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 Naziel Kasigawa[Approved 3-4]

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Naziel Kasigawa
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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Naziel Kasigawa[Approved 3-4]   Mon Jun 16, 2014 9:41 pm

Shinigami Template

-Insert Header Image Here-

Basic Information

- Name: Naziel kasigawa
- Titles: Nazzy (title or rank TBD after approval)
- Gender: Male
- Appearance Age: 19
- Age: 150
- Affiliation/Rank: Gotei 13

- Appearance Description: Naziel's facial features are soft and young with no real blemishes excluding the brand mark to his face that is almost tribal in the formation of the twists and spirals that form it, his eyes are a Mediterranean sea pale blue and are gentle but when looked at for longer periods of time, the wear of his past life is visible although hidden from most. His eyebrows are quite defined for a man which gives him a gentle and refined look as they match Naziel's hair which is approximately shoulder length when wet and is a jet black in colour, its style always looks as if he's just got out of bed as it sticks out in various directions to the point he resembles a shaggy dog.

His Shinigami robe is kept slightly open which shows off his defined chest and brand marks which stretch across his left pectoral muscle . He also wears a black leather wrist strap that covers his right hand but is cut off at the fingers and goes up to his wrist completely covering his forearm; among other items he also wears his white sash slightly to the right, which gives more room for his katana sheath as well as for comfort. Masayoshi’s most distinctive feature however is the marks he was branded with shortly after reaching the Soul Society; the markings are black and stretch from his left cheek down his neck and onto his left pectoral, they are a variety between spirals and curves and can be called tribal, although they were agonizing and were given to him for an innocent reason, he wears them with pride. They have become a symbol of his resolve and also a symbol of his figure and of who he is.

Naziel's Shingami robe is standard of all Soul reapers, except for the small modifications he made shortly after joining the thirteen court guard squads. The robe that Naziel was initially given was unfortunately too big for him, but he grew to like the extra room and it seemed to suit his style more as he could keep it open which to him made him feel more free. The biggest modification however is the cutting back of the sleeves to half of their original length, this was not only because of the initial sizing being wrong but also to allow his Shikai to perform its 'Hidden Blade' ability without constantly ruining his clothes. On his feet he wears standard Shinigami socks except he slightly modified his shoes with a more solid sole of leather which was for comfort more than anything but it also allowed him to hide his footprints as no defining shoe marks could be found by an enemy.

His build is that of a muscular young man who has worked hard physically for a long time, his body is toned with definition to his abdominal muscles, chest and arms, which he shows a lot of when wearing his robe as open as he does. He holds himself well and walks with pride and determination but has characteristics of an impatient man as he clicks his neck often by tilting it from right to left whilst looking straight ahead as well as crunching his fists into one another to hear them crack, he does this mainly to free his hands up and loosen the muscles in his arms and hands. Another noticeable feature is having the irritating habit of tapping on objects with a drum beat as a mark of impatience, the longer he is left waiting he will also begin to increase the rate and speed of the drumming to wind the other individual up as well as a means of entertaining himself. He always wears a small amount of cologne, which has a sweet but masculine scent to it. Naziel's voice is a gentle baritone and almost soothing, he projects his voice well and has been known the laugh extremely loudly.

Due to his size of 6 foot 1 inches tall he seems a bit daunting to smaller members of the Soul Society and is often given bizarre looks as he is still slim and toned considering his size, regardless of this he is a very approachable Shinigami with a bright smile and warm eyes as his body language is always open, it is not often that you will see Naziel with crossed arms or positioned in an aggressive stance whilst talking to anyone, he would much rather stand with his hands on his sides or with his arms behind his head as he walks.

- Appearance Picture:


- Personality: Dislikes:

- Snobs/ Bullies: Naziel does not approve of people who flaunt their power or wealth in front of others. As he grew up in Hanging Dog, money and power were all too hard to come by! If he comes across someone who believes themselves to be of a higher class because of money or pure egotistical crap he will put his foot down and help the individual in trouble and if necessary get in a fight to make his point very clear.

-Arrogance: Naziel cannot stand arrogance, as he does not believe anyone can truly reach perfection and certainly can never become immortal, but when Naziel see's individuals whom act as though they were the Soul King himself, he feels an angry build up inside him that he struggles to control.

- pointless arguing: Naziel despises pointless arguments, he sees no logical reason why people, especially couples will fight over petty things such as; what necklace should I wear? Where shall we eat tonight? If someone were to attempt to have one of these arguments with him, he just sigh and walk away. Naziel is a very simple guy with simple needs, he has little interest in petty things and overly material goods as he grew up in Hanging Dog with little, that is what he is accustomed too now.

- Disobedience: This a subject that will really get under Naziel's skin as he becomes so easily enraged if an individual purposefully disobeys and order or doesn't do as asked. Naziel will also be polite in how he asks, but he will only wish to ask once and god forbid the task is not performed to the best of their ability.

-children: Although Naziel hasn't got anything personally against children he just finds them very loud, garish and far too excitable. He is rather tolerable of their winging and toying with him whilst he minds his own business but the sound of children crying send his almost running in the opposite direction. What a horrible noise.


- The Elements: Naziel adores being out in the open and in the wilds, he especially loves to be outside during a powerful wind or during a gale storm as he and his Zanpakutō feel more connected and laugh to each other about the powers that are flowing around them. The weather is not something that bothers Naziel, be it rain, sunshine, sleet or a lightning storm, he is content to be out in any of the elements as he and his Zanpakutō are fascinated by the power that they wield.

