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 The Eyes of Hell Attached to an Angel [Upgrade Thread]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Eyes of Hell Attached to an Angel [Upgrade Thread]   Tue Jul 15, 2014 10:03 pm

  • Name Of Character: Doctor Kabuto Hebi
  • Link To Character Profile: Slither, and Sleep...
  • Reasons For Upgrading:

    The Doctor has been in quite a few threads and shown his activity ever since the Fall of Nagato. From enabling himself to become a father, to eating the ENTIRE CONTENTS of a bank vault, he has shown that he has been quite busy and one of my most active characters.

    Furthermore, there is a large amount of build up to these particular upgrades. Firstly, he has been using the Rinnegan frequently, from when he would be bleeding profusely upon its usage to being able to use it without any pain whatsoever. He has used it to hook up with several of Nagato's dead paths, and furthermore has shown that his Snake Seals and Selves have been developing in threads. Some of their new abilities have been showing up gently over time, and the increase in resources available to him in instances such as enlisting Amy, as well as active participation in events such as Austrailia and missions such as attacking Seireitei show just how active he is in the life of the site.

    What Are You Upgrading:
    Adding on new extensions of the Rinnegan, and also an improvement to the Snake Seals and Selves.

    The Eyes of Hell, Jigoku Rinnegan
    The Doctor has gained a new ability, referred to simply as Jigoku Rinnegan. This ability is an extension of the Rinnegan that has been within his body for quite some time. The abilities of the Jigoku Rinnegan are nearly completely related to mental abilities and statuses, and as such are divided into what he refers to as "realms". He refers to these as the six Realms of Jigoku (Hell). The activation of Jigoku is in response to the desires of the Doctor, and will not trigger without his direct consent unaltered by the actions of others. A unique property of these eyes is that they can be used while he is within Stein State, as they are his eyes and not related to other abilities of his body.

    The First Realm

    The First Realm forms a single dash in his eye, and is the most powerful of all the Jigoku. This gives him the ability to make 'real' illusions. However, these things are only 'real' if the target perceives it. That means that if the target uses their willpower to overcome the power of the eye, or the Doctor is not able to focus enough to maintain the real-seeming properties of the illusion, they can be broken. The eye uses a small amount of reiatsu to create statuses around an opponent's senses, meaning for example if he created a massive pillar of flame with this eye and it touched the opponent, if the opponent believed the flame pillar was real, they would actually be burned by it as their senses perceived that they were burned, though this would make a 'burn' mark appear on their body, they would not truly have a burn mark there if teh illusion was overcome. He cannot effect himself directly with his illusions; for example, while he may be able to make himself look uninjured, he is unable to actually physically change himself to be healed, as he knows that it would be an illusory fix. However, it does have one final interesting effect; if another person gives over their senses to him, he can perform very, very delicate procedures such as replace important organs that they are missing or capabilities that they are unable to possess normally so long as they believe it themselves, and it will effect their body. However, this constant use puts a great amount of strain on the Doctor's mind, so he cannot function normally while he is performing this for someone else. It is important to note that the illusions are spiritual creations, meaning things that repel or destroy spirit energy will effect them. Finally, as it is is impossible for a human mind to register 'dead', he cannot actually perform illusions which would truly kill the target, meaning that he can beat them painfully to the farthest point where they believe they can bare it, but cannot finish them off with this technique.

    The Second Realm

    The Second Realm contains the ability of "Analysis". When used on an object, it becomes a spiritual file, stored within the Doctor's own mind. From there, he can retrieve the details of the analysis at all times. The unique trait of the analysis is that it retrieves all information about the object that could be observed from the senses, including taste, touch, smell, sound, and appearance. Every one of the details is recorded from the presence of reiatsu around the object, before it flows back to the Doctor's mind, staying there from then as a file which he can always access. It takes a relatively small amount of spiritual power to use this ability. The truly interesting part is that he will retain the information in his mind until he dies; this means that the archive is always there. In addition, any other personal notes or observations he makes about the object are also added to the archive, meaning that those things that he learns about the object after the fact are also added to what he knows about it for as long as he has the archive. Finally, they are kept in a different space of his mind then his mental state, so even if his mind is mentally consumed or something similar, he will keep the archives.

