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 The Training & Combat System Of Platinum Hearts

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Training & Combat System Of Platinum Hearts   Sun Jun 01, 2014 9:57 pm



I. How To Use Fighting Threads For Upgrades

Fighting threads on Platinum Hearts are an essential part of the combat experience. One of the main thing to remember with them is that they are often used as massive EXP boost in order to propel your character to the next level in their skills and abilities. They can be as short or as long as you and your RP partner need to be, but what needs to be recognized the most? Effort.

If you walk into a combat thread and just exchange a few punches, walk away in the next post like nothing else happened and that entire exchange was around 300-500 words scattered over 1-3 post -- chances are you won't get much of a boost. On the other hand, if you and your opponent(s) go to the wall with your posting, thrust yourself deep into the capacities of your characters limit and both combatants grow from pushing each other? Well -- chances are you'll be seeing a pretty hefty upgrade.

Since we work as a free-form site and love story, fights with an extra dash of character progression and development will also generally see upgrades in their will. If you just raised your hand, blew away a bunch of mooks and just walked away as a more powerful character on the tier spectrum? Yeah, you won't see any will boost. If your character, strong or week, was posed with a great challenge that required them to be brave, required the strength to be mentally endured or otherwise used their smarts and determination? You might see an upgrade in your characters will. Such as with a weaker character faced against impossible odds trying to overcome and willpower through way to victory, or someone going through a series of brutal beat down after brutal beat down to increase their pain tolerance.

So, what do you take away from PH fights in a nutshell? The further you dwell into your character in combat threads, the more you will generally walk away with. Document what they did in the thread, go over the actual exertion that was required in the fight and then make it all relative to whatever you are trying to upgrade. If your character ended up in a near-death state from the thread, you might wanna document that for a potential pain endurance upgrade.

Link To Power Upgrade:

Power Upgrade Template:

Note: Detail is important in Power Upgrade apps. The more SOLID reasons you add to the upgrade from what occurred in the thread, the higher your chances of it being accepted. Always provide examples, evidence and hard facts from what your character endured in the thread.

II. How To Use Training Threads

Training threads on Platinum Hearts are often used for progressing your character if you don't want to go through the hassle of finding an opponent. So, a majority of them are known to be solo in nature, but don't necessarily have to. What should be noted most importantly for Solo threads is that they should be focused on developing something. For instance, if you are trying to unlock a Shikai? Keep it relative to understanding your Zanpakutō Spirit, knowing their name and experimenting with summoning it's power through development in your inner world. If you are trying to have your character become faster? Well you should focus a portion of your training towards evasion techniques, researching the art of shunpo and trying to train themselves to become faster by endurance (akin to long distance or sprint based training).

The core point of training threads is to cultivate your character through some sort of effort. There is no objective number of threads or post you should have for a single training session on Platinum Hearts. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean you just produce rubbish. For instance, if you make a single 500 word post trying to unlock Shikai? Hahah, chances are -- it's gonna get denied to hell and back. The same thing with will occur with trying to unlock Grandmaster Strength -- just by a single short post explaining how they broke a guys rib.

Therefore, the bare minimum for training post should be 500 words. The more words OR posts you put into the thread, the greater the potential for more expansive upgrades. It REALLY doesn't matter much how you divide it as long as there is some actual effort, experimentation, character growth and having a keen sense of just what you are trying to enhance to begin with. Whenever you are finished with a training thread, just make sure to submit it to the power upgrade section and explicitly state what it is your character was trying to accomplish, how they compiled it and why the staff member reviewing it should upgrade it. As long as you are willing to put in the work, your character can go places with solo or partnered training threads.

Alternative Ways To Get Tier & Skill Upgrades

Tier Skill Store: Other ways to get tier upgrades outside of combat or training is generally through buying them. For a sizeable price, you can upgrade your character through the tier skill store. However, you are limited to three upgrades a week per character. Not only that, but staff isn't obliged to always accept your request.


Contest: Usually, in the activity section of the site, we'll have a variety of contest or activities that will allow you to be eligible to win skill prizes; and occasionally tier in some instances. The latter is more rare.

III. Proper Combat Equite

This is a quick, but very important section. The reason I say this is because you need to understand when your character is at a limit. And since we are not a hard-stat based site, you will have to apply common sense to your post. For example, with your larger tiered characters, chances are you'll at least feel exhausted and strained if you are wielding an attack capable of destroying a mid-sized city for you 0-3 and 0-2 peeps. The same can be applied for characters who are capable of overly spamming certain attacks, regenerators have a limit to how many times they can recover, physical based fighters will eventually tire out their muscles, speed based users will eventually run out of juice to keep running and so forth.

No matter WHAT your combat type is, no matter WHAT your level of tier is or how skilled you are: you will need to understand when your character reaches their limits. And for the sport of things, you should understand when it is reasonable for your character to take damage. We aren't saying to take a critical blow after you constructed a complex and heavily detailed post upwards in the range of 1,000 to 3,000 words against some guy who only gave a few hundred words to contend with. However, to keep things interesting for the both of you, if you are met with equal effort, or effort close to your own level, understand when to take hits gauging you and your opponents level of skill/power/variables and so forth in the thread.

Furthermore, if you feel someone is cheating/power playing/god modding or otherwise breaking the rules: please feel free to file out a combat compliant here and staff will attempt to sort it out. However, before then, you and the person(s) you are RPing with should have a discussion and come to a conclusion of what is acceptable and fair in the thread before running to staff. This is to prevent things from escalating, understanding the importance of communication on the site and maintain a reasonable atmosphere on the site.

Combat Compliant:

And remember...

Tier: This is the amount of fuel you have to work to produce abilities/techniques/powers. You'll generally be drained of this as the fight goes on unless otherwise healed or you release. And even in those cases, they generally won't see full recovery of their energy unless otherwise stated. So keep note that it may become difficult to maintain the effort the longer a fight goes on with PH without recovery of your energy.

Skill: Skill is how proficient you are in a given area. And although there may be cases where others outclass someone in skill, that doesn't mean you are powerless against them. It means they just have a higher probability of their attacks succeeding, a stronger mastery over their element and resistance against various things depending on what kind of skill it is (i.e. having a higher Hierro would mean you can tank a lot of things). However, even these people will eventually get worn down or take damage in some way. (I.E., with the hierro again, a cero might hit them head first; but they still might have minor burns or scratches)




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The Training & Combat System Of Platinum Hearts
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