- Drinking: Naziel has rather a keen love of alcohol, although he never was able to taste any when he was human, he has more than made up for it since he became a spirit in the Soul Society. His favourite beverage to have is Sake but his has become rather impartial to a drink called 'Rum'. He will often sit contently on his own and drink if he has no one else around and can become quite quirky and rather flirtatious after a few.

- Fighting Spirit: If Naziel ever gets into a fight or an argument he will always have a much greater respect for his opponent if they show fire and courage in front of him. This won't stop him doing his best to kick them into next week but it's still the fighting spirit that will put a smile on his face and make the scrap that little bit more enjoyable!

- Romance: Naziel likes to think if himself as a gentleman and does this by providing the little things such as holding a door open, smiling and giving pleasant greetings and asking to take a young lady on a date. He will always try his best to make his female companion happy and will play guitar for her and sing or simply lay in the fields watching the clouds go by. Although this would appear quite soppy he only means the best and with no one to have taught him any bad female habits he pretty much just makes it up as he goes along.

- Friends: Although Naziel doesn't have many friends, he does cherish the ones he makes. Due to his time growing up in the province of Hanging Dog friends were few and far between as someone who is maybe a friend one day could be your enemy or dead the next. During his time in the academy he was so focused on his studies he neglected any friends he may have made so it is now, as he becomes a Shingami that he tries to make friends that will last for many lifetimes.

- Guitar: Now this was something that Naziel adored to play, as he would spend his days sitting next to the river or in the fields he would play to himself as he watched the world go by. His favourite songs to play were mostly flamenco and spanish Cha-Cha as he found it matched his bubbly personality and the life that he felt whilst playing.


- Prideful: Naziel has a relatively short temper and is tolerant of most but he despises ignorance and seeing others suffer if he knows he is able to help. Unfortunately due to his upbringing in Hanging Dog he isn’t accustomed to fighting alongside anyone which is much to his disadvantage as he will prefer to go into a battle on his own to fight an opponent rather than allowing others to fight for him. This also connects to his code of honour, as he believes that if he comes into contact with a foe and is challenged, he must fight the fight alone because to accept assistance to defeat the foe would dishonour him. This in toe, Masayoshi will also break rank if he believes it will grant a tactical advantage, much to his superior’s frustration.

-Being impatient: Naziel is very impatient and has the rather annoying habit of tapping his fingers on objects as if it's a drum to entertain himself whilst he waits and the beat will get faster as he grows less impatient. He also has the tendency to not cope well when it comes to shopping as he struggles to spend any length of time with a female when all she wants to do is buy clothes and jewelry. Unfortunately this has been the result in him losing his female companions on more than one occasion.

- Temperament: Although he is honourable Naziel is a very poor loser and can sulk for several hours if beaten in any way almost reverting back to a child in how he deals with his loss; be it in a sparring match, a game of chess, or at a drinking game. Often enough he will either go sit alone or continue to sit with his friend and glare at said individual to whom he lost, uttering petty comments and speaking to himself, evaluating how he lost. His unwillingness to accept certain facts are also valid in how he fights as he will much rather follow his own orders in battle. Often enough if he believes he is making the right tactical decision he would make his point heard rather loudly and no hold back his frustration if not listened too.

–Bad Luck: Naziel’s luck is nothing to be desired as goes the story of his life; from the way of his death, to his very poor choice in women, he struggles to find many things that will go his way except in battle. His luck is very much based on a coin toss, as he will either have extremely good luck for a moment, or he is cursed with horrific luck for the entirety of the day which most of the time, is the case.

- Headstrong: Naziel struggles to fight as a group after spending a lot of time as a solo fighter in the academy he prefers to fight alone so he feels a little uneasy fighting as a group but can adjust quickly if required. He also loves to keep to routine, so if someone were to disrupt that he would most certainly like to have some friendly words.

- Memory: Naziel is haunted because of the way that he died and the fact that he died because of his father’s lust for other women. Although he wishes for nothing more than to forget about the past he doesn’t want to forget his mother, but yet this comes as a curse as he suffers greatly, often putting him into the darkest of moods as he relives tiny moments of his life played back to him. The most painful memory that he has is the death of his mother who was murdered in the most brutal of ways, only because of his father’s insatiable lust for other women. There are times when Masayoshi will even awaken in the night from nightmares of what happened at the point of his death and the sight of his mother’s corpse.

-Blind Fury: When Naziel is pushed and provoked his methodology and beliefs in right and wrong are cast to the wind, especially if he is forced to remember the passing of his mother. He does not like to talk about such things as they are but if a comment is made or he is pushed to the edge or restraint Naziel becomes like a wild animal that is released, he recognizes only that target and will relentlessly assault it until either he is unable to move or the opponent is defeated. Be wary though, as when he enters this state he is unable to snap out of it easily.


-Tapping: Naziel has the most irritating habit of tapping when he is waiting and getting impatient. The faster he begins to tap the faster the drumming becomes, this is not only to deal with his impatience but it's also a subtle message for the other party to hurry up.

- Snoring: Naziel has a tendency to snore when he sleeps, although it isn't very loud but rather more like a subtle squeak. He becomes very defensive when others bring up the fact he was snoring and he will object to this until he turns blue in the face.

-Singing: Naziel loves to play guitar and sing to himself, regardless if anyone is around or listening in. Being shy when it comes to singing was something that never quite came to him as he had no problem singing to families and travellers as they travelled through the Soul Society.

