin could see that this man was able to push the blades of grass away from himself. The tree's were blowing and the water ran faster. This was all Ryushin needed to do before he could continue. If he couldn't do it, then he should stop doing the training. Ryushin spent several weeks trying to focus his energy but to no avail. He was caught once standing by the lake during the early hours of the morning where he would usually fall asleep. Instead, he was glaring intently as he tried to focus.

A month passed, and Ryushin was told that he just wasn't capable of controlling his inner power. That was when he spoke out to his teacher that he was doing this to become a shinigami and find the beast that killed him. This stopped the training instantly, as the old man was fully aware that he could not provide such a teaching. Instead, he demonstrated what his own power could do. Standing firmly, he shattered a huge boulder with his palm, spewing dust and mud into the sky. Amazed and slightly frightened by his ability, Ryushin pleaded that he taught him how to do that too. the man shook his head and declined, stating that if he couldn't do this simple task then he had no chance. That was where Ryushins determination took hold and forced him to stay where he was. he concentrated everything he had into his inner power in the way he was instructed. Days later, and Ryushin was managing small results. He put his feet in the water of the river and stood perfectly still. Then in an instant, jabbed the water and yanked out a small fish. Pleased by his sudden speed, Ryushin wanted to try to do more. He found a tree standing alone in a clearing and focused his power once more. What happened next shocked him greatly. His fist shot forwards and smashed into the bark of the tree trunk, causing the plant to snap in two. Shrapnel blasted outwards from the collision point Shocked in awe from his punch, he ran away to find the man who would not train him. Demonstrating his newly found ability, he confirmed that Ryushin had gained a very basic understanding of his inner power. The next step, was to apply to become a shinigami.

Academy Years: It wouldn't take Ryushin long to fully settle into his new home. He had a room he shared with another male in his class named Dexter. To make life simpler, they quickly became friends and decided to use each other to complete tasks. One would depend on the other to learn and better themselves until eventually they would pass lessons and clear objectives with decent results. People found their pairing pretty strong as the two would slowly develop a rivalry with one another as time went on. There was one difference between the two that made some things difficult. Ryushin excelled in kido since his training prior to joining the academy had already taught him of Reitsu control. Since he had this advantage, Kido flew by without much issue. He picked it up quickly whilst Dexter struggled. What really threw Ryushin out of the loop was the physical training they performed. Since Ryushins training was half focused on reitsu, everyone else had noticeably not bothered with it and spent their time building their strength. Where Ryushin would quickly understand how to launch kido at targets, he would fall behind when he had to run across the fields with his class. There reached a point where Ryushin was no longer showing much improvement in his physical ability and his tutors were concerned that maybe he wasn't the type to do this. He continued on however, knowing that if he fell behind he would never catch up to Dexter or the rest of the class.

The first year went by and the two began to show their difference more and more. Dexter was beginning to beat Ryushin in combat quite easily since Kido was off limits in spars. As soon as it came to target practice or medical work, Ryushin was the first to eradicate his targets and finish writing his notes. The competition between the two was heating up to the point where they took sides. Kido could beat strength and vice versa. The tutors found the idea hilarious and the end of the second year came with a new kind of event. Ryushin was nominated to fight Dexter in a controlled environment with Kido allowed. For the first time, Ryushin could adapt his knowledge to a fight against an actual enemy. The fact that it was Dexter made it all the more interesting. the gun was fired to signal the start of the fight and both fighters were at each others throats instantly. Dexter threw punches, kicks and was even allowed to bring a makeshift sword into the fight to represent his Zanpakutō. Ryushin on the other hand spent a lot of his time dodging and using binding kido to restrain Dexters arms. He too had a makeshift sword but had chosen to throw it aside and not use it. After 2 minutes of this, the fight was going in Dexters favour. The restraints were too complex to use properly and Ryushin was losing stamina which was something Dexter had plenty of. Once Dexter had landed his first strike, everyone knew it was over. That was when Ryushin executed a little trick. Firing a shakkaho into the ground between Dexter and himself, he caused a detonation that would hurl Dexter off of the fighting platform. What Ryushin didn't realise was that he was much more sturdy than that and had managed to stand his ground. In the dust and confusion, Dexter lunged Ryushin and planted his fist firmly into Ryu's cheek, sending him spinning off the platform and onto the grass surrounding it.

