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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Uta Takahiro [LUCIFER]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Uta Takahiro [LUCIFER]   Mon Jul 07, 2014 3:07 pm


G R E E D: The Mask Maker

» Name: [ウタ] Uta's real name is Lucifer, though only a select few actually have knowledge of this. To others, this prideful bastard is simply known as Uta Takahiro - a name he decided upon himself to go by after not wanting to be openly affiliated with his true name, Lucifer.

» Age: 435

» Gender: Clearly Male.

» Appearance: Uta's an interesting character in terms of his appearance - it's clear he has no care in the way he presents himself. Multiple piercings are easily shown around his ears with presentable stretchers on his lobe. Takahiro's lip has also been pierced with a single ring and upon a single glance, one would be able to point out the pierced skin that lays just underneath his right, non-existant eyebrow.

Complicated tattoos are also shown to have been inked in to Uta's arms, neck and hands. Most being in a different language, if someone had knowledge of Latin or Greek then they'd be able to pick up the 'NEX' engraved in his neck would mean; 'To Bind' - showing he was connected to something. This being the first layer of Hell.

The quote adjacent to 'NEX' is a Latin written in Greek letters reading;

Nec possum tecum vivere, nec sine te.
I can live neither with you, nor without you.

It's not really known why Uta decided to have this inked upon his neck, especially since it's one of the tattoos placed somewhere that would instantly smack you straight in the face if you were to come across Takahiro.

Takahiro's face is defiantly more pronounced than some, his sharp eyes can easily be noticed due to the natural black contents of them, both which carry his blood-red pupils. His eyelids droop slightly, giving off a signal as if he were constantly lazy or tired in some sense, perhaps uninterested by most things around him?

If wacky hairstyles weren't enough, Uta certainly went all-out with the way his hair is styled. Allowing his left side of his head to have become close to being completely shaved, leaving a small patch of hair. The right side of his hair had been cut wildly at different lengths though none exceeded past the base of his left ear.
The remaining of his hair had been brushed carelessly back in to a single grip towards the back of his hair, falling no less than past half of his head.

Besides the complicating way Uta chooses to present himself, he also pays no mind to his tastes in fashion. Often seen wearing his signature baggy vest shirt that's loosened just below his chest, showing off the single necklace clasped together around his neck. His white vest is often seen accompanied with a loose black jumper - one that Uta pays no mind in wearing it correctly, allowing the fabric to droop somewhat half-way past his arms. Baggy pants fall from Uta's hips, often being dark in colour and heavily creased. The pants are accompanied with old and battered black trainers to which have torn laces and multiple stains of blood and mud.

»Affiliation: Uta is the occupier of the First Layer of Hell, the first of which that would come after the Guardian of Layer 0, Raivena Sūraja, to whom guards the gates of Hell. Uta was assigned to the Layer by Ravan himself, the original Rakashasa. Takahiro is more than content in occupying the First Layer of the 665 in Hell, wanting to see it as the lower the number, the better the layer.

Layer: The first layer of Hell is literally a bloody mess. Bones, corpses and the stench of death fills the layer. In fact, the first layer alone is probably what most would imagine Hell to be like - the earth is dead, cracked all over the places whilst the depths to where the earth had been broken from each other were filled with running lava. The temperature within the first layer also isn't very complimentary to most, enough to make most sweat, weak demons alone wouldn't be able to survive too long without a method to cool themselves down at times. The layer feels as if it could go on forever, walls or anything of the sort not being within sight and if one were to look up, there would be the odd corpses here and there, dangling from ropes and hung from their broken necks. The ropes leading to nothing but blackness.

Dotted around the layer would lie piles of riches and expensives such as gold, diamonds, anything that would give someone else a fortune and a life of happiness and bliss. Uta has no need for these goods - only for the fact that his horrible greed means he can benefit, knowing that there are others out there in need of something like this.


