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 Hanako Iramasha (Human | 0-2)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Hanako Iramasha (Human | 0-2)   Sat May 31, 2014 10:40 pm

Face Claim: Tifa Lockhart -- Final Fantasy -- UHCM -- Hanako Iramasha

82-year-old Hanako Iramasha
The Talented Bartender
D.O.B.: 11/25/2392 as Human Female from Osaka City
D.O.C.: 11/25/2010 started with 2010 Human Template
Hanako stands at the height of four feet, ten inches, which is petite; however her form is balanced with her hourglass figure. This means that she is not skinny, but not pudgy. Considering her skills as a martial artist, she can demonstrate different degree of flexibility depending if she has to tighten or loosen up.

Formerly, she has honey blond hair and blue eyes, but when in contact with her ancient heritage, she was genetically modified during her awakening to have deep brunette hair and red eyes. Eventually, she mastered the arts of changing her appearance, she reverts back to her birth form. Now, she is back to her modified form for a reason related to the encounter with Mana Asthavon.

It is not unusual that she wears clothes that is loose, flexible or have some skin exposure. The purpose of her outfits is that she has to be fast and flexible, so rigid clothing like tight jeans are not good enough for her. Protection is still on her mind, so she has a habit of mixing and matching between pieces of clothing to give her both protection and mobility; the choice frequented by those who see light armor as a better choice for combat.

Tied around her arm is a pink ribbon that was once worn by someone she cared about as it was kept for a long time. It is clear that she took great care of it as there were signs of mended frayed ends made presumably her Hanako as a show of handiwork. It was believed that a spymaster for Shadin took it after her defeat by Mana, but how she reacquired it is unknown.

Through unexplained methods, Hanako maintains a youthful clarity on her natural beauty. For certain, she has not done anything devious to maintain it after a few harsh battles. Perhaps she has connections that not everyone knew about; probably a healer or a master beautician.
Hanako is among one of the few, but is the best of them as a bartender. She started out as a family restaurant manager, but business with other food chains was too competitive so she made a fateful change from the restaurant to a pub, where she can still cook and invent new kind of alcohol. She was famous for her brew called, "Karakura's Hardest" as it stood as a major challenge for even a major alcoholics or famous brew connoisseurs.

At her homely pub, patrons often treated it as a place where they can drink peacefully and Hanako was described as a lovely daughter. At times, the patrons would rally up to those who threatened Hanako or her establishment, even though Hanako prefers to avoid trouble. For a distinguished bartender, what trouble would come that she needs to know various forms of combat when she has friends to protect her?

She is not the kind to speak about her past, even though she seems to wish to hide it away from others except for a few she holds special. Given to her comforting personality, she seems to be raised well as a good childhood. Still, why would she hide her past or not speak of it when it could be good or fortunate for her by speculation?

During her high school years, she was regarded as one of the Special-A students and was valedictorian for her graduation with several commendations. For someone of her intellectual value and mysterious wealth, she somehow did not go to college after graduation. Instead, she is married and rumored to have children; could that be why she could not go to college?

She does indeed have powers as she was spotted fighting against Mana Asthavon, Queen of the Demons, but disappeared during the fight along with Mana. According to the spymaster for Shadin with proof, Hanako was deemed killed in action by Mana. However, she is back and in good health; another mystery to solve in this case as she is not willing to expose her secrets so easily.
Often she has a warm presence due to her caring for others and her high spirit in the face of adversity. When it comes to her husband, she would naturally be worried each time he is not coming home for different reasons, even for selfish ones. For others, she is just glad to see her friends, but when it comes to people she does not like, she does have some mistrust towards them, even though it is not enough to warrant unprovoked violence or hatred.

In the midst of combat, Hanako would primarily focus on disabling the opponent rather than killing them. Despite criticisms about her non-killing ideals, she claims to be less lethal than her teacher, who she believed to be a pacifist. It is unknown who is her teacher, but considering her prowess in combat, the teacher must be skilled as well, but that is a speculation.

From time to time, Hanako has moments when she is not all bright and sunny. Whenever that is going on, she would be not working at her pub. She does not like to spread misery to her friends, so she keeps her problems to herself and deal with it on her own.

Two of her many hobbies involves cooking and reading erotic books. It starts off just cooking for her caretaker after learning how to cook from her teacher, but then it turns into a hobby as much as reading hentai books after getting into her teacher's private stash. Even from her husband, Hanako is experienced in hiding a stash or two of her private guilty pleasures while distracting people from them by cooking an array of cuisines and entrees that appease different characters who find themselves under her care; one would wonder what else she does in secret?

