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 Mikazuki [WIP] [Hopefully coming back from the dead]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Mikazuki [WIP] [Hopefully coming back from the dead]   Mon Jun 30, 2014 3:10 am

» Name: Mikazuki
» Titles: "The Historian"
» Age: Unknown
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation/Rank: N/A
» Appearance Description:

Height: 134 lbs
Weight: 5'4 feet tall
Hair: Blood Red
Eyes: Red
» Appearance Picture:


» Personality:
Mikazuki's personas have gone through so many changes over the years that really you don't know who she is at times. It's not that she has multiply personalities it's that her mind has been warped so many times. She has seen, birth, life, death and many other things and this has made her character truly unique. More than 6000 years her mind has evolved, devolved and gone through so many stages when you talk to her you feel like you are talking to a historian. Knowing the smallest details of historical happenings. One thing she will never reveal though is exactly how long she has lived and if she had ever met God. She will tell you that she has seen the birth of a baby that was given gifts from three wiseman, as well as a man dying on a cross. This by no means, means that she is religeous in any fashion but she does recount the stories of those two accounts quite vivdly. Because of her vivid accounts some of her very close friends would joke around calling her the ultimate Historian.

Throughout her life she was a messenger of death multiply times, facing numerous encounters in the field of battle she was once dubbed "Shinigami" when she was in the field. With facing all of these encounters she has reached what she would call a state of "Nirvana" in which she feels at one with things that are happening. She doesn't like violence anymore, she has shy'd away from it since World War 2. When she saw all of the Jews dying in the 'death camps' she couldn't stand killing people anymore. After staging Hitler's demise in Russia as well as his own suicide she stopped killing and only believed in peace. She is now a passifist unless it comes to unnessary death to the Earth's populace or Spiritual Beings.

Being alive for so long has given her a few strengths, being able to judge if someone is lying to her or not is a innate ability that she has gained after being around people for so long. At a certain point you can see the similarities in the people that you talk to and how their facial expressions change and she has found a way to read them and decipher people pretty easily. Some people might even call her a human lie detector of course sometimes her emotions get the better of her in certain situations making her unable to read people. This case mostly arises when she is in combat or facing someone that goes against what she believes in. However when these people come across her she becomes a radical in a certain way, completely forgetting her pasifistic ways she will go to great lengths to destory someone that directly conflicts with her morals, showing no mercy.

In combat Mikazuki has grown smarter, and evolved into a beast that was known as a manslayer. Through the events that she has happened across her mind can thing chapters ahead when some can only see the next page, thinking not only 3-5 moves ahead but 10-12 her mind almost seems to think quicker then her body can react. Which is saying something. She however isn't the type of person to use any energy attacks when in a fight she likes to enjoy it and only results to big energy attacks and not small ones. Preferring to use her fists and get up close and personal with her enemy, never giving up until she could no longer move a single muscle.

In public you will see her chatting with friends that she has met, one thing after being around so many people in her life is that even if people die they still live a meaningful life and she likes to see the different changes to people in different situations. She wants to see how far the human race can actually go, one thing Mikazuki will always say though is that over the years she just doesn't understand technology. Knows how to use it but doesn't know how it works at all and doesn't know too many complex things. (Just imagine a grandfather or grandmother that hasn't ever used a cell phone.)

Normally a very polite person, always the good tipper and holding that door open for the next person to walk through. Some people associate her with a shrine maiden just because of how she is always so nice, even to strangers that she has just met.

» Likes:
Martial Arts

» Dislikes:



» Chi Powers:
Yin Surge
Most people on Earth call it this, but a Yin Surge is a powerful blast of white light that is released from your body's life energy. It can take any kind of shape you wish, however, upon hitting something it will not only do large scale damage similar to a Grand Rey Cero, but it can even accelerate energy across a 2000 meter area in order to make some people or objects more vibrant, bright and a general sense of upward energy is felt in the effected area. When this happens, it can increase the users own powers for a period of three post. Not only that, but if a soul is killed by this, the chances of them becoming a hollow is lessened greatly.

