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 Styn's Arsenal Upgrade

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Styn's Arsenal Upgrade   Mon Jul 07, 2014 7:07 pm

  • Name Of Character: Styn
  • Link To Character Profile:
  • Reasons For Upgrading: Well Styn is Tier 0 now, so I guess its past time to get him some unique abilities to reflect this new status.
    What Are You Upgrading: Adding the following abilities as a reflection of his current Skill and Tier:

    Black Inferno Shaping: Traditionally a Black Inferno Blast has two real modes. A concentrated energy explosion or a quick burst, very much similar to a Cero or Bala. By using demon magic to direct and alter the volatile energy, Styn has perfected the ability to add an almost uncountable amount of variations to this technique. The attack is still very much an elemental form of corruption, but the nature of this expression is limited only by Styn's imagination and the amount of extra energy needed to affect these changes. This cost completely depends on the degree of manipulation, larger modifications being harder then simple things.

    Instead of a three hundred and sixty degree explosion Styn could choose to output the explosive force of a Black Inferno Blast in only a single direction. In addition, he can open pockets of safe space inside this blast to avoid damage to allies or important structures. The size of these pockets are once again only restricted by concentration and expenditure of power. This level of shaping showcases an advanced level of both Za Koa Skill and Demon Magic, with the advent of mastery a completely different level of manipulation becomes possible.

    Heat and kinetic force are normal expressions of this strike, this is an explosion based energy attack after all. Styn has realized that it does not have to be though. By reaching complete mastery of demon energy manipulation in both of its primary forms, Styn can alter the nature in which this attack manifests. Instead of an explosive blast, Styn may decide to create a implosive singularity of crushing force at the point of impact. If an enemy is particularly resistant to heat, then its not a problem to modify the corruption elemental into a more corporeal state. Styn simply slows the frenzied near plasma quick molecules into a slower and more solid form, effectively creating a blast of hardened Za Koa razors to shred or pierce his foes. Suffice to say, having shards of an almost radioactive poison lodged in your body is still just as likely to result in the break down of ones spiritual structure.

    Black Inferno Attunement: One of the biggest problems with working with a formation of darkness, Za Koa, and elemental corruption is the effect that it has on your own body. Radioactive level energy hardly cares if you're friend or foe, and while Styn can hardly prevent every sort of metaphysical attack on his own spiritual structure, he can very much protect completely against one specific type. A type that he is very familiar with. With complete mastery of Body Manipulation, high level Demon Lords are able to change their physical matter into an elemental form. While this type of shift confers a vast array of combat advantages Styn has decided that a more corporeal structure works better for him.

    Instead of such obvious manipulation, Styn chooses to use a cellular level of control over his own body to synch his flesh and bone to the same wavelength that his Black Inferno Blast is made out of. His cells can actually drink the energy back in at a reduced energy balance, much like a plant utilizes solar light in the chemical break down of nutrients. Being inflicted with his own parasites is actually a great way to get the most use out of his attacks, although he would still take full damage from the kinetic force and piercing cuts of modified Black Inferno Blasts. This level of familiarity also allows Styn to launch Black Inferno Blasts from any part of his body.

    Black Inferno Forging: Styn wouldn't be the first person to think of compressing all of the destructive force of an advanced energy attack into a weaponized form. Captain class shinigami have to use such compression just to keep their Zanpakutos in a small sword shape in their unreleased states. In that same line of thought, Styn can form Black Inferno Blasts into blades and other simple melee type weapons. Such condensing and focus is only possible with mastery not only of the Za Koa that makes up his power, but Demon Magic as well. By tracing the outline of an uncomplicated shape with demon magic, Styn is then able to pour a Black Inferno Blast into this container.

    Styn must remain in contact with the weapons created in this manner or they start to lose their shape. When thrown, the blades generally lengthen as their nature as energy attacks begins to reassert itself. This gives them the shape of spears while moving away from Styn. The edge of the blades blur as well, although the tip is able to maintain a piercing sharpness for almost five minutes. Unlike regular Black Inferno Blasts, Styn must craft these weapons with his hands. The energy drain of such crafting isn't any harder then high level Black Inferno Shaping, and much like those modifications, the nature of the attack doesn't completely change. These weapons can still explode, and cuts from them inflict demonic parasites that eat away at spiritual makeup.

    Curse of Dissolution: Za Koa in its raw form is an energy of corruption. Generally the curse effect takes that unstructured power and injects it into a living form to inflict any number of effects, although sickness of some kind is most common. Far more rare is using this form of energy manipulation to attack physical or spiritual structure directly. However, with Styn's level of skill he has devised a personal variant of this curse which breaks down both physical matter and energy. This could in fact be considered a very concentrated Reiatsu Drain combined with Black Inferno Blast type corrosion, without the benefit of being able to absorb the dispersed power for himself.

