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 Full of Hate & Dread

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Subject Post 21PostSubject: Re: Full of Hate & Dread   Sat Jul 12, 2014 7:32 pm

Renzo didn't know what to do at this point. Soon, one of them were going to fall in exhaustion, and the chance of that being Renzo was huge. Rin was physically much more strong than him, who was a mere exorcist. Sure, he may have been stronger than most humans, but demons were naturally that way. Flashes of memories flooded his mind as their weapons clashed together loudly, splattering even tiny drops of rain with each movement. Renzo's pink hair was now drenched from the downpour, and he could feel his clothes clinging to his body from the soak. His eyes lost its pupil, and its purpose was to get rid of Rin somehow.

Suddenly, a person burst through the door in alert. He was tall. Thereafter, more followed through the door to see what the hell this commotion was about. "Were we... that loud?" thought Renzo to himself with a bite of his lips. They were here to witness Rin, in all his demonic hysteria and glory, beating on the undercover exorcist with blue-flaming sword. Renzo could easily use this attention to his advantage, and act like the victim in this case. How would that work? Well, it's not like humans cling next to a demon's side that much, no matter their intentions as part-human. Rin wasn't fully demon after all. Satan's son, sure, but with some human characteristics to blend in with civilized societies.

An audible crack was heard as Rin plunged the blade into the cemented roof. Renzo didn't have much chance to observe as blue flames crept toward him in a large amount. With skill, the exorcist twirled the K'rik in his hands in an acrobatic fashion before swinging down at the flames. Portions of it were extinguished, but he felt his skin getting mildly singed from it. His shin was revealed and so was his entire left arm. Renzo's breathing became harsher as he almost fell to the ground in fatigue. Luckily, he had his K'rik to keep himself up. It was only now that the pain from Rin's fire alerted his nerves.

With one glance, he saw with his own eyes--Rin's tears falling from his face. He looked more demonic in appearance now, which meant a higher amount of accessibility to his abilities. Renzo gritted his teeth hard as he stood back up in alert. Then the demon spawn relentlessly attacked at him. The exorcist found himself having a difficult time blocking his attacks. He was successfully deflecting them, but with each strike, blue fire shot out and Renzo had to simultaneously focus on avoiding those as well. Even with spiritual power charged into the K'rik by him, the physical strength Rin posed was a lot deadlier than his swings.

Tears still fell from Rin's eyes, and Renzo paused. He didn't know that moment would end up in his undoing. The Kurikara actually stroke him at the shoulder, going deep enough to have him bleed tremendously, but not instantly kill him. Renzo felt tired, drained of his life force even, but he stood there on the concrete floor and hung his head on top of Rin's shoulder. "I'm so sorry," he said in a guttered voice. Warm tears fell into Rin's shoulders, much warmer than the cold rain. "I'm so sorry." Then his whole weight fell on top of the demon.

Renzo was out cold in sorrow and regret, but his face was expressing gratitude.


By the way. Not dead. 'Kay, thanks. Die.

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