Being that there powers somewhat evolve around the Yin and Yang, moon step would be their form of flash step, high speed movement where in the case of tier you will be able to keep up with the Shinigami's flash step. Yuèqiú bù thought does have one thing that is different from the Shinigami's flash step because it makes no noise.

Vindeca "Heal"
Using Chi in order to get their bodies to the best shape as possible, using the chi flowing in there own bodies they are able to regenerate faster then the normal human beings this doesn't mean their bodies heal instantly, it's almost like the Shinigami, there bodies can heal faster then normal humans can, this doesn't pertain to any injuries like a cut off limb, they cannnot regenerate a arm or a thumb or anything, these are flesh wounds to the body.

Tekkai "Iron Mass"
Training themselves as much as possible along with the Chi in their own bodies they have formed a almost 'perfect' body where their muscles are so close together that they have higher endurance then the normal human, also with using this they are able to form Chi on their own skin, this is constantly active, and is a lot like the Arrancar's own Hierro.

» Extra Abilities:

Immense Chi:
Mikazuki has so much Chi in her body that it is almost overflowing, thanks to a meditation method that she developed herself she was able to open up all of the gates without knowing that they were even in her body. When she was meditating she went throughout her body, opening all of the gates forcefully making herself much more powerful then any of the people that had used Chi at the time. This is the reason why she has such a prolonged life, the pure Chi that she has made with the meditation has healed her mind body and spirit throughout her lifetime meaning that she has been able to live these thousands of years because the Chi that is inside of her body heals her heart and makes sure she lives.

Masterful Knowledge of Chi:
Mikazuki understands the precise amount of Chi that is needed for everything, she is able to use foot techniques to their greatest extent and actually now after many many years she is practically able to see the Chi ways that other people have with something that she calls her "Inner Eye" she basically knows her own Chi ways so well that she is able to see the Chi ways of other people and see the flow of their own Chi ways based on the movement of their muscles.

"One Finger Punch" Utilizing a punch, Mikazuki can concentrate the blow into one finger attack using the middle finger to concentrate the force of the blow into one point instead of having it spread out over the entire fist. This blow is able to cause nerves to be pinched, making it so that the movements that one makes when attacked by the One Finger Punch will be delayed or even stop if Mikazuki is able to concentrate on just that one point, enough to even stop the person from moving a certain part of their body. Also this punch can be used to try and 'pinch' someones Chi ways, with a extreme knowledge of where all of the ways are, Mikazuki is able to hit those Chi ways in order to effect the flow of Chi within her opponents body slowing the Chi down.

It is a swift and strong punch or elbow , using the principles of Karate (moving the punching hand and the non-active hand at the same time as if "connected behind the back through a pulley"), Juijutsu (as if using a sword, by throwing ones body weight into the opponent to cut through a person),Chinese Kenpo (surpassing the limit of the mind with the feeling of sending your hand flying out), and Muay Thai (hit the enemy as if you're punching through him). With this string of martial arts, along with using Chi infused blast from her punch, or elbow, she is able to disrupt the flow inside of a person's body in order to make it so that their own Chi flow is weakened. A certain number of uses with this technique can severely damage a person's Chi center or break it completely.

Masterful Steel Working:
Working under masterful blacksmiths back in the medival era, Mikazuki was one of the best blacksmiths under the bright blue sky. Working for almost every nation blacksmithing she has found the secret that lies in making weapons of the finest quality and her weapons have thus been sought from many people. In Japan she had worked for a Ninja named Hanzo Hattori in which she was the person that actually made the equipment that he used. All that she had asked for in exchange for being his blacksmith was that he teach her the arts that he knew. The Art of Killing.

Masterful Weaponsmith:
During the years that Mikazuki was a blacksmith she had made many weapons that are even till this day legendary for their own reasons. Many of her weapons were used by people such as the Spartans of Sparta, Attila the Hun

Weapons Expert:
Mikazuki has worked with all kinds of weapons over the years, she has been in almost every war that there has been over the years and people back in the day code named her "Witch" because of the feats that she could accomplish. She is able to use a sword to the highest extent of prowess and is able to use it to such a degree that even back in the day, King Arthur knighted her as one of the Knights of the Round Table.

