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 I Must Get Stronger... [Closed, Frost + Grajo]

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Naziel Kasigawa
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Subject Post 1PostSubject: I Must Get Stronger... [Closed, Frost + Grajo]   Mon Jul 21, 2014 6:49 pm

OOC: Play before reading

the wind blew as the cold night air gripped Hueco Mundo. It was a barren and lifeless place where only nightmarish creatures lurked wielding dark desires and manifesting fears. The landscape from what he could see was not changing much in the way of scenery as it never did, the tops of the trees from below him made small changes upon the terrain and the constant echoes and cries of his fellow Hollows made it eerie for anyone other than a Hollow to come here.

His dusty white boots kicked up the dirt as he walked, a large tattered cloak covered his torso and hid his body from sight. He had the hood up as he continued to walk forward whilst toying with the handle of his Zanpakutō as it seemed to amuse him for the time being at least. That was when he saw it. Las Noches, the pinnacle of what perfection could be achieved by Hollows everywhere as only the best and strongest were permitted behind its walls. No mere Hollow could enter, you had to have skills that could be used, skills that could be utilized to another desires. That's just how Hueco Mundo thrives.

The building itself towered above the sky from sand to cloud it was beyond anything he could have outright believed possible... So this is what Aisen had built? This was the Palace of the Espada of old? To Grajo this was a pilgrimage, although he had no idea if he would be welcomed or killed upon entry but he just knew that whatever lay behind those walls he had to get in there that was all it was, an overwhelming gut feeling that he had to enter those walls like a calling.

He slowly trudged on admiring the architecture of the mighty palace noticing its defined shape and sheer size. He seemed so tiny in retrospect of this monument. Perhaps what it was meant to symbolize? The sheer over whelming presence the Espada give to all that they meet, or maybe it was just a sign of their elite status and hierarchy within Hueco Mundo...

Before long the young Arrancar was stood before the giant doors that led into the palace. Should he knock or just walk in? Choices choices. He lifted a hand gingerly and banged against the large doors as he heard it echo throughout the halls that lay just inches from where he stood. He stood patiently awaiting someone to answer and yet no one did... Odd. He looked too his left and right looking for signs of sentries or Hollows being utilized as spies but yet there was no one! He Waited a few moments longer before putting his hands upon the doors and pushing with all of his might as they slowly creaked open with the sound of rusty metal grinding upon the new, it was like history was being dusted off, brought into this new age.

With a few hesitant steps he entered and let his eyes dance taking in everything and anything that could potentially be hostile. No one home? To Grajo this was becoming more and more peculiar. His dark shadow expanding deep into the bowels of the hallway from the shine of the moon as his cloak blew gently in the chill wind. "I have come... To become stronger. I need to become stronger..." He called out down the halls as they echoed once more. He had made himself known and now he could only wait for the monsters within to welcome or kill him.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: I Must Get Stronger... [Closed, Frost + Grajo]   Tue Jul 22, 2014 6:48 pm


Artist: mintjam - Song: 大いなる暗黒世界 - Word Count: 1147
The presence of the fellow Arrancar was felt from the depths of Las Noches the moment that he had entered upon this domain. How was this possible? Simple: Rose's extrasensory talents were quite refined and made it rather easy for someone of her caliber to sense. Even from her far vantage point, it was clear as crystal where the male stood. Henceforth, as he got closer and closer to her domain, trace particles of The Primera Espada's spiritual energy were monitoring him. Thanks to the nature of her powers she was able to overview and get a visual feed on the male's face. Once this image had been stored in her memories, the facial structure of the lone Arrancar was ran through Shadow Fall's databases. After a few moments of uploading, scanning and searching -- interesting results were generated from the network. According to the intel that was provided by Shadow Fall, this male was a potential candidate for the Sexta Espada. Upon viewing that text, this information brought a questionable raise of the eyebrow from Rose Mischevang.

This man was suppose to be the Sexta Espada? He didn't seem like much from first impressions to the Primera Espada. Pin-pointing the vicinity where Grajo was walking, Rose activated her perusquia and he'd feel a gentle wind breeze past him as a result of this. In that moment, The Royal Mischevang was then able to detect the volumes of reishi that lay within the male. Judging from what she was able to sense, the man's energy was pillars above the average run of the mill hollow and Arrancar that overpopulated and saturated the world. But it was going to take a lot more experimentation, training and modifications to make him worthy of being the Sextra Espada in her mind.

Therefore, The Primera Espada felt it was only obligatory that she greet her potential new comrade. Things had been rather quiet, desolate and all around -- hollow -- when it came to the company she had in Las Noches. The Queen of Hollow's, Ashlei Mischevang, was heard to be on yet another urgent venture as she seemed to once again fall off the radar. Not many of her subjects were clear on the whereabouts of the Hollow Queen, but they understood from The Demon Queen that she was very much alive this time around. So to that end, Rose could only breathe a sigh of relief.

Yet, even with that news, it failed to ease the emptiness of the current state of The Espada. The only other active operative on her team that she was aware of had been the Quinto Espada's faccion: Varas. Outside of herself and that faccion, the Shadow Espada were all but barren. As a result, Rose was left to her own devices for quite sometime when it came to maintaining the defenses of Hueco Mundo and managing the affairs of the Arrancar and Hollow. She kept all who followed its rule and the rule of The Hollow Queen in check.

