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 Añayanka [Approved 3-5]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Añayanka [Approved 3-5]   Wed Jul 09, 2014 8:43 am

Name: Añayanka
True Age: 768
Appearance Age: 23
Gender: Female
Orientation: Freelance, but willing to serve either without discrimination.

Head: Wildly cut hair, none of it seems to trail on much past her shoulders. Also uncaring of anything but presentation, her hair sweeps down in front of her face often covering one if not both eye sockets. Piercing out of her rosy pink hair, is a solitary golden eye. Often empty of emotion or apathy for those she interlocks in combat with. Obviously as one can tell she can only use her left eye while in combat, as her right is still gripped by her hollow mask, a feature she has grown quite fond of giving herself a assumed freelance title as ‘The Captain!' An undefined nose and well defined lips (so long as she is wearing her lipstick) Añayanka demands beauty even in the face of her undying apathy.

Body: Añayanka has spent numerous centuries developing into an Arrancar of formidable beauty. Labeling herself though as a monster though due to the large whole she flaunts about just below her bust. The tendency to wear long revealing dresses, she most commonly is seen in a white garb, trimmed with black edging, nearly fading in with her equally pale skin. Her robe connects at the stretching down in a v-shape, allowing for a fair amount of cleavage tor reveal itself. To give the robe structural strength it does reach about her form, tightly gripping her skin. Another usual trait she carries in her womanly grace is a strangely firm stomach, apparent by the muscles which revealed through her oriental clothing. Dressed in all white seemingly showing herself off as an espada member despite having no apparent allegiance.

Arms: Stretching quite firmly down her body they reach as far as any normal human beings. Unlike her toned abs, Añayanka appears to not have worked a day in her life as her railed like arms dangle down her side, the only noticeably interesting thing is how cool and soft her embrace is when she takes them into an inviting hug or shake.

Legs: About her waist, a long black cloth is wrapped about like that of a belt to keep the long blank cloth that trails down to her feet. This cloth leaves both sides of her hips bare nearly trimmed back to her buttocks. Again while this is covered by the long draping cloth, people would be quite surprised to once again see a well muscled figure from her waist down. Below this dress like kimono, Añayanka has to large feet accompanying her large height of 6‘5“.

Bone Appearance: Upon the left side of her head above and around her ear, a horn of her hollow mask still remains linked together by a sliver of bone which also covers her right eye.

Hollow Hole:Between and below her bust.
Reiatsu Colour: Añayanka’s reiatsu is a dark purple glow.

Personality: Growing up in before the time of most things, it wasn’t a surprise that she developed a fear of men as well as their intentions toward woman. Sometimes though people mistake her loyalty and submissiveness as fear, which just isn’t true. Placing her trust in those around her that are stronger she requires the trust of her crew to help guide her along her travels. This trait lasted long into her years as a hollow never roaming about unless she was devouring the souls of her fellow hollow knowing the prize she wished for which was to become one of the strongest around at no matter the cost. Calm and collective most of the time, Growing up in this time before most civilized ideas, it wasn’t a surprise that she developed a fear of men as well as their intentions toward woman. Sometimes though people mistake her loyalty and submissiveness as fear, which just isn’t true. Placing her trust in those around her that are stronger she requires the trust of her crew to help guide her along her travels. This trait lasted long into her years as a hollow never roaming about unless she was devouring the souls of her fellow hollow knowing the prize she wished for which was to become one of the strongest around at no matter the cost. Calm and collective most of the time Añayanka is quite the easy going soul. Enjoying the ever so pleasant rebuttal between her kin. However, this loquacious and easy going side is also gobbled up by the lingering depression she had developed as a human believing that she would be rescued from the band of cutthroats that had imprisoned her.

Her more repressed side, known as her angry face, is far less calm and occurs while under enormous amounts of stress. Capable of swapping in or out of it at a moments notice without any particular cause. Some say her sanity is questionable like this, but it is more that her common sense becomes foggy and allows her to blow off some steam. Few people can talk her down from this state except those she thinks highly of(including high ranking numbers of the espada). Although she has this less charming characteristic, she is quite lenient toward the world, however, she follows the orders of the one in charge which wasn’t in fact her, much to her own disappointment. This loyalty, almost mistaken for as servitude. is quite the easy going soul. Enjoying the ever so pleasant rebuttal between her kin. However, this loquacious and easy going side is also gobbled up by the lingering depression she had developed as a human believing that she would be rescued from the band of cutthroats that had imprisoned her.

