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» Name: Liú Tóunǎo (流 头脑, Flow Mind) was a name Liu had given herself. Instead of going with the general tradition of Hindu names like some of the more elder Guardians of Hell, Liu decided the Chinese Language was more of an interesting catch and nicked a name from that as a result. Figuratively, she just considered it freeing herself from that cycle.

» Age: Liu is approximately 269 years old. Which is precisely how long the rule of the current Demon Empire has been in order within Demon World. This makes her one of the youngest Rakshasa's within Hell according to Liu. Although, presently, she is not entirely aware of the specific age of all other Narakaha. So, this is purely speculation on her part.

» Gender: Female (Obviously)

» Species: Liu is a Hell Demon that resides over the 2nd Dimension of Hell. She is also a reflection of the current regime of the Demon World based on the fact this is where most demon's usually end up in the Hell's many dimensions. She represents the boundless and unrestricted reign the current generation of Demon's have been raised under and her powers reflect that embodiment of freed nature.

» Appearance: One of this first features that stands out in Liu's appearance is that she has crimson red eyes. This is a common theme in her appearance as this color set is intermixed with her hair which is black in color, but has white and fiery-red highlights around various and constantly changing spots on her head. She also has a pair of small horns that pop out of her head and blend in with her hair that extends downwards to her shoulders. They can change in color from white to, a light blue color and sometimes black in some occasions. Some people have even commented on watching the colors of her hair and horns swirl around in mid-conversation before; giving her a peculiar look if Liu decides to let these attributes of her appearance have free-flow and move fluidly across her head. Additionally, it appears that Liu is to be able to control the extension of her hair as she can shorten or increase the length of it.

Furthermore, the physique of Liu is rather petite. Standing at five foot two and weighing no more than one hundred ten pounds, The Hell Guardian has an agile build going on. Preferring swiftness over being weighed down by mounds of fat, The Demoness is quiet flat-chested as well. Her stomach is quite lean and solid; as are most of the muscles across her frame. She also has razor-like teeth that mend well with her demonic appearance, though she is able to retract or extend them at will. The same concept applies to her fingertips as well, as she prefers to keep them at an average length and constantly paint her finger and toenails in assortments of black or red dyes; sometimes placing white arrows in them.

The structure of Liu's face also appears to be oriental in appearance if she were to be compared to one of the ethincy's of the human race. As well, the complexation of Liu's skin also seems to be alabaster in color. However, like other parts of her body, they to can change in tone. Somedays, Liu has a rich and milk pigment to her skin. While, on others, she has been noted as being as pale in color as a ghost. Liu simply believes her body is constantly flowing around these cycles of colors and is free to do as it pleases in terms of the constant shifting. Others can even feel -- a liquid like sensation when touching her skin for the first time before Liu adjust to the persons touch. This feeling is akin to placing your hand in a body of water and this further supports Liu's theory.

When it comes to her attire, usually Liu can be seen wearing a white dress that begins in a white hue that ends in a gray, red and black spade pattern at the edges of her dress; appearing as if they were arrowing pointing up and down judging from the perspective a person views it. This dress is also wrapped around her waistline with an upside-down blue bow; though sometimes it can morph in color from blue to, to red, to black and so forth. She also wears a pair of wooden sandals with purple straps in them. And, again, these to can easily shift in color at any given whim of The Demoness's. Lastly, usually there are some assortments of bracelets on any of her arms that are gold in color. It's worth noting that most of her clothing has been noted as being spiritually enhanced so it doesn't easily burn off in combat.

» Occupation/Affiliation: Currently, Liu has two heavy positions. One of the first is that she is the Guardian of The Second Layer of Hell. What this means is that she has justriation over The Underworld, which is what that portion of Hell is referred to. Under this job she is able to morph the realm to whatever shape or form she wishes, but opted not to as she simply observes and let's the land evolve on it's own. Presently, she is most likely the second least experianced Hell Guardian due to how lax her rule really is and lack of real laws in it.

The second occupation that Liu seems to hold is one in Shadow Fall as the Number Two Banshee. Being that most Banshee's are allowed free reign to do as they please under the rule of the Shadow Fall Thrones, it only made sense that she'd join anyway. After all, her body is a construct of The Demon World and it was too much for her to try out for being an actual Royal. Therefore, she took what was natural and decided to roll with it to see where fate would take her on this journey in SHadow Fall.

There are also rumors within Demon World that perhaps Liu is one of Mana Asthavon's spawn and has a position in the Asthavon Family based on the fact she was a representation of her rule. However, Liu has neither confirmed or denied this. Simply choosing to brush away from the question outright.

» Residence: Presently, Liu's official home is within The Underworld and it is dubbed "The Palace Of Sinners". This is because all those who enter Liu's layer of Hell usually come through the check-in station at this expansive mansion. It is roughly the size of a small planet itself and it is located near the edge of The Underworld and serves as the first spot where many of The Underworld's residents arrive for the first time in her Hell. Her familiar, Nizhaun, has numerous duplicates of herself reaching into the tens of millions that help manage and process the copious amounts of residents that enter into it.

They pass judgement on souls and determine if they should stay in her Hell, be released to different layers of Hell, become reincarnated as another spirit or sent back to their body if it wasn't their time to die yet. Usually, a replica of Liu or Liu herself can be found underneath the Palace of Sinners. It is where many records of Hell are stored, information about the surface world is observed and where Liu or her clone can overview the judgement of souls. Although, for the most part, Liu appears to simply shrug off this duty in favor of just letting them run among her realm by default

» Frequent Locations: Primarily, you can find Liu in most spots within Demon World or Hell. This is due to the fact that this is native home to her and she's been roaming these lands for quite some time trying to soak up the different experiences within these worlds. However, that doesn't mean she is restricted or exclusive to them. In fact, with Shadow Fall's continued interest in Earth and the war Khala waged against the Soul Society, Liu seems rather intrigued in what the other dimensions have to offer. She's always heard of her servants and inhabitants of hell talking about the surface world, so it's become of more attraction to explore it.


» Lax Nature & Potential For More:Liu is a pretty relaxed individual when compared to the more serious minded residents of Hell and her own demonic race in general. She often tries to not take things too seriously at times. This is because it just makes things in life over complicated, stressful and pretty boring. Liu wants to enjoy life as much as possible with little to no boredom. As a result -- this often leads to her shrugging off responsibilities when it comes to managing the Second Circle of Hell. But yet, at the same time, she'll make a fall-back plan in order to cover-up her laziness from others. One example is that she is not fond of tedious task. Trying to process, judge and otherwise review all of the complicated list, documents and reports with many of the tens, if not, hundreds of millions of spirits that come into her realm monthly is viable illustration of this at work.

To make work easier, she devised a system where herself and her Hell Beast were mass-produced in order to carry out judgements. In this way, Liu could slack off all she wants with no issues. And either Nizhaun, her Hell Beast, would take care of any conflicts within The Palace of Sinners. If she failed? The replicas of Nizhaun may finish the task. If that didn't work? The Hell Reapers that The Hell Demoness has started to recently hire to help her enforce these wills of Hell. If all else doesn't pan out, she placed a final overseer in the form of her own cloned replica.

And while she is no "hidden" genius or anything cliche like that, Liu does have slightly above average intelligence for a Demon. Nizhaun believes that if Liu just applied herself more often she could very well enlighten herself and expand her mind to be a more fearsome Hell Demon. Often times, when Liu starts to sit down and try to do a complex task, she has noticed that she can perform them, but her mind starts to hurt. In going through this process? She grows increasingly more displeased with these task if they bore her. A hard example of this is when it comes to trying to pass judgement on a sample size of just few million souls in The Palace Of Sinners. Liu commented that her mind started to ache a bit. This is because the vast repetitiveness of the job was quite -- dull. And since it was so uninteresting, she didn't want to continue doing that complicated task. As, in her own words, it had been because it was "soul draining".

