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 Visiting Friendship and Peaceful Relations [Open]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Visiting Friendship and Peaceful Relations [Open]   Sat Jun 14, 2014 1:42 am

"Do I have a girlfriend??? Good Question, I don't know how I can answer that question to this woman really I don't know what happen to her. Maybe it was a mistake and she had cold feet who knows" He thought.

Beetle asked if he had a girlfriend while eating still it was a walk in the park but really the vizard was thinking about the person he saved a long time ago thinking about it. Chris wasn't thinking about it much but the guy was wondering what happen to her and if the guy was to blame for her leaving like that maybe she was on a mission or something but maybe their was more. Then he thought of something the woman might have an agenda for something worse but really the woman that he saved left him baffled maybe the guy might have to move on. Shric was thinking the same things thinking about all the right moves that his partner played ever going to that woman's house everything was going good and then complete blank. The only thing the inner hollow could think of the girl might have drugged his drink and the vizard remembers little of what happen but that is all in the past right now the guy should look to the future. Still, Beetle seemed nice maybe she should tell her what happen and then see what happens this was another twist of the faith card and new friendship should start with trust first.

If she wanted to pursue this then maybe the vizard should try to find love again to truly love a female shinigami to love her in both heart and soul but first the word trust she be started off first. Hopefully, Beetle won't get angry when the vizard begins telling her the details of what happen the first thing the vizard should happen and telling the truth should be the most important thing right now. He gave off a very kind look at Beetle thinking about that moment and then started with his story. "I really don't know what happen Beetle. I guess I was in something of beginning relationship really I don't know what happen during the end it was a mission a nice woman was being attacked by hollows and I saved her from the hollows. My senses didn't detect she was a threat at all but she was a beautiful woman and we went to her apartment and after that it like. I don't remember what happen really hmmmm if she was a demon or something important to her. Really it like a blur to me, We had a true connection....Then it's broken really, I want that back with someone who I trust hopefully that person can trust me and that I will help with all the power that I have in my body." Chris said. The more that the vizard was talking about a relationship the more that he wanted that moment in time back maybe this person is Beetle and the vizard can make this relationship work but the guy shouldn't rush things. If he was successful, Chris was thinking about the future spending his life with this woman meaning they might children and then would she get in trouble with her superiors if she got married that was a good question. Having children was a nice dream though, Chris thought maybe his friendship of Beetle might grow into something good maybe better only time will tell if the vizard will have true relationship.

Then the girl wanted to know where they going next still their were a few more sights around Karakura but it was getting a little late. Chris didn't want to feel bad about but this could work towards a nice peaceful drink something that wouldn't happen during his years in the Soul society but who knows what might happen. "Well, I do believe the tour has reached it climax but since your such a wonderful guest. I do believe your have the honor of discovering where I call home. Where this great host has been living for so long who been much of loner of the past years. I'll would be honored to give you special advance tour of my house once we are done here" Chris said.

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Visiting Friendship and Peaceful Relations [Open]   Fri Jan 01, 2016 9:35 am

[mod]This thread is being locked due to the last post within it being from 2014.[/mod]


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Visiting Friendship and Peaceful Relations [Open]
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