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 Yavriil Iramasha (WIP)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Yavriil Iramasha (WIP)   Fri Jul 25, 2014 1:52 pm

Song: Spende --- By: Bosshaft

Basic Information

Name: Yavriil Iramasha
Age: c.3500- February 29th
Zodiac: Rabbit
Race: Angel Iramasha
Position: Diplomatic Figure
Epithet: The Spellmaster

Height: 5’9ft / 175cm
Weight: 1100 tons /2425085 lbs


The most accurate singular word you could use to define Yavriil is "honest". She is one of the most honest person most people would meet, and in several ways. While it is true that Yavriil telling a lie is just about as rare as a platypus giving birth to an elephant, her honest demeanor primarily refers to the lack of a facade. Most people at least have a few aspects of themselves that they hide behind a mask, so to speak, in that they act differently from their true feelings. While Yavriil also has a few things to hide, she will always act upon her true feelings, and if she was to feel one way, rather than denying it or acting in a way which suppresses this feeling, she would warmly accept it, even if this feeling contradicted what she thought. Even that is a rare occurrence, as her thoughts tend to match up with what she is feeling.

Her honesty can be taken and applied in different ways. Most commonly, the traditional sense of the word, in that she wouldn’t tell a lie. As said earlier, if there were any, one could count the times Yavriil has lied on their fingers, taking into account the entirety of her life. If there was something to be said, she wouldn’t lie about it, and if anything, she would simply keep quiet, as opposed to saying something dishonest or blunt, which carries on into another part of her honesty.

At times, Yavriil can be utterly blunt and tactless. Although it’s seen as virtuous for her to not lie, some people occasionally see it as an annoyance, as she may say the truthful words that people would rather not here. In several ways, one could comment that she was too honest. sometimes lacking any recognition for what was better off left un-said. In other words, tactless.

Another way of looking at her honest characteristic is the purity in her; many people lie to themselves or others, even in the aims of protection, but Yavriil stays truthful even in these situations, to both others and herself. Even in times of distress, she has failed to blindfold herself and avert her eyes from the truth--Yavriil would go head first and take on the truth before her, no matter how unfortunate or saddening it was.

Easily the second most dominant trait in Yavriil’s array of quirks is "impulsive". Easily put, the woman acts purely on impulse. Most everything she does is a result of her impulsive nature, whether it’s a combative instance, in which her impulse dictates her actions and how she fights, or it’s a matter of what food she’ll eat for dinner. Most all of her choices are done through her feelings at the time, with little consideration for what was rational or ‘better’.

Though ‘impulse’ is generally what defines her, there are still moments in which she can use logic and legitimate thought to perform an action--though the result generally tends to agree with her impulsive decisions, for whatever reason.

A by-product of her impulsive nature, Yavriil is often found wriggling her way into other people’s business. Typically, Yavriil comes across a situation where she simply feels like playing her hand to effective its outcomes. Either that, or she finds interest in an event that simply grabs her attention. To her, other people’s circumstances are often irresistible. She’s frequently fascinated by other people’s lives, and would like to see how they play out. As a result, the woman is often referred to as meddlesome, as she inserts herself into other people’s business, whether they prefer it or not.

Often times, she does so with only her personal interest in mind, and occasionally these interests coincide with the subject’s well being or their own best interest, so while it may seem to be an annoyance, often times Yavriil would be treated as helpful during her meddling times. This isn’t an absolute, however, as there are still occasions that arise in which she is instead found to be the antagonist of the event, and her efforts, whether she intended them to be so, are taken negatively. Regardless of the outcome, why, or what she has contributed, suffice to say, Yavriil truly is a meddling gal.

For the most part, One can see her to be an optimistic person, more or less. While she does tend to look on the bright side, it’s less of an optimistic trait so much as finding the enjoyment in the circumstances. Unfortunately, this enjoyment can turn out twisted, where the misfortunate and troubling times of others are what Yavriil seeks, and finds to be the brighter side of the event--that doesn’t dismiss the occasions where she is legitimately seen to have an optimistic outlook. Once in a while, her point of view is agreed with by others, and the enjoying factors she finds in the assorted circumstances are seen to be a truly good thing, for whichever party it primarily affects.

Her meddlesome and ‘optimistic’ side both contribute to the concept of Yavriil having a neutral standpoint in the circumstances. Generally, she will choose neither side in a fight, debate, or whatever situation which divides two people. Often times, she may even act as the overseer of the occasion--out of her own accord, of course. This neutral standpoint often remains unchanged, and only even does so in the event that she wholeheartedly agrees with one of the people, and can’t find herself agreeing with those of the opposing group.

In more ways than one; Yavriil often takes the neutral route, finds enjoyment in the circumstances regardless of whether they’re truly ‘good’ or not, and frequents other people’s lives. All these factors are a hard feat to accomplish when one has shed and drawn as much blood as her, all while retaining such longevity and inherent wisdom. The main reason why she’s able to continue being such a person is her open mind. Taking a neutral position, she’s open to understanding multiple view-points, and even without agreeing with them, she would usually take them into consideration. As a result, aside from her actual physical flexibility, one could call her mind “accepting”, so to speak.

One of the few traits retained since her human years. As seen in the past, Yavriil can be quite the dedicated being, and with a goal in sight, her determination to reach it is endless. She is someone found to never back down when she wants something--considering her impulsive desire, she might stop wanting it and back down; however, when the occasion arises in which she truly has something in mind, Yavriil will be one of the most adamant people to exist, pushing through barriers once thought impossible in her lifetime just to achieve her goal.


For now, here's just a shortened version of her longass history. Later on, I'll add to a more indepth, deeper history. For now, if ya don't mind, just use the short one when grading the app please.

Yavriil was born into a society labeled "Murim", a group of people centered around and infatuated with the Martial Arts. One of the primary obsessions in this group was retaining their knowledge over the years. In turn, the elders had come up with a way to document their history and knowledge of martial arts; that idea was training a child in everything, essentially having a live copy of the Murim world. That kid was chosen amongst many through selection, based on innate potential and talent--something the elder's could get a feel for, primarily through potency in Chi. The chosen kid, Shi-Woon Hwa, had overwhelming amounts of chi, thus, he was chosen. Shi-Woon wasn't an only child, however. He had a younger twin-sister, which unfortunately possessed the cursed condition of a "Yin Body Type", a sort of birth defect in which one's chi-points were blocked. This was considered something that made practice of martial arts practically impossible.

Years passed, and Shi-Woon had displayed impeccable talent, living fully to the expectations of the elders. Throughout these years, his sister, Yeh Chun-Hwa had also lived up to the expectations--or rather, lack of expectations--the elders had for her. But that wasn't satisfying to her. She had watched over Shi-Woon, seeing him practicing martial arts. With his special treatment, he became the object of her admiration, as well as a receiver of her jealousy. She wanted to be just like him.

As a result, she tried to perform a meditation technique he was practicing. This resulted in dangerous consequences, causing her chest to constrict. Having fainted, she awoke to overhear the conversation of the Elders, in which they had dictated that she was never to perform martial arts, given the dangers for her. In a fit of rage, Yeh Chun-Hwa attempted to perform the meditation technique once more, successfully achieving it. This resulted in revealing her true chi-potential, which was so massive it could be felt for miles. She hadn't mastered the technique, however, and when she stopped meditation, her condition caused her blood vessels and veins to burst throughout her body, the shot of pain causing her to faint once again.

This time, when she woke up, the words of the elders were conflicting. One had wanted her to practice martial arts, saying that if she could overcome her condition, Godly techniques could be at her disposal. Another disagreed and still claimed it to be too dangerous. Interrupting this conversation was the subject itself, abruptly asking to be trained as a martial artist. The determination she conveyed was so intense, they had no choice but to accept.

Years passed once again. Finally doing what she desired, Chun-Hwa had worked and dedicated all of her efforts into martial arts, wanting to rise to her brother's level. Her condition only restricted her, but she simply saw it as a mountain, waiting to be climbed--and that she did. She had been on the brink of death for so long, she stopped fearing it. Pushing her body to their utmost limits, often resulting in dire consequences, Chun-Hwa trained like no other. Even when organs began failing and blood-vessels had popped, if it was in the middle of training, despite the intense pain that followed and the unrelenting damage and fatigue which always plagued her, the training would either be finished, or she would lose consciousness.

Chun-Hwa had spent plenty of time bed-ridden by now, but moreso than just her condition, these times were mainly caused by overworking her body. She couldn't count the number of times she nearly died throughout this life, and she was born not more than 9 years ago. In her mind, however, it was all worth it. She was close to catching up with her brother by now, but there was always a small margin she had difficulties overcoming--his pure talent had put some distance between them, which was only closed through her unending resolve and hard-work. This would soon change.

At some point in their 9th year, Shi-Woon had fallen sick. His illness greatly affected his ability to manage Chi. Shi-Woon, being Chun-Hwa's goal, was a major discouragement at this time. What she desired to be had fallen so low, even Chun-Hwa herself could manage to defeat him. To her, this was unacceptable. her state of desire was that of a strong person--talented, graceful and utterly strong. For the person she pinned her admiration onto, their current state was ridiculous. In her young mind, one of the solutions was to continue his training for him. She thought, just maybe, she could take over his training so that when he returned, the Elders would still be under the impression that he never fell back.

