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 New weapon and Break-Fuse Seal.

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: New weapon and Break-Fuse Seal.   Fri Jun 13, 2014 3:00 pm

    Character Name: Kaito Yuudeshi
    Link to Profile:
    Link to Thread: [Note I just have to post leaving but this thread is Finished after my post.]
    What's being upgraded: New Weapon, and Seal for Kaito, Maybe a Master in Weapon Skill.
    Why: Kaito proved himself capable of using his weapon to survive damage from Heaven's Walker (Shadin's Cane), and able to use the weapon to counter an attack that would of rendered him unable to fight. Although his weapon was severely damaged he was able to battle still knowing how to use his weapon's normally offensive skills in defensive ways which takes a lot of skill considering it's explosions we're talking about here.

    Name: 経典火刀 (Kyouten Hono ken |Heavenly Flame Sword|)
    Weapon Type:Legendary Katana.
    Weapon Class: SS Rank [Best Grade]
    Length: 46'
    Blade length: 33 Inches
    Cost: Gift from Shadin Yuudeshi.
    Description: This weapon was created from ornate materials for the handle, and legendary strong materials for the blade bringing an extremely elegant design and dangerous weapon making using rare materials making a blade's cutting edge that's as red as blood, and the flat of the blade being black. The craftsmanship of the weapon now is created with a Soshu Kitae style which is complex seven differnt kinds of folds to ensure that the weapon is as razor sharp at all times in terms of design. Shadin Yuudeshi copied the original Tengoku no Ken and made a new weapon Kyouten Hono ken Heavenly Flame Sword.
    Abilities: The blade itself is as resilient as a Zanpakutō in terms of wear and tear as in it can clash with one and handle itself just fine. This weapon like Jinzou Enemy and Tengoku no Ken can create explosions upon the blade to add to the cutting power from drawing from the hosts energy. As such it has a built in generator depenfing on how much energy is pumped into it before hand can sustain it's own blasts for 15-30 minutes, but then that energy has to be refilled by the host of the weapon. This weapon is still soul bound and will drain someone who uses the weapon with out the will of Kaito okaying it first. Another function of the blade is the unique ability to slice through barriers created as long as he pumps enough energy and focuses the blades energy into slicing through that, with that said it takes a lot of energy to break hard barriers that aren't of the normal variety, and even a soul chain.

New Natural Ability:

Break-Fuse Seal: This seal is created by Shadin Yuudeshi to help Kaito sort and deal with the types of energy that's within his body. This seal is created to do three main things the first one is to balance the energy that Kaito has residing within his soul. This means that it's constantly sorting and seeing how the energy will work with Kaito the draw back is that when it's sorting the energies that Kaito has he releases more energy than normal. The second function is to compress his energy. Since Kaito has large amounts of Energy and normally it would start crushing him this steps in and helps to compress his energy so that it's lighter, and lasts longer. Over time he'll be able to naturally compress his energy, but this teaches him and helps him to learn how to compress it. The final aspect of the Seal is to monitor, and help with growths. This means that if he trains it monitors, records, see's what he excels at then helps him to grow that better, and teaches him what his weaknesses are to help him grow as a fighter and person learning more about himself through these trials and tribulations. This seal is always active and can be broken with enough magical power or if a person is well versed in seals and can destroy the seal by counter sealing it.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: New weapon and Break-Fuse Seal.   Mon Jun 16, 2014 12:23 am


    Aighty kake i'm hoping in here and passing some unique lionic justice so prepare thyself for murder.

    Overall it all seems fine though i'm confused why the swords in here as i thought it'd be apart of equipment rather than an upgrade, but whatever no problem with it maybe just change the minute count to a post conversion if ya can.

    As for the master in weapon skill i will give it to ya after reading through the thread since it does seem relevant here.

    And finally the seal, really i see no reason as to not accept this it seems pre straight forward so in the end ill slap my approval on this


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New weapon and Break-Fuse Seal.
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