However, when a topic is able to hold the interest of The Demoness, she may stop at nothing in order to broaden her perspective. The apathy is broken, her mind is in full gear and she'll attempt to decipher all there is to know about the subject. An illustration of this commitment would be when Liu discovered the art of dancing. Liu analyzed all of the steps it took to become a proficient dancer. By watching how the best moves and shakers bodies flow, she took hints from their body's movement. Following that up with a bit of mental work, she studied their written books that gave advice on how to fluidly move one's body. This caused her to put in place that knowledge into practice and experiment on flow.

Hence, through trial and error, she did her best effort to diligently brush up on her dance skills. Until one day she became quite the skilled dancer through observation, studying and dedication. It all paid off, to her, when Liu's dance skills had become quite commendable in nature. This is why Nizhaun, and subconsciously, even Liu herself, believes if she had a harder work ethic that her layer of Hell would work more efficiently. Thus, their rank as Hell Demon's would go up and Liu herself may be stronger or wiser. Provided -- the subject amused her. However, as Nizhaun herself stated, it's going to take dedication and Liu is lazily taking her time studying the world. Liu is quite knowledgeable, yes, but in the end it could be so much more if not for this lethargy and lack of interest.

» Introspective: N/A

» Observer: N/A

» Talkative: Liu is noted as being quite the talkative demon by most of her other peers within Hell and Demon World alike. Friend or foe, lover or enemy, angel or demon; she'll strike up a conversation with anyone for the sake conversation. In doing so Liu has found that it can lead to quite the interesting occurrences happening. If you chat it up with people from all walks of life, you'll discover more about yourself, the world you live in and gain a better understanding of life in general. Even if it results in disappointment, mistrust or someone you just plain hate being added to the ranks of your life's experiences -- it still was something to take away. If there weren't any risk associated with extending your heart out to others -- then what point would there be in trying to grasp a relationship in the first place? It would be a hollow victory and nothing more to The Hell Demon. So through her gift of gab, she goes through the motions of chit-chat to find these people that are doors to her own progression.

This makes her quite the friendly demoness as a result. More chummy than many of her demonic counterparts -- that is for sure! Some say she talks to much, others say she is far too friendly; but Liu feels alright with this aspect of herself because it opens the door of more exploration to be found. It's why through all of this social experience she's ingested, Liu can be quite the charismatic indivdual. She exudes confidence, breathes in positivity and never stutters or strays away from her words. When has something important to say, she will not speak over the person, but rather speak her words with conviction. She stands tall and steady in her stance, keeping her body grounded like a rock even when faced with the unknown. In this way, others can be drawn to Liu like a magnet as she gives in what she gets back. She knows how to make a person feel special, show them their own worth and in turn -- the world gives her a wealth of experience. This is why she engages in others, keeps herself immensely versatile in many social situations and puts it all out for their people to see and feel.

It is why Liu rarely ever tells a lie, as to be charamstic requires one to be honest. Nobody likes a sheep; a person who sucks up to another and are afraid to give honest opinions. So Liu tries to think, but not spend all of that time in her mind. The delicate balance between being too bold and too inward is a game that is constantly played within the Hell Demon's mind. And while she isn't too fond of offending people, as she tends to stick to her guns and give her viewpoint without making someone feel horrid about themselves if possible. By being this keenly in touch with the emotions of herself and others, Liu feels she has nothing to fear but fear itself. She is not afraid to feel fear, to experience the fiery rage of anger, the stabbing piercing of pain, the numb sensation of sadness, the soaring heights of elation and the expansion of her own emotional spectrum is one she takes great pleasure in immersing herself in. Laughing, smiling, frowning, crying; all are equal faces to show to the world and she wears them with great pride in herself.

» Creative Mind: Liu has quite the interest in the creative arts and culture. Things like the performing arts, films, visual arts, music or writing come to mind. In these subjects? The Hell Demon's mind grows quite stimulated and thus finds great pleasure in indulging in the arts. This is most likely because of her liberated state of being. Liu just assumes that her mind is more an abstract work of art then something hard in logic. It would explain at times why she tends to avoid the objective versus the subjective as well. Nevertheless, her interest runs deep with them.

During her free time, for example, Liu is known to brainstorm with Nizhaun. Together? They like to make catalogs of books about their life's experiences. Usually they'll write about the people they meet, the nutty circumstances they live through as overseers of hell and the things they learn in the process. Although, they also like to mesh together their own worlds and dabble into a bit of non-fiction at times as well. Thus, the overall style of Liu and Nizhaun's tends to be quite actiony, expressive and introspective. They make quite the pair of collaborative writers. Each of them spread their tales throughout Demon World and Hell in a series of adventure-themed titles.

Outside of writing, other things that Liu finds interesting when it comes to the creative arts is going to different sorts of festivals, museums or shows. To her? It's always interesting to see how other cultures live their lives on their free time. It's amusing to see how different people may think, to see what conclusions they come to or what comes of their traditions. And to better understand them, The Demoness took it a step further. Liu decided of her own will to begin learning the otherworldly languages of Demon World. It took a few decades, but Liu considers herself to be quite understanding of the many languages used in Hell and Demon World. Simultaneously, Liu was also trying to understand other human languages. The human tongue is quite the common language throughout the known realms, so Liu has made herself fluent in English, Chinese and Japanese. Most of the other languages in the world, however, are very spotty for her.

Nevertheless, on the subject of human's, they have greatly entertained Liu over the years. Based on the legends she heard of them, Liu actually respects them more than her demonic counterparts. Watching the progression of that race is quite charming to her. To believe a baractivc civilization turn itself into a cultivated and advanced society is baffling to her. It is one of the main reasons Liu finds humans pretty interesting to explore. In her mind? For a bunch of hairless apes, they sure managed to make a place for themselves in the world. It's why she hopes to visit the surface world soon. This is so that she can get a taste of this nature herself. Li wants to do this in order to gain her own personal experiences with these creatures. Rather than judging them based what she has seen or read in a book or documentary, it's more beneficial to gain her own viewpoint. So Earth is of great attraction to the little devil girl.

Like a song pulling on the strings of a persons heart, Liu finds herself captivated by it. Thus, on the note of music? Liu's gerne library is very large. Underneath The Palace of Spirits, Liu has an expansive collection of music to listen to. Everything ranging from experimental, rock, metal, electronica, folk, ambient, blues and anything else you can name off may very well live there. Liu estimates that her musical library most likely expands to the hundreds of thousands. Meaning -- she generally has something new to listen to everyday. By making her musical center so vast, that keeps her interest going in experiencing new forms of music. She is a centuries old demon, so Liu assumes she'll have all the time in the world for it. Many demon's live to be tens of thousands of years old, so Liu wants to digest the different sounds of music there is in the universe in that time. Liu even estimates there are some genres she hasn't even comprehended, yet are deeper in that list.

Plus, to further expand the universe of music, Liu has even taken up to learning various instruments. She finds herself being somewhat proficient when it comes to tools like the keyboard, saxaphone or even forming melodies with her mind. However, she finds the experience of taking up the guitar and letting her voice flow out to the world to be FAR more enjoyable. Thus she is MUCH more gifted with the guitar and her singing voice. This is because she is able to pour out her heart, soul and emotions into the lyrics and tunes that she is able to produce with her creative mind. Specifically, Liu specializes in metal and progressive metal tracks; but isn't limited to them.