As such, Chun-Hwa had cut her hair and mimicked Shi-Woon--surprisingly, she was overwhelmingly convincing. It wasn't enough to fool the elders, though. However, they never said anything about knowing that Chun-Hwa was acting in place of Shi-Woon. Through deliberation, they decided that it was Chun-Hwa's choice to take over for Shi-Woon, and that she would suffer the consequences of her own choice.

They were harsh. Chun-Hwa had already pushed herself in her own training, and Shi-Woon already being at a higher level, his training was more than enough to make someone with her body type die dozens of times over. That was not an option for Chun-Hwa. It was fine if she fainted in the middle of her own training, as she had the Yin Pulse. Her brother did not, however, and to act in his place, she had to carry the same capacity as him. As such, the only thing sustaining her is an overwhelming determination, and a desire to continue onward. Her stamina, physically lacking, was pushed over the limit time and time again, powered through her sheer willpower. Her body felt numb, organs had failed, internal bleeding was vastly common in her body, but these things would be hidden and covered up. Chun-Hwa felt it necessary to uphold Shi-Woon's reputation as the boy who would inherit the Murim World's knowledge.

Three years had passed by like this, Shi-Woon's condition starting to seem terminal. Chun-Hwa was already vastly stronger than Shi-Woon ever was. Training everyday for the amount of not only two people, but two people who often trained more than 20 people combined, Chun-Hwa's exhaustion was no longer existent. She ran purely on determination, sometimes even instinctively practicing martial arts in an unconscious state, often induced by the organ-failure and the like. And anytime she rested, meditation and chi-circulation was the only thing that had sustained her life, attempting to heal the insides of her body.

Eventually, she had found out about Shi-Woon's terminal condition. At this point, she felt like all hope was lost for him. In a last desperate effort, Chun-Hwa had stood at the doorstep of the best healing-clan in the Murim, and bowed before their door for 16 days straight, begging for them to heal Shi-Woon.

Despite Shi-Woon being known as the being to inherit the knowledge of the Murim, many people were reluctant to comply. They didn't want their secrets to be known to those outside their clans, and as a result, Shi-Woon bore much hatred throughout Murim. When the healing clan had been made aware of his terminal condition, they couldn't help but want to let him die and avoid healing him. Unfortunately, after the 16th day, it was clear that Chun-Hwa had resolved herself to die before their door, or obtain their help. This worried the healing clan in two ways: firstly, they'd have a dead body on their doorstep. Second, Chun-Hwa was the second sibling of the Hwa-Clan, which made it clear that she might inherit Shi-Woon's position once he died, making their original reason to refuse helping the boy pointless. As such, they would comply with Chun-Hwa, but only under one condition: she was to past their tests.

Tests with the clear aims of discouraging, even killing and preventing the participant were grueling and harsh. They seemed to do everything in their power to prevent Chun-Hwa from actually passing, in which case, they could say that they actually made condition to willingly help Shi-Woon, holding face before the rest of the Murim World, as well as discourage Chun-Hwa from actually inheriting Shi-Woon's position.

These tests were relentless, some of them going over the span of a month. That entire year was dedicated to fulfilling these tests, which, at the end, were all completed, many just barely. No matter test this clan threw at Chun-Hwa, including outright trying to prevent being assassinated by their own clansmen, she would prevail. In the end, still very reluctant, Chun-Hwa had successfully gotten the clan to help her dear elder-brother. Unfortunately, there was one last test: they would give a scroll that taught someone how to complete their best healing technique, and Chun-Hwa would be the one to have to heal Shi-Woon. Chun-Hwa of course complied, but not before receiving a second scroll regarding a forbidden chi-circulation technique.

Taking her leave, she immediately went to learn, master, and use this spell on Shi-Woon. Merely a week went by before she had gone to complete the task and heal Shi-Woon. It was successful.

Shi-Woon was finally on his way to recovery, and when the Elders had discovered this, they told Chun-Hwa that they were aware that she had acted in his place. As such, she would no longer carry on with Shi-Woon's training, and solely on her own. But not immediately. For now, they would celebrate.

After a few days of rest and celebration, Chun-Hwa had gone to read and perform the second scroll given to her by the Healing Clan. The circulation technique: Black Heaven and Earth. It was considered to be the ultimate circulation technique, allowing for an overwhelming balance of Yin and Yang, created by a lost clan that disappeared long ago.

Within these few days of rest and celebration, Chun-Hwa had dedicated some time to learning and mastering this technique. She had eventually come to the point of attempting the final stage of the technique, which she promptly did on the last day of rest and celebration.

Resuming training, Shi-Woon had picked up where he left off four years ago, whereas Chun-Hwa, already leaps and bounds ahead of him, had excelled even further with the aid of the Black Heaven and Earth technique. Her training had jumped several lessons ahead, as she had easily performed and mastered each lesson taught, one after the other. This was a truly amazing time for Shi-Woon, in which she was in peak-condition constantly, unaffected by things such as organ-failure, bloodloss and flesh-tearing--a common occurrence for her in the past.

This was short-lived, however. It would seem that her skill and precision quickly began to degrade. Unbeknownst to her, it would be the dire result of a failed Black Heaven and Earth technique. In the final stage, whatever the cause, Chun-Hwa would not have completed the stage correctly, resulting in a temporary boost of power, but overall degrading of the body. Like in her past, Chun-Hwa's body grew frail and incompatible with the Martial Arts.

It got to the point where she fell to the same level as Shi-Woon, who was four years behind. The elders took obvious notice to her fall in ability, resulting in both siblings being highly unsuited to what they were trained to do: inherit the Murim ways. Of course, they wouldn't accept something like that. These passed 13 years of their lives had been dedicated to such a task; it was their obsession, they trained religiously, especially Chun-Hwa, who had worked several times harder than her elder-brother, just to do what she felt necessary. It was with their resolve thus far, the elders had decided on their next action: purge.

The elders had thought of restarting everything, re-training the siblings from bottom up. But, as a result, to perfect this, they would see it fit to purge the sibling's knowledge of the the martial arts, including even muscle memory.

For the next six months, the two children were put through what seemed like hell. Not only was they're psych challenged, mental torture being the best tool in sealing memories within a person, their physical bodies were put through unbearable pains. For these six months, the elders had attempted to completely destroy who these siblings were, so that they could regrow to be someone else entirely. For Shi-Woon, this task wasn't as hard to complete. Within three months of constant torture on a physical and mental level, hellish fabrications of memories implanted into him and the crushing of nearly every single one of his bones, the cries he would scream out would be more than enough to drive someone else insane. And in the next room would be his younger sister. Someone who through sheer willpower, had endured training meant for a body of diamond with a body of paper. Her mind was already so insanely strong, their torture was hundreds of times more tormenting than her brother's. More than that, she had developed a resistance, or rather, an innate ability to handle to pain and the destruction of her body. No matter what the elder's did, even involuntarily, she held on. Her consciousness stayed throughout the duration, even after mutilation of her body and utter ruin filled her being. She was so determined to continue her training and willing to be purged, this willpower had acted as unintended. She had steeled herself long ago, the purging failing to break her in the slightest. Even with false memories implanted into her, ones in which her brother's guts painted the floor, or her mother's purity was taken by gangs of others instead of her beloved father, she had held on.

The elders could take no more. Shi-Woon and Chun-Hwa weren't the only ones hurt in this experience. Those close to them, including the elders who had tortured the two themselves, couldn't bear to seem the two in such a state any longer. With Shi-Woon already purged, they had ended the efforts with Chun-Hwa after six months, completely unsuccessful.


Several years had passed by, Shi-Woon restarting completely from step-one, whereas Chun-Hwa, unsuccessfully purged, just continued where she left off, with slow progress enough to allow Shi-Woon to catch up to her by the time they entered their twenties. It was at this point their lives had reached a turning point. It was official. They had completed their training. In these past 20-some years, they had mastered every martial art the Murim had to offer. It was at this stage, the two siblings had attained some sort of clarity, as if they had awakened to the world around them.

These times were truly blissful to the two siblings and those around them. For only the second time in their lives, rest and celebration was in order. But it was during the celebration, the two had overheard the elders speaking of placing only one at the head of the Murim. Would they go with the sibling who was capable of resisting a purge, who could run past any obstacle through dedication and hardwork? Or would they go with the child they originally picked? With overwhelming talent who could soar above any obstacle with ease?

It was during their deliberation that Shi-Woon and Chun-Hwa would discuss things among themselves. Both of them had trained to this day, both wanting to be someone who could stand above the rest, as the head of Murim. The ones to inherit the knowledge of the Murim. It was during this time, Chun-Hwa would greet death once more.

Shi-Woon had slipped his hand into Chun-Hwa's chest, blood leaking from it. She could feel his hand grasping her heart, still pumping. Her consciousness faded, but not for another hour after her heart was ripped from her chest.