History:Añayanka like many arrancar is from a different time, unable to recollect much of her past life which would be perceived as miserable by todays standards. Growing up in the times of a premature world upon the undiscovered western world as most of Europe defined them. She lived out a short miserable life as a slave girl, one of the few relentless jobs that a prisoner of war could be blessed with at those times. Despite the fact that laboring jobs kept you out from the stoning pits and the bedrooms of warlords if they deemed you truly beautiful, often ending in unpleasant terms as few women lived through the chieftains rage or death for retaliating against them in sexual intercourse. Although, the chieftain had no eye upon the buxom beauty, it didn’t mean that Añayanka’s life would be anything close to safe. For where there are great leaders, their must be heirs. Although none of his heirs would prove a problem till closer toward then end of her life. Instead she was birth to what is present day Panama, during the time of great dynasties and warring tribes who beat one another with stony hammers or if they were highly sophisticated shoot one another with arrowhead tipped rods. Deaths often came in two manners, long and drawn out thanks to the lack of medicinal care and bluntness of their weapons. Or Short and bloody being beaten to death in a matter of a minute if you were unlucky.

Añayanka never knew her parents due to obvious reasons, as chieftain’s wouldn’t enjoy it much if their slaves knew their family and had reasons to keep fighting, as well as to keep the babies from realizing their was any hope and admit that this life of servitude was all they truly had. Añayanka was one of the many children that were reared with this manner of thought, she believed her only purpose in life was to help wash the herbs or clothing in the lakes and rivers or fetching more drink or food for the royal family. Desperate to prove herself that she was no threat Añayanka would bow politely or give herself soul into her work. If the chieftain was angry though none were safe from his wrath, and she was one of the few that lived as he respected her courage and ability not to cry despite the lashing she had received. She was five when this happened and as she progressed through the years, the child grew into a mild manner teenager.

Unlike teenagers of today, Añayanka was born and raised for obedience never questioning the order of an adult or leadership. Even for one as young and addle-minded as herself, Añayanka understood that no bruising or fractures proved a far more pleasant life style then that with lacerations and bones shattered. She also was wise enough to put two and two together, ill taken people were those that died and most deaths seemed to happen to those who were flogged more than those not as well ass those in worse conditions. Survival of the most obedience as she named this law. Having developed a list of punishable actions helped shape the young girls personality as well as mannerisms. The list proceeded as followed in her head

1.) Always end a sentence when spoken to an authority figure with the appropriate title.
2.) Always never speak to an authority figure unless previously addressed or demanded.
3.) Always finish the job at hand unless ordered to work upon another immediately and return to the previous one as quickly as possible.
4.) Never flirt with the boss man, or his sons, or his daughters, otherwise he will make you pay.
5.) Avoid as many walks through the city as possible as the locals are as bad as the chieftain.
6.) Never ever show signs of rebellion.

This credo she had ingrained in her mind over the years from childhood to young adulthood serving quite well in her servitude of the leader. Ravas. Dying on her fifteenth birthday, the recently decease Ravas’s heir, Tilan took over in his place. Rather sudden and unexpected it was rumored that Tilan had killed his father on a hunting trip, this rumor died quickly though as the source of it was executed immediately. Unwilling to question his newly founded authority she began living her life now as one of the two girls that waited by his feet. Her womanly curves and allure had apparently caused this inconvenience in Añayanka’s life. Equally barbaric but cleverly cruel, Tilan enjoyed the grace of leadership, especially the treat of beauteous young women at his beck and call. Believing her life as she knew it would soon be to an end as the belated Ravas didn’t keep these girls for long periods. Realizing that if she continued her creed, she might be well off she decided that it was prudent for a long hardy life to obey whatever he demanded. The clever Tilan understood this and asked many embarrassing and humiliating things of her. Complying without a question or doubt, as it wasn’t to strange back then for women slaves to be stripped at a moments notice she didn’t care to much of her presence as long as it was her chief that wished for it. Although she was still young, she and her friend in servitude of the new chief both were asked on numerous occasions to entertain him with sexual manners. Over time she grew to enjoy this despite realizing it was not a normal thing, but anything that kept her in good graces with the chief was better than death.