Overall, if there is something to do with creativity, Liu will generally find herself less bored with it. This, in turn, causes the demon to attempt to throw her mind to work. Breaking the shackles of her sloth-like nature, she'll mesh out wonderful projects for the world to indulge in.

» Amusement Seeker: If there is one thing that Liu doesn't like to be -- it's being bored. Boredom is most likely the bane of Liu's existence and she has gone through great lengths to avoid it at times. For instance, if Liu was in a conversation with someone and she started to lose interest in the topic they were talking about? Well -- she'd straight up just leave them sitting in the dust after mid-sentence and seek to find amusement somewhere else. Liu is known for having quite the short attention span for task, people, battles and anything else in life that she just doesn't find interesting. This aspect of her personality is also why The Demoness believes this is one factor in why she finds exploration and the creative arts so entertaining. Stimulation of her mind is very important.

If she were left to her own devices and there wasn't anything intriguing in sight -- she'd make something happen. An example of this would be that she is often known for randomly utilizing her powers to see "what would happen" if various constructs, people or objects in her environment were "liberated" by her powers. One such incident would be when she made use of her "liberation" based powers and dissolved gravity around a lake. "Freeing" the law of gravity from the liquid embodiment, she'd keep track of the fluid's journey into space and document what would happen to it through Nizhaun's assistance. Everything from how far it went into space, what objects it encountered and how long before it was ultimately destroyed or found a new planet to call home.

So as a person can tell, it's very imperative that Liu reframes from being disinterested in things. It can lead bouts of laziness, feats of fancy and crazed incidents for all those around her at worse. This has often even made it difficult for her to befriend most in Hell. This is because most often know her as The Ruler of The Underworld and thus they usually have the same story of pleading with her to escape. Hearing this day in and day after so many centuries had made her grow dull of the inhabitants there. Never once did someone just say they wanted to hang out with her, show the demoness a little trick or at the very least provide an amusing tale. It's always the same story of begging, threatening or trying to manipulate their way back to the surface world and it grows tedious to deal with.

Which is why when she finds someone interesting among the crowds of dull spirits -- Liu will often reward them for curing her boredom. Give Liu something to be passionate about and she may try to befriend, shower them with gifts or often try to do favors for them. That's just her way of giving back to the universe for livening her "spirit" and saving it from the "Death of boredom". You put in what you give in is what Liu assumes and she wants to give a lot. Everything she does is nearly for the sake of spitting boredom.

» Night Terrors: Liu is known to have many sorts of night terrors when she lies her head down to sleep. Nizhaun is usually there to comfort her when these outburst occur. When trying to care for her master, she has told Liu these worrying things. One thing that bothered The Hell Beast was her tears. Nizhaun noticed Liu may commonly begin to sob in her sleep. It then snowballs into mutter out for "mother" and "Father. From there it morphs and her body starts tremble, shake and quiver while in slumber.

Sometimes, she'll even wake up in a hot sweat. As if something terrible had just happened. Akin to being stabbed in the heart, a great sense of dread oozes into Liu. Then, like a cloud of smoke, it dissipates. And when it is absolved? She'll feel incredibly saddened before her mind gradually shifts back to her usual persona. Being that Liu assumes she has no parents, The Demoness and Nizhaun both just chalk it up to their mind playing tricks with Liu. As to them? They assume they were simply created from the ashes of hell.

However, the truth behind the matter is that parts of Soca's subconscious thoughts are still within Liu. These damaged and shattered fragments come to the surface during slumber when Liu's mind isn't active. And like a bad loop, they constantly replay those terrifying and sorrow filled last moments at night. Those haunting minutes of the former Demon's life are deeply rooted. And thus, cause Liu to undergo these strange night terrors.



What were the early years like? Well, they were a rather peaceful time for the little demon child. Being born and raised in a small village within the outlands of the Central Demon Nation, Liu, formerly named "Soca Atma" (Meaning Wondering Soul in Hindu), Soca was a rather content child. She was birthed into the care of two cautious parent: the mother went by the name "Dara", while the father was named "Daya". With the two of them together? Fear and compassion was brought into the world. The origins of Dara often tied into worry in the Hindu language, while Daya was revered as the art of kindness. It is under this structure that the two kept Soca quite the sheltered child during her upbringing. They taught her how to read, write, talk and all the early development a child goes through. But -- rarely would they let her experience the world.

Keeping her imprisoned in quite the bubble, Soca was left to always observe the world from inside a steel cage. The only warmth she understood in this life was the safety, protection and terror implanted within her heart from mother and father. While Soca was quite fond of her parents and felt extremely dependent on them for her survival, she often wanted to just -- explore. Yet -- her parents described Demon World as a murderous placed. One where a spirit can be easily turned into a slave, kidnapped into the abyss and or left on the side of the road as a corpse. They scolded her when she tried to leave their ever-increasing compound of a house. Beating her and then telling the child it was for her own good, placing barriers to prevent her from wandering from the property and forcing her into solitary confinement left quite the impression on the child.

During this time, she was left with nothing to do but reflect inward on herself or outward towards the world. Always observing the scenery from a distance; this was a striking memory in Soca's mind as she could only witness life from afar. As the years progressed, Daya and Dara started to increasingly take their will to live up their powers attributes more as their personalities became further intermixed. Out of worried concern for their daughter, their home soon reflected an actual prison meant to block out the world. With only them and their offspring -- this was suppose to create the perfect sanctuary -- but nothing in life is that safe. Especially not in a place like demon world.

While Soca grew increasingly withdrawn into herself, she was left with no choice but to explore the inner confines of her mind and spirit. In doing so -- something was triggered. After going into a catatonic state to detach herself from this reality, a lever was pulled within The Demoness's blood. Unknown to the parents at the time, the blood within Dara's family lineage had tendency to produce the potential for Rakshasa's to be born every few centuries. Well, being that it had been unannounced for so many years, the atavism of the Hell Demon had awakened within Soca -- and this had been no random or freak accident.

Deep within the pits of hell, The Demon Queen known as Mana Asthavon was called to deal with the dilemma of the former Hell Guardian of the 2nd Layer of Hades dying off. Being that most Rakshasa's from the second layer of Hell reflected the current state of Demon World, the former Hell Guardian known as "Mazabuta Hoga" (Strong Will in Hindu) needed a successor from the Capital Country. The problem was -- this race was an anomaly. Out of the tens of billions of demon's that are born, not even one percent of them are able to be suitable candidates to be Hell Guardians. Therefore, they spent many years searching for a trace of Rakshasa blood within the Mainland -- until they found it inside of Soca at the age of eight.

In this lucid state of mind Soca was placed under by her parents upbringing, a mental connection was placed between Mazabuta and Soca due to her consciousness being so unhinged at the time. In doing so, Mazabuta, reluctantly, disclosed the location her location to the new regime in charge of Demon World. Due to the fact that the ramifications of NOT having a Hell Guardian for this dimension of Hell were worse than ruining the life of an innocent child, Mazabuta was forced with the morale dilemma of saving unforetold lives versus a single life.

If there was no one else to take the throne of the 2nd Guardian, then the very fabric of Hell would be destabilized. If allowed to take full coarse, then Hell itself risked imploding and causing a spatial distortion throughout the known realms that would cause a catastrophic event the likes of which no soul had ever seen. Thus...Soca was a suitable sacrifice as a last testament to the former Queen's will. It is what she would have wanted to keep the order of things and she would live true to that order to the very last breathe taken from Mazabuta while her body was still a separate entity.

Thus, there was no going back for the then Sinfall. Orders were received, guns loaded and the organized the military of the Central Capital went to apprehend Soca from her parents. They destroyed the very dome that Dara and Daya had spent so much time constructing rather easily. Of course there was resistance from the two, as they fought hundreds of thousands of demon's for many hours. Yet -- their strength was not infinite. After falling prey to the might of The Demon Queen, Soca's mother and father were beheaded by The Queen.

