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 Journey to Kurakawa[Open]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Journey to Kurakawa[Open]   Thu Jun 19, 2014 3:51 pm

A yelp caught Nyama’s attention, and seconds later her beloved Felix soared past her. The cheetah’s teeth had been completely shattered, the feline seemingly greatly injured. Her eyes widened, fear running through the were beast’s body. Before Nyama could change directions and head to her companion’s aid, a chain whipped out, the blade at the tip pointed directly at her. Eyes filled with fear, worry and rage pivoted towards the newcomer, the feline being understanding the words being spoken. However, she did not care for them, instead she just turned about in middle of the speech, running with all her might towards the building, shooting in to it and dashing up to her cheetah companion. Her breathing labored, a soft, worried whine escaping the oversized house cat. For the wounds Felix sported, it would take the remainder of her energies in order to heal him, this meant she would be unable to continue battling against the ones she had been fighting before. However, if it meant being able to save her companion, Nyama would do anything.

Rubbing the side of her head against the side of her injured companion, a soft musical mewling escaped the servant of nature’s mouth. To those near enough to hear the melody, it would most likely remind them of the rising sun, spring, forests after a rainfall. It was the power of nature’s renewal that she now channeled, pouring this power in to her feline comrade with all she had. The wounds on the cheetah slowly repaired themselves, the teeth fixing themselves so completely that one could not ever tell they had been broken in the first place. Slowly as she poured her energy in to healing her friend, Nyama shrunk in size returning to the form of a small kitten. Her energy reserves now depleted, it would not be much longer before she was forced to change back in to her usual self.

Sighing softly, the feline gave her cheetah companion a simple command, the beast disappearing as it returned to her grove, grabbing her kimono before returning the same way it had originally come forth to be with Nyama. The house cat purred softly in thanks, slipping in to the folds of the fabric as her form changed. Growing upwards, her body took on a humanoid form, like that of a young child. Appearing about twelve years of age, she wore a simple pink kimono, her red eyes looking around warily. Long blonde hair flowed down her back, ending at her waist. Small cat like ears poked out from the hair atop her head while a black tail swished worriedly behind her. Steeling her nerves, she walked out to see what had become of the people who she had been in combat with.

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Journey to Kurakawa[Open]   Thu Jun 19, 2014 9:10 pm


Der Mann war langweilig, ach so gelangweilt. Er hatte gehofft, dass das Mädchen würde sich unterhaltsam, aber als er warf die Katze durch ein Gebäude, sie begann zu belegen etwas anderes. Ihre Geschwindigkeit verringert, ihre Agilität verschwunden und die potentielle Kraft hatte sie schien sehr kurzlebig. Sie war einfach so langweilig, wie das Kind war. Nein, das war nicht fair, er war höchst langweilig und blöde, aber seine Hoffnungen für das Weibchen hatte schon drastisch gekürzt. Danach wird die neue Ankunft auf der Szene gesprochen. Er war noch mehr geärgert. Die beiden anderen sind nur natürlich langweilig, ermüdend, Nichtigkeiten Schollen im System. Dieser eine aber, dieses Geschöpf, er aktiv versucht hat Langeweile, aktiv Intrigen ruiniert. Ihn zu töten wäre die Welt eine Wohltat. Doch die roten langhaarigen Mann war nicht so wichtig, auf Freundlichkeit.

Bevor jemand die Möglichkeit haben, ihn, den Rothaarigen Mann mehr unterwegs sein würde, fast wie ein Geist, ein Gefühl von Geschwindigkeit und Agilität, sprecht ihr schwacher Einsatz wenig Sinn. Vielleicht machen Sie Frage, wenn er gefragt wurde hier von Anfang an, sinnlose Gedanken waren ihre größte Stärke es schien. Der Mann war bereits auf dem Weg nach Hause, jedoch vor jedem nichtigen fragen können geäußert werden. Auf dem Weg zu seinem Mountain Home, war er bereits in dem Bedauern der Besuch dieser Kloake geworden sei von einem Land, nichts als Langeweile für Meilen könnte es scheinen. Niemand im geringsten interessant zu reden, es war sehr bedauerlich. Hoffentlich seine Frau wäre in der Lage, eine bestimmte Form von Unterhaltung am Abend, aber ihre letzten Aktivitäten mit der abenteuerlichen Elemente der Welt hatte nur weitere führte ihn zur Langeweile und Faulheit. Hoffentlich, voll Hoffnung gegen alle Hoffnung, die am nächsten Tag mit ihr sein würde mäßig unterhaltsam und er kann man getrost vergessen. Heute benötigt, um zu vergessen.