At some points, she can get angry over petty things and one of them is being called a child because of her size compared to other adults. Other than causing trouble at her pub or threatening her family and friends, an insult about her appearance would send her off the edge of patience and into a ripple of outburst. If one irritates her enough, she can resort to violence if left alone, even if it would compromise a fragile task.

She has several different favorites of consumables as her strongest would be her sweet tooth. From time to time, she bakes something or mix something sweet before testing them to make sure they are good enough for others. By far, she loves dark chocolate enough that it is easy to catch her attention by holding up a package of dark chocolate pocky sticks in front of her, but how far until that addictive substance could bend her moral standing before she could deny them regretfully out of necessity?

She was not one to be held down so often, so there are times that she would leave the pub to do something else on her off-days. Some of the times, she goes adventuring, which would either be hunting down criminals or being outside Karakura Central. As she is politically minded, she is likely to not tread casually on enemy territories.
Hanako used to not have powers, yet she possessed even now the natural immunity to reiatsu or spiritual pressure that serves as an area effect. As along she is not using any ability listed here, she can ignore all effects of all form of reiatsu specifically; natural and passive abilities do not count. Once she is uses an ability, she is vulnerable to reiatsu for three turns after finishing her ability.

As part of her bloodline, she believed that she is immortal, but in truth, she was just unable to become older or younger, and that means she cannot die or be affected by mortal aging. She is still can be killed by any means other than aging or by time. She realized that reality of the possibility of dying after losing control of her power before having her goddess state fused with her natural form.

After her encounter with Mana Asthavon at Malaysia, Hanako lost control over her staged transformation and it is only after the help of her husband and a few strangers, she regained control over her powers, but her forms died with that storm. Now the Goddess State is fused with her as a natural form as her old teacher helped her honed her the power of her inner goddess. Though her ancient heritage and the fusion, her chi and anima skills are fully altered into Ancient Mysticism and Sorcery.

Actively when not using her immunity to reiatsu, she can create a fusion of sorcery or mysticism into her attacks, so she can perform a combination that exploits various weaknesses to possible energy types. As she has only two hands and two feet, she could only do four different energy types or four of the same energy type and can only do them one set at a time. If she is switching out, she has to use her next turn to conjure a new set of energy infusion after turning them off.
Heavenly Fist is a technique based in spiritual martial arts, which means that she has to shut down her immunity to use it. By converging a great deal of energy into her right fist (as seen as a shining star appearing on her fist,) she can create an upward explosion centered on a mark left on the opponent by Hanako. It is a variation of Smite and knowing that enemies could dodge the punch, Hanako will have to do a successful grapple before using it; the other variation is a kick, which does not need a grapple, but when her foot shine like a star, it could potentially launch most opponent off the ground in any direction she intended.

The Hell Tap (formerly the Pinky Technique) is the technique where practitioner grips the finger of the opponent and raises one pinky before tapping it down and cause a massive explosion of light that utterly decimates the will of the opponent; the practitioner has to have a completed grip of the opponent's fingertip for it to work. The method is that in between her fingers, she converge a tremendous amount of energy into the finger tip of the opponent while keeping it stabilized in between her fingers; at that point, any additional contact by an outside force will trigger the explosion. Before doing so, Hanako would warn the opponent to yield and by yielding will have Hanako drain the gathered energy and disarm it; should they not, she triggers it and ultimately decimate and heal the opponent ten times over, which by the end would render them too exhausted to move and wipe the memory of bystanders staring into the light of that incident.

Through her fusion with her goddess state, she possesses the ability to willingly manifest one or two wings of black feathers. When she uses one wing, she can swap between sides so she can use attacks with a wider arc without clipping them while having two increases her stability when gliding after using Precipice. However, when clipped, the wing that is hit vanishes into a plume of feathers as it will only take a moment for her to manifest a new wing, but it will still be a challenge if she is tumbling while plummeting; she can "fly" by falling, but she is unable to ignore falling.
Hanako possesses superior physical prowess as only the true masters of their physical trade could overwhelm her. The only exception of the skill in weapon handling, which she excels in along with her supreme martial arts training. It is through with her training in hand-to-hand combat and from the help of her teacher, learned how to use two weapons simultaneously.