And in that time? Soca was helpless to stop. Being held within a mental embrace of Mazabuta, the distressed child tried crying out to her parents with all of her might, but even in it's dying the state, the former Hell Guardian proved too much for her to escape. Thus, she was rendered helpless to do anything else but watch as her body laid stiff on the floor; but mind filled with the burning sorrow of a frightened child.

Once the deed was done, Mana had sent for the 665th Rakshasa to instate the child as one of the Hell Guardians promptly and burn down the place post-haste. Pleading, Soca said she wanted to be rid of this outcome. Yes, she screamed out in her head to be freed of this trauma and have another chance at life. This wasn't happening, it couldn't happen and the impact of the real world outside of those walls couldn't be the truth.

So, as Mazabuta heard the child's pleas, the final act of her life would be to infuse the the will of herself into Soca. If the child yearned for freedom from these memories? That was the wish which would be granted. All eight years of her life would be eradicated, but the foundation of a new persona was laid out. The will of Mazabuta would keep a steady mental health for the newborn Rakshasa, the fear of her mother turned into the bridge meant to absolve the world's harshness and allow her to be carefree and the strength stemmed from compassion out of her father birthed quite the understanding and patient person. Together with the lust for freedom, the introspection of self and curious wonder of the world developed by Soca: the psyche of Liu Tounao would be founded on the crux of this terrible tragedy.

And so, as Ravan gave superstition of the 2nd Layer of Hell to Soca, the instant they arrived back into The Underworld -- Liu was born. Taking knowledge of the Chinese Language from leftover memories of Mazabuta, the nameless Rakasha arose from the dirt of Hell and uttered out her name to the heavens: "Liu...Touano....Flow....Mind"

Early Years

Present Day



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Sin/Deveta/Unique Abilities:

Liberation Flux:Among Hell Demon's, the portion of death which Liu deception is rather bizarre. Liberation Flux is often considered to be one thing: freedom. Although most see Death as the end all of things, the Aspect of Death in which Liu represents deals with the freeing of the soul. For without a body to entrap the spirit in, a person is granted the ultimate form of liberation by being free'd into Hell and being granted a limitless body. Death can be the freedom from pain for others, the liberation of enlighten for some or the salvation of their religion for many.

Furthermore, this origin is further tethered into her dominion over the Underworld as apart of Mana's own liberation of Demonkind over the years. From how The Asthavon Family has morphed Demon World, their rule can be considered as loosening up and liberating demons from their once resective and withheld existence under the rule of their former Queen of Demons. Thus, Liberation Flux also represents the embodiment of her persona as a Hell Demon as the figurehead for this movement that had occurred throughout the centuries within Demon World following Mana Asthavon's rule to power.

No matter how you splice it, however, Liu firmly holds the belief that Death is considered a release of freedom and that is what her power enforces. Liberation Flux's power allows Liu to absolve the attachments on a given object, the space within the environment around her and even on sentient beings to an extent. This process is done by summoning small to vast quantities of energy from within herself. And then, by using that as a medium, Liu can invoke a wide array of effects on herself or the world around her based on her knowledge of how the world works.

For example, Liu can simulate zero gravity within a perimeter of two hundred meters with relative ease by absolving the construct of "Gravity" at the cost of diminishing some of her energy reserves. It can often be noted as going into effect, when on the offensive or defensive, because there will usually be a red glow emitting from herself or the energy in question. Thus, in this illustration of her ability, a reddened glow may have flashed over the area before gradually fading off to mark the summoning of this power.

Additionally, most of the effects given from Liberation Flux can be considered as temporary in nature; unless a high volume of energy was put into the attack. So, in this case, the zero gravity effect within the two hundred meter range could more than likely last for two to three post before it fizzled out. This is because the more power she puts into Liberation Flux, the more potent the effect will become. It also means that the range in which this power works can be anywhere from close to long ranged combat depending on how far, wide or massive she can contort, shape or send her energy in.

Granted, she prefers to fight close to mid-range because it is less taxing on her. This is due to the fact that making too many complex or massive functions with Liberation Flux can be exhausting on her mind and body. This is because she also needs to mentally make the calculations needed to ensure Liberation Flux is put into application correctly. Which is why it can also be limited to her knowledge of the world, endurance of her body to endure its gargantuan potential and how long she can tolerate the focus to make her estimates for Liberation Flux.

More than that, she often only tries to use 2-4 functions of Liberation Flux per post to further keep her body in a stable state. This is because performing too many judgements at once with Liberation Flux can cause Liu to crash out, deactivate the power and become unable to use the power for two to four post if she goes overboard. It can also be somewhat harder to use as her health is brought down over the fight; as the injuries inflicted on her at that point may interfere with her attention on crafting accurate computations with her ability. So they may lower in potency or overall become dangerous and unstable to use for both herself and the opponent.

As when Liu is in full and complete health, Liberation Flux often does not affect her. However, due to the fact that this power takes a mass amount of discipline, energy and attention to keep in check; the more her body becomes damaged during the fight, the higher the chance of Liberation Flux backfiring on Liu becomes. For instance, going back to the Zero Gravity Illustration once more, if she were in a critically injured state; there is a good chance the power could backfire, enforce Zero Gravity on the space around Liu's body and potentially send her flinging into an attack; or possibly straight into orbit to be crushed by a space rock or the sun itself if she failed to regain control.

So there are risks associated with this fearsome ability. So it is up to Liu to find a balance between it all and manage the capacities in which Liberation Flux holds within its grasp. Since with great power comes great responsibility as a wise man once said.

With all of these facts on the table, more applications of this power can be listed below:


» Detached Durability: [PASSIVE DEFENSE] Liberating Flux is constantly emitting itself within or around Liu in some form or fashion. So, throughout the years, her body has adjusted and gained a unique ability from it. Right off the bat, Liu's body is capable of cushioning the effects of most attacks; if not outright stopping if them should they not prove durable enough to bypass her power. Why is this? Liu has marked her body in numerous seals associated with Liberation Flux that hold the constructs of physical and metaphysical based offensives within their memory. These seals take energy from Za Koa and can go into effect to, say, reduce the potency of damage from a straight-forward punch by absolving portions of its kinetic energy in half; depending on the difference in strength between the forces. Or, against a magical attack, Liu is capable of reducing the potency of a spell by detaching the volume of energy associated with the incantation in question to either weaken it or outright overpower it if the difference in power is great.

What's more, since Liberating Flux tends to influence the environment around her or within her, it is possible for most attacks that are generated from Liu to have this same type of durability. Liu's body will produce microscopic seals to be infused into her attacks and they'll naturally have this defense to heighten the chances of her assaults making their mark and not being destroyed, negated or dispelled easily by other opponents. This same type of defense, by association, can also apply to any sort of equipment or weapon Liu has within the perimeters of Liberation Flux's power. Even going as far as to place Detached Durability on her allies if she so sees fit.


World Flux: This is often considered the crux of Liberation Flux. This deals in the offensive application of that this power has. Thus, the manipulation of the environment around Liu comes into play at this point. Before we get into the nitty gritty, some rules have to be established first. Hence, the range in which this ability has influence is often around a range which can encompass Liu's body, all the way to expanding to roughly a mile in intense situations. Second, most of the limitations up until this point still apply to World Flux from the Liberation Flux power. (Please scroll up)

Now, having established that, World Flux utilizes Liu's demonic energy and harnesses it as a medium to induce her concept upon the world. With each sacrifice of energy she gives, the more she can influence the world around her. For example: with a small volume of energy, Liu can produce an effect that results in the cutting power of a swords slash being dissolved to the point of it being no more effective than a stab given by a butter knife. Or, in terms of something more devilish, Liu could attempt to engulf a body part such as her hand in the aura of Liberation Flux. This would produce a red miasma, that, if touched, could induce corrosive effects. Such as if she tapped the amount and tried to dissolve the flesh and bone around them.