    The Third Realm

    The Third Realm would best be referred to as a mental link. It allows for the Doctor to send mental messages through his reiatsu power to certain targets, who hear his words within their mind. While they can choose to deny the words, they are able to reply for a few moments after the Realm is activated on them and he is able to hear their reply. The unique property of this ability is that it has limitless range, but only for those who have accepted the Sixth Realm or the Snake Mark on their bodies in the past. Otherwise, it has a realm of three hundred thousand feet in any direction from the Doctor's body, and uses the least amount of energy out of any of his abilities. It does allow for one unique thing, however, and that is the calling of beasts. He is able to make contact with the minds of animals, and appeal to their desires quickly, allowing for them to quickly come to his aid. This only matters for beasts who choose to follow it, so animals with higher-than-average intelligence will normally not be effected by it.

    The Fourth Realm

    The Fourth Realm causes his body to focus the entirety of his power in on himself. This realm is not as fierce as the Fifth Realm, as it also allows for the Doctor to use the abilities of his other realms while it is activated, symbolized by the purple aura around his eye. While his body is infused with reiatsu, this state is similar to theStein State, but not as intense, being around the level of a low 0 tier. His reactions are sharply improved, and the cells in his muscles are greatly increased, allowing for better attacks and defensive movements. When he activates this ability in both of his eyes, he is able to use the abilities of all the Realms simultaneously for a maximum of two posts, but is unable to use any of them for a post afterwards and cannot activate all of them again for another post after that.

    The Fifth Realm

    The most dangerous out of all of the Doctor's Realms, as it requires him to literally stab himself in the eye to be able to use it. After he has done so, the eye becomes sealed for the rest of the thread, completely disallowing any other uses of itself than the Fifth Realm. When this has occurred, the Doctor's body in Stein State becomes able to use his other abilities, no longer being completely sealed off from his other abilities such as Dust Release. This means that he can use the entirety of his body to its greatest potential, fighting at a much higher level than he would normally be able to. The greatest drawback of this state is that after three posts, the eye that was used to perform this action closes shut, and is unable to be used again for the rest of the thread, as well as the Rinnegan being disabled in that eye, so even if it opens again after he has left Stein State, it will be his normal pupil again. He can use this ability in both of his eyes in a single thread, but no more than that. This has one final interesting application. Due to the power of Unstable State, when he is within that form, he has three eyes with which he can use the power of the Fifth Realm, and all the eyes remain open until the nine posts are up that are their limit.

    The Sixth Realm

    The Sixth Realm is the most 'unifying' Realm that the Doctor can use. This Realm allows for him to exert influence upon those who accept it, and acts as a gateway into the Third Realm. It can be used to mentally dominate those who are of very little willpower or trust Hebi, as once it is used on them as long as he does not divert too much of his attention to them he is able to keep their mind in a state of illusion, causing them to act in ways that he desires. While it is very difficult for him to cause people to act exactly how he would like due to everyone acting differently, essentially this is an ability that takes over the target's senses, and is able to project illusions without any substance to them after this. Once again, this can only be used on NPCs and those who grant permission, and normally weak ones, unless it is affecting them only partially. The only people with powerful spiritual energy that he can use it on are those who accept it. Finally, those who have accepted the Sixth Realm have a constant contact with the Doctor, and he can even 'project' himself around them if he chooses to, even able to make the other person look like himself if he chooses. However, that is the only other illusion that he can perform that is out of the range of his own sight. It generally can only be used if the Doctor makes direct physical contact with the target, unless they have the Snake Seal, in which case they merely need to accept the ability of it. For those who do not accept it, it would be best referred to as a direct 'mental domination' or 'mind control', and while they may have a large amount of control over their own actions, the Doctor himself is directly placing thoughts and images within their minds, so even if it is only partially effecting them they themselves must choose how to react and the Doctor must himself provide all the details for each person he is attempting to 'control', so therefore to make truly convincing illusions he must focus an incredible deal. This is completely a mental-based attack, as the illusions are spawned from the target's mind instead of the Doctor's.

    It is important to remember that he can only use a realm when he has that mode chosen for the eye. At the moment, he can use a different Realm in each eye, and is able to have a much more powerful version of each Realm if he has the same ability activated in both eyes.