-Day dreaming: This is something Naziel can do far too well, he will often be talking one moment and then drift off or his mind will remember something else that he has to do. He has some knowing of what he's doing however and will allow himself to drift off if he has the time to enjoy it, thinking of playing his guitar, a beautiful girl and a bottle of sake. Oh the good times.

-Cleanliness: If there is one thing Naziel must be, it is clean. The idea of him being covered in mud or wearing dirty clothes is something that agitates him to the point of it being called OCD, he took very good care of his home and made sure everything was well kept and in order and his appearance though may seem scruffy he was always clean and tidy.


- Memory: Naziel fears his memory because of the way that his Mother was brutally murdered and the fact that during his time as a plus he was unable to do anything to help her or even to move her body to a more comfortable location. This memory repeats on him and he has woken on occasion from having night terrors about what he saw the day he died.

- Spiders: Naziel is not such a brave warrior when encountering a Spider, he loathes everything about them from their eight legs right down to the multiple eyes. Even thinking about them makes his skin crawl. If he were to encounter a large Spider on his travels he would either attempt to take a detour to avoid it or use his full power just to confirm that it's dead.

-Bankai: Naziel adores his Zanpakutō, but his Bankai is something that he fears as much, if not more than his nightmares. The sheer size and devastating power that it wields makes it fearsome and terrifying and possibly one of the most destructive in he Soul Society. The thought of unleashing it sends shivers down his spine with the capabilities it wields. In his own words; "If you do not feel fear of using your Bankai, then what stops you becoming a monster. For me its too late, once I unleash her... I become as dark as the deepest fathoms of Hueco Mundo."


- Defeating an Espada: Although it is a rather odd goal, Masayoshi does have the greatest lust for the death of an Espada, to rid the world of that stain of a creature would bring him exquisite joy if only for a moment. To put the rest the souls of those innocence it killed just to obtain its own power.

Overall Personality: Naziel is a gentle but caring young man deep down, however he keeps a tough exterior and walls up mostly due to his life when he first became plus and also as a soul when he was mostly alone and fending for himself. He has almost always got a cheeky smile on his face and will often make comments about topics that most would not. Masayoshi has a rather dark sense of humour that most find a bit odd, for example; He finds the idea of dying when you're already dead laughable which most others certainly don't. His competitive nature brings out some of the worst in him especially when it comes to strategic games and even drinking games. He will go so far as to pass out before quitting on a drinking game. Naziel is open about most things except for his past life which in his eyes is nothing more than a nightmare, but he will happily sit for hours and listen to others stories and trade a few of his own, such as how he acquired his rather unique brand.

Naziel has a very strong sense of honour and will almost always refuse to steal for his own benefit, be it for food or water he will not take anything without asking, he would much rather make a trade or politely ask for such things. Even though he is not of noble blood he believes very strongly in a nobleman’s code and its resemblance to that of a knight and lives by these immortal words; “A Shinigami is sworn to valour. His heart knows only virtue. His Zanpakutō defends the helpless. His might upholds the weak. His word speaks only truth. His wrath undoes the wicked.”

Naziel's loyalty stems from his time as a plus, when he was attacked by a Hollow but was saved by a nearby Shinigami. As a pledge of loyalty to the Shinigami that saved him, he vowed to one day become a Shinigami himself so that they could fight together. Masayoshi will never back down from a fight if it places his friends lives on the line and will gladly sacrifice himself to protect them. Masayoshi’s code also prevents him from attacking an opponent who is unwilling to fight unless directed by the Captain Commander; He will however give prior warning to an opponent if they have caused a grievance against him, that he will attack and to prepare himself or herself.

Naziel is very respectful and will only draw his Zanpakutō in order to fight an enemy, to train or to improve his soul resonance. He does not believe in flaunting ones power and becomes agitated if he sees anyone doing so for the mere amusement of others or to intimidate innocents. Growing up in Hanging Dog Naziel grew accustomed to fist fights and protecting himself, this is evolved his respect for hand to hand combat and would much rather disable an opponent via less-lethal methods using Hoho and Hakuda over drawing his Zanpakutō and spilling blood.
He also has a strong belief in trust and giving everyone an equal chance, even though his past has shown that some people (namely his Father) cannot be trusted, he is always willing to make his own assumptions about a person instead of listening to idle gossip. Although Naziel is willing to award his trust to almost anyone, he is very unforgiving when it is broken and will most certainly not trust that person again.

Finally his sense of humour which although is quite dry and dark, Naziel will always attempt to make others laugh and he himself will always make a joke of the most dire of situations claiming it to be; “not his day”. This has become somewhat of a trademark as he is in an almost constant state of bad luck. Although his luck is decidedly bad, he will always laugh off whatever has happened and even joke about dying if it will lighten the mood.


Background History

- History: Human Life

Naziel was born just outside of Tokyo, Japan in 1664 A.D. His family owned a smithing yard where Naziel’s father Tito would make Katanas, Shuriken, halberd and a variety of blades for the Bakufu Shogun and his men. Naziel admired his father greatly for his attributes and honour and although his father worked endlessly as well as traveling they were content. Naziel would spend time alone playing as a young boy as he would sneak into his father’s workshop and try to use some of the blades he had made, which mostly ended in him getting punished and strictly disciplined. Although his father was often gone or working in his workshop, Naziel had an unbreakable and loving bond with his mother, as he would often help her tend to her garden and help her cook. She took the place as not only his mother but also his friend, something that Naziel was short of. He would spend copious amounts of time exploring and adored being outside in the woods playing and would often attempt to carve katanas out of wooden branches and show them to his father.