Chun-Hwa awoke, her body floating in the sky. Her memories vaguely returned. All she could remember was the hatred and resentment in her heart. The feelings of betrayal. It was in that feeling of betrayal, she noticed a chain form connecting to the whole in her chest, where Shi-Woon's hand had grasped her still-beating heart. It was in that moment she recalled everything with clarity. Her head was filled with rage, a need for revenge so intense, her body instantly morphed. These negative feelings were fierce, more intense than anything she had felt before. As a result, she was consumed. Enveloped. The darkness within her took over. She had now become a hollow. It was as a hollow, she would assume the name "Uragi".

As a hollow, the darkness within her had made her into a senseless animal, hunting down souls without thought, purely through instinct. At times, she would be aware of what she was doing, but it was as if she had no control of her actions, not that she wanted to stop either. All she wanted to do was express this anger, and that she did. Uragi had become aware of who she was as well. She was no longer human--didn't even look human. She was a beast--a monster. And as such, she would act like one.

Sooner or later, after eating dozens and dozens of souls, she had come across another monster. Another monster. Someone just like her. Someone who she might be able to get closer to.... but also someone who could betray her heart. One who could grab it, and rip it from her.

The clarity of her memories retained to this day, including the memory of her death. This clarity induced Uragi into a senseless rage, and by the end of it, she would find herself feeding upon the remains of the monster. It felt horrible, but so much more fulfilling than simply eating these souls. Yes... this was far better. She wanted more. SHE NEEDED MORE. Any more she would have.

Days, months, years passed as she fed upon the flesh of these monsters--the monsters just like her. And it was in these months, she felt a change. Uragi had begun to change, into something more than the monster she was now. Into a greater monster. Into a more terrifying beast than before.

Soon enough, she found herself amongst others of her kind, once again. Despite a different monster than before, she was exactly the same as the others. Humongous black beasts with white faces. These too.... they could--they should.. be fed upon.

Uragi resumed her actions, acting identically to what she was before. A instinctual monster. Uragi fed upon the bodies of these beings constantly. It was several long years before she had devoured a number reaching into three digits. That was all she had done in this state. Feed. Feast. Devour. Like an animal. A monster.

Uragi had once again undergone a transformation. Her form had shrunk. Before she new it, her body formed into something similar to a rabbit. But... she was something more grotesque. Uragi hadn't assumed the size of a rabbit as well, and had features far more fearsome than a rabbit. Regardless, her form was that of a different beast, but a beast nonetheless.

This time, she found herself in the dunes of sand. More creatures alike to her form, smaller than before but still large and disgusting, had presented themselves. Rinse and repeat. Uragi had attacked these forms without hesitation... but.. They were different from before. These creatures were different from the ones she had devoured before. It would seem that these creatures weren't as animistic as herself. They had more of a conscience. And with them, an air of power held true.


Several years passed. In this form, Uragi had come into combat with dozens, hundreds of creatures like herself. Some were stronger, some were easily overpowered, some were on equal standings with her. Either way, these creatures retained awareness, and were capable of holding a conversation, sometimes with Uragi herself. It was almost like they were in a society. Granted, a society filled with fighting between each other, killing, mauling and feasting on each other if the opportunity presented itself, but a society nonetheless. It made Uragi herself more aware to these things. Aware of herself, and what she had become. Aware of the the things she had done in her past, and what had been done to her in the past. At this point, Uragi was disappointed.

She had survived until now, strong and determined. She had handled pain beyond what some could imagine, destruction of her own body, the ravaging of her psych. All to end up letting rage consume her? To Uragi, where she stood now was ridiculous! As a human, everything she had done was in thanks to love. She had loved her brother, and endured a long year of pain and suffering, just to cure him. She had loved martial arts, and in turn had ignored her organs failing, her bones crushing, her blood leaking within her. She was stronger than this! And yet, look at what she had become!

Uragi had enough. She was fed up with herself. For 500 long years, Uragi had acted with pure instinct and desire, feeding upon the flesh of those just like her. With this sense of clarity, Uragi went along the dunes of sand, meeting other creatures similar to herself, in that they were fueled by rage, sorrow, a need for revenge. In these times, instead of instigating conflict as she used to. This time, she would attempt to form a friendship, a connection going beyond 'fighting to satisfy our negative thoughts'. Of course, others didn't seem to have received such enlightenment like herself, resulting in a secluded lifestyle throughout the remainder of her days.

-Since we're already at 3500 words and this is supposed to be the short version, let's speed things up a bit-

At this point, there was a bit of a loss of hope. The feelings of a sinful nature in her, and the failure to have others see their wrongfulness in acting purely on negative emotion, Uragi came to the point of having enough. She no longer wanted any part in being a beast. She desired forgiveness. In return of finding in herself the capability to forgive her brother for killing her, she wanted to have her sins of her current form forgiven. It wasn't long before her wish came true.

Forgiveness came in the form of an angel. An Angel Iramasha to be specific. Out of nowhere, the heavenly being came to her, offering an escape from what she was. And that escape was quickly taken. The Angel had, by one way or another, purified Uragi. She had lost her beastly exterior. Afterwards, the Angel guided Uragi to what would be her new home: Soul Society.

Arriving, Uragi had quickly found her place, adopted by one of the families in Rukongai. She had settled on living a peaceful life, and lacking a physical body, thus being freed of her Yin Pulse, she was intent on enjoying it to the fullest. During these years, Uragi would have herself now referred to as "Shinsei". A bit masculine, but a respectable name.

Shinsei, having lived a few months in Soul Society, had done much of what she could only hope to as a human. She made friends, played around, helped around the house, and so much more. She was happy--but not content. Her past ate away at her. Somewhere inside, it lingered. She could feel the same feelings as in her human years, her desire to practice Chi growing overwhelming. But, as always, Shinsei possessed an iron will. Several years passed, and not a single time did she even attempt to use Chi. But this changed, and sooner than expected.

Shinsei and her adoptive family were out on a trip towards a higher district, to meet with some other family friends who had recently moved there. Little did they no, the higher the district, the more unkempt it grew--Shinsei's family friends were quite a ways up.

At one point along the way, her sister began to be harassed by some random men. One of them ended up going to far, and at that time, so did Shinsei. While the stranger got too close to her sister and attempted to feel her up, Shinsei charged towards the man and instinctively used a chi-technique, resulting in the entire background behind the man being completely shredded to pieces. After a while, some Shinigami had come to review the situation. Obviously, Shinsei had found herself in deep trouble.

Being led back into the heart of Soul Society, Seireitei, Shinsei was interrogated and designated punishment for her crime, however, a condition was set. Under the assumption that what she had done was through spiritual energy, she was given the choice of accepting her punishment, or becoming a shinigami. Quite easily, she took the latter. Normally, she wouldn't mind the punishment, and would even prefer to do so, taking responsibility for her actions; however, seeing the shinigami come to the scene and assess the situation and even arrest her, Shinsei felt some attraction to the profession.


As time went on, Shinsei was quickly recognised. Being taught the fundamentals of spiritual energy, she took notice to its differences from what she knew as Chi, and eventually understood that they were in fact two different energies. Being equipped with something else besides Spiritual Energy, sometimes even relying on Chi, Shinsei was no doubt an adept fighter, and this was made apparent. As a result, she was designated to combat Hollows, creatures she was all too familiar with.

More time passed as Shinsei began to remaster the ways of the Martial Arts and gain a clear grasp on Spiritual Energy and its applications. By this time, she was quite renown in her job of purifying hollows. Having been one, Shinsei's knowledge on them made her tasks several times easier. During this time, Shinsei had gone far and wide throughout the world. Occasionally, there would be humans who would be able to see her. Taking an interest in them, she taught them a few things she knew of, one of them being what would later be referred to as "Alchemy".

As her years grew, Shinsei had become a vastly popular Shinigami amongst Soul Society. She was the only shinigami--that she knew of--to understand the existence of an alternate form of energy, "Chi", and with her prowess of Hollow knowledge, there was little doubt placed in her abilities--but even so, she was still missing a vital step forward in the progress of a Shinigami: the name of her weapon.

She had been informed of the wonders in knowing the name of your weapon, and that shinigamis would be increasingly stronger with that knowledge. Shinsei, despite already being famously powerful through her use of the martial arts, had taken notice to this gap in strength. Her lack of that next step was admittedly something she worried about--worried about only evolving as a martial artist, and not a shinigami.

It was when she took notice to this that whispers began to fill her mind. At first, they were ignored and passed off as something of her subconscience, attempting to tell her something trivial about herself. But she was all too wrong. It wasn't long before the whispers grew stronger, yet still somewhat inaudible. As if the words weren't clear enough to discern, but loud enough to hear. It got to the point where it began to effect her renown focus, a trait of hers developed in her human years to utmost perfection. These whispers were blurry as ever, and loud enough to make actual words too soft to hear. Sometimes, yelling was necessary for Shinsei to hear herself speak.