    Jigoku Okoku

    This ability is the single strongest illusion that the Doctor can project, and is begun by making complete contact with the target's eyes. Secondly, the target must be looking directly at the Doctor's eyes while he has the First Realm possessing both eyes. Third, the Doctor needs to project a version of the Sixth Realm on their body prior to using this attack, so it requires at least a post of preparation. Finally, the target's mental abilities cannot be altogether greater than the Doctor's.

    This ability causes seventy-two hours of action with the space of a moment. What this means is that it causes the target's mind to be overwhelmed with illusions, rapidly slowing down time all around them. It generally puts them within what the doctor refers to as 'his world', generally leading to their body being chained to something, and their abilities seeming to be unable to work due to how slow their perception has become as a result of the illusion.

    The target of the attack is under the influence of whatever action the Doctor has chosen, for seventy two hours. He appears before them repeatedly while in this form, and repeatedly performs the action over and over in that time period. The action cannot be anything too complex, so an action such as stabbing a sword into the target or chopping at their body is able to be performed. However, the target's body is never directly 'harmed'. As a result, the entirety of this attack is 'mental stress' and strain. It makes the target experience the mental influence of whatever occurred, most likely pain, and attempts to push the target's senses to the extreme.

    As a result, this movement does not have a terrific offensive power, as it only lasts for a single moment, but it does allow for the Doctor to witness the mental durability of the target. If the target's mental barriers, tolerance to pain, mental deduction, willpower, or focus are high enough, they should be able to endure that long of a span of time. The biggest reason the Doctor would use this ability is to gauge what it is that his opponents are conditioned, mentally. Generally, this also makes the target a lot more susceptible to mental assaults from things such as the Madness Wavelength, as generally whatever status allowed for them to endure the mental assault will be stressed, generally reducing its ability by quite a bit after they make it through the moment of torture.

    However, if the target should break, they will generally enter a coma that will last for up to seventy two hours, the amount of time that their mind indicated that they suffered from the attack. The Doctor is unable to project this attack for three posts after firing it off once, so generally it is best used on a single target. Lastly, if the Doctor is interrupted the moment before it effects the chosen target, it will not be used and still be sealed for that amount of time. So it begins with a mental assault from the Sixth Realm through the Third Realm, before switching to the eyes of the First Realm, and then the next moment having ended the attack. Finally, he cannot use the First Realm for the post where Jigoku Okoku is triggered. '

    Jigoku Yaketsuku (Hell Blaze)
    Jigoku Yaketsuku is a manifestation of the Doctor's RInnegan in a way unique to him. This is because it uses the Corrupted Chaos Energy that is prevalent around his body in a new way. It uses the power of the Rinnegan to channel the Doctor's energy instantly into a single location. Due to the extraordinary compactness of the energy, it causes it to violently explode on wherever the Doctor's gaze has been pointed, like a laser beam that causes an explosion near-instantaneously where his gaze is pointed. In addition, due to the fact that the flame is Corrupted Chaos Energy, it cannot be put out like normal fire, although it blazes and deteriorates violently anything it comes into contact with. The best way to deal with it is to avoid it when it first flares up, or smother it with one's own power. Additionally, after using this ability, one of the Doctor's eyes closes for the post he has used it in and he is not able to fire the attack again for another post. Should he choose to use the full power of the eyes, such as in Stein State, he will burn out both eyes, temporarily blinding him but creating an absolutely massive inferno nearly the size of a city block. His sight returns after a post, but he is unable to use the blaze again for at least another three posts after it has been used.

    Improvements of Selves
    In addition, the Selves the Doctor controls have become stronger than they once were. While they are still 2-3 in power level, they have gained some new abilities from their presence from the Doctor. Perhaps the most noticeable of these is that the Doctor can have the Rinnegan appear in the eyes of up to fifty different Selves, and this allows the mental connection he has with them to send all the information they are gathering with their senses directly to him. Furthermore, the Selves have shown the ability to 'channel' the different personalities of the Doctor themselves, although it has not been proven that they are able to do more than two of these others at a time, and typically their bodies will break down if the Gray members attempt to use the Selves at their maximum power after two posts. Furthermore, they have begun to develop weakly the influence over elements that the Doctor can perform, weakly able to affect elements such as wind, earth, and fire, though not with very much effect. Finally, it has been disturbingly noticed that there seem to be even more Selves than there were before they were all wiped out by Nagato. This reality is stemmed by the fact that the Selves are now able to destory themselves, splitting into two different Selves, each of whom are powerless upon conception but after a month become fully powered Selves.