It wasn’t until Naziel’s 13th Birthday that his life took a dramatic turn. His father after years of loyal service had suddenly been forced out of his trade, or so he told his family. Naziel’s father in a blind hurry took him and his mother in the middle of the night and left immediately with only the bare essentials and a few katanas. Naziel was so young and was so naive to the truth of his father’s dismissal. So with no prior warning and no goodbyes to anyone he had grown to care about they set off for Shinjuku in the dead of night. His father merely said;"I have a new client son and they demand my presence in the next two days”.

Naziel knew his father was honorable and took his word as law but something deep down didn’t quite sit right with him in his heart of hearts. They stopped at a nearby Inn around midnight and spent the evening, with his father unloaded the goods and they settled for the night. By early morning Naziel was wide awake and decided he would go and see what the world was like this morning, he crept out and began to walk along a rice field next to the Inn. He was playing happily to himself and listening to the sound of the wind whistle through the trees when he saw two men ride up to the Inn on horseback, both clad in armour and weapons. He believed to himself that they must have a connection to his father and so ran back with all his speed to meet the noble samurai who had come purely to see his father. But shamefully, not for the honourable reasons that Naziel believed
As he ran he could feel the heat of the August sun warm his skin and he finally reached the Inn, yet it seemed awfully quite and almost eerie as he approached the main entrance. There was no one to greet him and no sign of anyone else, he began to feel the fear rise up in him, he quietly called to his parents, but there was no answer… He continued to walk the corridor down to the room they had stayed in until he saw dashed of red and signs of a struggle leading to their room. He panicked as he ran his pupils dilated as fear set in and his muscles quaked as he charged in, his breath became shallow as he reached the door to the room he saw blood splattered on the entrance. He heard the voices of three men;

Assailant 1:"You think that you can run away Toto after what you did? You dishonour your name and your family! But worst of all you dishonour me and my family!"

Father: "I meant no offence to you, I did not know she was a relation of yours, else I would not have even began to seduce her!"

Assailant 1: "it is too late for apologies. If you had done honour by yourself, then I would have accepted it and left your family alone. But now, you leave me no alternative. As you took a most precious thing from me, I have taken from you."

Father: "please! You cannot! They had nothing to do with it!"

Assailant 2: "silence! When you chose to push your physical affections on the Shogun’s daughter you proved you have no honour. Now as my master orders, you shall die."

There was muffled noises and the sound of struggling as Naziel desperately though how he wanted to beg for his mother’s life, she had done no wrong and couldn’t understand what the men were truly talking about! Without hesitation he burst into the room he saw a sight that he would never wish upon anyone. Naziel's mother had a blade stuck through her chest as she lay, pinned and hanging from the wall, her throat slit and head hanging, eyes wide open in terror. Blood soaked the wall behind her and ran down the wall into a puddle.
Naziel’s eyes burned and he felt like his soul had shattered at that moment. He tried to scream as he turned to find his father gagged with a cloth and hands bound as the two men the young boy had seen just a few minutes earlier now held blades to his father’s throat, his father made a muffled scream to run but it was too late. The two men turned to see Naziel and charged at him as he tried to turn he was pulled back and down to the floor from his shoulder as a serrated blade plunged into his stomach and tore up into his chest. He spat blood and tried to call out but no noise came, only a gargle as he spat blood onto the floor. He stared cold eyed into the face of the horrifying man, his face was scarred down his right eye and he had short black stubble around a bloodied face and eyes as cold as winter. He wondered to himself who was this monster in front of him? His clothes felt hot and wet as his body screamed in agony. He heard them men laugh as Naziel’s last vision was that of his father’s head being severed from his shoulders as blood splattered the walls and windows, Naziel could see the sun just set, scattered among his families blood.

Life as A Plus

When he came too he couldn’t feel any pain? Perhaps it was a dream? He looked down to see his body laying there, the blade still stuck in his chest as his eyes lay open and with a look of sheer terror and fear, blood soaked the floor around him and flies had began to set upon his in a flurry;

“Why am I seeing the world like this now? What am I?” He cried to himself as his eyes burned hot with tears as he looked back at the corpse of his mother still pinned to the wall, he scrambled over in a desperate attempt to pull the blade from her chest; his hands merely went through the grip. Repeatedly he tried for hours as he cried and screamed at the top of his lungs to bring her back, to at least take her down so that she would be at peace and not left like some trophy prize. After a while he finally could not take it anymore, as he fell to his knees unable to cry and unable to do anything except accept this new fate. He sat with his head dropped as he now realized the chain fastened to his chest, in his blind grief how he hadn’t taken notice of it until now? He touched the chains as they let out a small clink.

For some hours Naziel sat with his knees drawn to his chest, head on his knees and his arms wrapped around himself, as he couldn’t bear dealing with the sight of his mother or his bastard father anymore. Naziel peaked up to where his father’s body lay and some four feet from it lay his head but yet he felt no real sorrow for his father as it was his fault for his poor mother’s death and his own! He closed his eyes for the first time and drifted into a sleep, amongst the blood and bodies, unable to believe any of this could be real.
He awoke to find people in the room, crying but with the bodies gone at least. Naziel was so happy to see someone he jumped to his feet determined to tell someone what had happened; he jumped in front of them, he tried screaming at them and even hitting them but nothing could make them notice him and so he began to accept that this was going to be his fate from here till the end of days.
For 10 months the property fell into disrepair and became abandoned as Naziel still walked the halls of the Inn, unable to speak to anyone and unable to do anything at all except watch the sands of time pass, that was until the creature came. It was about 4 AM in the morning when Naziel finished walking the halls, he felt a presence near him that he couldn’t quite explain as it sent chills down his spine, he turned his head to see a lurking shape behind one of the screens to the rooms. The mass burst through laughing and howling, it stood on two legs, was covered in bone white spines and it’s face was a bone white skull that covered half the creatures face down to its lips;

“Oh look! Something for me to snack on! Get here you little bastard!”