Among one of the strongest humans alive, Hanako was reinforced through dedication and discipline of her senses as well as her body. Her sensual coordination helped her survive many events that would otherwise kill a skilled human warrior. Though with her near-fatal defeat against Mana, her spirit hardly dwindles; it gets stronger each passing moment she holds up to her resolve.

Mysticism is a form of ancient art that utilizes one's inner spirit as an extension of their will to help others around them and for themselves. Unlike Chi, the methods are primitive, but overwhelming in raw power. Hanako refined the arts as she adjusts to her fusion with her goddess state, so while she can use the mystic techniques up to their full potential, she can control them for less effect and less taxing means.

The Ancients' sorcery is achieved through bending one's soul to "capture & control" the reishi around them and even the reiatsu of other spiritual beings. At its time, the use of reiatsu to fuel the sorcery was considered vile, but ancient texts in possession by Naoki Shikijou suggests that any "soul sorcerer" can use other's reiatsu to protect themselves from reiatsu and even use them against the origin of the reiatsu. Hanako was not all that familiar at first, but was using her instincts to use them at almost their potential, minus the quirks that makes a nonsensical effect; however, her teacher helped her understand her sorcery capabilities and she is able to use them more sensibly.

Hanako initially possesses no sign of reiatsu or spiritual presence due to her immunity to reiatsu, making her effective in bypassing spiritual sensory, but it does not help if she is seen or heard. When she uses her non-natural or non-passive abilities, she displays an immense level of reiatsu that somewhat extends from her upbeat persona as the one to not lose so easily after her battle with Mana Asthavon, Queen of the Demons. Through her powers' origin linking to the Ancients, Hanako possesses great adaptability in controlling her reiatsu and using her immunity to enhance her body's potential four folds.
Hanako possesses an unparalleled feat of adaptability in using a different array of weaponry and martial arts. When given a weapon, she would be quick to figure out how they work and how they are designed for before putting them into use. The only kind of weapon that she would fail to understand would be weapons that are designed for a weird or impractical purpose; she will often discard them if they do not fit the situation that she is in unless advised to keep it for something ahead into her path.

Hanako can demonstrate a great deal of endurance when exerting herself for a period of time or taking punishment from very strong foes. Coupled with her resistance to energy attacks, she could prove a formidable adversary for those who relied on energy-based techniques like demon magic and kido. Perhaps it could be the reason that she would have survived Mana Asthavon's deathly energy attack.

She is not the swiftest of humans, but naturally, she is above average in reflex and running speed. The main reason for speed was for her to fight on par with those who relied of flash-stepping as their bread for their combat techniques (their butter.) It is not often, but if she could surprise her opponent, she would have the upper-hand in laying down around four strikes per turn (five strikes if she is lucky to attack an unwary opponent.)

As held true to her reputation, this petite human woman can lift twelve times her normal weight (up to 1,200 pounds while her augmented strength can boost the weight affordance to 4,800 pounds.) By comparison, she can lift most heavy weight humans and toss them while her augmented strength can outright lift a car. Often times, her strongest would be her legs, which she can punt an object less than 9,600 pounds (which would be most of class-2 truck like a Dodge Ram or a Ford F-350.)

Hanako was one of the smartest humans in the world as she is capable of running a business and a corporation from the background even behind her father's back. When it comes to illusions and trickery, Hanako can spot them on the mark based if it is part of her memory. The only thing that would not help her is if she is determining if the machine is lying or hiding something without knowing things ahead of time because she needs data to spot the inconsistency in its answers.

When it comes to distraction, hardly anything could depart her attention from what she would be doing until she chooses to change her focus onto a different matter. This helps her attune her senses to her surrounding as she can still fight without having to see the opponent by feeling the disturbances in the space, smell the air that would be disturbed by the enemy's odor, or hear the motions breaking through the spatial resistances around her and her opponent. With heightened focus, she can achieve reactive acceleration (reflex speed) to the point of being able to counter master level flash-steppers and teleporters.

Through her willpower, she can withstand many adversity that lays down before her and she would often disregard any injury she would have sustained from her adversary. To her, willpower is about being willing enough to go through with the idea, even at the face of defeat. Alas, her will is not as strong as the incredibly foolhardy though.

Determination is about willing yourself to go through with the idea from the start, and Hanako is very determined if her friends are in danger of defeat. The only way to break her determination is to make her doubt herself before she could start with her plan, which is no easy task due to her bravery. Once her determination succeeds, she will begin her intention and let her willpower help her persist through the obstacle.

