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 Moroi's Upgrades and Shizzle

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Moroi's Upgrades and Shizzle   Thu Jun 26, 2014 7:57 pm

  • Name Of Character: Wareyasui Moroi
  • Link To Character Profile:
  • Reasons For Upgrading: Large tier Jump+IC funds to build and upgrade the Sankishin
    What Are You Upgrading: Attack Cables: The Sankishin Unit has been outfitted with four mechanisms dubbed Attack Cables by Moroi. Located in in each of the suit’s shoulder and hip spaces, these mechanisms can be shot from the suit at a startling speed, equivalent to that of an equivalently ranked Bala, and can be controlled remotely. The cables themselves are outfitted with a small claw mechanism at the end, allowing Moroi to punch through structures and enemies alike while the cables themselves can bind all forms of creature known in this world.

    Psycho-Frame: In an effort to ease the burden placed on the Shinkeikomori, Moroi developed the technology to mimic the effect. When integrated in to the Sankishin Unit, this eases the burn on Moroi’s Chi to operate the behemoth machine and significantly lessens the burden on his concentration. Consequently, Moroi can focus his powers outward as well. In its simplest stage, this allows Moroi to utilize a weapon called a funnel. These funnels are stored in the Sankishin Unit’s upper back, the unit itself stored twelve of them, and are able to operate completely independently of the actions of the main suit. Each Funnel is equipped with a high density particle accelerator, which fires a high density, focused laser, equal to the strength of an equivalently ranked Cero, but in a far more compressed form, drastically increasing its piercing power in exchange for the wide scale devastation that Ceros usually generate, allowing it to function as an incredibly deadly anti-personnel weapon. In addition, Chi can be focused throughout the entirety of the funnel, giving it the durability and strength to be used as a bludgeoning weapon, blocking, deflecting and injuring any sort of weapon, Zanpakutō included. Additionally, each funnel has a camera installed on it identical to the ones used on the Sankishin unit, permitting Moroi an even wider field of vision.

    High Energy Wing: Installed on the shoulder blades of the Sankishin Unit. When in use, two metal plates will unfold from the back of the Akagai before stretching out at a forty-five degree angle from the shoulder blade, reaching a wingspan of three feet. When ignited, four translucent feathers, per wing, made of pure chi will fire from the plates. When used, the High Energy Wing will afford Moroi complete, omnidirectional control of his movement, effectively negating the laws of physics upon himself in terms of gravity and inertia in addition to drastically increasing his speed, elevating him up two tiers in speed. Unfortunately, Moroi’s energy reserves are not nearly vast enough to maintain this module for any extensive length of time. Consequently, the High Energy Wing can only be operated for three posts before needing an extensive recharge time, typically barring it from use more than once per thread.

    Dome Zanshin: Requires 0 Magatama to use. Using the pre-existing Zanshin technology, Moroi has adapted and upgraded the effective field of viability. With this module, Moroi is able to generate a Zanshin dome around himself, emanating from his palm and stretching out into an ten meter radius dome. Using the Chi expunger module, Moroi will allow chi to seep out of his arm plate before manipulating the expunged Chi in to a large dome. The dome will expel any physical incoming attack by sending an equal amount of force back in to the blow, effectively halting it entirely and leaving the victim wide open for a counter attack, typically in the form of a grapple. There is a notable start up time for the technique however, so using it on the fly is nigh impossible as the user will be hit before he really has a chance to counteract an attack. Successful use of this technique grants one Magatama.

  • Any Extra Notes:I also feel Moroi deserves a GM in Mental Deduction. No other character on the site operates, mentally, on the same level that he does presently and I feel a do a pretty good job playing that. Plus everything about him, to his powers to his equipment to putting his socks on in the morning requires an extreme amount of intellect and analytic thinking. If what he's done so far is not enough to justify that, then I'd like to know what I still need to do for it to be merited on him.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Moroi's Upgrades and Shizzle   Thu Jun 26, 2014 11:47 pm

Okay so Fast check comin' through Kakeru Style.~

0-4++ is new tier, I'm approving the equipment, because they are pretty self explanatory. The Hakumen skill is fine. Now Mental Deduction to a GM... Hmmm This one i'm Iffy on, but I do think from what I know of him, He'd probably be warranted on it, but I want a second opinion before I throw my stamp on it. So get an Admin to check, and if they think you are, I do think possibly he is, so I'm willing to give it I just want to see a second opinion.

Tl;dr: 0-4++ Tier. and basically all approved but the GM.

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Moroi's Upgrades and Shizzle   Fri Jun 27, 2014 12:17 am

For the GM? I'm absolutely fine with it. Given his character and such, I'll give this my approval on the Grand Master, and considering Kake wanted a second opinion, I'll move this to approved as a result.


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Moroi's Upgrades and Shizzle
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