Naziel screamed at the top of his lungs and sprinted towards the front entrance hoping he could get out into the woods or at least somewhere safe! He bolted and grabbed at the chain in his chest a sudden jolt of pain began to set in;

“Why was it hurting? Was the creature causing it?” He thought to himself as he ran, tears once more filling his eyes. Suddenly a crash came from behind him and the sound of the creature scream in pain hit his ears, he looked behind to see a man in a black shikakusho wielding a marvellous white Katana. Naziel’s eyes were wide in shock and awe and the man sprung into the air with a shout and drove his blade home into the creature and it dissolved in front of his eyes. The man turned to him, with hair as white as snow, gentle blue eyes and a beaming smile he walked over and spoke calmly;
“You have nothing to fear from me, I am a Shinigami from the Soul Society and I’m here to take you home where you can be with other spirits.” The man spoke with such tenderness that Naziel broke down and hugged the man as tight as he could; he was able to see him! Finally someone was able to see him but also get him away from this nightmare!
”All I have to do is tap you with my sword and you’ll go there, no problem. It’s called a Konso.”
The Shinigami gave a soft smile as he prepared to depart him, he lifted his sword when Naziel finally found his voice;
“Wait! Will you be there? I don’t want to be alone anymore… But I’d like to be like you.”

He gave a weak smile as he held back the tears and the Shinigami smiled back at him;
“Perhaps one day, you will and we’ll meet again someday I know it.”

With that the Shinigami raised his blade and pressed it lightly to Naziel’s head, he felt at peace and so happy for the first time in so long he didn’t know how to express himself so he let himself fall calmly into serenity.

Rukongai - Hanging Dog

When he awoke, he was in a completely new environment. He awoke in a small hut with no windows and not much in the way of comfort except the clothes he wore which was a tattered long sleeve blue shirt and a pair of messy grey trousers. the wind whistled on the outside as he pushed himself up and rubbed his eyes unsure of what was going on. Masayoshi thought back on the Shinigami that had saved him and how he had forgotten to ask for his name! He rubbed his head and saw that the chain was now gone? How odd’ he thought to himself as he stepped outside. He didn’t know where he was or what he was truly doing but the one thing that he knew for sure was that his name was Naziel Kasigawa and he was going to become a Shinigami.

Naziel left the small hut and wandered into what he later found to be the area of the Rukongai known as hanging dog. The toughest area to grow up in and to survive in all of the Soul Society. He spent many years then trying to work as honestly as he could to get money to pay for his food, or travel into the nearby woods to forage as he despised stealing. Along the way he would try to break up fights and became a form of law enforcement in the area, thought he was still young his heart was big and he wanted to help the others around him. In the process of his rightful doings he would be beaten and was in numerous fights attempting to protect the weak from bullies and gangs which more times then most he came out worse than the intended victim, but he learnt how to pick his fights and how to spot the weaknesses of his opponents.
For many years he grew into a strong, athletic young man whom had various rendezvous with rather beautiful women, to which all ended in failure and regardless of how often he would be a gentleman and a nice guy, more times than most it ended with him getting a fist to the face or kick to the gentleman’s region. He soon learnt that his luck was never going to be particularly good but at least it was something.

Unfortunately his luck once again plagued him, as he became a target for trouble again when he was acquainted with a rather beautiful girl to whom he showed some interest, as they sat together and drank sake as they chatted about how things are and how they should be. Naziel had a somewhat caring disposition for this girl for her intellect and beauty was nothing short of amazing. He looked at her with such awe; he had no problems in the world until her father came in surrounded by several gang members. As a local crime boss Naziel’s advances were not taken well and he was quickly set upon and attacked in the bar. After getting kicked, punched and beaten repeatedly he was dragged back half- conscious and bleeding to an unmarked building and thrown in a dark pit. Naziel sat, used to his common misfortune and unrelenting bad luck;

“Well, at least it can’t get much worse!”

He sighed to himself with a small chuckle as he lay in the cold and dark pit. He didn’t get much of a break however as he was soon dragged by several men into an open area lit only by 6 candles in a deep, dark and wet hole which he guessed was most probably a cellar with the men carrying him and the girl’s father standing before him, he pondered the fact he may die here.

"Since you seem to enjoy making advances on my daughter I will grant you a present showing my… Disapproval." With this he pulled forth a burning hot iron, curved in various shapes. He edged closer as Naziel tried desperately to break free he had the glowing red iron pushed into the flesh on his face, down his neck and onto his chest. ‘The pain… The pain is unbearable.’ He screamed in agony for hours as they persisted laughing at his agony. He lost consciousness and awoke lying in the street as people passed him unwilling to help, until a shadowy figure picked him up and carried him before he once again lost consciousness. When he came too there sat the same white hair, the same blue eyes and the same smile! It was the Shinigami that had saved him all those years ago. Naziel couldn’t speak as he was just in too much shock. But the Shinigami got to his feet and sat opposite him;

“You know you really don’t help yourself do you?”

“Well once again I owe you… Yet I still don’t know your name?”

“Strange you should ask that, I don’t believe I know yours?”

“I am Naziel Kasigawa, pleased to meet you! What shall I call you?”