She had enough at this point. Taking a short extended weekend from the works of a Shinigami, Shinsei put herself in isolation, meditating and focusing on the whispers that ran throughout her mind. Two days passed, and the whispers retained their volume, but they weren't as fuzzy as before. Recognising this progress, Shinsei took rest from her meditation, despite knowing full and well that she was capable of continuing on into the third day.

During this time, attempting to ignore and toss the attention to the whispers from her mind, Shinsei took notice to a background thought within her head. "What if she was to evolve as a shinigami as well? To what lengths would she grow, and would that also mean being one step closer to being unable to progress?" While others might've been fascinated with the idea of getting stronger, Shinsei was growing worried and weary of the concept. To her, progress was something always necessary. Throughout her life, all her ambitions and goals were attained through limitless progress--her whole existence was within progress, as she had never attained the pinnacle she herself desired. While others might've seen her to do so, her own heart told her that there was always a length further to reach. And with such a philosophy always with her, it was a scary thing to have actually come to the point of progress being obsolete.

It was with the continuation of this thought, words banged against her head louder than ever and crystal clear. Sainoou, the King of Difference (差異の王). Confusion ensued, as the meaning behind it was far from being as clear as the words spoken. Though, within her, the feeling she had gotten when she had been regarded as the pinnacle of the Murim returned. As if she had taken another step towards the absolute peak of power. It was in this moment, she had attained her shikai.

The excitement from such a form had overruled her previous worry over growing too strong. Rather, she felt relieved, as upon attaining this form the intuitive feeling of reaching the pinnacle; frankly, it wasn't there. There was still a realm to attain, is how she felt. And, the future would prove this right. Unfortunately, the positive feelings wouldn't be retained in this case; very much so the opposite, as a matter of fact.

In order to test out her new found powers Shinsei set out on a solo excursion into the world of the living in the aims to at least have some productivity in her actions as opposed to simply testing it out. Drawn from her body upon calling Sainoou's name was an energy different from either Chi or Reishi. The feeling reminded her of when she was still but a hollow roaming around endless dunes with aggressive fervor, and any creature to meet her would be subject to death.

Before her even without putting effort, the waves of her energy expanded and wrapped around the surroundings before drawing in hollows. Before she could realise it and control herself, the hollows drawn in began to dissipate entirely in a manner different to when she would personally cut them down and cleanse them. In fact, after their entire bodies vanished under her influence, there was no soul left.

Shinsei returned to Soul Society mulling over what had just happened and the possible consequences to be suffered, leading her to the conclusion of self-study and training in order to control her powers. Once more she took to isolation, finding that the power within her derived from a sort of energy different from all others and inherit to her. Additionally, the access to this energy came from learning the name of the conscience within her own, Sainoou. For the next few years of separation from the rest of Soul Society, Sainoou and Shinsei were the only company they had; and for all this time, they simply talked.

Feeling that she had attained an appropriate level of mastery over her abilities albeit never having used it within this time, a feeling gained only by conversing with Sainoou, Shinsei was about to set off back into Soul Society after having left for some 100 years, in which the feeling of time was unknowingly vastly distorted. At least, that was her intentions; before she could actually set off, Sainoou stopped her, saying something about "we're not finished here". Under Sainoou's instructions, Shinsei concentrated her reiatsu and exerted it to manifest Sainoou's own body. Aside from having delved into her Inner World, Shinsei hadn't ever really seen Sainoou's body, and those times were infrequent as is.

Without warning Sainoou lunged forth to strike Shinsei with his fist. Astonished, Shinsei moved to counter after dodging Sainoou's strike but held her own fist, making the conscious decision to not retaliate; at least, not before asking the reasoning behind Sainoou's attack. From here he explained that to progress, regardless of whether Shinsei's intention was to do so, subjugation and manifestation were the two necessary steps. Despite that, Sainoou's hostility ended there, expressing loyalty and servitude to Shinsei as opposed to forcing her to subjugate him through alternative means.

This was the point in which Shinsei's worst fears once more manifested. In return Shinsei's duties were left stagnant, and in turn she was to go forth and essentially make up for lost time. During the 100 years she was away, many others had become shinigami, and her current task was to take these new shinigami out and teach them the ropes. The conclusion was all but fortunate. Around 40 new shinigamis followed her into the Realm of the Living, but opposing them was an unprecedented number of 20 adjuchas. As having been one herself, Shinsei was entirely aware of the threat they posed and ordered a retreat, but getting dozens of yet-to-be-hardened warriors to move whilst facing a number of opponents that exerted a pressure each and every one of them could sense wasn't an easy feat.

Before Shinsei could act, the hollows slaughtered her forces, dwindling the numbers at a rapid speed. Shinsei herself had trouble comprehending why Adjuchas hollows had come forth from their own realm of existence, as she and many others at this level were reluctant to return to the living primarily due to a lack of potential opponents that could actually provide a substantial reiryoku to feed upon. At this time, she was unaware that the progress made with Sainoou and her entrance into the World of the Living had simultaneously attracted and warded off all the hollows within the surroundings for long distances, and the ones that ran into those nostalgic dunes of sand incited the more powerful creatures to come forth in desire for a higher power.

By Sainoou's instructions Shinsei came to bring forth the being within herself, and the result was all too familiar. Her very own shinigami dissipated in a manner all too familiar, and the surrounding adjuchas as well. Within mere moments of Sainoou's appearance, the only being with a soul in the surroundings was Shinsei. With a sense of forlorn, Shinsei cut off the connection to Sainoou, returning him manifestation to her. For the first time in a long time--nay, for the first time ever, Shinsei felt utterly defeated. There was no sense of repentance or rage like in the past; this time, it was purely a sense of weakness and inability. Her psyche took a blow, and as opposed to turning to isolation to improve herself and effectively prevent this sort of situation, Shinsei turned to isolation in an attempt to completely cut herself off from the rest of any sort of society so as to prevent the sheer possibility of this occurring ever again.

Naturally the disappearance of around three dozen new Shinigami and the large imbalance of power reigned in by the absolute destruction of multiple souls caused an imbalance, and without question warranted heavy investigation: in particular, delving into the mysterious disappearance of the powerful asset "Shinsei Duulheim". For such a serious predicament, the Shinigami took assistance from an allied race.

Taking to complete isolation in the Realm of the Living, Shinsei confined herself deep under the sea forcing herself to maintain shikai and constantly control her abilities, converting the water she breathed into her lungs directly into oxygen and hydrogen. Otherwise, she would die, not that it wouldn't be a conclusion she was content with. For nearly one hundred more years in self-confinement, Shinsei dwelled in a place unreachable to the average being of any race. That being said, so long as you weren't the average being there shouldn't be any problems.

This sentiment was proven when once again salvation descended in the form of an angel. Before her was once again an Angel Iramasha, though a different one from before. Knowing what this meant, Shinsei silently weeped--although it wasn't noticeable in the seas. The angel simply stood watch over her, waiting for Shinsei to finish. After a few minutes, Shinsei rose from the depths of the oceans floors where no light existed whatsoever, and only the luminescence of the supernatural energies gave view to what it beheld.

On the surface the night was still young and gave way to the assumption that the moonlight carved paths for the water to flow with waves rising and crashing at its beck and call. Before the Angel Iramasha she professed her whole truth, and the conclusion? The Angel Iramasha gave her the option of turning into an Angel Iramasha, stating that not only would her abilities inherently take a blow thus weakening her to some extent, but the forms one could ascend to required 'accepting' them. So long as Shinsei didn't accept it, she wouldn't ascend thus barring off the possibility.

Without hesitation, thinking once more she had been offered a second--rather, third--chance, Shinsei became an Angel Iramasha over the course of

the legit one in progress:



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Song: Spende --- By: Bosshaft


Natural Aspects:

Heightened Senses: The aforementioned reflexes also account for her acute senses, which often times play a major part in avoiding danger. The practices of chi-infused martial arts has trained Yavriil's eyes to be able to keep up with extreme speeds, enabling her to even see bullets fly before her, even including fired shots of exceptional speed. Her hearing is just as powerful, with many blindfold practices occurring in her human lifetime, in which she was required to battle purely through instinct, hearing and touch. Her senses for energy are just as potent. Having varying sources of energy over the years, she's grown accustomed to being able to control them, and in turn, sense these energy signatures. As a result, she's very acute when it comes to another energy signature, being able to pinpoint the direction of normal humans with nearly no spiritual energy for at least a few dozen kilometres. Unfortunately, these acute senses can be harmful at times, especially combined with some other traits of hers.

Perfect Memory: Yavriil has more than just a photographic or eidetic memory. She can take in and keep all information she comes across through her senses. Unfortunately, while living for so long, it would be rather difficult to consciously remember each and every one of these events, so she instead sets up her memories in an archive-like fashion, suppressing the majority of them. When the need arises, she can simply search her mind for the memories she needs, often linking memories and events through keywords in her mind, in which she only needs to think of these keywords to be able to recognize and remember the necessary memories.

