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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 I Must Get Stronger... [Closed, Frost + Grajo]

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Naziel Kasigawa
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Subject Post 1PostSubject: I Must Get Stronger... [Closed, Frost + Grajo]   Mon Jul 21, 2014 6:49 pm

OOC: Play before reading

the wind blew as the cold night air gripped Hueco Mundo. It was a barren and lifeless place where only nightmarish creatures lurked wielding dark desires and manifesting fears. The landscape from what he could see was not changing much in the way of scenery as it never did, the tops of the trees from below him made small changes upon the terrain and the constant echoes and cries of his fellow Hollows made it eerie for anyone other than a Hollow to come here.

His dusty white boots kicked up the dirt as he walked, a large tattered cloak covered his torso and hid his body from sight. He had the hood up as he continued to walk forward whilst toying with the handle of his Zanpakutō as it seemed to amuse him for the time being at least. That was when he saw it. Las Noches, the pinnacle of what perfection could be achieved by Hollows everywhere as only the best and strongest were permitted behind its walls. No mere Hollow could enter, you had to have skills that could be used, skills that could be utilized to another desires. That's just how Hueco Mundo thrives.

The building itself towered above the sky from sand to cloud it was beyond anything he could have outright believed possible... So this is what Aisen had built? This was the Palace of the Espada of old? To Grajo this was a pilgrimage, although he had no idea if he would be welcomed or killed upon entry but he just knew that whatever lay behind those walls he had to get in there that was all it was, an overwhelming gut feeling that he had to enter those walls like a calling.

He slowly trudged on admiring the architecture of the mighty palace noticing its defined shape and sheer size. He seemed so tiny in retrospect of this monument. Perhaps what it was meant to symbolize? The sheer over whelming presence the Espada give to all that they meet, or maybe it was just a sign of their elite status and hierarchy within Hueco Mundo...

Before long the young Arrancar was stood before the giant doors that led into the palace. Should he knock or just walk in? Choices choices. He lifted a hand gingerly and banged against the large doors as he heard it echo throughout the halls that lay just inches from where he stood. He stood patiently awaiting someone to answer and yet no one did... Odd. He looked too his left and right looking for signs of sentries or Hollows being utilized as spies but yet there was no one! He Waited a few moments longer before putting his hands upon the doors and pushing with all of his might as they slowly creaked open with the sound of rusty metal grinding upon the new, it was like history was being dusted off, brought into this new age.

With a few hesitant steps he entered and let his eyes dance taking in everything and anything that could potentially be hostile. No one home? To Grajo this was becoming more and more peculiar. His dark shadow expanding deep into the bowels of the hallway from the shine of the moon as his cloak blew gently in the chill wind. "I have come... To become stronger. I need to become stronger..." He called out down the halls as they echoed once more. He had made himself known and now he could only wait for the monsters within to welcome or kill him.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: I Must Get Stronger... [Closed, Frost + Grajo]   Tue Jul 22, 2014 6:48 pm