Oddly though as she and her friend continued in their servitude, he demanded more and lashed them enjoying them squeal in pain. This didn’t last long though as Añayanka’s friend grew ill from infections settling into her wounds. However, before the grip of death was able to take her slowly fading body, Tilan ordered for her to be thrown into a pit with ravenous beast watching her get torn limb from limb. Appalled by this gruesome death, Añayanka was incapable of holding it together lashing out from her seat at his feet. Going at his neck with her fingernails, her attempt was futile though, her years in his bed and beside his thrown made her weaker in comparison to him. At this point she was reaching the age of twenty one. At first her fingernails burrowed into his flesh streaking a long slit of blood across his chest. Then she felt herself being pushed over the same vast pit of nothingness, still gripping onto his neck. Then one of his guards had shot an arrow through her upper torso the flint head sticking out through her front(in the location her hollow hole would basically from). Forced to release by shock and the beckoning whisper of death, Añayanka slowly fell back into the hole. The arrows fin snapping as she hit the ground followed by a Snap! Grateful of this quick send off, this would have been the last sign of mercy she would receive in her life as a human.

A ‘Hollow’ Victory

In death, Añayanka expecting very little except possibly their native version of eternal torment for her actions against Talim. The final actions she would ever take in life, or so she imagined. Instead she sat their floating in darkness unsure of what she was doing, her own misery and sorrow eating away at her as well as her chain that helped keep her from completely losing herself to the hollow world. It felt like an eternity, and her actual time spent in this state wasn’t particularly clear as she sat their till her time ran out. Their was no forgiving creator of the universe that would grant eternal happiness it seemed, but the eternal torment had just begun. Completely taken over by this sensation, Añayanka began feeling herself turn into what would later be described to her when she had a mind to cohesively put it together as a, ‘Hollow’. Nothing particularly special popped out for her, she was just another wholehearted mindless creature scouring the world for souls to devour. Little interested her, annoyed her, or even phased her in any manner as she started off. Traveling behind other Hollow’s in hope of letting them die for her meal. She feared the Shinigami as much as any other being, desperately avoiding them till she to was powerful enough to compete.

These years as a bottom feeder seemed to drone on for what felt like centuries as the world progressed in it’s development far quicker then she could ever have imagined from her era in time.

Till finally she started having enough souls that her original mind and thought processing system came back, ecstatic with the idea that she was once again gaining cognoscente. It wasn’t much but she had nearly doubled her size from her second birth into the world, she knew that she was considered evil in the eyes of most but she still believed in her one natural feeling till this day. Survival. If the rules changed a bit it was fine for her especially since she had now gained the power and intelligence of some of the strongest hollows she knew. As her ideas and beliefs kept fading in and out of this she managed to catch a few glimpses of the souls she was devouring realizing that the souls of many in her old tribe were being devoured by a hideous beast, which was in fact her. Perhaps pity should have been shown to her once captors, but nothing passed through her mind except her insatiable hunger that kept her eating and ravaging the once old village.


Guile of a Gillian

After finishing the souls of her village one would have thought her hunger finally would have subsided, unfortunate for her she didn't realize her next transformation would prove more glutenous. Tail extending and body enlarging as a whole, her new form began to take shape into that of a dragon. A fearsome beast which other hollows in the areas would learn to fear, as she had a piercing shriek that would announce her present in hueco mundo in a challenging fashion. The countless gillian trudged about on foot as their monstrous battle began for being labeled the strongest. Her agility and cunning manipulation of the land lovers made them easy pickings as they fought one another off for her souls. Slowly gobbling them up one by one till she was the only one left and feeling a strange change in her life once again.

Hunger subsiding and memories protruding through she realized that the more souls she had ate, the closer she came back to feeling her own. This feeling was nothing she had ever felt and she knew that like the previous she wasn't alone. As she grew closer and closer to this breaking point, Añayanka felt her body and mind change into the next upcoming state of her life.


Adjuchas Advising
Lost in the count of souls she had devoured on her glutenous rampage, Añayanka had formed a few truce during this important tie with the other Adjucha's that would help her reach the end goal known as Arrancar. She could feel herself going through another metamorphosis in this life. Still hungry for more, she knew that the only possible way to get through this life was to become stronger. Flying over the world in all her glory, she would finally be free of this hideous form. All those spirits that had remained were wiped out including her old friend a memory that would haunt her through her years and most of the reason she would end up removing her mask and joining the ranks of Arrancar. As she continued to change she slowly felt herself nearing the final ends of this monstrous life till she had the strength to rip the mask that covered her fully developed body.