Close-Quarters Speed: Having become an Iramasha and relying quite a bit on the perks that come with it, such as Chaos Warp, Yavriil had slowly begun to lose her fast speeds. Luckily, something grown to such an extent tends to leave behind remnants of its powers. With this, while Yavriil's overall speed in unimpressive, quick jerking movements can still prove to be a hassle to deal with. Specifically, limb-movement. Developed through her martial arts, Yavriil has quick-moving arms and legs, and while her body has lost the majority of its speed, these limbs are still capable of speedy jabs and lightning kicks, fast enough to at least out-pace a trained pair of eyes, vanishing with intense speed.

Pain Tolerance: Pain is something Yavriil has lived with all throughout her life, both mentally and physically. This has originally been developed in her human life, and for good reason. Possessing a 'cursed' birth defect which made her supposedly incapable of performing any chi-related acts, and even prevented her from physical activity, Yavriil had ignored something which was she was born with and began practicing martial arts. No doubt, the physical stress on her body was more than some could even imagine. Constantly, tendons would rip, organs would fail, blood vessels would pop, and even then she would continue standing and continue training until she either dropped dead or fainted. Yavriil has greeted death more times than some battlefields.

Even worse, at a point in her life, she had undergone torture to the highest degree, and endured it for 6 months, testing her mental and physical toleration to pain in several forms. It wasn't a rarity to witness her own innards during this time. Resulting from this was not only an even stronger determination than her already iron will, but a far better toleration to painful occurrences. It didn't only stop there.

She lived a hard three and a half millenniums even after these harsh times. Those years were only the beginning of hardships. As a result, combined with her indomitable will and determination, 'pain' cowers in her presence. Rip out her insides, build pressure in her skull, tear her limbs off, poke at her eyes, prod her nerves, burn her skin, drown her in acid, drag her by the intestines, coil her neck in squeezing barbed wire; it doesn't matter what's done to her. Chances are she's gone through it before, and considering she's still alive, it'd be assumed she endured it and moved on.

Weak Body: Yavriil always had a frail body, originating as an actual birth-defect. Of course, after dying, this birth-defect would no longer be an issue, but it developed a sort of complex in her mind, in which she had earnestly believed that she would be better off covering this weakness through alternate means, instead of training it to no longer be considered a weakness. As a result, even up to today, Yavriil lacks a durable upper-body.

Physical Techniques:
--these techniques are entirely physical, and don't rely on energy--
Moves are easily added into this section

Ghost Limbs Techniques: A group of techniques in which witnesses have often commented on the user's arms or legs disappearing, leaving a broken enemy in an instant. In truth, these techniques are simply ones designed to maximize time-efficiency and utilise breath-taking speed, resulting in the user's movements moving faster than the average eye can process.

Five Point Strike: A series of hits aimed for the head. The user first performs a tight uppercut to the opponent, followed by a rising elbow. The forearm is then swung down as the back of the wrist smashes into the face, which is expected to be facing upward. The user then draws back their hand and lunges their arm forward, performing a palmstrike to the nose. While simplistic, only combining a series of attacks, the order in which this is performed is ideal for quick combat situations, as one attack can directly follow the other almost instantaneously. With Yavriil's speed, she's able to perform this in the blink of an eye, earning it's place as one of her "Ghost Limbs Techniques".

Inner Chaos Energy:
Color: Deep Purple
Potency: Currently the most relied on Energy Source, the immensity of her Inner Chaos Energy is vast enough to passively induce headaches and immense pressure over beings even at Vice Captain Level--passively. Should she actually exert the full extent of her Inner Chaos Energy alone, entire lowered-level armies would be prone to side-effects for miles on end, those within a kilometre-radius even being induced into an unconscious state if they don't retain a sufficient amount of energy to counteract. It's to the point where even the physical location could be affected. Turbulence winds may arise, the ground beneath her could crackle, even some craters below her feet may form. The vastness of her inner chaos energy is comparable to a thick ocean filling the air completely and entirely, a purplish hue encompassing the entire sky for several hundreds of metres. Even after being condensed into a physical state filling the entirety of her body, Yavriil's inner-chaos energy adds more than a couple of tons to her weight. Pure blasts of her inner chaos energy are capable of leveling some vast areas.
Control: Having trained with this energy for over two milleniums, Yavriil's proven quite potent with this energy, able to ascend into three forms, each higher than the last. Furthermore, she's able to keep a lid on it, rising the output on it from her body when necessary, or completely suppressing it and sealing the energy within her.

Color: Purple-Pinkish Hue with Dark-Red Outline
Potency: Though out-shined by her other two energies, Yavriil proves to retain large reserves of Reiatsu, comparable to what's considered modern day 'captain-class'. Over two millenniums ago, Yavriil was able to achieve Bankai, and though her prowess with it has somewhat decreased over the years after becoming an Angel Iramasha, Yavriil still regularly practices with it, maintaining its large presence.
Control: While not relied on as much as her Inner Chaos Energy, Yavriil still has a great deal of time with this energy, and much of her experience with it as a shinigami and retaining it as she's become an Iramasha, the control over her Reiatsu is still enough to be able to fluctuate its potency if necessary.

Sealed Pressure Effect: A passive sort of condition to the incalculable amounts of assorted energies she produces. With the help of her Conversion ability, Yavriil has made herself able to store far more amounts of energy than most anyone else. Part of this is due to her already existent talent to handle and produce energy, but through the "Sealed Pressure Effect" as she calls it, Yavriil has taken the original amount of energy she is able to store in her base-state, and boosted it up several times over. For the most part, through her Conversion Ability, a large amount of energy can begin to have an actual weight, the density in a middle-state of having mass while being energy. Through this, Yavriil can condense the amounts of energy she possesses over and over and over again. The more she does so, the more she weighs. In return, Yavriil can hold ridiculous amounts of energy. After thinking of this idea and doing it for so long, her Reiatsu and Inner Chaos Energy combined, this energy-powerhouse comes to weigh multiple tons. Inherently, this sort of puts a seal on her energy in terms of subconscious output. As a result, Yavriil will generally lack any sort of spiritual presence completely. She is essentially perceived to lack any energy at all. Such a facade is only maintained if she doesn't use any energy, however. Using a technique or spell that requires energy will 'open' the seal on her energy, essentially opening it up to be felt. To most, it'll be quite the surprise, as the energy emitted from her will instantaneously rise. For the energy-weak beings, it may be extremely dangerous, as the seal can quickly be closed up again if she stops using energy or willingly opening the seal. Her energy could essentially be felt in bursts, but Yavriil is capable of keeping open the seal even if she's not using energy. The dangers are especially present is she decides to release all her energy, which as aforementioned, is massively dense.

Regenerative Factor: Because of the intense amount of energy Yavriil harbours, it would only be expected that it had some perks besides weight--if that could really be considered a perk. As such, a side effect of storing all those massive amounts of energy in her is the sustainment of her body, the container which holds all this energy together. Now, every time she gets hurt, without control Yavriil's massive reserves of energy will automatically begin to restore her. Furthermore, the speed of her regeneration is dependent on the amount of energy she's harbouring. For the most part, exhausting little to no energy, Yavriil can even regenerate limbs, organ, and pretty much the majority of attacks not completely mortal or insta-killing. Unfortunately, because her energy is a part of her mass, losing body parts will also cause a big drop in reserves of energy. Having cuts will essentially open her body up, allowing energies to easily seep through and out of her body. Luckily, this does giee her affinity to healing cuts far faster than any other wound. Furthermore, any time she regenerates, the 'Seal' will be removed, allowing people the feel the brute force of her condensed energies.

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Song: Spende --- By: Bosshaft

Energy-Based Techniques

Spiritual Energy Techniques
Spirit Spells: Formerly being a shinigami, Yavriil had grown accustomed to using her reiryoku. While she lacks the ability to use many techniques she was once capable of using as a shinigami, wanting to apply her reiryoku into some sort of use, Yavriil has created a wide array of techniques, many of them being similar to some existent Kido, which she has labeled “Spirit Spells”. They essentially work the same way as they used to, with a few adaptations made to be accustomed to her Iramasha self.

Lightning Bolt: Simplistic and made in mind of Hadō #4, Yavriil focuses and concentrates her Reiryoku into her palm or finger, launching a condensed lightning bolt of spiritual energy. This technique applies a piercing effect as well, easily ripping through most common substances.

Fire Ball: Simple and straight to the point, Yavriil expels spiritual energy into her palm, manifesting a large ball of rotating flames. This technique is just as potent as her lightning bolt, capable of easily melting metal it comes into direct contact with.

Furious Heavens: A rather potent strike, summoning a massive blanket of flame far up into the sky. This blanket begins to condense into a massive block of seemingly tangible fire. In an instant, it drops down on whatever surface beneath, melting through most of the objects in comes into contact with. Most objects under it are crushed and completely flatten. Whatever doesn't get crushed or flattened will instead go through the bottom of the fireblock. Inside it, they are surrounded by walls of intense flames, even stronger than the heat of the Fire Ball. Lightning is then drawn into the block, sending powerful strikes all throughout the block.

[More Is to Be Added]

Chaos Energy Techniques
Iramasha Powers: A unique ability Yavriil possesses is "conversion", in a sense. It's something that has been with her since her human years. If so, then why would it be listed under "Iramasha Powers"? Well, first one has to get into the specifics of what drives this ability.