So she had her hands full given the current situation. Thus, Rose let out a soft, cold sigh upon this reflection. Deciding not to run or sonido towards the male's location within the colossal palace, The Mischevang walked at an even pace. During this little walk, as she thought more about the predicament that she was under . With the way things were going, The Primera Espada felt that she indeed needed to take a much more stronger and active role in maintaining the affairs of Hueco Mundo. Clenching his fist, stiffening her lip and hardening the gaze in her eyes; these were the bodily responses to her now having the resolve to take the first steps towards a new goal. A goal of reviving the current Espada, making her allies stronger under her guidance and seeking out more Espada to join her and harden the defenses of her beloved sisters domain.

Of course, even if she were left with nothing else, Rose felt that her abilities and skills were more than enough to protect the realm if need-be. After all, it was why that the despite this lull they were under, the vast majority of Shadow Fall's rule and The Hollow Queen's law were obtained as many Arrancar's and Hollow's alike bowed down to the force given and enforced by The Primera Espada. However, even the strongest of beings need someone they can rely on; someone they can call their ally and someone to have their back. This is why as Rose heard the male's desire to grow stronger, she'd react to it with the utmost of urgency.

"Do you really wish to become strong? Is that what you really want?"

Turning from a left corridor, The Mischevang unveiled herself for the promising Espada to see. With each footstep she took, the chains across her ankles, legs and wrist let loose a shackling sound that echoed throughout the bare walls of Las Noches. Fixating her crimson gaze upon him, the reddened eyes of The Primera became more prominent in her face as a soft breeze blew through her scarlet colored hair. Wearing nothing more than a white dress with a rope tied at the waist and golden necklace hanging across her chest; her attire was quite light and the pitter-patter of her barefeet became more audible as she came closer to the Arrancar.

"Everyone wants to have strength and power, but very lack the wisdom and perseverance to obtain it. So tell me, Grajo Sombra, if that is your name, what makes you so different?"

Now standing five feet away from the male, The Primera folded her arms and a neutral expression came across her face as she let out a soft sigh. The height difference between the two was quite drastic; almost comical from another point of view. With the male being five foot eleven, and the female being five foot four, there was a stark contrast between the two. In spite of that, in this day and age, it was never very wise to judge a book by its cover. So much along these lines, she wondered for herself if there was anything that separated this male from the numerous rows of hollow's and Arrancar's that fought to the death for power.

Depending on his answer, The Primera was either going to reject him outright from their ranks or welcome him with open arms. Even in the state of disrepair they were under, it would be wise to stand alone than with another whom would bring you down to their level. And with that sort of mistrust in Rose's heart, she was more than on guard around this man until her understanding of him became more clear. Just what move was he going to make? Well, only time knows the answer to that question.


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Naziel Kasigawa
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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: I Must Get Stronger... [Closed, Frost + Grajo]   Tue Jul 29, 2014 6:29 am

Grajo watched as the small girl apprached him, her spiritual perssure alone was crushing as he could feel hsi muscles strain under the enormous and monsteerous power that oozed from her aura. He clenched his fists as he heard the small girl speak. There was no doubt in his mind that this girl was an Espada and certainly of the highest rank but her reaction to his request made him narrow his eyes. Would he be forced to give away his biggest secret? Could he trust this small girl with something that could be used against him?! He had little choice.

He striaghtenend himself and looked back into her eyes with a cold stare; "I do want to become stronger, I want to become Espada. My determination stretches far beyond the eyes of most Hollows because my desire is what drives me, I need to become stronger because... I'm going to avenge someone I lost as a Human." He was slowly beginning to adjust to the magnititude that thsi Espada gave off.

He didn't know how to reach to this being in any manner, he was not one to be particularly formal or speak with eticate. No. He knew how to survive and how to kill, that was what he knew. He knew how to manifest nightmares, to bring beings to their breaking point with his Ressurecion and the inhumane power it possesed. After all that had happened to him, it was fitting that his abilities should control despair. Very fitting indeed.

Grajo hated, no, despised being seen as weak, as something lesser than what he was! He was strong, but he needed to be stronger! He couldn't fight a Captain or a Vandereich at the stage he was at current. He needed power to achieve his goal. Cutting through the Soul Society was no small measure and even with armies of Hollows it would be damn near impossible to achieve. He needed help, he needed the Espada and Shadow Fall to permit him enough time to find what would remain of his mother's Soul.

"I am unique, as far as I am aware I am the only Arrancar to have regained their memories as a Human... I even remember how I died and the pathetic attempt a Shinigami made to send me to the Soul Society. Their weakness is pitiful. I want to become strong and you will need more Espada. So I ask you take me under your wing, make me strong and I will strike down your enemies without hesitation." His eyes narrowed as he awaited his answer. He had little knowledge of what was going to happen. Perhaps she would just run him through and leave him for dead, maybe she'd eat him? Or just maybe she'd accept his terms.
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I Must Get Stronger... [Closed, Frost + Grajo]
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