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 Shugoshin, Katsuo [Approved 2-2+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Shugoshin, Katsuo [Approved 2-2+]   Sat May 31, 2014 5:57 pm

» Name: Katsuo Shugoshin
» Titles: None
» Age: 18
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: Highschool Student

» Appearance Description: Katsuo stands at about six foot tall and weighs in at about one hundred eighty pounds. Katsuo is rather healthy and hasn't had any major health issues over the course of his life. Born with silver hair and deep blue eyes, some would say that Katsuo has "attractive" features. His physical build is rather average, but that doesn't interfere with his love of sports and competition. Katsuo has a few scars from when he was younger due to the tragedy that befell his family.

The scar's placements are: His right shoulder, his middle chest, and a long scar across his right forearm. Katsuo hides these scars by usually wearing jackets to prevent people from gawking at him or feeling pity for him. Katsuo usually has bags under his eyes due to his post traumatic stress syndrome that keeps him up late at night with nightmares of that fateful night. But all in all, Katsuo can usually be seen wearing a smile, and is generally consider to have a "warm" aura about him that draws people toward him.

His sense in style is pretty bland and he doesn't tend to wear clothes that are name brand. He is more interested in common clothing and doesn't really want to pay designer prices for ripped up jeans.

» Appearance Picture:


» Personality: There are very few people that could be considered as warm and kind as the man known as Katsuo Shugoshin. Known for his copious amounts of generosity and his pride in helping the less fortunate, Katsuo has gained a reputation as one of the few people that is truly trust worthy at his school. He takes great pride in this fact and tries his best to live up to the expectations of those around him. He doesn't like to fail or to lose for that matter, but doesn't allow that to effect his sunny disposition, and instead uses those failings and losses to motivate himself to improve. There are a few secrets that Katsuo keeps, such as what happened to his family at the shrine, and what he saw that night, but most of the time he strives to be as honest as possible. Sometimes even brutally honest without truly intending to be.

It is because of his personality that people seem to warm up to him rather quickly, though he is not too popular to be considered a school idol, there are still a lot of people who look up to him for guidance. Half of the reasoning for that is that he was training to be a priest before that night and the other half is because of how he was raised and his view on society as a whole. He is a man who seems to be wise beyond his years, but at the same time is prone to making mistakes of his own, and is known to quite humbly accept the fact that he is just human.

Though for all of his positives, Katsuo does have flaws that even he can't hide from others. Such as at times being too critical of his failings or the fact that he sometimes gets too involved in other's business without worrying about his own personal problems. In fact, some would say that sometimes he becomes too involved in other's life, more than likely due to the fact that it is an escape from his reality. He blames himself for his parent's death, claiming if he had only been "strong enough" he could have helped them, and has silently vowed to make himself involved in his friend's lives in order to prevent anything bad from befalling them.

Family: If there is one thing that is important to Katsuo, it is family. After his parent's death, Katsuo dedicated himself to making sure to stay by his sister's side no matter what happened. He is dedicated to protecting the memory of his family and of course protecting his little sister Yuki.

Friends: Katsuo has quite a few friends and he considers all of them to be very close to being actual family, and as such much like his family he has dedicated himself to being strong for them.

Traditions: Coming from a long line of priests, Katsuo has a certain fondness for certain historical traditions that have been passed down through the eons. This does not solely include just human traditions, as he has quite a bit of respect for other's species traditions.

Justice: As a former priest in training, Katsuo has no love for evil, and as such believes strongly in justice and righteousness.

Sports: As a track runner and of course someone who has studied martial arts, Katsuo has a great deal of love for the world of sports.

Helping Others: Nothing gives Katsuo greater happiness than helping other's with their problems.

Heroics: Something about the modern every day hero inspires Katsuo to continue to go on. He hopes that one day maybe he will be able to make up for his failure to save his family. And that is why he aspires to become a true human hero.


Evil: In all shapes and forms, evil is something that corrupts and destroys innocent lives. Katsuo knows this from first hand experience and he clearly has no love for those with evil in their hearts.

Laziness: As an athlete and a former priest in training, Katsuo despises one of the seven deadly sins more than most: Sloth. He doesn't like people who prefer to be lazy over being active.

Villainous Deeds: He despises people who hurt other people just because they can and even more so he hates people who steal from others to situate themselves higher on the totem pole of life.

» Background:

Born to Be A Priest

Born to the Shugoshin family, which had a long line of prominent spiritual leaders among their ranks, Katsuo was fated on the day of his birth to be the next priest in a long line of Shugoshin priests. He was the first child of Kimila Shugoshin and Kaito Shugoshin, Katsuo was believed due to his parent's heritage to be the next coming of a legendary priest warrior known only as "The Justicar". It was with that thought in mind that by the time that Katsuo could walk he would begin to go through rigorous training to improve his natural skills and to improve his understanding of the world of spirits. It soon became his every day life.

Waking up, studying ancient texts, and doing physical training to improve his reflexes so that he could fulfill his families wishes. It almost felt like he didn't have any life of his own. But, he respected the fact that this was for something bigger than himself, it was for his family, and more importantly it was for the honor of his birth rite. He made startling progress physically: his endurance, speed, and reflexes were impressive, yet his studies of the olden ways that had been passed down proved to be his greatest weakness. Unlike the "The Justicar" of old, Katuso lacked the natural knack for spiritual based techniques. He was much better at fighting fist to fist and studied under many different masters to improve his skills in multiple ways.

Though he made very little progress in terms of spiritual matters, his family loved him, and continued to hold out for further development of his spiritual skills. It was at the age of eight when his first true breakthrough in terms of spiritual skills developed: A heightened sense of spiritual awareness. This ability would allow him to not only see spirits, but also sense their varying levels of spiritual energy. It was a useful tool and an ability that him and the legendary Justicar seemingly shared. It was with this development that Katsuo first learned that he was no longer the only child of his parents. He learned that he had a younger sister.

Her name was Yuki and she was barely a few months old by the time Katsuo finally got to meet her. He instantly felt a bond to her and decided to double his efforts to become stronger in order to protect her from the horrors of the world that he was becoming more aware of with every passing day.

The Day of Tragedy

Three years later, Katsuo had become a much improved fighter, but still lacked the understanding to control his spiritual powers which had of course continued to elude him. Katsuo, now eleven years old, spent a great deal of his time training, but now that he knew about his sister, he would find time to spend with her, and of course time to spend with the family that he had barely spent time with during his earlier years. His family, though apprehensive to have him around at first, grew warm to their first child quickly, and loved to have him around regardless of the fact that he was destined to be the sword of the temple.

Spending time with his family almost made him forget that he was destined to be nothing more than some kind of legendary weapon. But the importance of his training and of course his mission to become the legendary Justicar was almost seemingly forgotten in one moment. That moment was an attack upon the temple he had called home for so long. To this day Katsuo doesn't know who attacked his temple, but the one thing that continues to stick with him to this day is that the person who did it was stronger than he could fathom. He knew this because though he attacked his foe with all he had, he couldn't even scratch him, or touch the hood of his cloak that hid his identity. To this day, the battle scars on his body remind him of his failure to stop that foe.

That day, Katsuo lost his parents, and his will to continue his training to become what the temple had wanted him to become. He took Yuki, ashamed of how little he could do, and also wanting to keep the last member of his family safe, and moved her far away from the temple. To a place that he hoped he could start over and raise his little sister in peace.

Present Day

Currently residing in Karakura, Katsuo has lived a normal life by all accounts on the outside. However, Katsuo still continues to train, hoping to improve so that he can protect his sister if that sinister individual returns to finish them off. Beyond that, Katsuo has become quite the trust worthy individual at the local school, becoming a sort of mentor to younger kids who need to be guided. He respects this role and takes great pride in the fact that he can help the younger children with his words and his actions. Yet, he doesn't know how long that can last, and doesn't really have any life goals besides raising Yuki into a respectable adult that can enter into society with her head held high.

Now eighteen years old, Katsuo is beginning to wonder what the future may hold for him, and undoubtably it isn't going to be all smiles and rainbows. Yet, Katsuo keeps his head held high, looking to the future with a great deal of optimism. He knows that there will be challenges and though for the moment he doesn't have the powers to fight against those of the supernatural sort, he will still try to overcome those challenges. Especially if those challenges cause problems for his little sister.