On the more complex end, the diffusing effects of Liu's power could result in tampering of more intricate bounds. A demonstration of this could be the production of a special demonic spell which could otherwise evaporate the potential of an opponent. So, say she wanted to target their defenses. Liu would then direct the energies of Liberation Flux to their defensive attributes and attempt to vaporize them until they are dissipated to the air in the form of a white mist. Or, she could attempt to deplete the amount of oxygen within a one hundred meter radius in order to choke an opponent to death.

Having said that, this isn't something that can be used on a whim. Since, as stated before, Liu needs to be direct and as assured as possible that her abilities will work on the opponent. Otherwise, she will be wasting mental resources, her supply of energy and the 2-4 alterations of Liberation Flux is she is allotted per post. And due to the fact that this is a heavy power, that would be rather unwise to otherwise utilize needlessly. It is also possible to visibly see the energy as it often leaves some kind of crimson red aura in its wake. So, the foe could begin to tell what areas are or aren't effected if they see it enough times.

  • Term Flux: This is a sub-ability and almost represents a form of technique for World Flux. What Term Flux does is rather simple: it applies a direct means of application for World Flux in the form of incantation. Therefore, whatever Liu is able to discern with her mind or eye she could form a means of demonic magic to cause an effect on it through Term Flux. An instance of this occurring would be that if she were able to perceive a powerful barrier, Liu could otherwise attempt to dissolve by spouting something like this: "Term Flux: Dissolve That Barrier" After uttering those words, in this scenario the energies of World Flux would become active and the opponent would see something akin to a blood red light beginning to devour their shield.

    However, this to has its limitations. For instance, there is the possibility that the opponent could turn the tides on Liu by using wordplay against her. An example of this is if she had ended up getting an attribute wrong from the element, the opponent could correct her and reduce or negate its effects depending on the situation. Such as if she attempted to reduce demonic energy of a persons attack, only to find out they were using pure negative energy to empower it and thus they could avoid it.

    Another limitation associated with this power is that she hags to clearly state the effect out loud for this instance of World Flux to be activated. Therefore, she loses the element of surprise as opposed to the alternative method of activating this ability in World Flux. As there may be situations where calling out your attack just simply isn't ideal. Imagine if there were many intricate complexities to an attack and how fast you'd probably have to speak them. It can get pretty mind-numbing.

    And, lastly, that comes to a final point: she has to be as precise as possible when dealing with words. As, just like the constant wish trope goes, one slip up could result in something backfiring or being used against her. Thus, she needs to word things carefully or she could end sucking up a ton of un-needed power or disrupting she should not have.


Ascension Burst: This is a rather unique form of defense. By evaporating the dimensional layers of the space occupying her energy that is influenced by Liberation Flux, Liu is capable of creating a unique form of protection that absolves most types of energy from the objects it touches into a higher dimension. For instance, one way Liu would utilize this technique is that she could produce a burst of red light that would take the shape of wall that is ten meters tall and ten meters wide. From there, she would mentally command the layer to move and attempt to suck attacks ranging from the physical, spiritual and magical levels into this ascended plane of existence. In the process, she is capable of releasing the constructs of energy associated with these attacks.

So if a cero happened to be in the way if this defense, they may find it being dissolving into thin air if this light touches it when it comes to energized constructs. Granted, if its full effect isn't realized, there is usually at least a great chance of it being weakened by weakening the volume of energy behind the attack. Or, in another illustration, if a hand-to-hand fighter attempted creating a heavy hitting blow against Liu, she could attempt to form a barrier around her body in order to dissipate the kinetic force behind the opponents strike to render it negated; or at least lessened in impact against her. Much of the same could even spoken of against mental attacks of the mind; as it is possible for ascension burst to operate on the metaphysical level and break the connection between Liu and the person attacking her psyche.

In circumstances where the opponent maintains prolonged contact, or she keeps Ascension Burst active on some portion of their body, Liu is even capable of draining the life from the opponent. This is because it will eventually melt away a persons life energy (spiritual being or not) and begin to disperse the persons very body over a duration of time equal to one to five post. In general, a person who is stronger than Liu or on par with her strength she'll have a harder time dissipating their energy; so they'll often suffer effects associated with general weakness, fatigue, bodily pain and overall lowering of their health or fainting over that duration. Whereas, if someone was weaker than her, the odds are more tipped in her favor of accelerating these attributes and causing critical to life threatening effects on her opponent. Boosting with each tier and sub-tier the person is lower than Liu on.

The primary limitation of this ability, however, is that she often switches her entire fighting style, in terms of Liberation Flux's functions, to a defensive state when this occurs. So it is possible for her to utilize an offensive demon spell at the same time because that is a natural demon affinity, but she'd be unable to utilize any attribute of Liberation Flux that was not passive. Additionally, as with all heavy moves, it will also generally take up a decent sum of energy to utilize hardcore feats of this power. And, in general, it has most of the drawbacks associated with Liberation Flux's power outlined earlier.


Flux Discharge: This can be described as the process of Liu releasing the limitations of her body. Liberation Flux's nature is to otherwise release and free various constructs through Liu's energy being utilized as a medium to enforce these effects. So, it stands to reason that Liu does have the capacity to govern the same effects on her body. By turning its power inward toward herself, Liu can direct her energy through a series of channeled pathways marked with specialized seals in her body to augment her potential. Henceforth, Flux Discharge was devised as a means to enhance her bodily attributes.

Most of the Discharge States will last anywhere from one to six post depending on how intensive the augmentation is, the volume of energy put behind it and how much Liu can endure the strain of her potential being bolstered to such high levels. And, following these states, there can be anywhere from a 1-6 post cooldown for each different function of Flux Discharge. Furthermore, in order not to burden herself, Liu broke this power off into different functions to both her physical and metaphysical abilities. Listed below are the different techniques that are associated with Flux Discharge.

Flux Discharge - Inner Body Release: For instance, with the seals tethered together around her muscles, Liu can inject her energy into them and release the capacity of her physical limitations in order to augment her strength to higher levels. This can lead to her speed , stamina and strength being augmented because her body's restrictions were otherwise free'd by Liberation Flux's nature to release constructs and allowing her a greater natural power. So, it can also be assumed that any organ influenced by Inner Body Release can be bolstered as well. Leading to her general senses, reaction time, cogntive functions and other internal tasks of the body being able to be augmented by Inner Body Release.

Generally, this augmentation can last anywhere from one post to fifteen post. The least intensive the volume of energy is, the longer this augmentation can generally last. This is because there comes a certain point before Liu's body is unable to deal with the strain of Liberation Flux's enhancement prowess. As, at its max, it is capable of boosting Liu's strength, durability and speed by one skill level for three to six post depending on the quantities of energy used; but it will leave her sorely drained, somewhat injured and unable to use Inner Body Release for eight post following. The damage done to her body can be related anywhere to broken bones, ruptured organs, internal bleeding, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, temporary blindness, coma and even death is this ability is abused and taken too far.

Additionally, when taken to the extreme, Liu's body itself can also be noted as going through outward changes. When there is a slight augmentation done to herself, Liu will generate a faint red glow around her body. The more she increases the volume of energy needed to utilize Inner Release, the more intense this aura will become until its almost flame like. When pressed to a more moderate area, bursts of red bio-electricity will spark around her body; which, in itself, can be used as a means of offensive and defensive measures. Finally, when in her extreme and peak states, she'll often have her skin begin to turn red and many sorts of veins will bulge around her body; with a secondary outer flare of white energy on the edges of her spiritual aura.

