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 Kira Clixx [Magnolia's Revamp] 0-3+/0-2

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kira Clixx [Magnolia's Revamp] 0-3+/0-2   Sat Aug 02, 2014 1:31 pm



permission for characters that have been mentioned in history are provided in the link below.

Previous App links:

Thread that Her powers Stabilized:

» Name She Answers To: Kira Clixx
» Actual Name: Magnolia Clixx.
» Titles: The Eternal Sin.
» Appearance Age: Teens
» True Age: over 400
» Gender: Female
Affiliation/Rank: Rouge for now

» Appearance Description: N/a

» Appearance Picture: Above in the main picture


Depths Of Pain: Kirah understand pain better then almost anyone on this planet, carrying inside her not only the memories of her own past deeds under the name Magnolia, but further carrying the memories of her surrogate mother, Claire Clixx, deep inside her mind. Which is why this influences her more then what others normally would consider, its not exactly that she cares about others pains, but it means she certainly knows what pain is like. She understands the exact way others feel from it, and how it certainly causes more then just simple heartbreak when loosing something. Those feelings such as heart break, foolish antics and even the pain of having to start new again, she matured enough that she could understand them because of the fact that She herself has gone through and endured them pulling herself to the depths of her own psyche and shaking the foundations of her own fundamental philosophies. Breaking and remaking these things a new and blossoming from the wreckage.. which is one of the reasons she is how she is now, However this enlightened state of mind, does in fact some with some fundamental changes to her as a person in general such as her general characteristics having changed as a result of what she’s been through in the past year.

Stabilized Mind: A product of what she went through before casting off the name Magnolia, she has regained composure within her mind, and blossomed as an entirely different person. Her stability within her mind having been perfected and reformed after she had pushed through that period of immense and extreme stress due to the pain of all the sins and stupid actions she had undertaken, all her misguided attempts of making up for her lack of common sense. It took an immense shock like loosing everything but the result was her pushing through and moving on from all these things, which shows due to her extreme drive to keep herself stable after kisuke’s help.

Intense Intellectual: Kira as she is reffered to now, was able to gain keen intellect thanks to the processing abilities needed to manage and use her bankai. She is known to possess a kind of brain which is able to compute and manage many different tasks at the same time. Thanks to this in normal every day situations she is the kind of girl who is able to multi task to the tenth degree without a problem. Dealing with many different situations at once, Doing complex program running, and all these things and probably more. Meaning her personality can be somewhat of a brainiac depending on the situation and what is actually being required of her.

Actions Over Words: Kira before as magnolia used to be an immense talker, she would preach and preach about ideals and other things while she was hypocritically doing what she was telling or lecturing others not to do. Such after coming through this mental revaluation she came to the conclusion that actions indeed are more important then words, as one can be as diplomatic or as charismatic as they wish to be. But at the end of the day it comes down to if they are actually willing to take the leap and come through and do what they are saying that they are going to do. She now judges by the actions of the individual not the pretty words they spout.

Just A Girl: Kira after discarding The name Magnolia, figured out that even if she wanted to be some amazing super-hero, she was just a woman, she would break down, she cries and she gets hurt. She will love and she will also hate, all these things that she thought and found unsavory really hit home then, which is why behind the mask, behind all the learning and knowledge you will find a surprisingly down to earth soul, normally in conversations this would show if she has someone she likes, or finds shoes that she really likes. Or a dress she finds just Adorable, as all these things are a part of what she is, and she is sick of denying them from herself.

Love Is A Taboo: Kira is not one to shun love, but after her experiences before casting her name as magnolia aside weren’t the best, which is why she won’t insult or disregard the power of love, as it had saved her in the past. But if you ask her or inquiry about her lovers or her past, she will respectfully but firmly decline to answer, and just say in a kind of quiet and wistful tone.. “Love is out there, but it just isn’t for me honey” Because she decided that love was both a great power, but it was also dangerous to her fragile reality, as such she stays away from all that mushy mushy shenanigans.

Guarded Human Emotion: Kirah after casting magnolia’s name away understood something simple, she shouldn’t have tried to lock her emotions inside, letting only the madness, the insanity show through. Which is why now, if you piss her off she will smack you, if you embarrass her she will blush, she will pout, and she will joke around. She is still a being of emotion which was formerly living even if many hundred years ago, which is why she no longer shuns this part of who she is.


Sweets: Magnolia has a fondness of sweet things, it’s pretty indiscriminate as well; meaning: Magnolia just loves sweet’s in general. It’s not hard to fathom why, because sweets are comfort food; and that’s no exception here. It’s a lot like one of her crutches; it helps her get through the day; This is one of the main reasons she is “Fond” Of sweets.

Solitude: Despite that she loves company; magnolia also loves solitude. Possibly because when she’s alone she does not need, to monitor her own actions: throw up a façade; or anything of that sort. Magnolia loves her solitude, not quite as much as company but; nearly as much. For one of the times, she can get the most done; or figure out her own feelings, is when she is well alone. It allows her to be herself; to recharge her “People” batteries so to speak. So it’s needed for her to stay in a working, or “Sane” state of mind.