Power's Awake

It wasn't long after Katsuo had began to really delve into his training that he met several strong, but weird individuals. One of them was Hanako Irimasha, a powerful fighter of the Irimasha clan, and their queen. He met her due to him training in a forge owned by her mentor, Yuu, and she began to warm up to him as a human with great potential. After warming up to him a bit, she began to train him. Teaching him a bit of the basics in the forge before the arrival of Kaito Yuudeshi, a fellow human, and a strong one at that. Kaito and Katsuo hit it off real quick and became good friends, Kaito would eventually design the morning star for Katsuo so that he could fight against opponents who were stronger than him without powers. Eventually, after a few hours of training Katsuo met Yuu, the owner of the forge, and a person of great standing.

She took Katsuo in as her pupil and promised to teach him to become stronger. It was on one such training mission that Katsuo came face to face with Sou, the nightmare, and several other individuals. Sou, extremely powerful and wicked, protected Katsuo from an assault from a hollow, however Katsuo did not believe the hollow to be a threat, and simply was just protecting her territory. After being struck down several times by Suo, retreating far away to only stumble upon a quincy girl, and then turning back around to aid the hollow in the defense of her forest. Katsuo came face to face with Suo, only to be knocked down again, but this time something changed.

His cross like pendant that hung from his neck broke and once it did Katsuo's true powers awoken. He became chi empowered and turned to face the powerful Suo with the help of whatever allies he could find.


» Natural Attributes:
Gifted Martial Artist: Though not being the best in terms of focusing when it comes to matters of the spirit, Katsuo has a natural knack for martial arts. A skill that he shows off by mixing multiple styles together to create something that only he can truly do. Through his training in martial arts, Katsuo also has garnered a great deal of physical boons. Namely a higher than average stamina.

Track Star: Though just a mere member of the track team, Katsuo is consider by most at his school to be a skilled runner who can outrace the majority of the students on the team. But it isn't only running speed that Katsuo has been gifted with, he is also quite the agile fighter. Not focusing on power, but focusing on utilizing the speed and grace to fight opponents that he deems to be his "enemy".

Finding Hope: Sometimes people lose faith on the fields of battle and become shaken, but not people like Katsuo. Katsuo never waivers for a second, instead choosing to focus on looking for the opportunity to strike his opponent when they least expect it to turn the tide of battle in his favor. Some would call this the "underdog syndrome" and to be honest, Katsuo full embraces this part of himself without hesitation.

Heightened Spiritual Awareness: Being able to sense slight variations in spiritual energy can be a God send against stronger foes or even when one is looking to avoid a fight against those that are more than likely more powerful than themselves. Katsuo has such a natural gift for being able to sense spiritual energy, that he can utilize this "awareness' to the variations of spiritual energy, to slightly predict spiritual based assaults on his person. However, this is not an one hundred percent accurate way of predicting techniques, and by no means is accurate all the time. Still it is a slight edge.

Natural Born Leader: As a well respected and mannered individual, Katsuo can easily be considered a "leader", not in the sense that he gives commands, but in the sense that he is considerably useful as an adviser. He could lead and wouldn't shy away from it, but doesn't believe himself to be strong enough to truly command a group, and instead utilizes this talent to help other's lead instead of lead himself.

Yang Surge: Most people on Earth call it this, but a Yin Surge is a powerful blast of white light that is released from your body's life energy. It can take any kind of shape you wish, however, upon hitting something it will not only do large scale damage similar to a Grand Rey Cero, but it can even accelerate energy across a 2000 meter area in order to make some people or objects more vibrant, bright and a general sense of upward energy is felt in the effected area. When this happens, it can increase the users own powers for a period of three post. Not only that, but if a soul is killed by this, the chances of them becoming a hollow is lessened greatly.

Yin Surge: As to be expected, a Yin Surge is the exact opposite of a Yang Surge. When this attack is used a powerful blast of black light that is released from your body's life energy. It to can take the shape of whatever you wish and cause massive damage, but in it's effective area of 2000 meters it can cause a mass silence within the area, deep darkness to be visibility seen and an overall slowed feeling. When this happens, the users abilities will be boosted just like the Yang Surge.

Geppo: Being that there powers somewhat evolve around the Yin and Yang, moon step would be their form of flash step, high speed movement where in the case of tier you will be able to keep up with the Shinigami's flash step. Yuèqiú bù thought does have one thing that is different from the Shinigami's flash step because it makes no noise.

Vindeca "Heal": Using Chi in order to get their bodies to the best shape as possible, using the chi flowing in there own bodies they are able to regenerate faster then the normal human beings this doesn't mean their bodies heal instantly, it's almost like the Shinigami, there bodies can heal faster then normal humans can, this doesn't pertain to any injuries like a cut off limb, they cannnot regenerate a arm or a thumb or anything, these are flesh wounds to the body.

Tekkai "Iron Mass": Training themselves as much as possible along with the Chi in their own bodies they have formed a almost 'perfect' body where their muscles are so close together that they have higher endurance then the normal human, also with using this they are able to form Chi on their own skin, this is constantly active, and is a lot like the Arrancar's own Hierro.

» Awakened Appearance:

Upon awakening Katuo's body becomes covered in glowing runic symbols, these symbols are not symbols, but in fact are the veins of his genetic mutation inherited from the Shugoshin family known as the Chi Conduit. His muscle mass increases along with his height and if one could peer inside of his body one would note that his bones have increased in density, improving their natural endurance. On the outside, little changes. His eyes have a faint green glow about them and his height and muscle mass have shifted in favor of being taller and more brutish looking. However, he retains the vast majority of his original appearance.

» Awakened Powers:

Body of Chi: Katsuo's body is irregular in many ways. An unnatural stamina, an unbelievable resilience, and not known to even Katsuo, a body made to perfectly assimilate the natural energies of the world around him. Refered to simply as a "Body of Chi", Katsuo can gather the natural energies of his surroundings to enhance his own abilities to combat foes stronger and faster than himself. This is all possible due to an unnatural genetic mutation that has been inherited through the Shugoshin blood line that allows for advanced chi energy storage. This unnatural system inside of his body, simply called a "Chi Conduit", is constantly circulating chi energy throughout Katsuo's body. The appearance of the "Chi Conduit" visibly is shown via weird runic symbols that appear all over the skin, glowing an eerie green. These symbols are not actually on the skin, but within a special network of veins that the chi energy travels through.

The powers associated with the body of chi are usually enhanced reflexes, increased strength, and improved regeneration factor. However, these are simply the passive effects of the basic Body. By forcing the chi energy into a more volatile state, Katsuo can draw upon specialized chi based attacks or defenses that can be used to damage others or to protect others and himself. There are a few ways to force the chi energy into a volatile state, all of them can cause great strain on the other systems outside of the "Chi Conduit", but can be quite rewarding if used properly. One such way is to assimilate outside chi energy into his body, to do this Katsuo must receive the chi energy from a willing donor. It can not be taken by force and must be received via choice and nothing else. Katsuo can assimilate this energy from other humans, plants, and animals.

A second way to force the chi energy in his body into a volatile state is to push himself to the brink of death. Once on the brink of death his "Chi Conduit" will naturally begin to produce large quantities of chi energy which begin to overflow into his natural systems. This way causes a great deal of distress to Katsuo, but is also the strongest form of volatile chi energy that he can acquire. Once in this state, all reserves are thrown to the wind, and an evident change in the color of the runes across his body can be seen. The runes appear to turn blood red and even the veins of Katsuo's body can be visibly seen underneath his skin, glowing a dull red themselves symbolizing the amounts of chi energy that is floating through his blood at that point. In this form, Katsuo's physical abilities are pushed further, but the strain on the body can be seen on his face with every punch or kick he tries to land.

The third and final way to push his Chi Conduit into a volatile state is by pure force of will. This way is extremely rare and Katsuo has not practiced doing this enough to warrant this being a true way to unleash the true power of his body. In this form, Katsuo's runes glow blue and a sense of calmness can be seen across his face upon activation. By doing this with will alone, Katsuo is not putting as large of a strain on his body, and in that same boat is not receiving as major of a power up as if he had gained this power from an outside force or if he was near the brink of death. However, this form is more controllable , and is a lot less likely to cause him any serious damage upon using it either. The other two have huge risks and pay off hugely, but this form is a low risk and semi-useful reward.