Flux Discharge - Outer Body Release: Now, as one might assume, Outer Release deals with augmentations of the external caliber. Therefore, the primary focus here deals more with enriching the qualities of Liu's energy itself at the cost of lowering the quantity of it. In other words, when Flux Discharge shifts to Outer Release, the potency of Liberty Flux is greatly heightened. Which is why, in general, she often likes to utilize both inner and outer release for the best effect. It can increase the strength of her attacks, the durability of her abilities related to energy, burden the range of her offensive and defensive capacities and overall make her more of a headache to deal with when it comes to the art of metaphysical battle.

Granted, this still comes with similar bodily side effects as Inner Release. And, it comes with a new drawback of causing internal conflict with Liu's mind. She has described suffering massive cluster headaches that tamper with her mental focus when pushing herself too hard with Outer Release. This, in turn, forces her to ease up on the augmentations or outright cease them all together. And, much like Inner Release, Flux Discharge can last anywhere from one to fifteen post depending on how extensive the volume of energy is with its summoning. Outer Release also has the same cooldown function as Inner Release does as well.

Flux Discharge - Mystic Liberation: What is Mystic Liberation? Mystic Liberation is the more mental aspect of Flux Discharge. Essentially, it helps to otherwise clear up varying mental fogs within Liu's mind during combat (or even social) in order to help bring wonderful ideas to the table. It is broken up into: Desire Release, Focal Release, Sting Release and Acumen Release. These represent determination, focus, pain tolerance and intelligence all with their own unique elements to bring to the table. Therefore, their abilities will be listed below in order to better understand how each different attribute is used in thread:

Mystic Liberation - Desire Release: Desire Release focuses primarily on releasing the utmost of Liu's willpower, resolve and determination. Therefore, when this internal gate is unrestricted, Liu can possess high amounts of will that can result in her pushing the abilities of her body and powers to the sheer max of their limits and beyond. This is because the supernatural conditioning of her body will have responded to her desires and internally feed off that determination as a secondary source of power. As a result, she can lessen cooldowns, extend duration's of forms and double the potency of most of her attacks by two times.

With something this potent, however, there are always drawbacks and limitations. One of the first is that this is often only kept up for around three to six post before it most be deactivated with a three post cool down. Additionally, this can eventually begin to place mental strained if used constantly and repetitively utilized in the effort to push pass her limits. It would be similar to having a massive cluster headache overwhelm every part of your body. And lastly, this ability is relatively hard to perform when her energy reserves are low because her body won't enough resources to perform this feat without nasty side effects akin to broken bones, vomiting, dizziness and so on.

Mystic Liberation - Sting Release: Sting Release is centered more so around the pain tolerance of Liu. Henceforth, after this mental gate is released, the threshold for pain that Liu can tolerate will often go above one skill level for a duration of five to seven post. Liu's body will absorb the mental energy from her mind, convert it into a tangible source of power and utilize it as a supporting source of energy to invoke these changes within her body. So, this source of power also acts as a buffing of her durability to an extent since she can take much more of a beating than before. Leading to greater endurance when it comes to a battle as it will be harder to produce stopping power that takes her down.

But, alas, there are always limitations to such abilities. Much like Desire Release, it has a set time limit in which its effects can last. So, to repeat, that limit is five to seven post. Adding on to that, the more mental energy she draws, the more depleted her brain can become. This can then lead to increased mental strain in terms of the resources being pulled for her other abilities, difficulty concentrating and so on. Lastly, the biggest drawback is that the pain suppression becomes so intense that she may or may not notice any major blows done to her. For example, she can be walking around with a gaping hole in her stomach, but the adrenaline and pain masking can otherwise make her ignore it until the duration this ability is active expires.

Mystic Liberation - Focal Release: Coming down to Focal Release, this mental gate represents her calmness and focus in combat or in social settings. Thus, when this is unrestricted, the attention to detail and thought become abnormally complex for the hell demon. Her mind slows, body becomes synchronizes and she achieves pure placidity. Everything is balanced and right in the world and she can focus beyond what the mind can see.

Henceforth, the abilities that come with Focal Release are often those of utter stillness and reserve in even the most chaotic and distracting of situations. Liu's concentrate reaches peak levels and her powers respond by becoming increasingly more intricate, complex and well designed than before. Her tactics become harder to follow, train of thought becomes more abstract and she enters into a whole new zone of battle.

Although, as you know, something like this wouldn't come without its fair share of faults. One of the first is that it will often take up huge sums of mental energy from the girl. When this occurs, after the ability deactivates, her mind will become dulled and she'll suffer a headache if abused too often. Furthermore, it is an active period of five to ten post before it deactivates for at least five post or so. And lastly, a nauseating feeling will mull about her body and make her feel sick. This sensation would be similar to studying for twelve hours straight with no breaks and feeling ill because of the intense amount of mental energy you put into the task of research.

Mystic Liberation - Acumen Release: Finally, you have the Acumen Release. This release focuses more so on her capacity to learn new things. Therefore, when this is active, Liu has a strong knack to pick up on subtle things in her environment. She can have an increase in deduction in order to better analyze attacks, observe attack patterns and otherwise come up with better methods to further evolve her powers. As during this state is when more experimental capacities of her abilities can be unlocked. Many of her ideas, calculation, reasoning, analytical and memory reach their peak and she is essentially in her A-Game of thought.

Nonetheless, this still suffers the same drawbacks as her other abilities of Mystic Liberation. One of the first is that it often takes away mental energy. So, when the ability deactivates, her mind will often face a form of mental blurring and become sluggish in terms of thought. Additionally, this burst lasts anywhere from five to eleven post before needing a six post cool down before being used again. Lastly, after coming down, Liu will feel a sense of dread as she doesn't like entering into that realm of deep thought too often because it unveils too much about herself. As in, she discovers portions of her persona and memories long last that disturb and unnerve her. Hence, she usually saves this ability if she needs to outsmart an opponent at all cost.

Flux Discharge - Unified Release: This enhancement technique of Flux Discharge is less based around augmenting Liu's own strength as opposed to bolstering the potential of others around her. If Liu is able to influence a body that falls under Liberation Flux's grip while in Unified Release, does hold the power to begin enhancing their overall energy potency, bodily traits and overall mental capacity. Granted, the quality of it drops to an extent the more allies she influences with it, but they'll generally notice anywhere from a twenty to seventy percent boost depending on the volume of energy used from Liu, the number of people that are under her influence and the amount of attention Liu can give them. These augmented states can last anywhere from one to ten post based around the same constraints and limitations as Flux Discharge and Liberation Flux as well; much of the same being applied to their cooldown as well.


» Unshackled Speed: Strength, power and elasticity are some of the common traits of the muscles within Liu's body. No matter what tier she lands on, her body would be naturally inclined to lean towards being a swift, agile and nimble opponent. Primarily, however, the gluteus, quadriceps and hamstring muscles are the ones which are the most ridiculously enhanced. And together with her strong abdominal core, the essence of Liu's body is designed for sprints. This allows for superb and high paced movement in short burst. While some foes may be able to outrun Liu in the long-run when it comes to endurance, Liu's speed is more geared towards intense burst of velocity.