An Arrancar’s Dream? Being Human.

After the initial shock and fear of ripping off her mask she would sit their in what was the late nineteenth century Mexico. From there she lived in hiding trying to understand what had been happening to herself. Slowly she went into a self destructive spiral which lasted a few months till her rage toward her fellow hollows, having slaughtered countless made her realize she was helping to rid the souls of potential life. She vowed to figure out what she would do herself refusing any possible offers as leader, as Añayanka knew she was barely fit to follow at this point.

Her life to a long hiatus so to speak as she sat in silence watching the world outside her window go insane. She witnessed a war or two and countless cartel and drug king pins fall around her as she continued. Slowly she felt a superiority complex grow, mostly over the shallower hallows and humans, never reacting on this though as she was stuck wondering for the longest of time if she was alone hoping to find someone she could at least talk to, just so she could figure out what she was. Listening in and eavesdropping were the only manners she would ever realize their was a group known as espada, and she was so new to this despite the years she had spent unsure of what she was capable of.

Sealed Zampakutô: Long sword curved ever so slightly so that it will it would continue bowing back toward her. It's hilt a black leathery substance with gold trimming like that of a dragon.

Racial Abilities:
Cero: Unlike most of her kin Añayanka charges her cero in mouth. It appearing to unhinge much like that of a serpent till one realizes her hollow form. Like the might dragon she took on before she shoots a violet color beam toward her target being condensed from what seemed like a fiery breath to one beam.
Bala: Faster version of Cero these shots appear more indigo than violet an can be shot at quicker speeds. These can be formed in her hands as appose to her mouth.
Sonido: Quick form of traveling usually accompanied by static sound. She is capable of moving any dimension a given length, unable to turn or change her angle.

Resereccion Name: (Lonely Dragon)

Resereccion Release Phrase: (Rowr, and let the meek tremble.)

Release Actions:Letting out a gargantuan roar that will scatter the weaker beings, from insects, animals even some hollows. After this roar sliced through the air two large wings envelope her body, a large fire like aura whips about the two wings as it engulfs the inside of the two wings. Turning to stone the wings solidify before reveling small cracks in the stone. Then smashing through with tremendous force she burst fourth like a chick-let breaking from her egg, but in a more magnificent manner.

Resereccion AppearanceChanging quite little in all honesty her mask grows back across her face, allowing her a full degree of vision as her right eye also is cleared from the bone that once covered it in her normal form. A set of horns sprouted from what used to be her pin hair twisting and turning about from the back of her head, strands of her pink hair still slipping out from between the bone to keep her vane belief of herself. Her skin mostly around areas around bones now growing white and splotchy as if they to are now calcium deposits trying to make her regular dragon appearance. Two large wings now sprouting out from her vertebra along with a long scaly tail that extends down from her lower abdomen stretching about her height in size. Her figure in this form wears no clothes and instead wears what appears to be a bone like bra and skirt that keeps wandering eyes from sneaking peeks at her womanhood and breasts. The mask having grown about the right side of her mask to sho it's white menacing teeth above her cheek. Her hands also grow this scaly white skin with talon like fingernails that help her concentrate her abilities.

Resereccion Abilities:
Flight: Growing these large wings, it is not surprising that her speed and ability to navigate during her usual sonida is increased drastically from the addition of these wings. Her ability of running is actually a detriment to her in this form as she has grown use to flying about and not stomping about.

Dragon's Breath: Much like when Anyanka fires off her cero or bala it appears like a beam of red light that was prepared in a fire, this is just her lighting up to miniature fireballs inside her hands which she can use as improved fisticuffs or as projectiles that scorch upon touch. She can only create one per hand and creation of a new pair involves a post cooldown if thrown and they dissipate when they make contact with the target or another object. Can only use this 3 times in a fight totaling 6 fireballs.

Horny Tendrils: The bones upon the back of her head can grown and move about as if they were snakes capable of piercing or restraining foes if they manage to catch them. This will last pretty much as long as she wants as they are rather slow moving and tend to be used in none combative ways. They basically are tentacles that can coil about the room stretching out to a total length of 5 meters.