Yavriil's "conversion" runs off of a unique energy she possesses, different from Chaos and Spiritual Energy. It's something solely she has, something possessed since birth quite likely. This energy can be seen as a kind of water-bottle. Every time Yavriil uses this ability, a bit of the water decreases. The energy used to convert, the water taken from the bottle, is added into whatever she converts.

Now, despite being with her since birth, it's listed under Iramasha Powers. The reason being that this energy tends to connect to the main force she produces, chaos energy in this case, using it as a catalyst to easily convert things. As a result, every conversion also uses a bit of chaos energy, whether outer or inner.

Now, what is this conversion ability limited to, or rather, what specifically can it do? Well, a part of that is dependent on her form. Thinking of it in numbers, in base form this unique--for ease of reference--'conversion energy' would be out of 100. Every time she uses it, it goes to 99/100, 95/100, 90/100, 87/100, etc, with varying conversions taking up various amounts of energy. However, in a higher form, for example, Angelic Release, the conversion energy is reset, and the amount she possesses increases to, say, 1000/1000.

Technically speaking, she can use her conversion ability in it's utmost highest form, but it would take up more conversion energy than her body possesses in base form, which is generally why the extent to which she can use her conversion ability goes is usually considered to be furthered as she rises in form.

Back to the most essential question, what is this ability capable of? What does it do? Well, in its fundamental form, her conversion ability is capable of converting the state of something, into something else. Taking a less complex example, she can convert energy into mass, or mass into energy. This is one of the most basic forms of her conversion ability, as even the human body is capable of turning mass into energy. As a result, this is something that can be done on more of a mass scale, and tends to be the primary function in her usage of the ability. Of course, this isn't to say she can simply take another character and convert their energy into mass or whatever. There are some restrictions to this ability.

In Base form, there are several restrictions. The primary one being the inability to convert other energies into mass besides her own. Outer energy doesn't necessarily count, but is much harder to convert. Furthermore, her conversions can only be done through chaos energy; this would mean that Reiryoku is not a suitable substitute for any of her conversions.

Another limitation involves souls, actual lives. Things that possess a soul, or something similar, cannot be directly affected by her conversion ability, including things they are linked to. This would means he was incapable of, say, taking a human body and converting that mass into energy.

Another major restriction is the capping of chaos energy. Technically speaking, outer chaos energy can be converted into inner chaos energy through this ability. While it is something possible, there are limits to this as well. Seeing it in numbers, inner chaos energy could be 100/100. Using her conversion ability would turn her chaos energy into 90/90. Tehnically speaking, if her inner chaos energy was, say, 50/100, she could use the conversion energy and end up with 75/75, increasing the inner chaos energy she had at her disposal, however, there are reachable limits in doing this. When the conversion energy and chaos energy is replenished (say, after going into a different form, or when a thread ends), the numbers are reset back to 100/100.

The things this conversion ability is capable of varies in form. At base state, without using any forms, the most she can do is simpler conversions, such as energy into mass and vice versa, or converting the vectors of something. However, there are greater heights this ability is capable of, such as converting entire laws of physics (temporarily, of course), however, the amount of Conversion Energy necessary for such a large-scale conversion is beyond the amount Yavriil possesses in base-form. There are few exceptions, but exceptions nonetheless. Changing the laws of physics in a localized area or to a designated object is far easier and much more possible, such as converting the strength of gravity that affects a specified object. Such a tactic is often used on herself, in what Yavriil likes to call "Float", in which she can freely fly around.

Another limitation to this ability is counteracting other abilities. Theoretically, Yavriil is capable of converting the effects of someone else's ability into something else, such as converting fire generated from reiatsu into water, or the like. There's one large factor which prevents this from happening willy nilly. As stated beforehand, Conversion Energy happens to react poorly with anything but her own Chaos Energy, in most cases, including her own Reiryoku, being completely incompatible. As such, in base form Yavriil is incapable of affecting products of other people's abilities, in most cases. There are few times this is possible in her base form (if this ever DOES happen, it'll be with the permission of the owner of the character, e.g. Yavriil and someone team up, and in one of their tactics, she converts product of her partner's ability into something else, like water to fire).

One of the most common references of this ability is "Alchemy". This ability just so happens to be most relateable to alchemy, even earning her the nickname "Hermes" or other names related to alchemy (Hermes happens to be the god of alchemy). This has earned her respect in many communities, and even made worldly renown as "The Great Sage", or "Sage of the West/East/North/South". While there may have been exaggerations, and much about her has been distorted in some fictional tales and stories appearance and feat-wise, even being documented in some historical books (As this ability has existed with her for 3500 years), she still proves to be the one and only "God of Alchemy".

As in reference to alchemy, there is one restriction on this ability that is constant and absolute: Conversion require the pre-existence of something, and changing it into something else. There must be an equivalent exchange. Nothing cannot become something, and something cannot become nothing. This is one of the few absolutes that apply to this ability.

-At the moment, Yavriil’s Iramasha's Conversion Ability is unknown to everyone except Sapphire Iramasha and the Soul King, knowledge on it being absent even from the Iramasha’s own network. There are no living eyewitnesses to actually know the nature of Yavriil's ability except the aformentioned. They may have seen it, such as in the form of alchemy or energy-mass conversion, but none of them actually know what it is or how it works.-

Vector Manipulation: Yavriil had discovered an inherit ability to take control of the vectors of an object. This mainly resulted from using her Conversion Ability. In a heated situation, she had exhausted a large majority of her Conversion Energy, and had instead accidentally taken ahold of an object's vectors directly and change the values, reverting its direction for the most part. Generally, she would take the values of the vectors and convert them into different ratios, thus changing its velocity, but in such a sudden maneuver, she had instinctively used what would be referred to as "Vector Manipulation".

There are several tasks this talent can accomplish, and a few restrictions to it as well. For the most part, it does as implied: allow Yavriil to manipulate the values of the vectors an object possesses. While seemingly complex, in simpler terms this ability has free reign over an object's velocity. The size of an object's direction--ergo magnitude--can be taken as something's power, or speed in the relative direction. As such, pretty much Yavriil can simply change the speed and direction of an object, or rather, its Velocity.

While generally applicable to physical objects, Vector Manipulation can effect most anything with vectors, including energy-blasts or constructs made of energy. As long as something has direction and magnitude, it has a vector, and in Yavriil's case, should it have an acting velocity--well, she can influence it a bit.

There are mainly two ways of utilising this ability: redirecting an object's direction, such as if it's going towards her, for the most part she can simply change its direction and have it go somewhere else--often times preferably away from her. This is the simplest use of her vector manipulation.

Something else which can be considered is telekinesis. Yes, with vector manipulation, Yavriil is capable of changing something's direction, and the speed of it, to wherever she wants, at whatever set magnitude she desires. That's essentially this ability's use.

There are some limits to how powerful or to what boundaries this ability extends to. For the most part, she uses Chaos Energy to influence the world around her. As such, her Vector Manipulation isn't as effective against energy-based constructs or things generated from energy, as her Chaos Energy would be required to overpower the energy fueling the construct. Furthermore, objects in tact with beings that possess souls, as most of her abilities, seems to work against her influence of its vectors. As such, to an extent, Yavriil is capable of controlling the velocity of something in contact with someone else, but the efficiency of her Chaos Energy Consumption is drastically decreased, as it is far harder to influence the object's velocity.

Gravity Control: Something more or less taken from her Velocity Manipulation and Conversion Ability. While this ability is far less potent than some others, Yavriil seems to have an experienced grasp on what Gravity Control entails. Primarily, this ability is used on herself or a localized area, effecting at what point gravity is generated from, and thus attracts things to it. Furthermore, she can manipulate existing gravitational pulls, and, depending on the object, can even remove it from gravity's grasp.

There are several applications to Gravity Control that Yavriil tends to use. Mainly, flight. She completely cancels all gravitational pulls on herself, allowing her to freely move where she desires, with the help of her wings to push along the air and propel her. Since she seldom does travel by actually flying, for the most part this ability is used just to allow her to float.

Another useful application involves canceling the gravitational pull of everything for one object, except her own. Considering every object, no matter how subtle, has a gravitational pull so long as it has mass, and the weight of Yavriil is intensively high, objects are easily attracted to her. For some reason, this application of gravity control seems to be rather easily to accomplish, and is often used in place of her Vector Manipulation, advocating lazy actions such as bringing the remote to a TV to herself, or something of the sort.

One of the more offensive applications to this ability is forming and strengthening the gravitational pull of her fists, or something the sort, generally increasing the power of her punches. This can be applied to her kicks, or even swinging of weapons, and pretty much everything else.

One of the restrictions of Gravity Control, just like her other abilities, is its incompatibility with souls. As such, unless with a large amount of power fueling such a maneuver, Yavriil cannot effect someone's gravitational pull, or create new centers of gravity on them. Few exceptions occur to this ability, and generally, she'll have to overpower something that directly counteracts this ability through sheer amounts of Chaos Energy.