Chi Conduit Regeneration: Katsuo's natural chi system within his body, that can be used to store unbelievable amounts of chi energy not only from his own self, but from other things as well, can be used to naturally enhance the rate of regeneration. To do this Katsuo has to focus his chi energy in his body upon the process of "healing". During this time, Katsuo's chi energies are focused entirely on healing, and can not be used in an offensive manner. Meaning that all of the natural gifts that come associated with the Body of Chi, are no longer present, and instead his body is solely focused on "superior regeneration". This process usually doesn't take too long, but does require a bit of focus on Katsuo's part to regulate the amount of chi energy toward the wounds or broken bones that need attention.

If his focus is broken, the healing will be incomplete, and will have to make due with the amount of healing he has received during that time of focus. This power can not be used frequently and is not typically a very useful power when fighting on the fields of battle as it requires you to focus on it and it alone. However, it can be used to fully restore limbs, organs, and bones that have been broken or destroyed during a battle. This move is also high risk, high reward, and if used at the proper time can restore someone to full health completely with low risk.

Chi Reflective Shield/Volatile Chi Reflective Shield: The Chi Conduit is very much like a system of specialized instruments within the body and these specialized instruments within Katsuo's body have unique ways of utilizing the chi flowing within them to either be used in a defensive or offensive manner. One of these defensive manners is called simply, the reflective shield, and it is an inbuilt defensive mechanism that automatically occurs when there is a threat to Katsuo's life. The shield, created by chi energy that has began to overflow from the chi conduit into the skin's epidermal layer, is a shield comprised of highly dense chi energy that vibrates at a high frequency. This high frequency chi energy creates a protective barrier around the body which shields from conventional spirit based attacks and physical attacks up to a certain thresh hold. It can not, however, completely protect Katsuo from all damage, but can lessen the blows from powerful foes and powerful spirit based attacks.

However, it isn't just a conventional shield in the way that it just lessens the damage of blows that are received, it is also a shield that can sometimes if focused at a precise point, can send the full force of the attack straight back at the adversary who launched the assault. To focus the shield in a specific point, Katsuo must be able to judge where the attack is going to land on his body, and then focus all of the overflow of chi energy present in his epidermal layer right into that specific point. By doing this, Katsuo increases the frequency and the density of the chi energy in that specific point. This increases in density increases the damage threshold the shield can take at that point and the increase in frequency causes a vibration that which upon physical contact causes a great deal of pain or reflects spiritual energy.

The way that the shield targets physical attacks through vibration is by sending out bits of vibrating chi energy upon contact into the muscles that are exerting themselves through physical activity. These vibrating bits of chi energy begin to vibrate at a higher frequency once they have embedded into the muscles, instantly targeting nerve endings near the muscles and the muscle itself. The amount of chi energy that disperses varies depending on the amount of trauma that would have been received via the physical attack. This action causes muscle cramps and severe pain via the nerve endings. The feeling of pain feels similar to being shocked by electricity, but is more focused, and is internalized so there is not a lot of things to dampen the feeling of the shock. In the volatile form, only obtainable through methods mentioned in the Body of Chi ability, the effects of the cramps are greatly increased, and the nerve endings near the muscles feel an increased level of pain due to the a greater level of high frequency chi energy being dispersed into the opponent's body. Furthermore, after the initial shock the nerve endings will feel like they are burning as an after effect for a short amount of time.

The way that the shield targets conventional spirit attacks is very similar to the way that the shield reflects physical trauma back on to the opponent. The shield is focused toward the attack by Katsuo, leaving every other part of the body exposed and vulnerable. By doing this Katsuo increases the density of the chi energy and the frequency of the chi energy on the epidermal layer of his skin. Once the spiritual attack hits the shield, the chi energy that has been shifted to protect from the attack begins to vibrate at a faster and faster frequency, this causes the spiritual attack to be hit by a force that is sort of like friction, which stalls it from moving any further forward. While this is going on Katsuo's shield has began to fill the spiritual attack with potential energy while absorbing the kinetic energy (the energy of motion) into itself. This action is natural and does not take any effort to perform, it is very similar to the effects of the Body of Chi ability when absorbing outside chi energies. Katsuo then focuses his shield to burst, by exploding the shield on the epidermal layer it sends the kinetic energy back into the spiritual attack, the spiritual attack already infused with potential energy given to it by the shield, is now infused with kinetic energy which converts the potential energy into even more kinetic energy. The direction of the explosion is the direction of which the spiritual attack will go and it will be faster than it had been when it first launched due to it having more kinetic energy than it had before.

The volatile reflection of spiritual energy is different in that the shield vibrates so fast that it shatters the spiritual attack and sends shards of it launching back at the opponent randomly. There is little control over the direction of these shards of spiritual energy, but upon contact these shards will explode, causing extreme damage upon impact. These shards vary in size, some may be huge, and others could be small like glass shards. It also heavily depends on the type of spiritual attack. A large one will shatter with larger shards being the frequent, but a smaller one will shatter with smaller shards being the frequent. The size of the explosion also varies with the size of the shard.

Focused Chi Barrage/Volatile Chi Barrage: The Chi Conduit's many potential offensive and defensive maneuvers are what make it a unique genetic mutation that is not only useful, but overwhelming. In the case of the Focused Chi Barrage technique, the Chi Conduit's devastating hand to hand technique, the offensive potential of the conduit is brought to bare in brutal display. Katsuo's hands are the focus of the the conduit's chi energy as the conduit and surrounding lifeforms willing to give chi energy, transfer their energies to his fists. His fists begin to glow green with energy and even have sparks that fly off of them. The sparks are bits of overflowing chi energy with no where to go. His fists, now energized with chi energy, are now enhanced in both power and explosive force.

The power of the fists is increased by the amount of chi energy that is currently being channeled through it. This power is not infinite and can be drained rather quickly if used in rapid succession, but with the larger amount of chi present the longer the first remained energized. The increase of fist power is considerable, making each punch feel like a semi-truck has just nailed you in the gut. The fist power increases even more when the Body of Chi is in a volatile state. The glow becomes red and the sparks appear to be more like dripping blood from the fists. The punch's power increase at that point is much higher than that of a semi, it almost feels like you are being hit by the equivalent of several semi-trucks at once. Needless to say this is due to the fact that the energy within the fists while in a volatile state is increased dramatically. This is because the energy from the Chi Conduit has began to seep into the muscles in the arm and the muscles in the hand. Not only putting a strain on the muscle, but also putting a strain on the conduit as well. What this means is that there is chi within the flesh as well as the conduit being used at the same time to enhance the fists power.

The explosive force aspect of the punch is due to the chi energy as well, as during the activation of this move the fists are overloaded with a great deal of energy. Katsuo can, in theory, blow up the energy around his fist causing a miniature explosion to knock back opponents. This explosion would damage the hand, but the effect would be surprising and maybe would buy enough time to plan out another move. The explosion would feel like a high grade explosive had just gone off and would knock the opponent back a fair distant upon explosion. In the volatile state, the explosive power of this attack is increased as well. After all it has more access to higher reserves of chi energy which would help in the process of creating a larger more painful explosion, not only for the opponent but for himself. This explosion would be the equivalent of several high grade explosives going off at once and the opponent would definitely be knocked back father than before. Katsuo would also take higher damage because of the increase in explosive force.

Chi Flight: By channeling the natural energies of both the air and his body, Katsuo can give himself the effect of being weightless, thus allowing him to fly. While in flight, Katsuo can perform his attacks and defensive maneuvers without worrying about falling from the sky as after activation his body naturally controls the chi to keep him in flight. But seeing as how he is diverting some chi energy in the Chi Conduit for the purpose of flying, some of his other techniques would definitely not be as effective as they could be. While flying, Katsuo can activate Geppo, and can even launch surges at his opponents, however the effective range of these abilities is reduced.


See Skill Sheet for More Information

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Beginner

Chi Skills
  • Geppo: Advanced
  • Vindeca: Adept
  • Tekkai: Advanced
  • Yang Surge: Adept


» Equipment/Weapons:

Morning Star:
Weapon Type: Variable Lance.
Weapon Class: SS Class
Description: This lance was made in design to help with the fact that Katsuo has no powers, and to make up for it has a built in power generator that taps into his stamina. It's a sleek design makes it appear to be a sword. In fact it can be one if the user wishes the handle to shorten to the handle of a sword. Also, his weapon is ableFurthermore the blade can extend a mile going past hyper sonic speeds. This however costs on his stamina to extend the weapon in that way. The other way this weapon can help him is that it can be summoned by his will making this weapon bound to him, which means if it was stolen he could summon it back to him and that means he has to be killed for tse weapon to change owners. It's created out of a metal unique to the sugiura lands that makes a step below a holy weapon, but it's very durable to attacks taking a lot of punishment before breaking. This weapon can only be repaired by Kaito Yuudeshi.