Greed: For someone whom represents the very sin, Uta certainly lives up to it.
Uta is the very embodiment of Greed, taking more than he would ever need in a life-time, being able to pull off the perfect fake image in order to befriend someone so he can eventually watch them break apart...Uta truly only cares for himself, benefiting from his own personal needs and desires. There's never a second where the bastard isn't full of Greed, he's the type who'd much prefer to save his own skin rather than the skin of someone else.

Inattentive: Although his prideful self is shown for the most part, Takahiro is also a very inattentive person when it comes to most matters he clearly can't be bothered with. This is mostly shown when he's asked of something that would be seen as a favour to where he'd not get anything back. You'd have to be damn well lucky if you ever catch Uta agreeing to anything as small and insignificant as a favour. If he finds something or someone simply uninteresting, he won't pay much mind to it and it'll take a rather big impact on him to allow a change of heart.

Cannibal: Uta's intake consists of nothing other than the flesh, blood and bones of any living being. Whether it be a fellow demon, human or another race. If it lived, it's edible.


Uta was recruited by Ravan himself for the Guardians of Hell during the time the Gates of Hell had opened and was assigned to the first layer. During his current years, Takahiro was more silent than anything, many wouldn't know nor even heard of him but word may have gone around of a Rakshasa who devoted his time to making masks, for reasons unknown. Uta stayed very isolated and away from others for quite some time, until only recently. Demons could have now been heard to visit the Rakshasa, in need of a mask to hide their identity and the price for one seemed to be rather...high. For someone who is the embodiment of greed, just what exactly would Uta be taking in return for his services?

Now, Uta, still the demon mask maker - could be seen or heard to have naturally been causing scenes and becoming a Cannibal to his own kind, where he was soon killing and devouring other demons , claiming the title of 'The Masked Cannibal'. When would enough be enough for someone so full of Greed? The sounds of those that begged for mercy itched at his skin, making him lose his mind at times, some demons had been imprisoned in his very layer to where, only Uta knew what horrible tragedies would soon await for them. He truly was the embodiment of his Sin and lived up to doing exactly that, Sinning.


Eidetic Memory - One of Uta's natural abilities is his Eidetic Memory, though only having the ability to remember faces or such as if someone were to give him a long list of the description of what mask they would like to be made by him.

Mask Maker Uta's mask-making skill outshines others. The Mask-Maker has the ability to draw and craft just about anything within a matter of hours.

Inhumane Strength - Being a Rakshasa, it's only natural that Uta would be much stronger than the average human. Having the strength to crush and bend materials such as metal for example within the palms of his hand or single-handedly have the ability to lift tanks, oak trees and so on launching them a fair distance. Being able to withstand holding anything below 900 tonnes, Uta's strength may be astonishing, but it's rare you'd ever see him lifting so much his body from a chair. Having a powerful kick and punch, Uta would easily be able to kick trees down or blast his hand through a brick-wall with nothing more than a few scratches and grazes in effect.

Pain Endurance - Uta also has a high fair amount of endurance when it comes to withstanding pain. A knife tearing a few layers of skin from him would feel nothing more than a pin-prick, allowing him to keep a straight face if needed be. Loosing a finger would possibly only cause him to flinch for a moment before his regeneration kicks in.

Regeneration Alike any other demon, Uta was born with the ability to regenerate wounded areas or lost parts of his body naturally.

Dāgī Tvacā



» Naraka Jānavara name: (Do they have a name?)

» Naraka Jānavara Personality: (What type of personality does your Naraka Janavara have? At least one paragraph on this)

» Merged with Rakshasa?: (Is this Hell Beast holding a portion of the Rakshasa's power or is it only holding it's own? Depending on your choice, it may make your Hell Beast stronger than others, but other Rakshasa of equivalent tier stronger than your character until merged in their final form)

» Naraka Jānavara Abilities: (What sort of powers can your Naraka Janavara use? These can be basics things or indepth explanations, it's up to you. Note: those who hold a portion of their Rakshasa's power are likely to have more abilities


Future template borrowed from Frost. <3


Hon Hon Baguette.

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Uta Takahiro [LUCIFER]
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