Without any supernatural augmentations or buffs, this Hell Demon is perfectly able to keep up with shunpo, soindo and even limited burst of Chaos Warp in terms of comparing how fast paced her explosions of speed can become. Therefore, she uses this to her advantage because she is a relatively hard foe to otherwise catch when she begins to intermix this element with her other racial and supernatural powers. Additionally, this also isn't to say she is terrible at keeping her speed up for long duration's, but to say she is primarily talented in short-distance running. This is primarily because the amount of oxygen that Liu requires is little to none in sustaining the momentum. She simply cannot go at her absurdly fast speeds for long-distance or she'll simply burn her body out and face injury.

» Loosened Stamina: The body of Liu Asthavon is highly resistant to fatigue due to it's embodiment's nature. Due to the fact that her hell based powers are constructed around the element of liberation, this has taken a more literal approach in freeing her of tiredness and weariness in combat. The toxins and strain which otherwise induce weakness and dullness are heavily restricted away from this Hell Demon. Therefore, the stamina associated with Liu's body is one that seems to never tire out.

However, this doesn't necessarily mean consequences are something she doesn't have to worry about. The reason for that is because she has to carefully pick which types of attacks she decides to synchronize with this boundless vigor. For example, she can decide to go ahead and spam highly empowered magical spells back to back with no problem. But, that does not mean she is excluded from the drawbacks and side effects of using such attacks. These can be akin to backlashes that break bones, cause internal injury, induce mental fatigue or otherwise suck energy out of the demon's body.

Therefore, while it is hard to tire her out, this doesn't equal to it being a non-stop spamfest. Hence, she often tries to make sure the assaults she harmonizes with her stamina are ones that don't have wicked bad side effects. Things such as energy attacks, non-stop barrages of physical assaults or magic based attacks with little side effects are the ones she tends to try and abuse the most. Outside of that, heavier techniques are often saved when something can't be helped or if she wants to throw her power around a bit against a foe who is relatively strong.

» Body Liberation: Much akin to her concept, Liu's body is one that is anatomically liberated. What does this exactly mean? Well, physically, Liu can otherwise survive with most of her limbs, organs and bones otherwise detached away from her body. Sure, if it's forced by an opponent, it'll hurt like hell. However, if done of her own will, it doesn't necessarily hurt too bad. For example, if an opponent was to stab her off guard and cut off her hand -- it would induce a high amount of pain upon her. While, on the flip side, if Liu had time to anticipate this body modification, she could nullify the agony and detach it painlessly.

Essentially, she takes after her mother in this regard because Mana Asthavon otherwise has a loose physiology. Though, unlike her, it is possible to kill Liu if you are able to otherwise destroy her brain. That is the core of her body and she will be slain once that is damaged or obliterated. Furthermore, each body part that is otherwise detached from her shell also takes a bit of energy to perform. So, if she were to disassociate her right arm, that would take a bit of demonic energy away from her. Eventually, when her bodies energy runs out, this ability lessens to a great deal and it is harder to come back from injury.

» Unrestricted Essence: Being that her element is that of unrestricted nature, it goes without saying that her body has a resistance against anything that would impose restrictions or limitations upon her. Therefore, she has a form of natural protection when it comes abilities, seals or spells that would attempt to otherwise cut-off, reduce or cap her potential, powers or body. This doesn't mean that these types of methods won't work on Liu, but it means their effectiveness is highly lowered.

To illustrate this point, one could attempt to seal off Liu's power with a mystic type of kido. On it's own response would the natural conditioning of Liu's body then otherwise reject this influence upon its being. It acts as a fundamental law of existence itself and requires little effort on Liu's part to perform. Thus, often upon contact, Unrestricted Essence nullify will most of these types of attacks upon her being. This then leads to them becoming reduced by fifty to seventy five percent in the process depending on the situation and level of seal.

It even goes as far as to apply to such things as poisons that attempt to otherwise dissolve her body's potential. Liu can be damaged, poisoned and so on; but it's effects cannot be geared towards restraining her capacities. Case and point: one can slip a poison inside of Liu's body that causes vomiting, nausea, dizziness, body cramps and so on. However, if a poison attempts to paralyze her, limit her mobility or reduce the effectiveness of her attacks? It simply would be heavily reduced in its potency or not work at all.

Therefore, it isn't too wise to utilize seals upon Liu's body as her element acts as a counteractive force to those sorts of concepts in combat.


» Dāgī Tvacā Name: (Does their tainted skin's power have a name?)

» Dāgī Tvacā Appearance: (In what form does their Dāgī Tvacā appear? This can be a patch of reptilian skin, a large metal arm, anything that effects their outer appearance.)

» Dāgī Tvacā Release Appearance: (What happens when your Rakshasa uses their Dāgī Tvacā? Does their tainted skin simply glow, or does it gain an effect like being entailed in death and blood? It's up to you.)

» Dāgī Tvacā Powers: (What type of power or buff does your Dāgī Tvacā give you? For some, it can be a simple as an incredible speed/strength or even intelligence buff. For others it can be a weapon or a personal power)


» Tukaṛā Saitāna Name: (Does your Tukaṛā Saitāna have a name?)

» Tukaṛā Saitāna Appearance: (what does their appearance look like? For Rakshasa not storing power in their Hell Beast, their appearance usually remains far more humanoid shaped. For those with power in their Hell Beasts, once merged, the appearance is usually much more demonic and frightening)

» Tukaṛā Saitāna Powers: (Depending on your birth method, this may also influence their powers in this final form. What sort of powers do they gain by accessing this ascended state?)


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ENTER Nizhuan Zhouqi


» Gender: Female

» Name: N/A

» Age: N/A

» Appearance: N/A


» N/A: Nizhuan's pattern of speech can be described as quite peculiar. The reason for this is because she often uses simple sentences and very quick patterns of speech to speak. One can almost describe it as an oriental accent speaking English. You can often hear her saying something such as "Yes, yes" or "no, no" when asked a question of sorts. Or, when dealing with more complex conversations, she'll say something along the lines: "Yes, yes. I see, I see. Very interesting. Notes taken. Fascinating indeed."So most who engage in conversation with Nizhuan are often taken back by her simplistic tone of speech.

Another interesting aspect of her persona is that she is very fascinated on taking notes of whatever captures her curiosity. It can be anything from the environment she is in, the people around her, objects near her or anything under the sun; if it sparks an interest with The Hell Beast's brain, she'll jot down any form of notes about the subject ion question. It is even said that her collection of observations even spans enough material and content to equal every book written by mankind; all due in part to her ability to duplicate herself throughout the 2nd Layer of Hell and sync her mind to her familiars.

It all ties over to her busy and focus driven work ethic. Seeing how her creator, Liu Asthavon, is often very lazy about managing The Underworld; Nizhuan seeks to take the pressure from her daily life and utilize their satanic powers to keep a strict watch over their domain. This Hell Beast will work tirelessly until every law is upheld, every bit of knowledge is recorded and all of the task that are required of them as Hell Demons is accomplished; even if she must do them without the assistance of her creator. That is the extent of not only her disciplined work ethic, but loyalty and ultimately naivety.

Nizhuan is considered to be a very kind and gentle soul by Liu herself. Often times she has no interest in starting conflict, and ds to avoid it if possible. However, if it conflicts with her moral values of work, then she will have to fight portions of herself to get over that timidness and enforce their will in Hell and beyond if needed; as their duties in Shadow Fall can be considered a very serious task to Nizhuan and one she nags Liu not to neglect.


» Merged with Rakshasa: For the time being, there is a noticeable amount of Liu's power that lays within Nizhuan's body. This allows her to easily influence and enforce order within The 2nd Layer of Hell and greatly developed her power below.