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» Roleplay Sample:

Journal Entry #1

To who ever is hearing this, thank God that you can, and pray to your God that you will never experience the things that I have. Thank your God that you are not some God damn freak running around and doing things that people would only fantasize or bull shit about because lets face it, I don't think you folks at home could live one day in my shoes as of now. Hell I don't even think I can live one day in my shoes right now. I have very limited time and right now I will try my best to describe myself to you all and what I am feeling right now. Ezekiel has told me all slayers do this once in a while to cope with the emotions of being what we are and I agree...I'm pretty high strung right now. It seems like only yesterday I was just another college kid about to embark on a road of success in the SCW, but things have changed. And by changed I mean all that I thought I knew has been tossed up in the air and burst into flames before my very eyes.

So what has happened? What has changed my life so much that I fear nothing will ever be the same? It is what I have become that is freaking me out and this whole new dark and chaotic world that I have been flung into and in this world all of mankind's fate is riding on your shoulder is not helping either. I guess it would be best if I just said it and got it over with...I'm a Monster Slayer. Now don't laugh, I know that it may seem like I am pulling your leg or spitting in the face of you people listening, but it is the truth...without a doubt this is the truth. I was content with being a skeptic myself, but after the week that I have had, skepticism just isn't enough to keep the wool over my eyes. Right now I wish I was just as normal as you guys at home watching, hell I would settle for being the sheep over being the God damn shepherd, but right now there is no turning back...there is nothing I can do, but play the role I was given. And given is such a loose term, it is more like I was "forced" into this role, forced to be the hero in this story, over choosing to be the hero. But I'm over it, there will be time to gripe when the world is free and safe from the vile creatures who are deemed to be man killers. Right now things are quiet, which is why I have decided to send this recording out over the airwaves...maybe a few of you will learn how to keep yourself safe from the things that occur during our journeys, I don't know, but I hope it will be of some help.

Anyways, I guess I can describe myself...I am Pence Weatherlight, I am twenty one years old. I have wrestled for most of my life and have only just recently taken up the mantle of being an apprentice monster slayer underneath the Slayer Lord Ezekiel Ledvy. Don't ask me what a Slayer Lord is, I have asked that question myself, but the only answer I get is "In time you will know." I know it is bull shit, but as a monster slayer you think my master would be more willing to share information with me, but this just seems to be one of those..."you will learn in due time" moments. I can only assume it just means that Ezekiel is more powerful than any other slayer. I guess I will learn more about that as I go, a monster slayer it is my job to protect you from those nasty creatures that you see in those films: Goblins, Werewolves, and Vampires...and no not those freaking Twilight queer beasts, I mean the real blood sucking, eviscerating freaks from your nightmares. But there are other things out there besides those three, there are far more out there, and that is why I've decided that recording everything I know will help mankind one day defend itself from the beasts that dwell in the shadows waiting to consume you or destroy you. Recently I met a type of monster that mankind isn't usually afraid of, but really should is a class D mythical creature...whatever the fuck that means. Ezekiel says that is its class and type, I don't really care too much about that all I care about is getting the job done and saving some people.

Well in all honesty a Goblin is a creature that is very short, usually three to four feet tall, they are viscous and mean spirited from what Ezekiel has told me. The only Goblin I have ever seen is a dead one and that was the one Ezekiel killed in front of me...lucky thing he did too, otherwise I would be just another entrant in the mysterious disappearance section of America's Most Wanted. Anyway, Goblins are well known around the world for being able to cast illusions, thats right, I'm talking about real magic. Goblins supposedly have an affinity for illusion magic and tend to use it to obtain money, yeah Goblins are supposedly beasts of greed, hording large sums of money for themselves so that they can do whatever the hell they please with it. But when defending their horde of money...they are creatures you don't want to cross let me just say that. Goblins are usually loners, they don't like to travel in packs because it causes problems for them over all because of the whole greed thing, but Goblins have tried to form their own civilizations, and a few still exist around the world today. Goblins are usually very archaic, you know, carrying around knives made of hard stone, and usually carrying a bow and some arrows while wearing the skins of animals. Well the Goblin I saw fit the bill, I really don't know if all Goblins are like that, but Ezekiel called the creature a typical Goblin, which means that most likely it is a fact.

Goblins love to live underground, another no brainer, and they don't like humans because some odd millenia ago mankind ran them deep into the underground. Can you imagine that? I could, these viscous little buggers need to be underground forever, but Ezekiel says that not all Goblins are bad and that I should change my perspective. How can I? I was attacked by a God damn Goblin, but I guess that he is right in a way...I can't hate a whole race of people just because one of them did something bad to me. Oh well, looks like my time is up...I will be doing this again, it makes me feels a lot better, and this was what I needed to do...I needed to get some of this shit out of my head and out into the open. Really helped me wrapped my mind around it. Anyways...thanks alot for listening and hopefully you will tune in again. Seeya.

End of Journal #1

The Welcoming Party
*Las Vegas, Nevada, 7 Days Ago*

Man's Voice: You can't just go in to the bosses room like that without an appointment.

Man's Voice #2: I'm sorry, did I ask for permission. Get out of my way!

The scene explodes into vibrant life as the camera comes on, showing an office of sorts at an unknown location in Las Vegas, a large security guard can be seen vividly laying on his side clutching his stomach, and a man clad in a dark suit is seen standing above him. The man in the suit shakes his head as he turns to look around the office, the camera follows his peering glance, and finds that the office is owned by someone who works for a club down town known as "The Oasis". The man quickly gets impatient as he closes his eyes and then yells.

Man: Get the hell out from underneath the desk Tony! I can sense you, idiot!

A surprised yelp comes out from underneath the desk as the sound of a slam is heard, a man appears out from underneath the desk rubbing his head in a bit of pain, and a confused look crossing his face as he looks at the mysterious visitor. Tony puts his hands on the desk all the while maintaining eye contact with the man in the suit. The man points at the security guard and then speaks to Tony again.

Man #1: Tell you lackey to go get some coffee.

Tony sighs and then complies.

Tony: Go get some coffee and put it on your expense account.

The guard grudgingly nods his head and begins to walk out of the office, he turns to glance at the man in the suit one more time before closing the door, and making his way down the hall to the stairs. The man shakes his head again as he sits down in one of the two chairs in front of the desk, he looks around the room, and nods his head.

Man #1: Looks like you are doing well for yourself, Ymir. Last time I was here this place was a complete and utter dump, but now it looks like a legitimate business.

Ymir/Tony's eyes go wide as he silently whispers.

Ymir/Tony: Come on man, don't blow my cover. I've got a nice thing going here.

Man #1: I will blow your cover if I damn well please, Ymir. After all it was me who authorized this whole business you are running.

Ymir/Tony: I'm sorry, I didn't hear the reason why you decided to come on down here, and assault one of my security guards along with threatening to blow my cover.

Man #1: You know damn well why I am here, Ymir?

Ymir/Tony: Listen, I didn't do nothing wrong.

Man #1: NO! That is not why I am here, I am here about what we talked about on the phone.

Ymir/Tony smiles in relief, he didn't want this guy pissed at him that was for sure. He silently and without a second of hesitation goes to reach for the drawer of his desk, for a second the man in the suit tenses up and reaches to his hip where clearly a large bulge can be seen underneath his suit jacket. Ymir/Tony pulls out a vanilla folder from the desk drawer and gives a look to the man who takes his hand away from his hip and laughs a bit.

Ymir/Tony: Yeah, I saw that.

Man #1: Sorry, old habits die hard. You know how things are in my line of work.

Ymir/Tony: Yeah, I know, but if you could please put your gun on the table...that would make things less stressful on me.

The man in the suit quirks a brow and replies.

Man #1: I didn't think Dopplegangers felt any sort of emotion.

Ymir/Tony: Hahahahaha...real funny, dick.

Ymir/Tony puts the vanilla folder on the table and leans back in his office chair as the man in the suit puts his gun on the table, snatching the folder in the process. He opens it up and after looking at it for only a second throws the folder and the paper that was inside of it on the table. He looks angrily at Ymir/Tony and then begins to yell at him.

Man #1: Did you even attempt to find him?

Ymir/Tony: Yeah, I did, but I just couldn't find the guy you are looking for. Besides, shouldn't he be an adept by now?