Chaos Warp:

Chaos Blast:

Gem Creation: A severely lacking aspect in Yavriil's arsenal of techniques. Although she has been referred to the practice, others saying she would be well suited to it, Yavriil didn't really feel like learning the practice, and as a result, she still has no idea how to create a gem. While being perfectly capable, she simply doesn't know the process taken to create them, if there was one at all.

Chaos Moves:
  • Name: Silver Cuspid
  • Description: The user expels their inner chaos energy outward from their back, condensing and manifesting them into any desired number of tendrils. These tendrils can expand in size if necessary, and inversely shrink, but the larger or smaller the tendril, the more experience necessary. The tendril can act as additional limbs, capable of grasping things, but their main use is medium ranged combat, in which their speed is monstrous, capable of swinging so fast the average eye can't see it. Furthermore, while not used as a limb, they have a disintegrating sort of effect. The user can also, when not using the disintegration effect, change the 'weight' of the tendrils. More or less, the user can adjust the tendrils to seemingly have more weight, for example, when smashing them into buildings or people, it could simply ricochet if it didn't seem very heavy, but increasing the 'weight' to seem like it was thousands of tons, smashing them through buildings would be a rather easy feat.

    The technique requires plenty of energy to maintain, so the inexperienced user may only maintain this move for a few posts, depending on their inner chaos energy levels. With experience, one will realise that using inner chaos energy is only required to conjure these tendrils, and form more as necessary. Afterwards, the user can simply use outer chaos energy to maintain the tendrils. Unfortunately, outer chaos energy will slightly degrade the technique, losing potency as well as becoming more tiring in exchange for longevity. So long as the user is skilled enough or has a large enough inner chaos energy reserve, theoretically, Silver Cuspid can be maintained indefinitely.

    Overall, this move is relatively taxing, whether inner or outer chaos energy is used, thus, common sense should dictate the actual amount of posts the silver cuspid can be active. There requires a level of focus to maintain this move as well, so for the most part, the user's movements are relatively restricted. Only someone with Advanced Chaos Energy Skill can move around while using this move. At master, the user can begin using other chaos moves and move more freely around. At Grand Master, the user isn't really restricted at all.

  • Rank: Usable by varying ranks, but the lower the rank, the less potent the move. At least advanced chaos energy skill is recommended.
  • Character: Yavriil
  • Notes: Can be learned, but Yavriil invented it.

  • Name: Chaos Restore
  • Description: An Iramasha with Advanced or Master control over Chaos Energy can replace a limb or non-vital organ with ease. For Advanced it takes one post; for Master's it's almost instant. You can only use this move three times in a thread if you are advanced with a cool down of 3 post, and six times if you are a master with a cool down of two post. If you try to go over that limit there is chance something can go wrong.
  • Rank: Advanced/Master
  • Character: All Iramasha Clansmen
  • Notes: (It is possible to generate limbs at an instant without any cool down with the Angelic, Demonic and Master Gems)

  • Name: Chaos Orb
  • Description: A technique that uses a ball made from Chaos Energy to track a particular individual anywhere they are. There are a few restrictions about the person that is subjected to pursuit. The user must know that person's reitsu's pattern. If someone can be targeted for pursuit, they maybe very far away, the orb will be able to confirm their position.
  • Rank: Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Character: Any High-Positioned Iramasha
  • Notes: If Yavriil's history as once being the head of the Noble Angel Family is accepted, then she will be able to perform this technique

  • Name: Chaos Vortex
  • Description: Chaos Vortex is a restraining Chaos Move mostly. It starts by the user summoning up a large amount of Chaos Energy for one post. After a one post charging period, a vortex that can be of any color appears above the user's opponent. Once there, a large beam of light, that can also be any color, shoots from the center of the vortex and encases the opponent within it. From there, the walls will soon begin to become extremely heated to the point to where if you even touch them your hand can possibly melt and there will also be lightening surrounding the walls to detour people from escaping. After the walls come down, the gravity inside of the vortex will be becomne five times stronger then Earth's gravity and will most likely cause the opponent to fall face first into the ground. It can also make it difficult to use any other kind of energy besides Chaos Energy due to the sheer amount of Chaos Energy that's slamming down on the user. Not to mention that the gravity can eventually begin to tear you apart if you are severely weakened or on a two, three, four or five tier.

    The only way to counter this is to either shoot some type of strong energy into the vortex to disrupt it, place a defensive kido around you until the vortex is gone, use Chaos Control to teleport yourself out of the Vortex or place your own barrier around you or raise your reitsu if you are stronger then the user.

    The Vortex can also only be up for a maximum of three post by a master, two post by advanced and one post by Adept. But when the vortex is about to disappear, all the energy it collected will explode and cause a massive explosion. If the user is not careful, they can also get caught up in this blast.

    The drawbacks to using this power, though, is that you can only use it three times per thread. So, after you use it once you cannot use it for another five post no matter who you are. It can also cause moderate exhaustion for three post after it's summoned and can slow you down for one post.
  • Rank: Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Character: With ample skill, anyone
  • Notes: (When amplified by the Demonic, Angelic or Master Gems this move can create a maximum of three vortex's, the walls can have lightening, heat and fire surrounding them, the gravity is increased to be six times stronger then Earth's and the explosion is much more powerful and can even split itself into multipliable reitsu seeking blast that won't go away until one post after the explosion.)

  • Name: Chaos Link
  • Description: Chaos Link is a technique where advanced and master users of Chaos Energy can enter someone's mind in order to read their memories and past experiences. They can also share their memories with the person they linked with. However, the link can only happen if the other person accepts. There is no way to perform Chaos Link against someone's will.
  • Rank: Advanced/Master
  • Character: All Iramasha Clansmen
  • Notes: Adept can use Chaos Link, but will only be able to read recent memories and experiences.

  • Name: Chaos Flurry
  • Description: The user summons chaos energy and molds them into bird like forms. These birds can be sent to attack the enemy with amazing speed. Their power is low but the speed in which they attack is blinding. Upon impact the birds will explode. Many birds can be summoned at once and one can combine them into bigger versions to increase the power. However, the speed of which will decrease.
  • Rank: Advanced/Master
  • Character: Iramasha Clansmen
  • Notes: Yavriil will often summon hundreds upon dozens of birds and say something along the lines of "It's migrating season" for the fun of it.

  • Name: chaos javelin
  • Description: the user focuses chaos energy into his palms and forms it into a lance like weapon and hurls it at his enemy. The power and destructive speed of the lance is defining. Upon impact to an area or person the attack destroys a large area.
  • Rank: Advanced/ Master
  • Character: Iramasha Clan
  • Notes:

  • Name: Chaos Web
  • Description: The move takes a lot of concentration. It creates an invisible web of chaos energy. When an opponent is trapped in this web their speed is drastically decreased as well as slowly decreasing the amount of reiatsu the opponent has.
  • Rank:Advanced/Master
  • Character: Iramasha Clan
  • Notes:

  • Name: Material Phasing
  • Description: A simplistic Chaos move that utilises Inner Chaos Energy to distort an occupied space. The user is able to move through the distorted space rather easily. This only works on objects with physical attributes--energy based attacks cannot be phased through. This includes not being able to phase through energy items with physical attributes, such as Zanpakutō and the sort. At least Advanced is required to phase through a moving object. This skill is easily accomplished for the most part, not using much energy, however, it requires a substantial amount of concentration on the object being phased through. Losing focus on the object may cancel the distortion of space, and the user may be found stuck inside an object, which often results in undesired consequences, such as being encased, with lack of oxygen or space. Since this Chaos move is used upon an object and not the user, other people can move through these objects as well--they may also be trapped in these objects, just as the user can.
  • Rank:Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Character: Any Iramasha Clansmen
  • Notes:

  • Name: Chaos Hole
  • Description: A Chaos Move developed with the same concept as the chaos warp in mind. Instead of simply teleporting, the user manipulates outer chaos energy in two different points and connects them. The outer chaos energy in these points open up, essentially forming two portals. This technique is as easily used as Chaos Warp.
  • Rank: Beginner and up
  • Character: Any Iramasha Clansmen
  • Notes:

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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Yavriil Iramasha (WIP)   Fri Jul 25, 2014 2:17 pm

Song: Spende --- By: Bosshaft


Seishin Buki:
A singular conscience that can transform its shape through

Iramasha Forms:
-in these forms, Chi techniques are not applicable-

Angelic Release:

Appearance: In Angelic Release, There are big changes in Yavriil's appearance, including the enlargement and differently-placed wings on her back, a loss of pigmentation in her hair, as well as a change in clothing, made through her Chaos Energy converting into fabrics and materials. Furthermore, her Seishin Buki, while not having to do so, often takes the form of an abstract staff.

Clairvoyance: Because Yavriil already has a perfect memory, which in takes every bit of information through her multiple senses, even memorizing thoughts, concepts and ideas that run through her head, Yavriil's environmental clarity is at quite a height. She has, and is capable of taking all the information in her surroundings instantly, and completely memorizing them, from the look of a mountain in her peripheral vision to the currents of the wind surrounding her--and that's just what she can do normally. While in her Angelic Release, she can go beyond that. Even things somewhat out of her range of senses can be detected. Furthermore, she can even distinguish the tiniest of things through this, such as subtle changes in muscular movement of an ant, or the minute differences between the energy signatures of two identical twins. Pretty much nothing gets passed Yavriil in this form.