Cheers raged for Dexter and those in favour of Kido consoled Ryushin quickly. The tutors noted their fighting styles and had a comment for them both. The swords they were given were to represent their Zanpakutō's. Since Dexter held his but only chose to use his fists, he was scolded. However because Ryushin threw his aside and relied on his own knowledge to win, he was told he was the most foolish and condemned to lose the fight. This would be only the beginning of Ryushins failures. In the third year, Ryushin was pushed more into using his sword but seemed to fall flat at every turn before relying on his kido once more to complete the task. A scouting mission held in a controlled hollow environment highlighted this the most where Ryushin decided to bind his target early instead of attacking a weak point, draining the energy he needed later on and eventually being defeated. luckily for him, Dexter had successfully stormed through the rest of the trial so the two did not fail the task entirely. The tutors started to feel that maybe Ryushin was never going to improve in anything other than his kido. He always said that was all he ever wanted to improve on since he learned it, but he was likely to fail his final year at the academy.

Time slowly moved on and eventually, the final exam took place. Ryushin was to show everything he had learned to his tutors in an attempt to pass the Shinigami academy and move on to the Gotei 13 where he could gain the power to defeat that monster so many years before today. He sat his tests and managed to pass theory well without going too overboard. He then moved onto his kido exam and easily came top of the class in both Hadō and Bakudo. He even displayed the ability to conjure kido of higher levels than anyone else. Already impressing his peers, his tutors and his examiners, he moved on to the physical assessment. Here, he was once again pitted with Dexter but not in a fight. The two had to complete a series of tasks in the hollow controlled area again. The two set off rapidly, dispatching Hollows at alarming speed.At the point where the two would usually meet, only Ryushin turned up. Concerned, he moved over to the area Dexter would have covered and found that he was wounded and that a Hollow had managed to land a decent strike against him. using a strong Bakudo to bind the hollow, Ryushin pinned the creature down for Dexter to finish off. With all of the examinations over, the two were graded. They both passed, where Dexters faults were in his decision making and spiritual ability and Ryushins physical ability being lacking, but everything else was more than impressive. The two moved on to the Gotei 13, Ryushin into division 4 and Dexter into division 11.

The rising superstar: Division 4 handles all of the Gotei 13's medical business be it simple wounds down to those on deaths door. Any Shinigami had the given right to be carted off to the 4th division for healing, repair and restoration. Ryushin at first felt that another squad would have felt more at home to him, but because of the increase in people wanting to simply be the best, most destructive and powerful, Ryushin decided to sit back elsewhere and brew his strength away from the light. He had enough attention from those that remembered him from the academy and on his travels, some in Rukongai would recognise him and praise his work. This caused Ryushin to want to return to the people that taught him in the first place. He found the group he was with in Rukongai to discover that the man that taught him how to fight passed away from deadly wounds under unknown circumstances. Ryushin joined in mourning their loss, attending the 2nd funeral of his lifetime but with a difference. He was the man with the power to make a difference. When the funeral service was over, he left to return to his barracks and request that he was given a task to complete. His sudden dedication to the division he was in was sparked by the loss of a man that was once very important to him. He would not be here without him and so he would not waste his time. Within a few months, Ryushin was spinning the injured between his fingers, keeping death at bay and preventing the most injuries the division had seen since the time of Unohana Retsu.

Out of nowhere, he became renown as the most determined member of his division and other squads knew him well. He would talk to his patients, reassuring them when they are in pain and treating them to the best of his ability. His captain certainly took notice, and it wasn't long before Ryushin had risen to the squads 5th seat. Now in a more suitable position, Ryushin was invited out on patrols to the living realms to track down distress calls and recover the lost. Many more lives were saved out in the field and Ryushin got to see what real hollows were like. He had only trained against controlled hollows under safe limitations. Now, they were out for blood. Several missions passed before Ryushin was given a job that would push him beyond what he had ever encountered. the 11th division had moved into a Hollow infested area but were not expecting a sudden demon attack to stampede into them. the results were disastrous and a few more squads were dispatched along with the 4th division to control the area and recover those that were still alive. Ryushin entered the fray quickly, using kido to remove nearby threats.