Man #1: No...that's what makes this boy different from the others. The guild is looking all over for him because of the prophecy.

Ymir/Tony: Don't tell me you slayers still believe in that God damn prophecy.

Man #1: Yeah and it is all true. Well in theory it is all true...

Ymir/Tony: And what if all of this stuff about this guy is wrong? What if there isn't really a guy at all? You going to pack your bags and run back home to the Guild and let them know that there is no fucking...

The man covers Ymir/Tony's mouth and glares at him, whispering a response.

Man #1: Listen, Ymir....we don't utter a word about them in public or in private, you understand? There are monsters and hunters who would love to kill...

Ymir/Tony removes the man's hand from his mouth and then interrupts him.

Ymir/Tony: Yeah, yeah...I know all about monsters and hunters, Ezekiel. Sorry for nearly bursting the bubble of secrecy, but don't you think you are over reacting?

Ezekiel: First of all, don't say the name of a Slayer Lord out loud, and second of all I never over-react.

Ymir/Tony: Alright, sure. Anyways, I can't find the guy you are looking for. I checked every where.

Ezekiel: He is here...his presence is faint, but I can feel it.

Ymir/Tony: Good, so you go find him.

Ezekiel: You know why I can't go look for him is the true reason why I am in Las Vegas.

Ymir/Tony: Please don't tell me that the Goblins are doing their thing again...I remember what happened three years ago in this very office. I still have some scars underneath this illusion that are never going to go away.

Ezekiel: Yeah, it is the Goblins again, or what me and the Guild are hoping is a single Goblin acting out of rage and greed.

Ymir/Tony: What did they do this time?

Ezekiel: Well we can attribute about two murders and a robbery to the Goblins this time. We know that to be fact, but I am still doing research into seeing if another three murders that have some mysterious feels to them can be attributed to them too.

Ymir/Tony rubs his chin and then replies.

Ymir/Tony: Did you get a hold of the Triangle? If there is anyone who can tell you anything about what is going on it would be them.

Ezekiel: I tried to get in earlier this week, but the warden Junta wouldn't hear me out. Hell I didn't even get past the front gates. I guess they are still pretty sore at the Guild for what we did centuries ago to them.

Ymir/Tony: Who could forget about being forced to leave your home land and then being uprooted again because of the attacks on the American settlers? I sure can't, but then again I was created about around that time and among one of the things I was made for was keeping track of historical events.

Ezekiel: I would love to stay around and talk about historical stuff with you, but I have some more research to do. You just find the boy alright. I will do the rest.

Ymir/Tony: I will try my best again, but I am telling you...there is no damn boy!

Ezekiel: Just find him alright? He is mankind's future.

Without another word Ezekiel stood up from his chair and made his way to front door of the office. He opened the door just in time to see that the guard was returning with two cups of coffee and on his way out he apologized to the guard who brushed him off and headed toward the office at a fast pace. The scene fades to black with Ezekiel walking down the stairs without so much as looking back.
*4 Days Later, Pence Weatherlight's Apartment*

Female Voice: Are you up yet, Pence? If you don't wake up soon you will be late for class.

The scene opens up on a messy room, cans of soda and empty chip bags lay all over the room, and as the camera pans around a beautiful young lady can be seen standing over the bed, which doesn't look much better than the room around it. A figure lays sleeping in the bed, the figure is snoring quite loudly which is drowning out the sound of the alarm clock which is blaring quite loudly, and as the figure lets out another loud snore the lady pushes the figure in the bed a bit. The figure sits up in bed quickly, clearly startled, and turns to look at the lady revealing himself to be Pence Weatherlight. Pence looks at the girl with a smile on his face and yawns a bit, he is clearly topless, sporting a muscular physique that puts most male models to shame, and is wearing a pair of black pajama pants. He stretches a bit before getting out of bed a bit and then replying to the young lady.

Pence: Could have been more polite in the way you woke me up, Lenny.

The lady laughs a bit, her real name was Lennette, and Pence had always called her Lenny since the day the two of them met which was over four years ago. They had been friends ever since and had not progressed passed that level because Pence felt that she was more of a little sister to him than a girlfriend. Pence makes his way out of bed and begins to make his way to the bathroom to get ready for school in a quick manner. He closes the door to the bathroom to get some privacy and as he does so Lennette begins to speak to him on the other side.

Lennette: I knew I could have been more gentle, but if I hadn't been rough then you would have never woken up, and that of course would lead to you flunking out of college.

Pence: I'm not too much into college and you know that. It is just so boring, it is almost the same bull shit every day.

Lennette: But it is going to make your life so much easier...I mean you don't want to wrestle forever do you?

The door to the bathroom cracks open a bit and Pence leans out of the door, a toothbrush in his mouth, and a slight bewildered look on his face. He lets out a muffled reply to her question.

Pence: Well yeah...I would really love to wrestle forever.

Lennette: Then why are you even really in college? Shouldn't you be full time wrestling with SCW instead then?

Pence: I go to college for the ladies.

Lennette tries to throw a pillow off of Pence's bed at Pence who lets out a chuckle and closes the door quickly. Lennette laughs a bit too and then continues.

Lennette: No, seriously...why are you even in college?

The room goes silent for a bit, but Pence quickly replies in a low tone.

Pence: Because my mother wanted me to go to college.

Lennette: I didn't mean to pry...I'm sorry.

Pence: No, we really have never discussed this. Right before my mom died...she always talked about me being a big shot in some college campus and I promised her that I would do it, no matter what. I was a kid then, but I always stuck to that vow...always following what my mom had wanted, so here I am.

Lennette: You know that is real sweet of you Pence, doing this all for your mother, but I think she would be happy no matter what you did.

Pence: You are right, but I wanted to respect her wishes. Anyway...

The sound of the water coming on is heard from deep within the bathroom.

Pence: I need to take a shower, if you could please get out of my bedroom for a few moments. After all I don't want you to see me in the nude that would pretty much ruin our friendship because then you would want to be my girlfriend and such.

Lennette laughed and nodded her head.

Lennette: Sure I would. Alright, I will be in the kitchen making breakfast. Don't take too long alright?

Lennette left Pence's bedroom as he began to take a shower and after five minutes had gone by, Pence emerged from the bathroom his hair already up in spikes thanks to the moose, and a towel wrapped around his waist. He silently walks over to his dresser and pulls out a pair of boxers, some blue jeans, and a black long sleeve shirt. He begins to get dressed quickly and then after finishing up he pulls a pair of gray socks over his feet and quickly ties his Nike's before exiting the room.

Pence: How do I look?

Pence said as he exited the bedroom, but found that the room was empty, and in confusion Pence began to look around the room for signs of Lennette. And that was when he heard the scream. Pence quickly turned his head to look at the window near the fire escape which had been closed earlier, but now was wide open with the curtain blowing around in the wind. Pence quickly heads to the window and looks up the fire escape where he is greeted with another scream. Pence growls and quickly jumps out on to the fire escape and continues to look up the fire escape.

Pence: Lennette! Are you okay!

Lennette: (Screaming) Get away from me freak!

Pence: I'm coming Lennette, just hold on!

Pence pokes his head back through the window and looks around for something to use as a weapon, he finds his baseball bat laying against the wall next to the window, and quickly grabs it before making his way up the fire escape toward his terrified friend. As he gets closer and closer to the roof, the sounds of some weird gibberish begin to fill his ears. As Pence reaches the top he looks over a bit before making his way on to the roof officially. Pence does a double take and looks confused as his head comes down from the double take, he rubs his eyes, and then looks back up not believing at all what he is seeing. He pulls himself up on to the roof and finally gets a full sight of the creature attacking his friend. The creature looks back at him in surprise, not knowing what to do either. The creature has olive skin, pointy ears, a rather large nose, and stands at barely four feet tall. It is clad in some kind of animal skin, most likely a mixture of skunk and squirrel skins, and is holding some sort of stone dagger.

Pence: What the fuck is that thing!

Creature: Gex grick blegh!

Pence had no clue what the creature was trying to tell him, but he didn't like the way that he turned to look at him, almost a glint of sinister intentions filling the cold black doll eyes of the creature. The creature rushed at Pence before he could even do anything, lunging at him with dagger in hand, and the intent on ending his life. But that was when something in Pence clicked, some kind of defense mechanism, before he had even realized what he had done, the creature was flying in the air, and fell to the ground in a jumble, but quickly got up. Pence had realized he had used the bat because of the giant welt/bruise that was now on the side of the creatures face, and as Pence looked at the bat in confusion the creature attacked again. But this time it was different. Pence shook his head as he thought that two of the same creature were running at him, and as he swung for the fences at one of them he quickly realized there was only one of them. The bat went through the one that he had attacked and Pence felt a sharp pain fill him as he could only watch the stone dagger go through his pant leg and into his thigh. Pence growled in fury and swung at the creature with his bat only to have the creature pull the dagger out and jump back with insane speed.