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Subject Post 13PostSubject: Re: Journey to Kurakawa[Open]   Fri Jun 20, 2014 5:36 pm

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Seemed that the many people making noise decided to deal with their problems with less annoying noises now that Reigen had arrived, for the most part he was glad that he could deal with the quiet watching of all of those in attendance, though each of them had seemingly their own way of dealing with someone now getting in the way of the festivities... For one the first human, he seemed to be a fish out of water as all he did was stand back and look to be careful as Reigen made his threats. It was a smart plan but in the end being careful and wary can only go so far in terms of dealing with the Demon of greed, then again he was so small and seemingly meek now that Reigen wasn't sure if he would kill him or simply slap him and send him home to a life of more than likely mediocrity and sad internet jokes... On the other hand a young opponent meant more time for growth and it was not Reigen's place to step in the way of growth especially when it could end up being a blast to see, though the time it would take to get there might be a hassle so the boy's actions would decide if he was strung up by his neck when the time came...

Then the.... Cat? Well it was a cat, then it went to the aid of the other creature, seemed like an old movie but then as would be akin to a movie the power of happiness and goodness seemed to reach the body of the cheetah and healed it of its wounds, then the giant cat became a small one.... Then.... A mix of human and animal.... It seemed like a after school special of a animal being so good it became a human, but it also seemed like something quite extraordinary and unlike anything that Reigen had expected. As such he took out a phone for usually business purposes and took a photo of the girl in her new form. "Forget being a urban legend a furry loli works much better for the niche market..." The Demon's extensive knowledge of how much a person would probably pay for knowing such a creature even existed in the world was perhaps too much... But it was addressable through simply conversing. The girl moved into range seemingly to both introduce herself and to be wary of those that she had been previously fighting. It was not a bad plan though Reigen felt that being shy after having been a giant cat looking to take a bite out of people might be a bit of a redundancy. "You know I didn't think that the milk and catnip that was ordered to that building was needed, but apparently the world works in mysterious ways~" Taking pleasure in mocking the girl if only a little bit Reigen wasn't worried about her at the moment for the most part her energy seemed to be dwindling and even so he was sure it was bad luck to kick what seemed to be a cat girl in some sort of superstition... He wasn't sure but it was easier not to.

The last problem was the layabout above, he seemed to whine about something in the air in a language that Reigen himself never found too appealing to the ear yet for some oddity the person spoke with seemingly little to no irony that he decided to take some sort of high road and speak with those below with some sort of condescension as if they were his entertainment, on the contrary they were simply loud, and Reigen had no need for their brand of entertainment. "Apropos Deutsch scheint ziemlich unnötige nein?" The Demon's accent seemed to roll off as he posed the question to the person above, he looked up as he noted the constant use of the word bored by the man he thought that perhaps he could aid with some advice on the notion of his way of dealing with his boredom. "I can understand boredom being a bit of a problem but I'm sure that there is no need to kick kittens into buildings.... Then again maybe animal cruelty is your sort of thing, seems a bit of a dark hobby but to each their own." Reigen held the one above with no respectful tone, if he was so bored then watching as other made their enjoyment was not something that should be so interesting, the least he could do was make his own mark and not just punt cheetahs..... Something that Reigen had to remember writing off the bucket list of life now he had seen it.... Then again the man decided to make his way away from the scene, honestly it was quite a boring thing for him to do, but in the end perhaps it would be for the best now that he was gone so Reigen could get some of his own entertainment going...

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Subject Post 14PostSubject: Re: Journey to Kurakawa[Open]   Fri Jun 20, 2014 6:57 pm

Gintama closed his eyes and sat on the ground. He started to meditate,and heal himself with his chi. The healing didn't take long, and Gintama stopped his meditation. He got up from spot and walked away while waving goodbye to the remaining fighters. Gintama began to run after walking, and went south of Karakura Central. He was heading downtown, and completely ignored any actions that the fighters would take as he ran.

He jumped on top of this small building rooftop, and jumped off to the other side of the rooftop and onto the alley way between the buildings. He continued to run, and did not stop until he reached downtown. Gintama acted as if the situation he was in did not matter and considered it a spar. He had a huge grin on his face, and his beautiful hair swayed with the wind.
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Subject Post 15PostSubject: Re: Journey to Kurakawa[Open]   Sun Oct 04, 2015 9:55 am

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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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Journey to Kurakawa[Open]
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