The demons and Hollows soon turned tail and ran from the increasing numbers of Shinigami entering the field. Many gave chase, attempting to track down those that would pose a threat later on. More shinigami found themselves at risk when doing so and the 4th division had to continue moving the wounded back to the Sereitei. Ryushin moved ahead alone after letting his group clean up the bulk of the mess. He had to find Dexter. He was in the 11th division and couldn't have possibly been killed. giving chase after the shinigami that had raced ahead, he stopped as he approached a half dead male sat with his back against a rock. Dexter had indeed been caught out but he was not dead, just badly wounded. Ryushin pulled Dexter onto his shoulder and tried to walk back the way he came but was cut off by a stray pack of demons that could sense the distress. Ryushin had to do something. He put Dexter aside and drew his blade, holding his other hand out for kido use. A short battle followed, with Ryushin combating the beasts as best he could. His sword clashed with claws and fangs but he could feel his power dwindling in his desperation. He pulled several Hadō based Kido to fight with and blew up much of the surrounding area with explosive attacks. To his despair, Ryushin realised that it was not going to be enough as more demons were approaching to tackle him. For the first time in his life, he fell back on the only thing he never wanted to trust. He gripped his sword firmly and swung the blade sharply at the demon clawing for him. He put all of his hope into the swing and it paid off.

A bright light burst from the blade as the weapon began to curve into a corkscrew shape. As it did so, Ryushin could hear the voice of a young woman shouting to him to fight on. She was his Zanpakutō spirit and he had to continue. He couldn't stop now. Holding his faith within his blade, Ryushin began to fight back as a yellow glow engulfed the area, causing the demons to run away in fright and the few he managed to strike fall down. Ryushin cut them through and fell onto his back, breathing deeply and exhausted.

The beast unbound, a warrior awakened: With his Shikai now earned and his Zanpakutō spirit able to communicate with him, Ryushin couldn't feel better about his situation. Dexter was alive and Ryushin had personally treated him. Dexter had yet to earn his Shikai of which made Ryushin even more pleased with his progress. He could slay the wicked now. He was going to one day be able to defeat that monster. the next 5 years would go on as anybody would expect. Nothing truly amazing would occur. In fact, there are literally no notable events to mention in the span of this time. Ryushin trained himself daily to perfect his shikai and Dexter managed to obtain his own through sheer strength as expected of him. Ryushin was definitely starting to shine however after 5 years passed, he became the vice captain of squad 4 and he was able to navigate the world on his own instead of needing to go with others in fear of his own safety. He was strong enough now to do things his way and he relished in this fact.

This is where Ryushin decided it was time for him to hunt down the High Overseer. First, he checked the records. Had the creature already been slain? Luckily for him, it hadn't. Somewhere on earth it was still wandering around as though it was trying to find him still. It hadn't stopped moving either. Apparently the gotei has been watching it's movements but have no needed to act as it is has been so docile. This led Ryushin to believe it really was only looking for him. It had even tried to get to areas he had patrolled before during missions with the squad. It was somewhat creepy, but also very helpful. It clearly knew where Ryushin would be but was just arriving way too late. if that was the case then all he had to do was alert it to his location and wait. Pretty simple right? Well this is where Ryushins master plan would come into effect. There was only one other person he could think of that could help him here. Ryushin approached Dexter with an offer: to kill the biggest shit he'd ever seen. In those words as well.

The two moved down to Earth, away from the Gotei so that they could complete this mission without drawing any attention to themselves. It was a simple operation. the only complex issue would be how the creature would react. It was probably much stronger than before and Ryushin needed to take that into account. However, they were also very strong. At least they thought they were. The first thing they triggered was a hollow bait to lure many types of hollow to their location. killing as many as possible, they even managed to lure demons over. The fight raged on for a few hours before pretty much every threat had been vanquished. Once the pile of bodies had been created, they waited. The creature must be on its way now meaning neither of them could sleep. They had to be alert. A few more hours went by and they heard nothing. Dexter questioned if the creature was even real and threatened to leave if it was all just a bad joke. Ryushin convinced him to stay, and so they waited a while longer. Eventually, in the distance, something came floating into view. Miles in the sky, a huge, jet black visage of a monster was flapping its gigantic wings. It moved above them before proceeding to fall directly downwards onto their location.