“You don’t get to call me anything. Naziel, I want you to do something for me alright? I want you to go and join the Spiritual Arts Academy for Shinigami.”

“Wait, you mean I actually get to train to be like you? Why would you tell me this after all these years?”

“Plainly speaking I was drawn to your spiritual energy, much like that Hollow was back when I saved you. You see that creature was called a Hollow, it’s our job as Shinigami to destroy Hollows and since I see your spiritual pressure has somewhat grown a bit since we last met, I’d like you to enrol and just to make sure that you do, when you graduate then I will tell you my name Nazzy.”

“I… Well… I’ve always dreamed of being like you! Show me where it is!”

In his excitement Naziel jumped up and forgot about his burns, he sunk back down wincing at the pain then they both laughed and spoke some more but before long they were healed and the Shinigami told him where to go as he had business to attend too.

“See you when you graduate kid.”

The Academy

And with that he was gone again, like a spectre he disappeared and was gone from sight. Several days later Naziel had followed the directions he had received and was starting his time in the Academy. Naziel took his time there very seriously and did well in his Hakuda, and Hoho classes but could never get to grips at all with Kido. To this young man it just wasn’t his style and although he excelled in his other classes, he barely made it through Kido. However, Naziel’s greatest achievement was in Zanjutsu. He impressed his teachers with the unwillingness to give up and his determination to win, a skill he picked up from his time in hanging dog. He didn’t spend much time making friends or even making attempts at his female classmates. He just wanted to get started as his time as a Shinigami and thank that Shinigami for their hospitality.
Naziel practiced religiously with his Asauchi and eventually the blade began to change its form, he could feel its grip match his, the blade felt light and graceful in his hand, yet where other classmates had blade guards, his did not? ‘I wonder what that’s about? I mean don’t I need to defend?’ He would ponder this fact for hours at a time when he was sat in the woods meditating under some trees; the wind was soft and comforting as the day was very hot. A bead of sweat fell down his brow and he felt the wind shift. Stupid wind…" he muttered under his breath, that was, until he heard a reply.

“Who you calling stupid you big meanie?!”

Naziel opened his eyes to find him standing on a still pond with a small red haired girl, with foxes ears and a tail standing opposite him, head tilted to one side, a single ear twitched, she scratched it and blinked for a moment before running and pouncing upon him screaming with a massive smile;

“Brother! You made it at last! I hoped if I kept talking you’d hear my voice one day! Yay! Now I get to see my big brother all the time!”
The girl mused as her ears twitched and her tail wagged.
“I… Well… What is your name I suppose?”
Naziel seemed too shocked that he’d made contact with the spirit to come out with anything logical;
Brother! How can you say that! Big sister is going to get really mad at you for that! Uhuh.”
She bounced up and ran over to the center of the pond, the Lilies bobbed peacefully on the water top.
“My name is KikenKaze, and I am your Zanpakutō! Isn’t it exciting? But you should really meet big sister too, she’s going to be awful mad though…”
With this the little girl smiled, tail wagging before she sunk into the water and another girl entered from the water as Naziel looked on he couldn’t believe his eyes, the girls looked so similar and both were so beautiful.
"Hey dumbass?! What do you think you’re playing at forgetting my god damn name!" This new girl charged in her small dress and thigh high socks and drop kicked Naziel and stomped on his head;
"You call yourself my master and you didn’t even know my name? Are you serious!" This new girl seemed to get pleasure from causing the discomfort.
Naziel pushed himself up and expressed his sincere apologies for not knowing but he was far too in shock to have known what to say.

The two sat together and spoke for what seemed like days, they acquainted each other with their presence and Naziel had to keep averting his eyes when a tiny gust of wind would attack Kikenkaze’s short dress.
“You know my name means ‘deadly wind’ right… so who do you think controls the wind?” She gave a devilish grin as she sat back,
“I just love seeing you squirm every time I make the wind blow” She let out a mischievous laugh then looked back at him with a menacing look;
“ Now listen Naziel, I’m your Zanpakutō, I hate to lose and I sure hate not being listened too! So stay sharp and we’ll be just fine. I have complete trust in you and I will follow you to the end if needs be, just make sure you are fighting for the right cause and I will give you everything I can.” With that she kissed his cheek and he awoke to a pitch-black night with the stars in the sky. His Asauchi had completely changed into a black straight bladed katana with no guard; he touched his cheek and smiled softly to himself;
“Yeah, Kikenkaze, I hear you... Just wait till they see us.”


Background History
- Reiatsu Color: White Reiatsu
- Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Kikenkaze

- Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: Naziel’s Zanpakutō spirit is KikenKaze which translates as; ‘deadly wind.’ She is very calm and usually a very quiet and almost lazy spirit, but if disturbed or made to feel dishonorable she will take it as an insult and will bring about pain and misery in the most subtle of ways. Her mood literally changes like the wind as her dual personalities make her a handful to deal with and sometimes even uncooperative. She’s rather unpredictable and argumentative if she doesn’t get her own way, which will often lead to her child form arguing till she gets to play or at least have Naziel’s full attention. Even though she can be quite a handful at times, she is very playful with her master and often will want him to sit with her and talk about the world and where they will go togeather. Unfortunately Kikenkaze’s other half is not quite so gentle, as her grown up self represents her lust for battle and her unwillingness to listen to anyone but herself. Her older self is more like the tomboyish big sister as she will often pounce on and attack Naziel purely for her own amusement. Although he has grown used to her temper and aggressive ways, when calm she is very intelligent and assists Naziel in a lot of his tactical decisions. She also has an aptitude at finding anything to wind Naziel up by making the wind blow her dress or pretending to be cute and innocent. Her two forms are as follows;

When she is relaxed and happy she takes the form of a small girl wearing a pink dress with a thread neck pull and a dark pink collar. She has soft red hair as well as having ears and a tail of a fox, as she believes it ‘makes her look cuter’. Her face is small and is framed by the way she holds her hair, her nose and lips are petite excluding her wondrous, big salmon pink eyes which resembles the colour of her dress. Her ears and tail are tipped white, she also doesn't wear any shoes or socks, as her appearance is very much nature based and her only clothing is very basic. She will also refer to Masayoshi as “Big Brother” in this form with a voice that resembles a 10-12 year old girl. Her overall height in this form is 4 foot 4 inches tall.