Martial Arts Expert:
Being over 6000 years old and using Chi she has understanding and can learn a new Martial Arts very quickly, she has studied many of the martial arts in Asia and Europe where the main ones are, but never has she encountered any outside of those two places, she has never really had the need to go outside of the countries that she calls 'home'.

Using Chi Mikazuki is able to instill fear, pressure, or using this same power she is able to instill people with courage, depending on what she wills this 'aura' to become it can either be beneficial or something that she can use for intimidation. This ability is much like reaitsu but it can also be beneficial.

» Fully Awakened Powers:

Power over Kinetic and Potential Energy

Mikazuki is able to take control over the Kinetic and Potential energy within herself and within inanimate objects by using the chi that is inside of her she can either touch or focus on, the stronger her focus is the more she can control, some people would tell her that it is telekinesis and they wouldn't be entirely wrong. But she doesn't like it to be called that and doesn't control them as if she was using telekinesis.

Kinetic Switch - When something is in motion, Mikazuki can touch or focus on that object and make it practically freeze in mid air. What Mikazuki did was switched the Kinetic energy into Potential energy, storing whatever energy that the object had and making the object just float in mid air. When this is used on a object in mid air she can then focus that kinetic energy to one area on the object, making it flip around to point where she wants it to go.

Potential Switch - Storing something inside of a object, which that object must be inanimate, Mikazuki is able to switch the Potential energy within the object into kinetic energy. By doing so she is able to make the object that she has 'frozen' in mid air using Kinetic Switch to make it go in the same path that it was going in before.

Absorption - Mikazuki is able to use the potential energy that she stores inside of a object to give her a burst of speed, if she is able to set up enough things she can gain speed that is equal to 2 tiers above her own level - Maxed at 0-2+ depending on her own tier - This also goes with Kinetic energy that she can take from objects taht are on the move, absorbing them without touch.

Kinetic Strike - Using the potential or kinetic energy gained from absorption she is able to force her punch, kick or anything that she can think of to be much stronger then normal, the strength is based off of how much that she can absorb.

Kinetic Burst - Using the absorption technique Mikazuki is to focus it all around her, creating a expanding shield that will block all attacks that are coming at her, only effecting the attacks and not the people that the barrier collides with. It goes 50 meters before it disappears.

Seven Sided Strike - One of Mikazuki's most powerful abilities, with the use of absorption she can become fast enough that she will leave afterimages but another thing is that she gains the ability to practically teleport, seven sided strike is basically moving so quickly that only right before she attacks, the moment she slows down to attack is when she appeared, this is based on tier, people above her tier can follow her movements but below her tier and the same tier will not see her except when she attacks, this can be aimed at one target or multiply targets.

Custom Tools:


By using the spinning of the ring she is able to absorb a certain amount of Kinetic energy and store it inside of the dark half of the yin yang sign, at first the dark side is just like the light side. But when filled it becomes the Yin Yang sign that is known till this day, half light and half dark.


» Background:


» Roleplay Sample: (Please create a sample of how you role play in this section by either creating a RP sample with this character OR pasting something you have written in the past. If you have already made an accepted character, you need not go through this)


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Mikazuki [WIP] [Hopefully coming back from the dead]   Mon Jul 21, 2014 4:07 am

For now, i am moving this to the Old W.I.P since its been 2 weeks old or so, but no worries, if you need it to be moved, checked or just about anything to deal with the app if needed, just post here or here to inform us to help ya' out with it.

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Mikazuki [WIP] [Hopefully coming back from the dead]   Sat Sep 06, 2014 1:56 am

Archiving due to member inactivity.

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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Mikazuki [WIP] [Hopefully coming back from the dead]   

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Mikazuki [WIP] [Hopefully coming back from the dead]
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