    The Snake Seals
    The unique marks that the Doctor has invented have a seen a strange series of evolution as well. Firstly, it has become apparent that the Doctor can instantly mentally communicate with any person who bears his mark, although they are also able to block out his messages. At the same time, the mark constantly sends the Doctor a sense of the mental and physical health of those afflicted by the mark, meaning that he is aware of all those he has marked and generally is knowledgeable of when they are in danger. Furthermore, it has become possible for those who have the Mark to accept the Doctor's Rinnegan briefly, for one post for each time that the Doctor grants them this. Currently, he can lend the Rinnegan's power to up two three different people, and allow up to one other person to use the Jigoku Okoku with it as well. Secondly, he has shown that he is able to change the presence of his body to reappear within theirs in a strange combination of his Summoning Art and Chaos Warp, his body relocating itself to theirs quite quickly. Finally, and this is more towards his wife than others, he has shown that he can even share the emotional state of his target. This means that all pleasure, pain, and emotions that one of them shares, the other feels as well, though the Doctor has only allowed for this ability to manifest within Suzu.

    The Omnigray is an equipment that the Doctor has with him at all times, which is biogentically attached to his body. This strange device forms itself on his body on all sorts of places, either on his arms or legs, on his torso, or even his forehead. It was developed through the usage of both the Screw that goes through his forehead in Stein State and also the personality injections that the Doctor uses. However, it is more than that, as it is also combined with the idea of his summoning arts and the idea of an infinite storage unit. It is attached to the room of scrolls within Dr. Stomach, and therefore is able to summon any of the items contained within.

    The Omnigray takes the shape of a strange black-coated watch generally appearing on the Doctor's wrists. It has a strange hour-glass shape, coated in gray. The material around it is black in color, and has gray lines that rotate around the entirety of it. It is biologically a part of the Doctor and his soul, meaning it will reappear so long as it is attached to him. From the face of the device, he is able to conjure up an image of what it is he would like to use. By hitting the face with a part of his body or with a mental trigger that causes it to depress, a wave of reiatsu leaves the Doctor's body, chaos energy and his summoning art leaving his body as a summoning is performed, either changing him into a different personality or summoning up the item or person that has been indicated by the device. The interesting thing is that this device can be operated by the Doctor, no matter who is in control of the body, as his beliefs are in control of it, meaning if he is mentally dominated by another to act in some manner, it will not be effected.

    The Trident
    The Doctor has also begun to experiment with Nature Energy. The result is this Trident, which he can summon up like his Aritificial Zanpaktou. The unique fact of this trident is that it is intuned to an artificial nature energy, that of Dust. This means that the Doctor is able to manipulate areas around him and form Dust Energy and constructs of it through the usage of this trident. However, the price is that the Trident is constantly covered in Dust Energy, meaning it is constantly damaging the Doctor. In addition, the manipulation of the Dust Energy is tedious, so it can only be used up to two times in a post before it becomes a regular trident once more. The unique thing about the Trident is that it is durable enough to endure even Dust Release attacks, meaning that it is extraordinarily difficult to break it. The manipulation of dust energy is performed by combining the air of the area, the stray matter floating in the air, and infusing flames from the Doctor's own person to super heat all three, creating the explosions or constructs which will explode with the power of Dust Energy.

    Using the Trident also breaks down the Doctor's arm that is wielding it, to the point where that arm becomes unusable after two posts, and after four posts he is unable to even feel anything lower than his shoulder on the side using the Trident.

  • Any Extra Notes: Slither, stab, sleep, repeat.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Eyes of Hell Attached to an Angel [Upgrade Thread]   Wed Jul 16, 2014 6:45 am

This does Seem interesting, and it seems pretty legit, so Approving.~

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The Eyes of Hell Attached to an Angel [Upgrade Thread]
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