Creature: Mick deva benz bruon.

Pence: Yeah, up yours.

The creature gave Pence a weird glance as he charged it and came down with all of his strength in a downward fashion at the goblin with his bat. The creature however was too fast to be hit in that fashion as it rolled out of Pence's way and laughed at him. Pence's bat hit the concrete hard which sent a slight reverberation up to his hands, just enough to annoy the hell out of him, and sting a bit. Pence's bat splintered into pieces upon impact as well and Pence cursed his luck as the creature's laughing grew louder. Pence turned to look at the creature, now clutching the bat very much like a dagger. The creature got in a stance that mocked Pence's own and for a few seconds nothing happened, both of them stood not wanting to make the first move, and that is when the creature made its move. It came at Pence again, this time with impossible to match speed, the stone dagger this time looking to spill the contents of Pence's gut all over the roof, but once again something in Pence clicked, and he spun around the attack and brought the bat right into the creature's back. The creature let out a yowl of pain and stumbled away from Pence and toward one of the air vents that was coming out of the roof. Pence turned around, realizing that the creature still had his weapon stuck in his back, and now he was completely defenseless against the wrath of the beast.

Pence readied himself for the attack, taking a stance that he had scene boxers do on television, he waited for the attack, and the creature did not disappoint as it charged at him like it had done before, but this time a gun shot rang out in Pence's ears. Pence who had his eyes closed, waiting for the killing blow, opened them to find that the creature was howling in pain, and holding one of its' legs. Pence looked around as he heard the sound of footsteps and found a dark figure walking past him, gun trained on the creature, and taking its time to look at it. The man kneeled down next to the creature and then looked over at Pence, the man had jet black hair, and was wearing a pair of red tinted shades. The man with one of his hands pulled down the shades a bit to look at him and winked.

Man: I guess I won't need to give you that crash course in monster hunting that I had all planned out.

Pence: What the hell...who the hell...

Man: I know that you have a lot of questions, but they will all be answered in time.

The creature literally spat on the man and the man turned back to look at the creature who was audibly growling at him.

Creature: Ogg drex blewd oztra ven.

Man: I've heard that from many a monster, but I'm still alive aren't I?

That was when the man put the gun to the creature's head and pulled the trigger, with one quick bang the life that was originally in the creature's eyes faded, and death took it. Green blood was splattered all over the front of the man's suit jacket and the man sighed.

Man: I really do hate Goblins...vicous to the last second of their lives. Plus when you give them a good shot in the head they blow green blood all over you or anything around it. Such a mess to clean up.

The man turned to look at Pence who continued to look at him with a confused look in his eyes. The man pulled out a napkin from his coat pocket and wiped himself down a bit before getting off of his knee and walking over to Pence. He put his hand on Pence's shoulder and then whispered into his ear.

Man: Get your friend and take her down to your apartment. I will clean this up.

Pence didn't need to be told twice as he went over to Lennette and picked her up, he noticed she was out cold, most likely from fear, and quickly put her up on his shoulders with ease. Without saying anything to the mysterious man he walked on by, he looked over at the man one more time to see him pull a cube out of his pocket, and throw it on the floor next to the creature, a bright flash followed that nearly blinded him. As the light faded, the creature was no longer there, and the man sighed in relief as he sat down on the roof. Pence nodded and without any further stops made his way back to his apartment in haste. The scene fades to black with the man looking at watch and with him saying.

Man: I should have known...

-----END OF PART 1!-----

The Big Revelation

*Las Vegas, Pence's Apartment, 3 Days Ago*

The scene opens up in Pence's bedroom which looks cleaner than it did before, mainly due to Pence wanting to give Lennette a good place to rest. It had, after all, only been about an hour since the creature had attacked her, and Pence was more than worried about his friend who had not woken up since. Lennette lay calmly on Pence's bed, tucked in like a little kid, and Pence sat in the chair in front of his computer desk, looking down on her and not wanting to leave her side. He had no idea what was going on and no idea why the creature had attacked her or what it had said to him on the roof, but one thing was for sure it would not be causing anymore problems for them. The door to his room was flung open abruptly which caused Pence to jump up a bit and grab the butcher knife which he had grabbed to defend himself and Lennette if another creature came to get revenge. But instead of seeing one of the creatures, the man from the roof walked in, dried green blood still on his suit jacket, but most of the blood that had been on his face was now gone thanks to the rag in his pocket. The man looked at Pence and smiled as if he were enjoying the fact that Pence was on edge, but Pence wasn't too happy, and glared at the man who sat down in a steel folding chair. The man looked at his watch again and then began to speak.

Man: Sorry for earlier, I would have arrived sooner if it hadn't been for traffic.

Pence: What the hell was that thing!?

The man looked at Pence with intensity before replying.

Man: A Goblin...a member of the Goblin Triangle to be exact. You might want to relax because that is the least of the things you will have to worry about now.

Pence: What does that mean! And who the hell are you!?

The man nodded his head, clearly he understood what was going through Pence's head. He remembered how he had reacted to his first monster and as such he decided to take things slow with Pence, not wanting to push him too far down the rabbit hole on the first sitting. The man folded his hands on his chest and began to speak.

Man: I am Ezekiel and I am a Monster Slayer, a Slayer Lord to be exact. What I do is kill monsters so normal men and women like your friend over there can live a normal life without the encroachment of the darkest and vilest creatures on this planet effecting their every day lives. What you have just experienced happens on a daily basis, but it is all covered up by an organization I work for which is called the Guild. We work to make the earth a better place for monsters and humans.

Pence: So that was...

Ezekiel: Yes, a monster. A Goblin as I said before. Real nasty one at that, most Goblins in Las Vegas live in Grixxus which is the home to the Goblin Triangle deep underground. Goblins are real greedy blokes, they love to do anything that will get them cash, and I fear that may be why the Goblin has been attacking people.

Pence: Me and Lennette are college students, we don't carry much cash, and the only source of income that I am making is thanks to SCW, but besides that I am poor as a bum on the side of the street.

Ezekiel: There are other reasons to attack you than just money, though.

Pence: Oh, like what?

Ezekiel: are a Slayer. Mind you an untrained one, but a Slayer none the less.

Pence: Yeah right and Elivs is going to be the next president of the United States of America.

Ezekiel: Listen to me carefully...things are going to get more hectic from now on. Especially now that you have killed a Goblin, Goblins don't like their kin being killed by humans...well really they don't like humans in general. But basically these Goblins are not going to make things easy on you or her. Now I can understand you are a skeptic, hell when I was just starting I was one too, but over time I adjusted to my role in society, and became a Slayer Lord. You are destined for so much more though.

Pence let out a laugh and stood up from the table and walked out of the room, Ezekiel followed him out into the living room where Pence was leaning against the center aisle in the kitchen.

Pence: Listen to me, Ezekiel! I am not some damn super hero who flies around the world saving people from monsters. That sounds like your cup of tea, but I am more than content being an average human being with average human being problems.

Ezekiel: are special. Have you ever wondered why you are so good at the things you do? Able to run longer and harder than the bests, able to lift more weight than anyone else in your college? It is because you are a Slayer!

Pence: Or it is because I am just good at what I do! I don't need to be a Slayer to be exceptional!

Ezekiel pulled out his gun and aimed it at Pence, Pence looked at him confused as to what he was doing drawing a gun on him.

Ezekiel: If you don't believe you are special, I guess I will have to demonstrate.

Pence: What the hell are you doing!? Why are you aiming a gun at me!?

Ezekiel: To demonstrate one of the many things a Slayer can do.

Pence didn't have time to reply as Ezekiel pulled the trigger on his handgun and as Pence's mind began to race he felt that weird feeling that he had felt when fighting the Goblin, except this time it was more focused and it was much more ready for what was coming. Pence moved his head a few inches to the left, almost feeling like everything around him had slowed down to a pace that he could visibly see, and as he did so the shot missed him, hitting the cabinet behind him. Time seemed to return to normal as Ezekiel holstered the gun back under his suit jacket.