    Styn requires physical contact with some part of his body to use this. This should not to be mistaken for skin to skin contact. The target merely needs to be touching his body. Although the effect is much more concentrated when deployed from the hands, Styn can in fact push this curse from any part of his body. The longer such contact is maintained the more effective it is. Physical matter without any sort of special attributes and energy attacks from a weaker foe can be dissolved near instantly. However, spiritual structure from those as strong or stronger then Styn would take much longer to destroy.

    Against an opponent of equal power, this effect would be very similar to Reiatsu Drain, a mere weakening of metaphysical bonds. Styn might be able to, for example, dull the edge of a powerful shinigami's Zanpakto while parrying the strike with his gauntlets. This of course would only last until said shinigami reapplied reiatsu to restore their blade's sharpness. Unstable forms of energy attacks like Cero are a bit easier to break down. So long as the user of a volatile energy hit is not stronger or more skilled then Styn, it would be possible to open up a man sized hole to avoid the blow.

    Curse of Demonization: As a master in Za Koa skill, Styn has the ability to transform others into demons. This can be a very time consuming process and is not a battle skill. The concentration and focus needed to turn even a low powered human into a demon, instead of accidentally killing them, is too precise to use while fighting. Not only that, but this is not a step by step process that can be split into multiple attempts. Either a person is not turned into a demon, turned into a demon, or dead, those are the only three outcomes. Those who resist the demonic transformation are granted a certain immunity from similar attempts that might last all their life. In addition, the use of this curse on those with strong wills is almost impossible without their consent.

    Unlike many of Styn's other curses this can be used over an area of effect. Those within the range of his Za Koa's Influence may be targeted with this curse as long as they have been drained of all their reiatsu. So long as he wasn't interrupted, Styn could affect the transformation of an entire city with enough time. It would only be a matter of how much power Styn could muster, and how many different times he could partition his mind. Due to the nature of this curse and its ties to Reiatsu Drain, it actually doesn't take as much of Styn's own energy to demonize someone. Once the the field is prepared, the bulk of the power for this change is supplied by the unwilling victim.

    Cloak of Shadows: This is a manifestation of the stealth like nature of his shifter form and cannot be used while in his true form at all. As Styn has grown in strength, so too has his ability to to hide his own spiritual presence grown. By trapping all ambient aura that would normally flow out of the body into his Akuma Kyodo, Styn is able to register as a null zone to detection capabilities. Clearly this is not a natural seeming occurrence, although he can with his mastery in demon magic, fake a spiritual signature if he were so inclined to do so. Looking right at someone and not being able to detect a single spec of energy isn't meant to put someone at ease, but instead help Styn to avoid detection from automatic sources and passive scanning.

    This ability however will not work on someone within the same tier class. Nor will it fool anyone with a master in some sort of detection type skill or with a specialized observation talent, regardless of power tier. If Styn wishes to keep the advantages of the Cloak of Shadows, he must not use any ability at a magnitude within two tier classes. In other words if Styn were a 0-2 he would only be able to fight and manipulate energy as if he was a 2-2, if he wanted to remain undetectable. In addition, any shift to his true form immediately dispels the screen.

    Mirror Veil: With a master class ability in demon magic, Styn is able to utilize one more interesting unique skill in his shifter form. By bending light around his body he is able to become invisible. This invisibility does not however work on anyone within the same tier class or anyone with at least a master rank in focus, as such a high level of innate perception would allow a foe to see the fluctuations in the air from bent light. In addition, Styn is not able to launch attacks with the intent to kill from behind this veil. Something about the mind set of trying to kill someone counteracts the mentality needed to shape the Mirror Veil.

    Shifting to his true form or doing anything that would break the Cloak of Shadows would also break the Mirror Veil. Not only that, but while behind the bent light, Styn himself is not able to see with his own eyes. There are also no doubt a multitude of other innate abilities that could potentially see through this particular application of demon magic. Moving slowly causes small ripples in the air, but if someone were not specifically looking for it, then these disturbances would pass unnoticed. If Styn were to move quickly though, it would allow someone with only an advanced rank in focus to detect the Mirror Veil without any degree of difficulty.

