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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Alternative RP Story - Son of the Dog

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Alternative RP Story - Son of the Dog   Wed Jun 18, 2014 12:16 pm

It is mainly to experiment with potential personality of Koichi and Hanako's pure human son, Hideki "Yuudeshi" Iramasha under specific set of crisis.

  • He is having mixed feelings because when he was very young, Koichi was hardly there to be his father while his mother, Hanako gave him up to the Yuudeshi Clan for a reason that she did not explain other than the fact that he is forbidden even by the Yuudeshi to fight at all, thus he ends up relying on others to protect him if he is in harm's way. It was later that Hanako took him back in and treats him like her son, but still forbade him to fight at all, adding onto that frustration that his "curse" is unanswered.

  • Unbeknownst to him, he is afflicted with a rare spiritual defect that prevents him from fighting as Hanako also explained it to the Yuudeshi's leaders, Shadin and Zin Yuudeshi. The defect is referred as "S.H.S.D." or "Spiritual Hyper-Sensitivity Dysfunction." Because of the rare offshoot in genetics, the spiritual receptors act more as a form of disease that if near any form of reiatsu would cause more harm to him or potentially kill him; in a sense, if he is near a normal shinigami when that shinigami is powered up, he is likely to faint if nearby, but he would be in danger of dying if near a lieutenant. The only reason that he is not fainting everywhere in school is because of the student badge that protects students from offensive reiatsu unless they chose to take it off for duels.

In this story, he is already 13 and is trying to prove himself to Karakura High School, who mock him for being forbidden to fight by his mother (though they do not know who is his mother because his last name is still Yuudeshi to them.) If people wants to pitch in with alternative characters (meaning characters without an app,) they are allowed. They can choose to be his friend(s) or his bully(ies) while also strangers or staff.

The main point about it is that people are meant to have fun since I wanted it to be a comic "coming of age" story. Just don't include things that could destroy the entire building and keep the comedy level managed unless you know ways to keep things unexpected and paced so the comedy keeps going. Note that it is in Karakura Central, so outside influence should not be there as the focus is more about the life in school instead of being indirectly related to the war.

    Strangers: They are mainly the neutral view and voice of the circumstances which can be different from person to person. What makes them important is that they are only biased to their own personality and not by the social beliefs within the school. They can have jobs and such that the students can interact with (including being a student.)

  • [USER NAME] (As [CHARACTER NAME]): Description... (6th-2nd Tier)

    Staff: They stood for integrity that they teach to their students while also having quirks of their own. The faculty often stand as a shield between students and for students should danger is imminent. The job range can be from a lonesome janitor to a critical administrator/headmaster.

  • [USER NAME] (As [CHARACTER NAME]): Description... (6th-2nd Tier)

    Friends: They are around to either help or to defend Hideki as they are the reason that Hideki still attends the school. While they may or may not have powers, they have their own concerns, but they would not stand by to see their friend getting punished unnecessarily because he is not allowed to fight. Above all else, they knew that by helping or defending Hideki, they are also targets for bullies if not already was a target of bullies.

  • [USER NAME] (As [CHARACTER NAME]): Description... (6th-2nd Tier)

    Bullies: Delinquents who fights "the man" and make a name for themselves either through fear or through abuse. While not all bullies are against Hideki, most of them see him as easy picking since he cannot fight back if they go for him or his friends as Hideki is at the bottom of the food chain to the bullies. Their main adversaries are those who can stood up for themselves and resist their intimidation, but while some could force them back down on the floor, there are those who relied on "gangs" to enforce their standing in the battlegrounds of Karakura High School.

  • [USER NAME] (As [CHARACTER NAME]): Description... (6th-2nd Tier)

UHCM (As Hideki "Yuudeshi"): A Yuudeshi born from two different parents, but was left at the Yuudeshi's Town Center by his mother only to be given back to his mother while he is turning four. While it is a mystery to him, all of his life was sheltered as he was forbidden to fight for no remembered reason. Now turning thirteen, he has to prove to the school that he was not a disgrace to the Yuudeshi, whom he still considered to be his family and not his biological mother and his long absent father. (6th Tier)

It is rather simple and you don't have to make a new character application for it since it will not affect the main story anyhow. All you need is a name and a brief three-sentence description to explain their standing. To make a description like that is rather basic, but sometimes easier said than done for some who are very used to the way of making long paragraphs and being very detailed.

Sample App
Ichigo101 (As Harpo Marx): He is a mute stranger who sports unusual attires and a collection of horns, which he uses to communicate along with his facial expression. His line of work is focused more as a comedian who visits the school to entertain the students each Friday. Being a bullied child before, he does not appreciate seeing bullying and would try his best to intervene. (3rd Tier)

NPC is allowed to be used the Bullies since they (lore-based) have gangs and would not come alone unless they are strong. Beyond that is up to the either me (UHCM) or the staff to determine the overall population of NPC.

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Alternative RP Story - Son of the Dog
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