Pence: What the hell just happened? I dodged the bullet, but everything slowed down.

Ezekiel: Or you sped up. We all call it Phantom Movement, it really is a weird name, but it basically means when you are in danger your body will kick things up a notch.

Pence: Like an adrenaline rush?

Ezekiel: Something like that. But do you believe me now?

Pence: I think I can go along with this, but...its just so much.

Ezekiel: I know, but I don't expect you to go right into the fray gun's blazing. You will have to learn the ropes and gain the talent, we have so many more abilities that make us a deadly force against monsters in this world. But in return you will have to drop out of college, now as for SCW, you can stay. After all it is form of training.

Pence: What about her?

Pence turned to look in the room at the sleeping Lennette, who looked almost peaceful to him, and Ezekiel put his hand on his shoulder.

Ezekiel: I will wipe her mind of the events, it is an advanced technique of us Slayers and only Slayer lords are permitted to use the technique because of how much it drains out of you. Stay here and get ready to roll...

Pence: Why do I need to get ready, where are we going?

Ezekiel: Well, the Goblin belonged to the Triangle which is one of the two last remaining governments that Goblins have since the Guild orchestrated the great culling.

Pence: The great culling?

Ezekiel: Trust me there are things you just don't want to know about. There was a time that Slayers were senseless barbarians and didn't think too much with their minds. So lets just head to Grixxus and when we get there don't interact too much with the locals, they don't like humans because of what the Slayers did.

Pence nodded his head and decided he would need to change clothes before heading off to some kind of giant Goblin city that was underground. Ezekiel smiled and began to speak again.

Ezekiel: Meet me at this location in twenty minutes and make sure to be ready for anything because from this point forward we have walked out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Pence nodded his head again as Ezekiel handed him address that he had got out of his left pocket and as Pence read the address to himself and looked up to ask a question to Ezekiel he noticed that Ezekiel had left his side and was now muttering something into Lennettes ear. Pence couldn't hear him and thus decided to ignore it, he needed to get ready to roll, and as such he made a quick trip to his bedroom and grabbed a change from his school clothes to his leisure clothes. After fully changing in his bathroom another question would arise. Pence walked out of the bathroom with a surprised look on his face and tapped Ezekiel on his shoulder.

Ezekiel: What's up?

Pence: The Goblin stabbed me with a stone dagger, but now...the cut is gone.

Ezekiel: Maybe your powers are far more developed than I thought. That my friends is basic regeneration, you can heal gun shot wounds, and heal cuts and gashes. But that is the limit, plus it can tire you out if the wounds are extensive.

Pence: So now I have all of these cool abilities...can you teach me about all of them!

Ezekiel: No, I can't. You must develop and learn about all of your powers by yourself and at your own pace.

Pence nodded his head and Ezekiel began to leave the room.

Pence: Will she be alright?

Ezekiel: Yeah, she will wake up, and think that she fell asleep at a party at your house last night. All you need to do is cover it up with you saying you put her in your bed and you slept on the couch. Now are you ready?

Pence: Ready as I will ever be.

Ezekiel: Good then take this...

Ezekiel grabbed at his hip again and pulled out another gun, this one didn't look as flashy as the metallic looking one that he had used on the goblin, this one looked more like one of those basic street level thug guns. Pence took the gun and put it into his pocket for quick access if they got into any trouble. After a few moments, mainly so Pence could say goodbye to Lennette, they made their way out the door as the scene fades to black.

-----END OF PART 2a-----

And Now A Word From Mr. Main Event!
*Outside the Arena, Day of the PPV*

The scene opens up on the thousands of fans who have bought tickets to the show, all of which who are ready for a night of fun, and action. They go through the ticket lines to buy tickets and to check in for the first PPV of the year for SCW and as they all do that attention turns to the steps where a certain SCW super star is sitting with a large grin on his face. The fans recognize him as Mr. Main Event, Pence Weatherlight, and remembering how he usually does his speeches about the matches that he participates in, a crowd begins to form around him. Pence waits for a large enough venue and then without much effort he jumps to his feet and the fans all grow quiet, security shows up to see what is going on, and see Pence Weatherlight, he waves them off, and they nod their heads, leaving Pence with the fans. For a second Pence says nothing, he allows the fans to cheer a bit, and he allows the fans to take pictures and give him praise before he speaks. He pulls a microphone from his pocket and begins to speak.

Pence: What is up SCW Universe!

The fans notice that large speakers have been placed around the entrance to the arena and applaud as Pence begins to speak.

Pence: No, no, no! We need to be louder for those over payed pieces of shit in the back who seem to have forgotten that this is all about entertainment and not about themselves! So let me ask one more time! WHAT IS UP SCW UNIVERSE!?

The fans cheer even louder this time and Pence smiles before speaking once again.

Pence: Good job, do you hear that people in the back, do you hear the sound of over a thousand fans out front calling you out on your bullshit? Because I sure as hell hear them calling you out. Lets be honest folks it has been all about you guys from the beginning and not about the guys who are coughing up the doe to make sure that you get your fancy little check in the God damn mail every fucking week. You have no intention of showing these fans a good time, all you care about is yourselves, and about that big fat check that every week makes its' way into your grimy little fucking hands. Not to rain on your parade, but people are sick of the same over-sold bullshit that you are spoon feeding them, and if they had their way the whole lot of you...every single one of you in the back would be getting the boot out of this company for more talented personnel who at least give the fans some God damn entertainment. I mean first things first, we have Wolf. The Outcast Legend...first off I would like to comment on his nickname. The Outcast Legend is not possible, it is an oxymoron. Outcast means you have been thrown out, hence you can't be a legend, and secondly legend means you are at the top of the ladder in this business, but if you are an outcast that is logically impossible. So sorry to burst your bubble or slap you across the face with the metaphorical "shut the fuck up" stick, but it had to be done.

As for this whole thing about my name, I don't know what is more intriguing...your childishness or your inability to be original in this situation. I mean you are just one out the hundred wrestlers that I have fought in my career that have used the very same bullshit and at the same time all of them lost, no one has ever beat me when they start this ridiculousness, and I hope it is quite obvious how disappointed I am with you. For someone who has been wrestling for longer than most, I expected originality, hell I let it slip that you did it the first time we got in the ring together, scoffing it off as though you just didn't know, but apparently it is a whole other issue. And that issue is that you just don't give a damn, you never have, and that saddens me dearly...well it would if I was looking for your approval. Personally I don't want the approval of some washed up has been, I don't need it...I have all the approval I need right here.

The fans erupt into cheers as Pence nods his head and continues.

Pence: To me this competition is more than a title shot opportunity for myself and I guess I'm the only one who actually believes in it like that...I mean I believe that this is a match that will wow and zow the fans. This is my first SCW Main Event and I have no intention of letting these loving fans down when it comes to doing what I do best. I am going to go in there and I am going to entertain while kicking ass and taking names, if I win a championship opportunity, I win a championship opportunity. If I don't, I know I tried my best, and that is all that matters to me. But you Wolf...I am gunning for you, hell I am gunning for every member of Sin's Elite! I am going to take all three of you to the proverbial limit of your wrestling talent and then in one swift blow I am going to take that high horse that you rode in on and kick it right in the fucking ass. I mean every member of Sin's Elite is very guilty of being conceded and of course completely over-rated at that. You three are the most decorated wrestlers and champions in SCW, right? Well you guys sure aren't fucking acting like it, you guys are acting like pompous dick sucking failures, not decorated super stars. Personally if I had my way, well hell if the fans had their way even, you three would be not only stripped of all the God damn royalties that you have been given, but would be suspended indefinitely. Its not my fault that I didn't do my research though, I tried my best to avoid doing anything involving you three.

I'm not going to sugar coat it, you caught me, but what did you actually catch me doing? Trying my best to make sure that I didn't have to watch your shit pile promotions or your boring matches? Yes, you three are the most decorated, but does that mean anything if you have had some of the least entertaining matches and some of the most boring promotions in SCW history? I would like to say that it doesn't, personally Wolf you are ridiculous. I'm going to do the exact same thing that I did to Krowe three weeks ago and that is Heavy Artillery you until you can't fucking move. I'm going to break your bristle bones, I am going to suffocate you with your own saggy ass flesh, and I am going to snap your neck like a God damn twig. You have had it easy, you have allowed yourself to get so wrapped up in this whole grandeur of being a member of the weakest stable in history, that you have underestimated one of the strongest rookies that SCW has ever gotten. So keep playing the hand you have been dealt and I will see you in the ring tonight. Oh and a word of advice, might want to check to see if your health insurance is payed for because after I am done with're going to be in a body cast.