Enhanced Strength: While in base state this stat is, while trained and inherently powerful, not up to par with plenty of people, Yavriil's strength makes an overwhelming leap in potency while in her Angelic Release. Before, she'd likely only be able to pick up a truck if she tried hard enough. At the level of Angelic Release, she'd likely be capable of lifting a 16-wheeler with cargo. Of course, this level of strength isn't endlessly sustained, but for the most part this is an easy accomplishment. This level of strength is achieved even without an energy of hers enhancing it further. Along with Chaos Energy fueling her strength, smashing through entire blocks of steel isn't a hard feat.

Monumental Speed: Already a prowess of hers in Base State, going into Angelic Release offers a huge increase in her max sustainable speed. At this level, Sub-Sonic Speed is a joke. Yavriil is easily capable of going fast enough to pass by some of the faster modern-day jets (2400A.D). Imagine applying this speed to individual body-movement. Before, she could swat away bullets with her hand. At this point she could probably catch 20 bullets simultaneously being shot at her.

Regenerative Factor: One of the few actually newly gained abilities in this form, and something she did not previously have in base state, something partially attributed to by her conversion ability as well. While Yavriil is capable of using healing spells, with this, she's able to inherently and actively heal her injuries. Considering this is a new ability, it can't be taken quite as far as some other aspects of her's, but the extent to which it may go is already rather substantial. For the most part, Yavriil can easily heal any subtle injuries, such as bruises and slight lacerations; however, her regen's true power lies in internal recovery. Things that effect her organs and things within her are easily repaired, whereas on the outside, something like lost limbs or deep ravaging cuts, while they are capable of being recovered, are things that cannot be actively dealt with. For the most part, these things, with at least a substantial amount of time, will only be healed at the end of a thread. Unfortunately, this ability goes away after her Angelic Release is over. As such, Yavriil must give time to regenerate these injuries while retaining her form. Permanent things, such as loss of limbs, cannot be recovered, but things like deep cuts and lacerations can be healed normally, if treated properly. Chances are, scars will be left, if not regenerated or treated well enough (That is, assuming she survives these wounds, should they be mortal).

Conversion Ability: One of the primary factors that make the Angelic Release different from her Base State, aside from her change in appearance, is the sheer amount of Conversion Energy she possesses. It wouldn't be anything near exaggeration to say this energy has risen at least 10-fold. As such, the level of things she is capable of converting drastically changes as well.

As said before, her comrades end up dead while in this state. This is actually a byproduct of the sudden burst of Conversion Energy she obtains. When entering her Angelic Release, the amount of Conversion Energy she produces skyrockets nearly instantly. To be able to cope with that sudden rise, massive amounts of it are leaked out to prevent bodily harm. As a result, the conversion energy starts affecting things indiscriminately, converting things she lacks control over.

For that moment of rampant conversion energy, it seems to be attracted towards other energy sources, and as a result, many of her comrades are affected by the conversion energy, their entire bodies turning into something else--most often, into some other substance or energy. At first, this was even capable of affecting the souls of the beings, capable of surpassing the absolute rule of "converting nothing into something, and something into nothing." For some reason, in this state the soul wouldn't convert into something else, and simply vanished into nothingness. As a result, she killed her comrades, totally and completely. Many enemies in the battle had come to the same end.

As history dictates, Sapphire, being the soul survivor of her Angelic Release, had used her Absolution affinity and placed a seal on Yavriil's power, but at the most, it was only capable of sealing her "Nothing to Something/Something to Nothing" conversion capability.

Now, note that there was still an allied-survivor, and only 'many' of the enemies had been destroyed--not all. For some reason, Yavriil's conversion energy was warded off by something innate in one's soul. As a result, her conversion energy cannot kill any PCs (unless with permission), or important NPCs. For the most part, only canon-fodder NPCs. This also pertains to their weapons, if their weapons are of spiritual significance (Zanpakutō, Atma Vatou, Seishin Buki, Universal Tools, etc.)

Now, as stated, the heights to which Yavriil's Conversion Ability can reach in this form is raised by a huge margin. Some of the restrictions present in her base-form are also relieved. While many of them are still active, the ones that aren't include:

  • Chaos Energy Cap: Though not technically removed as a restriction, the increase in both Chaos Energy and Conversion Energy are allieviate the annoyance of this restriction.
  • Law Conversion: Though Yavriil isn't capable of freely converting physical laws, she has a potent enough energy to easily affect these laws on a grander, much easier scale.
  • Counteracting Abilities: Like the previous two, this isn't completely removed as a restriction, but severely lessened. To those she is capable of completely overpowering in terms of energy (a full tier and a half lower? E.G. if Yavriil was 4-1, the opponent would need to be 5-3), she can relatively easily convert the values of a byproduct of her opponent's ability, such as converting a fire made through reiatsu into water. Of course, this isn't to say that she can constantly and consistently convert the values of her opponent's ability. This still is a hard task to accomplish, and is difficult to do in tandem with other actions--this generally requires a great deal of focus, in which case, only occasionally could she counteract abilities.
  • as

Vector Manipulation: As in her base state, this ability is something gone into due to her conversion ability. Originally, seeing the vectors of an object in terms of ratios, Yavriil's able to 'convert' these numbers to something different, inherently changing the vectors. As expected, in her Angelic State, this ability is furthered by a longshot. In this state, the ease of Vector Manipulation is far greater than before. The accuracy of her Vector Manipulation is heightened, and the speed and smoothness of her conversion in accuracy is largely developed as well. Furthermore, she's able to skip past the need to use Conversion Energy, and can purely use Chaos Energy to fuel her manipulation of Vectors. For the most part, Yavriil's only capable of manipulating the vectors of physical or energy-based objects, attacks and blasts, however, she can also take ahold of aspects of physics, such as gravity, and temporarily change the vectors of it several ways, mainly in localized areas. Of course, Vector Manipulation is only applicable to objects with existing Vectors, and as such, objects without form OR at least induce velocity cannot be manipulated.


Creation Ability: Something which goes side-by-side with her ability to convert things. For the most part, Yavriil could easily user her Conversion Ability to create whatever she saw fit, for the most part doing this by converting her energy into mass. When entering her Angelic Release, the only other ability she obtains is a pure Creation Ability. In this form, Yavriil is capable of skipping over the use of conversion energy, and is able to create things directly from her Chaos Energy, and Chaos Energy alone. While this doesn't make a drastic change from what she was previously capable of, the scale in which she can create objects is largely increased, and the amount of times possible, while already being a rather high amount, is likely tripled.

There are limits to this ability, however. For the most part, Yavriil can only create constructs made of material she's aware of. Being that she is widely associated with alchemy, there aren't many earthly, or even otherwordly materials she lacks knowledge of, but if there's something she isn't aware of to a far enough extent, she can't re-create it. Furthermore, this ability only extends to physical, inorganic objects. She cannot create life, she cannot create energy or some complex things, like a nervous system or something along those lines (for whatever reason). This newly gained ability is limited to more simplistic things. For the most part though, this ability's biggest restriction is her imagination.

This ability isn't like some others, in which it brings things into existence. Rather, it's limited to the absolute rule set by Sapphire, alongside her Conversion ability. More or less, this ability is like an extension, something brought about from her conversion ability. As such, it follows some rules as well, including the equivalent exchange, in which a proportionate amount of her Chaos Energy is used in making whatever she desires (as limited). As such, the more she uses this ability, like her Conversion ability, the less Chaos Energy she has. Furthermore, this is restricted only to Inner Chaos Energy, so once she runs out of that, her Creation Ability is no longer valid.

City in the Sky: makes an entire floating city from massive chaos energy reserves

Defense Brigade: Convert 1 mile radius into new landscape, filled with weapons and shit everywhere. This is actually done by converting the existing space into a temporary dimension of sorts, in which the 1 mile radius will not affect what originally existed there.

Chaos Blast: chaos blasts in this mode are heightened exponentially, several things being converted into chaos energy to fuel the blast(s).

Chaos Warp: Capable of converting masses into energy and back into mass in a different area almost instantaneously, allowing for warps on a grander scale.

Awakened Divinity State:

Divine Acension:

Change Energy: Conversion Energy and a Conversion Ability is no longer applicable to Yavriil in this state. By this time, this ability of hers has transcended into its truest form: The ability to Change things, in nearly every sense of the word.

Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Chaos Energy Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Chaos Warp: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Chaos Fighting Style: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Gem Creation: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Chi Skills
  • Geppo: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Vindeca: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Tekkai: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Yang Surge: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

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Reserved for Upgrades, Additions and whatnot. Thread-Keeper post as well.

NOTE: To whoever is grading this, please do not grade her forms. They are incomplete, and are therefore not ready to be graded. Yavriil is RP-ready, but her forms are not.



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Past 2 Weeks Old.

In old WIP.~

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Archivedo on requesto.

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Yavriil Iramasha (WIP)
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