When she is angry or going into battle she changes to her full adult form by emerging herself into the pond and reappearing with no tail or ears but she does still have long red hair but it is now a gore red instead. She has a delicate little nose and small soft lips, her voice resembles that of an 18-20 year old females which is powerful and deeper than her younger self’s. Her eyes, much like hair are a soft red which appear mystifying and demonic. Her outfit now is a tight fitted, front zipped gore red dress, which comes to just above her thighs. The sleeves tips and bottom of the dress fade into a lighter shade of pinkish red. The sleeves have white frilling coming outwards to cover her wrists much like the French aristocracy of the 1700’s. She also wears thigh high black and white diagonally stripped socks and no shoes. In her hair she has a green bamboo shoot wrapped tightly around like a hair accessory, which keeps her hair tied up. She also wears distinctive green apple earrings about the size of a fifty pence piece, which hang around the top of her neck. Her overall height is 5 foot 6 inches tall with a slender, athletic build.

- Inner World: KikenKaze’s inner world resembles a giant open pond with a blue sky that surrounds the small area as a full circular mirror. The skies are blue with small white clouds, however there is no sigh of a sun but it is also light and warm. The water is scattered with cherry blossoms flower petals and small white water lilies dancing on the top of the water but never making it ripple, the water is a Caribbean Sea blue and you can see down to where there is nothing beneath but a reflection of themselves. Kikenkaze is able to walk on the water but never once makes a ripple or changes the flow of the water. kikenkaze also switches to another world for when Naziel and herself train and hone their resonance. This second world takes the form of a forest with mighty trees, varying with varieties from Oak, Pine, Cherry blossom, Fir and Birch. The area itself is like a small clearing with a fallen tree in the center that has moss growing on top of it, there is also a beautiful light green moss that is mixed into the grass and is soft to the touch. The flowers that surround the are and are dotted around are mostly mixed red and white Roses excluding the Cherry Blossom petals. The woodland much like the pond is completely silent, there is no outside noise or birds chirping unless Kikenkaze wishes there to be. The only noise that is created is by Kikenkaze creating wind or some noises to soothe Masayoshi when meditating during resonance.

- Sealed Zanpakutô Apperance : KikenKaze takes the form of a straight bladed katana in her sealed form with a black hilt and no guard. The blade itself is 27 inches from hilt to the tip of the blade and the blade itself is 1 and a half inches wide. The hilt is 11 and a half inches in length. She also has a small inscription on the inside of the blade that reads; "Death is only the beginning". The sheath is completely black excluding a single white stripe that goes to length of the blade and its length is 29 and a half inches in total.

[b]- Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities:
Kikenkaze has the sealed ability to allow Naziel to have small wind manipulation this works mostly within his hands or when he swings his Katana. The wind itself can only go approximately 10 feet but its power is able to slow an opponents sword swing or knock them off balance. The also allows Naziel to move faster using the wind the push beneath his feet or propelling himself with it via his hands..

- Release: Whisper, KikenKaze.

- Shikai Description: The blade is held horizontally parallel to the ground, the tip of the blade facing to the right. Once this release word is spoken KikenKaze takes her shikai form, her sealed form disintegrates as if being blown away and reforms in masayoshi's hands as dual thin bladed Tonfa Swords. The length of each blade is 26 and a half inches and the handles are 6 and half inches in length and reinforced at the core. The handles and metals are a matte black and very light to hold. The blades themselves are slanted downwards at the tip to accommodate a softer and swifter slicing motion during attacks as well as allowing a greater protective aspect. Further down the blade almost parallel with the hilt are indents and serrated edges, these are optimal and a very gruesome asset as the blade makes contact with the skin it acts much like a shark tooth, ripping and traumatizing the skin making it near impossible to heal without proper medical attention. This gruesome add on is linked with his past life as it resembles the weapon that killed him as it too was a serrated blade that ended his life.

- Shikai Abilities: Kikenkaze's overall ability is to cause undetectable damage and mental trauma to the enemy as the torrents of wind surrounding the blades comes into contact with a foe as it cuts them constantly, and although these cuts are very minor the effect of seeing that you bleed when your opponent has not officially stuck you is a crippling mental attribute. The winds themselves are created by the rotation of the tiny fragments of blades and they constantly rotate around Naziel's wrists.