Pence pauses and listens to the "Sin's Elite sucks!" chants as Pence laughs a bit and then continues.

Pence: Speaking of Sin's Elite....where the hell is Doug E. Fresh? The guy who I had hoped to rip a new one verbally is no where in sight. Did I scare him away after my impressive showing in the Jackpot preview or is he so wrapped up in the future loss of Sin's Elite to the Belmonts to care about this match? I would think it is a combination of the both, but I am pretty satisfied that he is not here because he truly isn't worth the fucking breath as he clearly has shown over the years, and is lucky that I have not got the opportunity to fight him in a singles match yet. But then again, Mr. Fresh doesn't matter at all, he is not going to be able to beat anyone, and neither is anyone in Sin's Elite for that matter...none of them will be grabbing a title shot and I am going to make sure of that folks, so just rest assured that you will never see them as number one contenders for any of these belts because that honor belongs to those who actually give a damn about these fans and don't fight for only themselves. Ladies and Gentlemen get ready for a blood bath because I know that is what you want.

But Sin's Elite's list of failures doesn't end there, I mean you still have J.T. Cash, mind you he is cutting promos like he just doesn't give a shit, but he is still there. Its not like he is going to win or anything, but whatever...I guess he will come out and give Wolf a blow job then allow Wolf to eliminate him, I really don't see another option for that failure of a human being. I mean to be honest he is one of the dumbest mother fucking idiots I have ever seen, but among all of the members of the Sin's Elite he is the most intelligent...which almost made me cry. It almost made me have sympathy for him, but then I remembered that I would rather bitch slap him through a house instead of give him a pat on the back. This guy hasn't in particular done anything worth merit...he is part of a dying championship branch, I just don't see him as a champion, I don't know...he may have been talented at one time or another, but at this moment and time he looks more like a panda that has been taught to hug people than an actual wrestler...not that it matters I suppose.

You see folks, Sin's Elite is nothing, but gnats who came to the flame hoping to relive the glory days when they were actually relevant to this business by competing in a match like this, but its just not going to happen. Sorry to burst your bubble Elite, but you have no chance...none what so fucking ever. So please just eliminate each other and walk with your heads hung low to the backstage area and then I ask of you to gather your thoughts and find out what exactly your purpose is in the business other than to be annoying little ass clowns.

The fans cheer some more as Pence asks them to spread out a bit and then Pence begins to pace. Thinking to himself.

Pence: There is a long list of superstars that I could comment on, but I believe that the one who deserves my focus first is someone who I value with a lot of respect and that is the Rebel Child, Georgie Nickles!

The fans cheer and Pence gives a light applause.

Pence: Congratulations on being one of the few and proud who care about the fans and not just another dip shit. I value you much more than the others, plus I have a lot of respect for you and the members in the Defiance Reborn, and one day I hope that you guys will accept me into your ranks as an equal. I know I am not ready yet, but I think that after my little showing tonight, I may just be ready to bring more dynamics to your little team of defenders. But all of that respect, all of that honor that I have for you, and your colleagues it will fade in that ring. I know that I will have to fight you...most likely two of you at least, but I know that when push comes to shove...I will have to shove back. I know that in that ring you want your competitors to wrestle and I have every intention of doing just that, I will wrestle my heart and soul out, I will break every bone that I have if it means the fans at home and here in the arena will get one more ounce of entertainment out of this match. So knowing that, good luck to you Georgie and I will see you later tonight, I think we are going to be pretty good friends.

I guess since I started doing Defiance Reborn I can at least talk about every member in order...I guess next is AC Thunder. This guy I have a lot of respect for, but once again it comes down to the battle of new vs. old. You have wrestled competitively for a multitude of years, and as such I respect you as an honored veteran, but as of late you have been slacking and falling short of that bar of talent that the rest of the roster is setting. It is not your fault, it is because you are in a slump, and I expect you will get out of it eventually, but tonight I can not allow it. I will give the fans entertainment, I will fight you, but I will not allow you to beat me...I'm sorry. I'm not going to give you an easy time Thunder and I hope that you come out with some of that old time pazazz and talent that you were renowned for. I expect you to be in tip top shape tonight and to bring your 'A' game and I hope you expect nothing less of me. I will see you in the ring tonight as well and I hope that afterwards, we can have a nice long chat and maybe you can tell me a few stories about this business because I love that sort of stuff. Seeya real soon AC.

Next on the list is Bryan Payne...I know I know! He is not officially in this match, but he could be...he could lose his title to Stu and be in this match fighting right along side me and the others. But let me say one thing Bryan...I will beat you, I don't care if you are the champion or not, I will defeat you to prove that I am more than ready to be the next SCW Global Champion, the SCW Global Champion that all these fans fucking deserve! I may have got here late, but so far I am unimpressed...what have you done with that belt? A belt is more than a prestigious thing, it is also a weapon of great power because it can give you a considerable amount of lee-way in this company. Plus the fans love a hands-on champion, I can't believe I am giving pointers... I really shouldn't be, but I think you will get a lot more cheers, and many more fans will like you if you get with the program and start pushing yourself to be the People's Champ because lets face it...without these fans we would be nothing dude. Anyways good luck in your title defense tonight and I look forward to actually seeing you in the ring if I ever get the chance.

The fans cheer as Pence continues on, still pacing a bit, and now rubbing his chin.

Pence: Next we have Hillman, this guy really weirds me the fuck out...I really don't understand him, but that may be because I am new. This guy really doesn't shout champion to me as a matter of fact he doesn't really shout much to me period...he doesn't seem like much, he is a short guy, rather plump, and doesn't look to have developed much in-ring talent. I mean he has talent when it comes to talk, but he is very much like a chihuaha...all bark no bite. I would be afraid of him if I was a toddler or if I viewed him as a real threat, but right now I don't really see it that way. The only thing he is to me is just another face that needs to be kicked in, it is kind of sad, but I think it needs to be said. He doesn't look much different than a soccer ball or a balloon for that matter. I'm pretty fearful that I may kick him to hard and he will just pop or let out a stream of air that will make the room smell like shit. After all from what I hear he is quite the shit talker and wears a shit eating grin way too well for his own fucking good. I guess I will learn if he is all hype and no talent tonight now won't I. We will square off Hillman, I know you are use to fighting ladies, but let me tell you that in this case you are in for one hell of a bloody surprise because the only ladies here are Bella and Georgie, and I think both of them will break you like a God damn twig. Sorry bro.

Pence stops pacing and sits down on the ground, he looks like he is deep in thought, and then he snaps his fingers.

Pence: Stu Who and Bella, both of you are really great competitors and I look forward to wrestling you both because I think you both are extremely talented wrestlers. Stu, Stu, Stu, Stu you are a great wrestler, but tonight I will have to crush you like an ant...I hope you understand it is nothing personal, but I have to win this match to prove something to everyone, and that is the Belmont's win was a fluke, there is no way in hell he could ever repeat what he did. Stu, I respect you as much as I do Bryan, but in the end just like Bryan...I have a lot to prove and that means I am going to be twice as viscous and twice as determined than most of the people in that ring tonight. Bella, Bella, Bella I haven't seen you wrestle before, but I know that if you have been trained by Stu that you are going to be one hell of a lady to dance in the squared ring with. I look forward to the opportunity to test my mettle against both of you and I hope you all won't hold it against me when I have to beat you both the fuck up. Look forward to wrestling you guys again some time in a future main event, but for now I have to move on while I still have time.

Pence stops rubbing his chin and then begins to speak again.

Pence: Well Drosskar, Morgan, and the Belmonts along side anyone else that I forgot, it comes down to you guys. For some of you this is your last chance, for others this is your only chance, and for some it was never meant to be. I would like to wish you matter who you are and I look forward to stepping into the ring with each and every single one of you. I hope you all can forgive me for the pain I must force you into and I hope that one day when you look back on this day, you will realize that you have face the People's Champ, MR. MAIN EVENT....PENCE WEATHERLIGHT, THE FUTURE SCW GLOBAL CHAMPION! Good night ladies and gentlemen and get ready for one hell of a main event, because I and these other competitors are going to give you one hell of a performance.

The scene bursts to static with the sound of cheers filling and almost bursting the speakers on the steps and every speaker in every house tuning in.

-----END OF PROMO-----

*Scene bursts to static*

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