The times had changed rapidly throughout the centuries she could recollect, however Añayanka had a sensation bubbling under her skin. Surely other Arrancar had felt it before her, if there were others. For all she knew at this point the world was only filled with her lowly hollow brethren and those few that had developed into more fearsome beasts, but none that had ripped their masks to reveal that their humanity still lied dormant all those years as a monster. Standing above present day Panama ten miles above peering down with a view which she couldn't ever come to grips with. Vague flashes of her life as a hollow provided similar angles throughout the years, but the technology that had now industrialized her home town. “So sad,” she grimaced looking down toward the abomination of a city which the locals today called improvement. “I remember when we use to live in harmony with mother nature and now, well.” Sniffing the air she frowned wishing the scent would once again be the same, but nothing would. As far as she believed she was in a version of purgatory where she could sit by idle watching as the world around her continued progressing with it's life only to hop back and forth from Jueco Mundo and Earth.

“I suppose things could be worse, this hole in my stomach. This horn over my ear. The impaired vision of the bone covering my eye. At least the gods tried to be fair, partially blinding me. It's only a small blessing but it is enough.” Glancing over she would watch as a flock of birds would fly past her. Slowly levitating higher up to let them pass. “At least the animals remain the same, for now.” Stretching out both hands glided backwards behind her wrapping about one another in a humanly fashion, fingers interlocking as well. Swift jolt would cause a loud crack to sound as she popped her muscles. Afterwards, Añayanka leaned backwards allowing herself to seemingly fall out from the sky like angel. Plummeting down toward the earth quickly, a hum reverberating about the air as she continued down toward the earth. Mid fall she would rotate about like an Olympic diver trying to earn points from the judges. Landing upon her feet a good foot above impacting with the ground. She walked as if the earth was beneath her, but the only thing would be air as she approached an old abandoned shed which she had taken refuge in. “Someday,” she sighed propping herself up against a wall with her sword sheathed against her back. “I'm gonna have to go exploring and find another person. If nothing else but to talk to as this is boring.”

A frog like hollow hopped up toward her as if seeking a treat or having some sense of false belief in it's head that it could take her even while she was relaxing. Her only good eye that had just closed reopened as she let out a deep sigh, “Hello their Croaky.” Having named this particular hollow that has constantly found it prudent to disturb her while apparently sleeping. It was quite small, a bone like structure that gave it to strong rear legs and to claw like fins that would scrape into hair like hair-clips. Gripping in firmly it then plopped down onto her head like a fashionable hollow hat, it didn't amuse Añayanka when Croaky decided to take refuge upon her head as many of his predators were slain or feared her. Regardless it seemed like a pet which she had to protect and Añayanka wasn't going to leave the poor thing defenseless. “Fine one night but if I wake up with you gnawing on my horn again I swear I will slice you in two.” It was an empty threat as Croaky knew, already sleeping with it's mouth chewing on her horn. A hinted smile would slowly expand into a chuckle since the little hollow always seemed to cheer her up despite being alone in this miserable world.

A hand reached up for the small Hollow gently removing the little fell'a off her horn and lying him down on his lap. Her fingers gently stroking it's head, it was funny how the life of a hollow was, she remembered eating various of her kin and now she was housing the weak. Something she use to prey on herself as well as label herself till she grew more powerful. Who knew maybe Croaky here would be the first Arrancar she would meet if she wasn't lucky enough to run into another soon. The darkness of the shed and the little hollow upon her lap would be the only company she would be blessed with tonight, much like the ones prior to this. She sighed sounding a bit exasperated remembering when she use to never be alone as a human. “At least I felt useful even if it was as a slave now I am just bored.” Her one good eye would close as she lied their her body slowly pressing down against the ground as if it actually could support her despite staying awake.

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A bump.
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First, empty out the skill sheet. Will skills will be given by staff after check, while the racial and general skills should be emptied and be filled out once you're given a tier. Otherwise, clear 'em.

Second, this is going to the unchecked as it is considered finished.

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Ok removed the skills
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« Application Checklist »

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  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

« The Willsheet Checklist »

• And Comments/Fixes •

  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Adept

  • Comments/Notes: I noticed in the personality section that you repeated yourself a few times. This may be an error of copy and paste, but I want you to correct it as it feels off putting. Other then that, you are good to go in my opinion.

  • Tier:3-5+


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Fixed it didn't mean to have that up twice >.<
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Archived due to member inactivity. Just post here if you want it back.

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Añayanka [Approved 3-5]
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