    One Hundred Eyes Perception: This is not a second transformation, but rather the mature version of his true form. With the full unleashing of his transformation, ninety nine more eyes open all over Styn's body. Fighting naked is not necessary to take full advantage of this transformation, as the eyes are able to see through physical and spiritual matter. They also convey the ability to see true while under the influence of metaphysical manipulation from outside sources, so long as Styn is at least as strong the the person attempting to alter his ocular capabilities. These eyes are about the size of a quarter and are evenly spaced over his body. They are not any easier or harder to damage then any other part of Styn's skin, being protected by Akuma Kyodo, just as the rest of him is. Having a full three hundred and sixty degrees of reliable visibility is a strong enough advantage, although hardly all the potential that the form has to offer.

    Kage Chokyo-shi Affinity: The primary aspect of this ability has always been a greater perception of space and how it connects to itself. As such, the increase in eyes symbolizes a hundred fold increase in Styn's ability to conceptualize where exactly he is at any given moment, and how that relates to where he could be. Although power is certainly a factor, one of the problems with over using Kage Chokyo-shi in battle is the speed at which one can form a connection between two points. With complete mastery of the Za Koa within his body, Styn's affinity with demonic portals has also increased. Like any demon Lord of sufficient power and skill, he is able to utilize clever portal placement to redirect attacks and transport themselves about the battlefield.

    Styn didn't invent this application of Za Koa, but his eyes allow him to perceive the perpetual state of his surroundings. This allows him to make fast and constant adjustments to the negative energy density that comprises the tunneling effect of a Kage Chokyo-shi. Taking the power that can be used to punch a hole between dimensions, and fine tuning it to merely move about a single battlefield isn't easy, which is why most demons of great power and skill are normally restricted to two or three times per post. Styn isn't above the strain of such a limit, his ability merely allows for a change of shape, structure and design.

    For instance, a standard portal might range in size to almost any degree, depending on the power of the one crafting it, but the shape is very similar. Almost without exception this default shape is a flat circular opening between two points. Although space is connected in these two separate locations, there is a barrier on the event horizon of the portal which usually stops matter from interacting as if this was in fact an actual hole. Generally a portal linking to the ocean does not result in a massive amount of water rushing through the opening, and if it does, the only way to stop such a flood would be to close the portal. Styn however can freely control what can and can not pass through his portals, by modifying its structure on the fly.

    In addition, his complexity of perception allows for all sorts of shapes. Styn could choose to make a Kage Chokyo-shi that surrounds his body in a sphere. Such complete coverage would normally only be possible by opening several different portals and over lapping them to craft a crude box. Not only that, but his ability to perceive the exact negative energy density that serves as the framework for Kage Chokyo-shi allows him to change where an existing portal connects to. The initial point in this case then serves as the master portal and its changed destination results in the closing of the rift at only one end, without the full strain of opening another.

    This instinctual understanding of spatial relativity also allows Styn to create longer lasting portals, by crafting more stable holes in reality. Properly shaped portals can last on their own, so long as not acted upon by an outside force, for three posts. Styn can also move these portals at speeds that match Shadow Movement about the battlefield so long as he stays within a three hundred meters of where it was initially created. While moving like this, the Kage Chokyo-shi opens and closes in the exact same place. A person moving through this opening would just find themselves on the other side, unharmed, as if there was no portal there at all. The edges of the rift however are still molecule sharp on both a physical and metaphysical level, granting them supernatural cutting force, much like a regular Kage Chokyo-shi.

    There are dangers to such precise portal usage. Any number of of metaphysical effects can interfere with the normal laws of relativity. While Styn would be able to perceive such an alteration and compensate for it, if it were to occur at just the right moment he would be hard pressed to stop the coalescing of Za Koa which was already set in motion. This unstable rift would not be a portal, but rather a blind and crude rip in space. The physical manifestation of such an abomination can vary greatly in scale, although generally it unfolds in one of two specific manners. Either a wild and uncontrolled explosion or a brief almost black hole level implosion. The spiritual backlash of such a loss of control would impair Styn's ability to create Kage Chokyo-shi for three posts regardless of magnitude, as reality itself would buckle and distort.

    One Thousand Eyes Domination: If the opening of his one hundred eyes could be likened to a shinigami's Shikai, this would be Styn's Bankai. The one hundred eyes all over his body, to include his original third eye, separate from his flesh and multiply tenfold. These one thousand eyes are still corporeal and are still considered a part of Styn. In addition to maintaining all of their previous abilities, they are now mobile and can be controlled directly, or given a semblance of independent sentience. Similarly, Styn's mind expands to a level which allows him to deal with this immense increase in sensory information. They can be deployed over an immense range, hundreds of miles in any given direction, with Styn at the center.