Naraka Jānavara Abilities

» Subjugating Constriction: This is most likely one of strongest powers in her arsenal. It essentially gives her the ability to control limit's, restrictions and anything that otherwise confines tangible and some intangible things. An example of how this special ability is used is that Nizhuan can often control the flow of reitsu, spirit energy and particles from an oncoming energy attack like a cero or a Chaos Blast in order to restrict the momentum it generates, confine the cero within a restricted area and then have the attack implode on itself in order to avoid taking damage from it, limiting the special effects it may have if it were a custom cero and bounding it from ever touching her. What's more, though, she is even able to effect opponents on a physical level. However, in order to do this, she most often be within a close vicinity or, more likely then not, have some sort of direct physical touch with the target in question in order to begin using her restraining powers on them.

So, she either has the option of transferring this power into solid objects such as chains, swords, knives, daggers or anything like that by simply touching them and granting them her power for short periods of time; being consciously aware of her decision. Then, once this transference takes place, they will not need to rely on any sort of spiritual, demon or anything that would otherwise be called energy. Instead, it would simply transform into a natural force in the universe such as gravity, oxygen and fire until it's short duration is expired. However, it is possible for her to use energy if she desires in order to strengthens it's effect, increase the duration in which the object has her power and have her powers reach on a deeper level. In any case, once this transference is complete, if the object is able to make some sort of contact, the person will be in for a whirlwind of effects even if it touched something external such as their skin or a mere cut on their body from being grazed.

One of the first effects from this physical contact is that she can compress a person's skin to the point where it restricts the flow of blood inside of a person's body. This may cause many types of clotting throughout their body; possibly even being very lethal if there was clotting in the brain or heart of the target. Another possible effect that could occur is that she can constrict the person's body so tightly that it can effectively crush organs under the sheer pressure of this depending on how strong Nizhuan's grip on them is. However, if she doesn't want to effect their body, it is possible for her to simply have her power travel across the opponents body in order to effectively constrict the flow of energy around them; such as reaitsu or reishi in order to lower the attack damage when they release any sort of attack from their body. Moreover, going back to her second method to effect someone, if she is able to make direct contact herself; Nizhuan can also prove to be a great hand-to-hand combatant.

You see, by applying this force to her body, if Nizhuan is able to make a direct hit on someone it can sometimes cause many types of different adverse effects. One of the first examples being that if she is able to strike someone's heart with her fist, she can possibly induce cardiac arrest or a heart attack by her punch transferring Subjugating Constriction into the persons body through the pores in their skin or by overwhelming them with raw force. If this occurs, then she is then able to apply it's laws, effects and abilities on them in order to restrict the rate in which an opponents heart either beats, create some sort of force in order to compress the heart until it possibly explodes or keep repeating this until the person is sent into a shock from massive damage to their heart. It often depends on how much force she put into the attack, how strong her health is, how much stronger the opponent is then her and many other types of different factors that come into battle.

Therefore, by that demonstration, it can safely be assured that she can cause those same effects to occur on different parts of the body. Rather it be limbs in order to limit their overall movement or speed, the location of a person's kidney in order to make more damage or cause kidney failure, the brain if she is able to get close enough in order to cause bleeding inside of it or clotting to kill an opponent, a person's eye to blind them for periods of time by constricting their vision and many, many other types of reactions that can happen. Now, everything up until now has simply been external physical contact. Thus, the primary focus at this point would be how she inflicts this internally on to a person of her pleasing. The first method would be the transference of her power into a natural force and infusing it into an object, or she can attempt to have her own claws or fangs reach into an opponent in order to effect them internally. It's also possible for her to simply create particles of her own energy to try and see if it's feasible to cleverly sneak this force into their body.

No matter how the method if done, nevertheless, once it's inside of a person there are many types of different possibilities that can occur with this power. The first being that she can bind organs in order to eventually make them burst, crafting a compression type of technique to possibly crush the opponent from the inside out or she can simply restrict the flow of blood in a person to stop many types of abilities that rely on blood. Obviously, there can be more possibilities depending on how she applies with her other abilities, but these are just the basic effects on a physical level. Now, on a spiritual or supernatural level, it's even possible for her to temporarily negate powers by restricting access once her force infiltrates the flow of energy, reiatsu or whatever else the opponent uses in order to call upon their powers; rather it be natural or not.

Once this occurs, depending on how she goes about it, she can then constrict defenses of an opponent to make them ore susceptible to being damaged, limit their speed in order to make them a walking target, possibly stop the flow of energy altogether inside of them to make them powerless until her release is either lifted or forced out of her control. There can be more applications then this, but these are simply her preferred methods more often then not. It is worth noting, however, that her physical constriction isn't absolute. There are many possible things that can occur when she attempts to make this change occur in opponents. In some cases, they can use their energy to try and out power this force to either limit the amount of damage done or stop it altogether from effecting them; depending on the power gap between Nizhuan and her opponent. Additionally, when Nizhuan performs this technique in this manner, it can be quite draining on her own body to the point where this ability begins to effect her and she may be forced to release the opponent too soon.

This means that, at least on this physical level, Nizhuan's control over them can be countered or released. Furthermore, depending on the type of special ability the opponent themselves have, there can be many other further complications for Nizhuan. Since the world is filled with many supernatural beings, there is no telling what she can encounter once she decides to go inside of a person's body. Therefore, the opponent can fight back depending on what type of internal power they have. And since there are so many possibilities, it's impossible to list them all. It simply varies from person to person; as no one warrior is made the same as the other. Thus, she needs to be careful in choosing her target, weighing the consequences of performing this technique on them and many other factors that need to be taken into account before trying to effect them on a internal level as it isn't as easy as just waving her hand and having them rendered powerless before her knees.

Above all, Nizhuan's Subjugating Constriction is a rather powerful ability even if it doesn't choose to inflict damage to a person's body. Switching gears, Nizhuan we'll go back to her tangible control of things. More examples of how she could use it is that it's very possible for her to constrict the amount of light around her body in order to make her invisible, it's likely that she can even limit the amount of damage on her body by simply restricting the amount of impact force and overall damage that occurs to her; making Nizhuan's defense extremely high, she can easily limit the amount of energy that comes from her body to make her very undetectable. It's even possible to effect the environmental around her by limiting the amount of oxygen in an area, transforming into a "void" by restricting light, sound, smell and even some energies to make it seem as if she has trapped the opponent in an endless pit. Morever, another note worth mentioning, when combined with her demon magic, it's very easy for her to conjure up different types of seals in order to weaken an opponent overtime or one in foul swoop.

So, judging by even these short examples, it proves there are many types of different methods, techniques and ways this power can be used depending on how skilled Nizhuan is at using. But, like with all great powers, it comes with a great cost. It's already been stated that she can be constricted herself if pushed too power, some opponents can overpower her technique and many types of different internal problems can arise depending on her target. Well, this ability is also very taxing on her body at times. Varying from how much effort she puts into this power, it can sometimes leave her panting, sweating and otherwise showing signs of serious fatigue going on within her body. And, since this power requires her to be focused, this can sometimes cause Subjugating Constriction's effects to be weakened. So, it's reasonable to assume that if she was caught off guard, sometimes it can even be stopped or delayed if she has to focus on something else or something shocks her too much.

Though, it is possible some variations of Subjugating Constriction can be used automatically or without Nizhuan's conscious awareness. This mostly applies to passive things like cloaking herself or having her power effect the environment around her in subtle ways. But, for more direct attack's or effects, it's fair game. It may even be plausible that even those secondary effects can be voided if enough damage is inflicted on her body. And, on that note, the more energy that is lost or drained from this technique, the harder it most likely becomes to use it. Therefore, it's best used when she is in peak physical condition with loads of energy to spare. Making it a primary ability to be used; falling back on her secondary or racial powers when she is far too damaged to make use of this power, for offensive means, at least. Overall, this a signature move that Nizhuan has and one that should be used with the utmost caution and consideration.


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