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 Bit 'o A Rant

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Bit 'o A Rant   Sat Jul 19, 2014 12:34 pm

To whomever it may concern.

I thought it most appropriate sticking this in serious discussion. Normally, I wouldn't officially and seriously rant, anywhere, ever--on the internet, that is. Seriously though, have I ever been one to legitimately rant or complain in a serious tone? Anyways. This is a rant focused on my disappointment and frustration in sexuality hate going around. The frequency and concentration of the hate has died down, but there's still talk about it, protests against it, and really I just want to--as the title states--rant about it.

I was listening to the radio on the way home, and that one Macklemore song about gay discrimination came up. It brought up some good points; for example the same type of hatred, directed towards one people, or how 'Murica was founded upon said discrimination (ironically, it's said to be made with the aim of grasping freedom, though it is true that much if its history involves events easily scrutinized).

Homophobia is something I'm not actually against. The hatred of homosexuals is what I believe to be an opinion. While it might not be considered favored widespread opinion that people will look at you kindly for, it's an opinion nonetheless. I don't mind racism, sexism or general hatred towards one people based on a certain aspect of them (though I don't agree with them). What I tend to rage over is the fact that they're forcing their opinion upon several peoples. While I understand that it's fundamentally necessary, as that is essentially the point of having different governments--to have a group of people decide what opinion(s) will be taken as universal in that community and be considered natural to that specific society--however, I simply can't agree with enforcing an opinion that's grounded upon some form of oppression against one group--especially when involving something they don't actually have a control in.

If I recall, there was some argument that homosexuality was a choice--that it was someone's choice to make love to that of the identical gender. Personally, I simply can't find that to be true. I mean, if a heterosexual man sees an attractive woman stripped right in front of him, will he not get an erection? In contrast, will a homosexual man not go erect in front of a naked and attractive man? I'm sure there are those who, for whatever reason, won't , whether the cause is impotency or amazing willpower, but the bottom line is that the sexual urge isn't commonly suppressed or decided consciously.

I really find it annoying when these people attempt to instate laws making gay marriage illegal. Especially when they use religion as the reason. Is freedom to religion not in the bill of rights? In which case, you quite literally shouldn't be able to impose a law with a religion as the basis. Of course, there shouldn't be any laws that deny a religion's practice, as that directly goes against that amendment, but even then, primarily calling out Christians that dislike the thought of gay marriage, it's only regarded as a sin. Is there not forgiveness in sins, according to the bible. Are one's sins not washed away, or do they claim Jesus's words to be fallacy?

Like George Takei once pointed out, for a man to lay with another man might be sin, but so is wearing fabric made of two different materials (or something like that). But people do that all the time, so where's the law going against that? I'm especially disgusted with the opinion of homosexual hatred with Christianity as the basis, especially since I myself am Christian. Like, seriously though, are people really using Religion as grounds in the act of 'man laying with another man'? To the point where some of these Christians went so far as to name one of their sites I mean, holy fuck! If you hate the sin of gay sex so much, why are you not following the bible word for word and stoning the niggas? But before doing so, at least think back to one of the large components in Jesus's life, to the point of being written in the bible. "Let the first stone be thrown by the man who has not sinned." Like I said before, in the bible homosexual sex is a sin. But so is lying, theft, disobeying your parents, eating to much, having pride, praising anyone else but god. So where is the punishment in those acts, despite every one of those things being something commonly found in probably every human being, even if just in thought (which, as I've heard, equates the act itself, as the thought of it is temptation and desire).

In daily life, derogatory terms have been thrown out, often associated with one's sexuality. While I don't actually mind those, since they're most often used not when targeting someone of that actual sexuality, but simply as a common insult, or making jokes with someone. Despite that, there are actual times when people are hurt by it. To be honest, I would feel bad if someone felt hurt by it, but not particularly. To say something like that is simply a statement, and even if they did mean it in a manner targeting said sexuality, that's their opinion. The saying is "Everyone is entitled to their opinion." There's not '...' after it, there's no continuation. It's not "Everyone is entitled to their opinion, if the rest of society can agree with it." So in my opinion, such terms are really simply things to be used in right timing. I think one just needs to be tactful with derogatory terms in general, knowing where to use them and to whom, around whom. I myself use these terms here and there, but as simple insults or jokes, not actually targeting those of that people. Although it is unfortunate some of those words, if not all, have become derogatory terms targeting a people, depending on context they're not meant that way, so I don't believe they should be taken that way (again, depending on the context).

I had more, but forgot it after a while. Either way, the feelings that drove this rant are no longer at present, so I'll just leave it at that and spend a little bit of time sprucing this up with a bit of coding. =3

Quite Sincerely,
The One and Only Lovable S_E.



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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Bit 'o A Rant   Fri Oct 03, 2014 10:57 pm

Archivedo on requesto.

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Bit 'o A Rant
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