The two men dived to the side as it crashed into the ground with a huge wave of debris. The monster roared at the top of its powerful lungs and immediately looked around for Ryushin. It's cold, dead eyes brushed over Dexter at first before completely ignoring him. It reacted to Ryushin of whom was cockily commenting on it's size in a joking manner. From there, the battle began. The three thought with all of their might. Both shikai's had been released and the monster was breathing clouds of flame, causing an avalanche with its roar and generally destroying everything in its path. As the fight went on, it seemed that the beast wasn't slowing down like Ryu and Dexter were.Things began to go wrong as more attacks were connecting with the shinigami. The beasts armour was not denting as much as it should be. No progress was being made at all. The fight slowly got worse as Ryushin and Dexter took more and more damage from miscalculated dodges. Eventually, it became too much and they found themselves in a very difficult position. The beast attacked as strong as it always had been and smashed Dexter aside, taking him out of the fight. Ryushin tried to move over as fast as he could but it struck him as well. Now separated, the beast took its sight off of Ryu for a moment and turned to Dexter. In one huge, fell swoop, it's fist crashed into Dexter. Blood shot all around. His skeleton was crushed to dust. There wasn't even a sound of pain. Just death.

Ryushin pulled himself to his feet, his eyes showing his loss of all feeling. He yanked his body up from the ground with all of his might. he had to do this and stop the creature before it kills him too. It moved aside and raised its fist to do the same to Ryushin, covered in Dexters blood and dripping down to the ground. The fist shot down and in retaliation, Ryushin swung back with his sword and shouting as loudly as his lungs could allow. The blade connected with a bright flash of intense light that caused a huge surge of intense power to erupt from Ryushin and engulf everything nearby. His sword grew into a pole arm, a halberd to be exact. Ryushin stood firmly, gripping the pole tightly with the look of pure death in his eyes. he spun himself round, he began to run and leapt high into the air, grabbing a hold of the beast. He then began to climb. All he could think was to climb higher. the beast was slow and couldn't turn its body to get a good view of Ryushin until he had already climbed to it's shoulder. Slapping itself with its hand, Ryushin smashed the arm away with his newly found Zanpakutō and charged up to the beasts skull face. To end the spree of this monster, Ryushin plunged his halberd deep into its face and twisted the blade in complete anger and frustration. The monster let out a roar in its dying moments as it fell onto the ground, dissipating like a hollow but melting away like a demon. Ryushin however, simply tried to walk away.

The two embodiments: Ryushin spent the rest of his time in his squad. he had made his mistakes. he had gotten his best friend killed. He was a failure in his own mind. The abilities he had gained from the fight were like a gift from Dexter. His Bankai. It showed Ryushin a girl. The spirit of his weapon in voice and appearance. She was his sword and he was her master. Although, she told him of how the two were inseparable. They were two parts of a whole that wouldn't work without one another. Ryushin accepted this. As a sort of nickname, he decided to begin calling his sword Chaozi in the memory of his mothers side of the family. As chaozu and now chaozi, the two moved on to try and forget their past. Years had passed and he rose through the ranks as best he could. He became the captain of his division in fact. That, is where his story shall begin, several months after gaining his captain-hood.

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Application Checklist Redux
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  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master.
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced.
  • Pain Endurance: Master.
  • Focus: Master.

Comments/Notes: Still an Awesome app.
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Well, seeing how it has been 4 months at this point, I'm going to go ahead and move it into archive. @Chao you can go ahead and request it be move if you ever come back, so I hope to see you return one day back to Platinum Hearts as I really miss RPing with you and your characters.


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Ryushin Chaozu [The Quincy] [Quincy; 0-5++]
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