    This release serves as the foundation for several unique abilities, but all one thousand eyes in their default configuration share a few common traits. First of all, they can move at Shadow Movement speeds, making them dangerous projectiles against weaker foes. As bits of quarter sized demon substance, they are both spiritually dense and armored in Akuma Kyodo. Secondly, much like the gauntlets that Styn employs in this true form, these eyes are the equivalent of a shinigami's zanpakto. They are the hardest, most focused element of Styn's arsenal, destroying them is possible, but as difficult as it would be to break a captain class bankai.

    They are not however edged, nor can Styn grant them any greater penetrating power then a bunch of really dense rocks would have. Their hardness is a defensive trait, only working offensively because of how fast they can move. In their default configuration, their main purpose is to grant Styn multiple points in which he can exert Za Koa's Influence and Reiatsu Drain. These eyes act as focus centers to increase the vectors of origin that Styn has to work with. Instead of one massive surge of Za Koa to blanket the battlefield, he is able to make many smaller spheres. Attacking a spiritual structure with Reiatsu Drain is also far more effective from multiple angles.

    Blessing of the One: The first unique ability that comes from this form is a sort of hive mind, with Styn as the control tower. By investing one of his eyes into a ally, Styn is able to share the massive amount of information he has with such a wide range of vision. An untrained mind would not be able to deal with such a huge amount of input though. Instead of seeing through these eyes directly, the person has a sort of sixth sense awareness. If any part of Styn detects an attack heading at a blessed ally they would get a spider sense tingle with a rough idea of speed, direction, and threat level. A super human level of coordination would also be possible with other similarly blessed friendlies as well as Styn himself.

    Blessing of the Many: One eye can metaphysically link an ally to Styn. Ten eyes have the ability to grant a friendly target access to a portion of Styn's own demonic might. Up to an advanced level in all demon skills can be granted in this way. Of course this is also dependent on the power tier of the target. A tier four for example would only be able to access beginner level demon skills, whereas tier two and three would peak at adept.

    Not only that, but while an understanding of the mechanics of the abilities would be inherent in the link, Styn would not actually be supplying the reiatsu. The energy from these skills would come from the target, Styn would merely be filtering that power into Za Koa. This effect can last for an entire thread, the range is hundreds of miles, allowing Styn to bless allies even if they aren't fighting in his exact area, so long as they remain reasonably close. This of course can not be used as an attack, much like the curse of demonization, a strong will can easily fend off this merger.

    There are of course dangers. Za Koa is at its core an energy of corruption. The use of demon skills without demon blood to temper the effects, results in a large amount of damage to the target's physical structure. While the blessing is active, the target is shielded from the fallout. The damage is only realized when the blessing is released. At minimum, if the blessed ally were to use even a small amount of what was available to them, they would need healing after the battle to counteract the poisonous nature of demonic energy. In cases where someone overuses the blessing, permanent damage would not be out of the question.

    Blessing of Darkness: By fixing one hundred eyes in place around a battlefield, Styn is able to use them as a spell circle to engulf a massive area in darkness. This is both a physical and metaphysical darkness. While only ocular senses are hampered, they are hampered completely. So long as the target is not stronger then Styn himself, they would find their visual options severely limited under these conditions. This is effectively a much more durable version of dome of darkness, using pieces of Styn's own flesh as spell sigils. Not only that, but covering an entire city with millions of people in this darkness is completely possible. Much like dome of darkness, this can be thwarted if countered directly, as there are many unique abilities that one could use to do so.

    Blessing of Infernal Might: Very similar in both range and durability to Blessing of Darkeness, Styn is able to set five hundred of his eyes across a battlefield to bring Hell's own miasma to bear. The entire area where Styn is fighting temporarily becomes saturated with infernal energy, as if it was suddenly a part of the demon world. Unlike the Blessing of Darkness, this isn't just a simple matter of enforcing and expanding an existing demon spell. These five hundred eyes form a completely unique spell, tying together not only Styn's mastery of Demon Magic and Za Koa skill, but his own special nature as a thousand eyes demon. Without being acted on by an outside force, this modification is only limited in duration to how long Styn continues to supply it with energy.

  • Any Extra Notes: This is a lot to grade all at once, but I felt it was better to do it like this now that Styn's growth has slowed as he nears the top of the scale. That being said, thank you in advance to whoever takes up the project of working on this with me.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Styn's Arsenal Upgrade   Wed Jul 16, 2014 6:52 am

...Well Shit. Props it looks really nice, and well done. I like this. So Approving.~ Don't abuse your powers.~

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Styn's Arsenal Upgrade
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