As a tough artist of war, Hanako is one tough cookie as she can take a punch and a kick without succumbing to her agony for a long while. Coupled with her defensive abilities, she would be capable of sustaining herself against devastating attacks, but enough devastating attacks can cause her resistance to fail and force her to succumb to injury. In peaked physical prowess, Hanako can outlast some of her powerful peers without needing to use her powers.

Prayer is an art of healing through stimulating and comforting the spirits of other beings around the mystic so they can naturally heal through their innately enhanced self-preserving properties such as regeneration and revival. After fusing with her Goddess State, Hanako is capable of resurrecting people from the dead when focused as along their body is in the same area as their spirit while in survivable condition at a cost of not being able to transform into a higher state of being. Being in the vicinity of Hanako will allow people to regenerate their lost limbs.

Smite is an art of motion as it would normally seal all individuals in range of eight-hundred meters around the mystic, but Hanako has refined the art to allow her to potentially devastate the enemy she hits. While she can use it for crowd control, as a direct attack method, Smite can bypass physical defense and attack the opponent's inner spirit. By striking hard at the inner spirit, she can temporarily exhaust the individual's energy reservoir and make it more likely for the individual to become exhausted after using one of their abilities, despite not feeling a thing from this technique other than feeling a bit tired out all of the sudden; it is fueled by malice, so the more aggressive the individual is, the more effective Smite works against them either by restraining or by debilitating.

Holy is an art of repulsion as it would normally purify impure souls within up to thirty-six square miles around the mystic, like demons who are once something else or hollows and Arrancar, but Hanako has refined it to deflect and even break down offensive attacks outside this dome shield (or a sphere if Hanako is airborne.) Often times, this shield will cover a major portion of Karakura Central if not the entire metropolis. While fueled by grace, the dome can potentially prevent a major catastrophe if there are enough people in the shield being brave at the face of disaster and putting faith into the shield (which would instinctively donate some of their spiritual power into the shield.)

Precipice is an art of motion as it polarizes the mystic's spirit into the world around the mystic, so the mystic can manipulate their personal gravity field to move fast as Hanako honed it to the point that she can "fly" (or more like falling with style) at a great speed while making sharp turns possible for her. Even though Hanako is skilled, she still has to deal with the laws of gravity and cannot exactly control on a fly when dealing with how she falls if she messes up. Through her training, she can control it to the point that the tunnel is restricted to only around her or aligned with her opponent to force them away from her or close to her as if she could push or pull them without force.

Force is an art of repulsion that creates a personal barrier that protects the mystic's body part from harm at a cost of having their inner spirit take damage instead; Hanako refined it to the point that she can pinpoint the shield to match the mass of the force, thus negating its initial intensity instead of using it on her body part. It would still cause her to exhaust herself more, but the refining allows her to do so less expensively as she still reserve it for if she has no way to dodge an attack. Like with Smite, she can use Force to apply more protection to her fists or feet so she can hit with more force behind her attacks.

Attunement allows the ancient sorcerers to connect with Planet Earth, so they can use reishi more efficiently and more effectively. Hanako originally thought it was her power, but after training with her old teacher, she learned that it is the power of the planet she stands in, so she connects herself with the planet more for more affordance in using sorcery as her soul is somehow connected to the planet. Perspectively, Hanako can potentially use spells that could provoke natural disasters on the planet, but with her degree of sorcery skill, she would tire herself out after summoning a hurricane.

The planet often communes with all beings and the ancient sorcerers are the first of men to take that as a gift through the Great Inferno's teachings and use it to detect evil spirits and other beings that would not be in their sight presently. At this degree, Hanako can detect anything in the entire planet by range while she can selectively "ask" the planet to reveal what she wanted to know. To an extreme, Hanako can meditate and see through the eyes of other people due to the people's hidden connection with the planet.

Ancient sorcerers are wielders of soul and presence as they can willingly choose to attack, defend or to hide through manners of communicating to their soul before invoking their soul to project their will into the physical realm. Through their connection with the planet, they learn through the planet about what they could do with their soul. What was deemed forbidden in ancient times was the art of manipulating another person's reiatsu either to have it act against them or to benefit the sorcerer; Hanako is still unsure if it is still forbidden.

