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 New Enemies...Newer Problems

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: New Enemies...Newer Problems   12/6/2014, 6:53 pm

"Koichi Iramasha......Has my property??? MY PROPERTY GRRRRR.........HE'LL THINK TWICE BEFORE TOUCHING MY STUFF EVER AGAIN ONCE.....The evil plan comes into fruition then I'll strike down all my enemies obtaining what I want at long last". He thought. Eric was in a fowl mood once again that clan was becoming an utter nuisance ruining his plan for conquest they needed to be stopped once for all. Within his necro chamber, The experiment was nearly completed going through the final stages the mad demon would have a level of revenge like never before. The mad demon thought the final experiment will bring chaos and doom to all of his enemies the best part was they won't see it coming either.

Damien failed in his mission but not all was lost the necro iramasha managed to obtain the bloodstone returning it back to the mad demon. Still, Koichi had one part of the ancient weapon and the thing itself won't work without the other part meaning the mad demon will have to find the other part but his evil plan wasn't complete. If he sent Damien again then the necro boy would screw up for sure this needed to be done quickly now if he was to enter surely someone would detect him and come after him. The mad one thought he has made a lot of enemies in a short time, Eric thought maybe sending stronger then Damien would be the right course of action. This would be a golden opportunity to send Vanitas and Zorin on a mission together to see how well they work with each other giving him time to work on his experiments. Eric transformed into his dark final form and then used his necro powers to summon both Vanitas and Zorin to appear right in front of the mad demon. Zorin was cracking her knuckles thinking her boss have a mission for her and the vizard was silent awaiting his master's orders hoping that it was death mission and someone had to die. The mad demon looked at them both thinking Damien was weaker but these two were stronger hopefully this can go well without any problems as the mad demon explained to them why he summoned them. "Cain Iramasha killed my family.....He managed to steal a weapon that could destroy zanpakutos and erase ever destroy any iramasha powers that bastard was caught stealing my weapon from my very house. I sent Damien to obtain one of the pieces to my weapon....He failed and now Koichi has it meaning I might have to pay the clan a little visit soon. But the second and final part of the ancient weapon is still out there. I need you two to find it before that clan finds out what it is" He said. To make sure they don't have any problems, Eric called 200 of his demon troops to help them with their search for the second piece of the ancient weapon this mission must be flawless.

All of the them teleported outside of Karakura town, Zorin saw that it was hot and then the master gave her orders load and clear as she had the copied map. They started walking and then one of the demon troops found the location alerting his superiors then Vanitas and Zorin looked at the map thinking the other part of the weapon was under some sand which the demon troops started digging. Nobody was around which was good until a car started driving by and it was a cop car and then the cop car stops this was very bad. The demon troops stop wondering what was happening as Zorin tells everybody to calm down and that she'll handle the situation hopefully this will be easy and she won't have to kill anybody. "Um Ma'am this is private property what are you doing here?? Also, I got reports that Eric Zarathos was in the area but really those reports were false anyway the point is I going to have ask you and your friends to leave" Cop said. Zorin started smiling and started telling the cop about Kade Hiroshima's Housing authority telling the cop a demon had purchased this landsite for his next and giant hotel and she showed himself the paperwork. Zorin was using her skills of manipulating magic to trick the guard, Vanitas told the troops to continue digging until they find someone of great importance as the demon continued with her lies. She convinced the cop nothing was wrong as the guy was smiling and started shaking her hand leaving back to his cyber squad cop car and started flying off. "What a bunch of dicks...Vanitas, I'm good that cop was pudding in my hand only wish the iramasha clan would do the same thing bow to Mana Asthavon your next god of damnation. But I would like to get my hands on that bitch Seras Iramasha and maybe make her my bitch instead of Aulcard's police girl. But if Eric was a demon king...well all might bow to him ya know" Zorin said. Vanitas smiled and then one of the demon troops started digging until the guy heard a thump on the ground making the trooper found something maybe this was it after all. Zorin and Vanitas hard the demon troops continously digging trying to remove the weapon part from the sand it looked like a weapon staff that was missing the sword part. The demons noticing it was glowing with power this was the second part of the ancient weapon it was time to inform the boss of their findings. Zorin send the message telepathically back to the mad demon telling him that the demon troops had found the second part of the ancient weapon.

Eric got the message....

The demon troops continue to dig finding something new and the Zorin reported to Eric that it was a black gem as the mad demon demanded her to return back now. Zorin heard the mad demon's roar meaning whatever that black gem was it was important placing the black gem within her bag. "Ma'am We found two bloodstones, some junk, and a omigod you won't believe this but I think we found something weird....wait one of the troops is saying it's a bakkoto ma'am" The trooper said. Zorin was scratching her head wondering what was this thing was from her memories the soul society was very fond upon using weapons like this. "Let's return to the boss, He might have some insight on what this bakkoto thing is since he was doing special missions for the soul society long ago" Zorin said. The demon troops got out of the hugh hole they made and then started placing the bloodstones in the bag it took them a long time into finding them and then placed the bakkoto in another bag. "Another day...Another good hunt the boss should be pleased" Trooper said.

All of them started to leave......
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: New Enemies...Newer Problems   4/10/2015, 12:38 pm

✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
┣▇▇▇═─          ☠          ─═▇▇▇┥

It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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New Enemies...Newer Problems
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