- Bankai Description: Naziel's Bankai is by released by using the release name and phrase 'Howl and cry blood, Kikenkaze No Kyojin' and smashing both fists into the ground which send a massive pulse of elemental wind and reishi before it reforms and becomes a 1 mile high or 5280 foot high Tornado that is completely black with unmoving yellow and grey orbs inside that appear like wolves eyes, if it is still it almost resembles a skull within the tornado with wolves teeth bared. Its facial expression is one of pure fury and expresses Naziel's innermost feelings of chaos and pain. It is controlled by the other half of Kikenkaze's soul as Naziel gains a pair of metal wolves claws covering his hands as the metal coats his arms and goes over his shoulder-blades. The claws are defined by how sculpted they are to fit his hand perfectly, the design on them are tiny scales which allow the greatest movement and the best defense against attack. Naziel himself also has a slight change as his canines become slightly longer, it is a small change but symbolizes the connection he has with his Zanpakutō. In short The pressure of Naziel's bankai actually shatters the blades he once hid in the wind. Now they have become apart of the tornadoes debris, fleeting around like particles of death and hate.

- Bankai Abilities: "Kikenkaze no Kyojin" is transformed into a tornado. For those of you unfamiliar with this meteorological massacre, it is a helix of crosswinds with the power to displace anything from lawn ornaments to 2000sq foot homes! It throws cars, buses, and boats...and doesn't fear anything. What does this mean for the enemy? They are fighting the finger of god...or at least a menstruating Mother Nature. From the moment Kikenkaze no Kyojin touches down, she begins to draw in all the debris around her. And by "debris" I mean anything not bonded with the earth or Naziel who is controlling her ( Masayoshi is safe as the mosterous wind does not affect him as long as he stays still) What this means, is that Naziel's power becomes Kikenkaze no Kyojin's Speed. But since Kikenkaze no Kyojin will not be running around or participating in a marathon, she uses her speed for something else. It is her strength to draw in victims. Why is that terrifying? Because unlike the protein chockheads at the beach, Kikenkaze no Kyojin does not tire. She is wind and power incarnate. From her start, to her finish, she will pull and pull and pull. Those who cannot resist, will get plucked right of the ground. And those who get plucked off the ground...May never touch it again…

Now, being a stealth wind blade she is merely pushing her 'wind' profile into overdrive and well as for her blades; Not only is she an external weapon but she has an internal one as well. Shredded. Bladed. Death. Mmm, What happens inside is to consolidate the fractured blades of her Bankai form within Kikenkaze no Kyojin. What does consolidation mean? Kikenkaze no Kyojin seems to believe it means "Bleeding Time". The blades are formed back together within her gale, Her blades, once glistened in plain sight but now the roles have reversed. So what is more terrifying than a tornado you ask? How about a tornado filled with fragmented blades in the shape of wolves claws possessing the same strength and durability they had before. Now why is this threatening? It isn't. What is threatening is the way they move. Attacking from every possible angle. Literally, the enemy in blades. For those without the means to protect themselves, they will be damn lucky to make it out alive because once she is through with you there will only be molecular splashes of what was once their body. We are talking total destruction...there wont even be a scream to remember with the wind as loud as it is. Oh, and for all you Arrancar out there, Hierro...nuh-uh, more like Bye-Bye. These blades don't just like your skin, they like your eyes, and your mouth, and your nostrils...and just about anywhere else the wind can take them. Let's hope you choke before they cut their way out of you ass!...hahah, see? That was a joke. It's funny...because it will never happen...


Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Adept
  • Kidō: Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Hakuda: Adept


Roleplay Sample

- Roleplay Sample: There he stood, atop one of the houses in Karakura Town looking down into the streets watching the humans go about their lives with such ease and unknowing;
“how innocent they appear to be. To think I was once one of them?” what it was instantly. The spiritual pressure of a Hollow. He turned his head just in time to see the lunging body, pale white bone face go crashing towards him in a growl. "Damn!" He had just managed to push himself backward on the ball of his foot as his muscles tensed to land on the pathway next to the house.

He narrowed his eyes as he saw the hungering shape creep back into the moonlight. 'What a disgusting creature it is.' He thought to himself;
"Well well, I come out thinking I was going to dine on some pathetic scrap of a soul but instead I come across a rather tasty looking Shinigami instead! HA! Just my luck!" The hollow spat its words as a massive tongue crept across its mask as if wiping its lips. Naziel drew his Zanpakutō and in an instant was gone. Using Hoho Naziel reappeared just above the monsters right shoulder and drove the blade down as the metal sliced through flesh and the blood sprayed, coloring the night. The hollow screamed and swiped him with his clawed hand sending the Shinigami across the street into a roll.
He picked himself up half smiling as he glared at the hollow before him and the arm that now lay on the floor in front of the pitiful creature.
“You still believe that meeting me this evening was of some fortune to you? I believe you made a very poor decision, hollow.” With this he tilted his Zanpakutō horizontally parallel to the floor and smiled;

"whipser, Kikenkaze..."

The spiritual pressure around him changed as the blade disintegrated in his hands and reformed into each hand as his bladed Tonfas. The moonlight shined so beautifully off of them, as the Shinigami held his head bowed. His breathing was gentle and fluid.

"Focus you damn moron, you can tell me how beautiful I am later!" The voice snapped at him and he smiled with a small laugh before lunging forward. The pair danced in battle as the path was smashed, bricks broken and the floor shook. The spirals of wind surrounding each blade protected Naziel as a swipe came at him whilst another the other claw slashed at his cheek and he felt the blood ooze into the night air;
"There’s, my opening!" his eyes widened as he positioned himself beneath the creatures mask as he dived beneath yet another claw smashing towards him, he spun his graceful blades in his palm and drove them through the hollow's chin and out the front of its mask.

The creature howled its painful cry as it slowly evaporated into nothingness. Naziel returned his Zanpakutō to its original form and slumped against the wall looking bruised as the blood fell freely from his cheek and he felt a lump growing on the back of his head.

"Why can’t I ever get a quite night alone?"

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