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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Returning Queen [Open]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Returning Queen [Open]   Sat Dec 04, 2010 4:16 pm

Alfonso Gunter Reinhold
Evil Bastard

As Hana responded, Alfonso let out a slight laugh; his signature grin crossing his face. "Oh no my dear, you misunderstand my meaning; I do not intend to poke and prod you like some lab rat" he began, the arrogance still in his tone "I merely observe my specimens; gathering data in an noninvasive fashion." While he was definitely an evil bastard, Alfonso's research was actually quite tame when compared to that of others; such as Mayuri. Alfonso didn't need to dissect his specimens, he simply needed to observe them; at the most take a sample of their reiatsu. However, this was not truly the reason why Alfonso had come here, so he quickly dismissed the matter afterwords. "Now, since you have found your manners miss Hana, it is only fair that I return the civility; I am Alfonso Gunter Reinhold, a simple man of science" Alfonso said, using his traditional "simple man of science greeting". Of course, Alfonso did let slip a slight chuckle after introducing himself; because he was so much more than a simple man of science.

After his introduction, Alfonso looked over to Urufu, a hint of disdain on his face. "While I am able to create life like a god child, I do not fancy myself a divine being" he said in response to Urufu's statement, a hint of displeasure in his tone. Of course, this was actually true. While Alfonso might have been overly arrogant, he did not view himself as a "god"; in fact, his ultimate goal of creating the perfect being easily contradicted that. "Now then, you may put your weapons away for now young lady; you will not be attacked by any creature so long as you remain civil in my presence" he said, returning his attention to Hana.


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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Returning Queen [Open]   Sat Dec 11, 2010 3:06 pm

~Hana Iramasha~


"Alfonso Gunter Reinhold. Apparently you do not understand who you are talking to, to put me at the low likes of someone that is almost a ant, is clearly pissing me off and if you wish to start something i am more then happy to oblige, i have had some pent up rage ever since Death had taken me into hell to farm my reaitsu if you wish i do believe Domini is happy to oblige as well." She stated as she spun around almost in one fluid movement pulled out the two pistols that was in the jacket, one of them was red and the other was white, ready to fire both of them as she pointed them straight at Alfonso.

"Now if you wish to take back what you have said and you can start out on a Civil note with both me and Urufu, but so far all you have said to both of us is just rude and i have the right mind to blast you in the face with these two guns here." She stated as she motioned toward Urufu with one of her guns to stay closer to her.

All and all what he was saying to her really was pissing her off. With this she didn't get a good read on his spiritual powers so she held out her arm toward Urufu while pointing one gun straight at Alfonso. "If what you say is true that if you drink blood then you get stronger then you might want to drink some of mine, it's very potent and with this i can't say if you will not change into a Iramasha or not, our blood is different then normal and with you having a power like that you could very well become one of us." She stated. Still looking straight at Alfonso.


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Subject Post 13PostSubject: Re: Returning Queen [Open]   Sat Dec 11, 2010 3:37 pm

Urufu Azathoth
~This life is filled with hurt
When happiness doesn't work
Trust me and take my hand
When the lights go out you will understand~

It was that condesending tone that angered Urufu. Although he wasn't showing it too well, It was inevitable that Urufu was being filled with a white-hot rage that coursed through his veins. Even his reiatsu was flaring around him, a dense, white aura of intimidation, filled with the feeling of death. It was his trademark, the only thing he kept after taking someone's blood. His reiatsu would always be his, and it would always be the intimidating field around him that forwarned people that he was a monster. It was hearing Hana's words delicately flow from her luscious lips, however, that finally made Urufu smile. It was not a nice smile. His teeth poked over his lips slightly, glinting in the low lighting. His teeth were some of his strongest weapons, never defeated. He was just glad that someone agreed with him.

It was, however, when she stuck her arm out for him that made him howl with laughter. "Oh, this is TOO rich." He grinned, before stepping towards her. Sure, she only offered once, but Urufu never gave up the offer. He was always quick on the draw. "M'lady, I am pleased by your offering~" He purred, sliding his fingers up her slender arm. He could hear her pulse, An orchestra in his ears. He could feel her pulse, the steady rhythm of life, the planet, and the universe. As he brought his mouth to her flesh, he could smell her skin, perfectly delicious. Sliding his tongue over her wrist twice, he was merely tasting her. He didn't know why, he had never done this before. She was definately delicious.

"Sorry about this.." He muttered to her, his white eyes flickering up to hers for a brief moment before they shut tightly, in perfect synchrocity with his teeth, which had positioned around her arm. Sinking his teeth deep into her flesh, he punctured the skin with an absolutely perfect bite, one that would not stretch the wounds. Her scars would be a perfect battle wound, a testament to his nobility. As he drank as much of her as he could before she would begin to get sick, he loved it. Purring with pleasure, Urufu finally pulled his lips away from her flesh. His mouth was stained with a deep red that was almost black. Licking the wound tenderly, he pulled completely away from her. "Hana... Thank you." He told her, as a perfect clone of Domini appeared before him. "Domini... Duals." He told the thing, which produced the exact same guns that Hana was holding, a perfect copy for Urufu.

His strength had shot up drastically. Urufu was now at the most powerful level he could be at. Pointing the guns' barrels at Alfonso, his smile was a murderous death beacon, his mouth stained with blood, his teeth a visual premonition of what he was going to do Alfonso, exempting the 'letting him live' portion. "You are scum. You do not deserve to live." He told the shinigami, before sighing slightly. The guns felt strange in his hands. He hated guns to the point he would almost rather not use them. Almost. It was important that he had some form of weapon in front of an enemy though, so for now, he would use them. Still staring at Alfonso with as much murderous intent he could muster, his smile slightly widened.

"Hana... I appreciate the warning about becoming an Iramasha. I could chose to do it right now, actually. I can feel the possibility nagging at me from the back of my mind, a doorway that I could open at any time. However, for now, I think I will not. BUT.. If you ever get the urge to become something like me.. Just say the word. I need a blacksmith or Hunter, and I believe you would be perfect for either job." And with that, his vague comment ended. Even though he was speaking to Hana, his eyes never left Alfonso. "But for now.. This thing has to die." He murmured, and then disappeared. He had used Chaos Control to teleport above Alfonso, upside down, where he proceeded to fire six rounds (all from the white gun), before using Chaos Control again to appear on the other side of Alfonso, parallel to his position moments earlier.
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Subject Post 14PostSubject: Re: Returning Queen [Open]   Sun Mar 27, 2011 9:13 pm


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Returning Queen [Open]
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