Time skip is the sorcerers' favorite form of motion as they can manipulate the reishi around them to create a separate plane of existence without affecting the time they are in so they can seemingly "disappear & reappear" later while their opponent would be confused at first. Hanako initially was unable to understand the technique, causing her to go back in time instead of creating the separate plane of existence; but she learned it with her old teacher's help and be able to do so as intended. When active, she is figuratively nonexistent in the opponent's present plane of reality, but at a cost of figurative invulnerability, she loses a turn and cannot use it again for two turns; it can be countered by those who can travel into different dimensions providing they have a way to track where she is to begin with.

While fused with the goddess state, Hanako has immense reiatsu, but because of the threat of the immense reiatsu, Hanako made it important to learn how to suppress it before it gets out of control. After recovering from a power surge, Hanako trained and disciplined herself to become better able to control her own powers. In the end, Hanako was capable of suppressing her reiatsu and bending it to her whim, but the infusion with the goddess state still makes it difficult to regain her immunity, so it takes three turns to completely suppress her reiatsu after using one of her powers.

There is a constant trade-off and balancing act when it comes to her physical augmentation and her immunity. The more reiatsu she can suppress, the more power she physically could muster through the internal pressure of her immense spirit, but the more reiatsu she is releasing, the more powerful her mysticism or sorcery can become. The basic choice for her is either she can use great physical power, but no spiritual abilities could work, or she could use spiritual abilities to greater effects at a cost of her physical prowess being not so awesome.

When it comes down to energy consumption, Hanako quickly learned that many selections of her sorcery and mysticism will be taxing for her if she does not manage her energy usages properly, so she has to learn how to use them with efficiency balanced with effectiveness. It is through her old teacher's lessons about managing her exertion that allowed her to understand how to control her abilities. Now, Hanako only needs to release her reiatsu to properly manage the energy expenses of her abilities, but not all the time she would could shirk off the cost of taxing techniques.

Naturally, Hanako hardly fails to be let down and that warm nature managed her energy recovery more effectively than average. Often times--as a human--she is quick to muster her strength at a sign of encouragement or victory. One could guess that her cooking could also be a source of healthy recovery of energy.

Coupled with her high resilience, Hanako possesses resistances to energy based attack. When she is released her reiatsu, she can fully manage to build up a personal shell around her capable of breaking up the momentum and the mass of energy attacks coming at her, so that she can use her durability to render any spiritual attacks hopefully minimized. This technique was most likely used against Mana Asthavon's series of death energy attacks, but it is still untested because Hanako was unsure if it was the sorcery or was her resistances that protected her.

Energy endurance is primarily linked with her deep reservoir of reiryoku. Initially, the reiryoku will not be detectable by normal means within Hanako because of her immunity to reiatsu. When she starts using her spiritual abilities, her presence is strong enough that her release would feel like a wave of water crashing against others around her spanning the range of an entire planet (through her connection to the planet) instead of an outright violent explosion as felt during the battle against Mana Asthavon.
Previous Tier: 0-2+ (by [THEFROST])
Previous Skill Distributed by: Shirou Emiya

    Physical Prowess (General)
  • Weapon Use: Grand Master
  • Durability: Master
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Master
    Sensual Defenses (Will)
  • Mental Deduction: Grand Master
  • Focus: Master
  • Willpower: Advanced
  • Determination: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
    Ancient Mysticism (Chi)
  • Prayer (Vendeca): Master
  • Smite (Yin Surge): Master
  • Holy (Yang Surge): Master
  • Precipice (Geppo): Advanced
  • Force (Tekkai): Advanced
    Ancient Sorcery (Anima)
  • Attunement (Anima Power): Master
  • Planetary Voices (Soul Detection): Master
  • Sorcery (Anima Sorcery): Advanced
  • Time Skip (Soul Dash): Advanced
    Reiatsu (Human)
  • Power Control: Master
  • Physical Augmentation: Master
  • Energy Usage: Advanced
  • Energy Regeneration: Advanced
  • Energy Resistance: Advanced
  • Energy Endurance: Advanced
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Hanako Iramasha (Human | 0-2)   Wed Jun 04, 2014 11:26 am

Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Same as before.
  • Mental Deduction: Same as before.
  • Pain Endurance: Same as before.
  • Focus: Master.

Comments/Notes: This is probably the best app I've ever seen you do. This is well made.
Tier: 0-2.

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Archived due to member inactivity. Just post here if you want it back.

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Hanako Iramasha (Human | 0-2)
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