Company: Despite, how she seems a, good majority of the time; Magnolia does in fact love having some company. It might stem from the fact she used to be alone in that hospital room for so long. Now, even though magnolia loathes to openly admit it: company is something she just, loves.

The Night sky: It’s kind of weird, but magnolia is utterly obsessed with the starry night sky. It could be because magnolia for the longest time; was unable to see, or grasp the sight of stars. With this in mind, magnolia could if she had no other obligations; sit and watch the stars until they ceased to shine and she would be content. With that said its quite obvious when you think about it; her fondness of stars that is. It’s one of the things she finds comfort in, magnolia loves the stars they are a work of; well art to her. So yes, one of magnolia’s likes would be the starry jet black dome of the night sky.

Emotions: Magnolia is captivated by emotions; how they define a person, shape a person, and break a person. Maybe because her own emotions have a hard time; coming to light due to her dominating pain. If you think of it this way, it is quite natural for her to be attracted to others emotions; it’s interesting for her to see how people normally interact. That is, without the burden of pain equivalent to magnolia’s; there’s no real logical reason for this, its just something that fascinates her.


Her power: Magnolia hates, her own powers they are nothing but trouble for her. They cause her pain, misery and on a daily basis are a crippling presence. Probably This is one of the things, magnolia dislikes most; she dislikes what limits her life; what paints her life in a shade of agony, a shade which has permanently become entrenched in her mind. This is why she dislikes, and down-right hates her own powers.

Her Shikai: Though magnolia does know she needs it, she hates her shikai. Magnolia tries to avoid its use at all, possible costs. Probably because it causes her to drown in her pain, and it needlessly destroys everything ; I mean everything in its path. Magnolia hate’s how deplorable it is, how detestable fate is to pin her with such a burden; this is why she without a doubt does hate her shikai.

Harming others: Magnolia, for a fact, hates having to hurt other people: she has to live with the conscience of doing it for eternity. With this weighing on magnolia’s mind, she hates having to harm, or maim others; and will avoid it, if there is any possible way to do just that: avoid it. This is why she loathes hitting, or slapping to the point of that magnolia: Will not harm others unless there is absolutely no other option. This is, something that causes her heart to hurt: knowing that she’s hurt other people. This is why she down-right dislikes, harming people in the first place all together.

Immortality: She loathes her immortality; it stops her from being able to: Run, to hide to escape the torment that, she has to endure. Magnolia hates the cage, that her immortality has cast on her; how it limits her and forces her to keep living. Magnolia also hates that she can’t die yet can feel the pain of wounds; which would normally, strike her dead. This really why if Magnolia could; she would kill her immortality and sink into the pleasure of non-existing.

Running away: Because she can’t run, Magnolia hates to see other people run from their selves. Magnolia will usually get extremely angry, for a pacifist anyways; when she sees people denying themselves and trying to suppress who they truly; are. It is for many reasons that she hates it; but its most of all because, she accepted her life long ago; she might not like it, she might hate it; and wish it dead. Though magnolia sticks to it, and finds it disgusting that other people run from it.


» Zanpakutō Name: (What is your characters Zanpukto name?)

» Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: She looks like many things, but to be frank the Zanpakutō takes the general shape of a little girl. While her appearance shape and form usually chance with the ebb and flow of the state of magnolia’s mind. She is generally the mirror image of magnolia. In most cases looking like a younger form of her, while sometimes it changes slightly with variation. As a whole this spirit looks a lot like magnolia. Which means, she has one gold cat like eye, and alabaster skin; blond hair like that of a doll and a dainty damsel in distress like all in all appearance.

Also, this Zanpakutō spirit likes to wear old world, type clothes. Such as large ball room styled dresses, and just over all she has the “Queen” Vibe like a queen you would picture sitting in a throne room. This is coupled with her “Delicate” Features giving this Zanpakutō over all a nice and reserved; but drop dead gorgeous appearance which is both formal and just plain sexy.

Lotus though, prefers mostly to wear those old- world oriented dresses, but sometimes you can find her wearing more; “Risky” clothing, such as tank-tops and short cropped blue jeans which show off; a rather well formed ass. When wearing this “Kind” of clothing, generally one will begin to notice that lotus does have: a pretty good-sized pair of breasts, which all though she does not flaunt , she is proud of them. She does also on this note, wear bikini’s once in a blue moon; that’s about as risky as she will get though; as for the most part a “bikini” consists of a thong and a suggestive small top, which hugs her body and reveals a decent bit of her breasts; and her ass.

Though, the few things that stay the same are her defined features; her breast size, ass, eyes , body size , hair color and complexion. So basically while she does granted have more wiggle room to tweak her own appearance; her core traits displayed above no matter what are pretty much always there, even if she tried to hide them she would fail spectacularly at it.
Anyways that’s lotus.

» Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: Lotus (nickname Maggie)

Maggie is a sassy little tuna roll, she loves to get into trouble. To cause people to get flustered and frustrated that is one of the things that she tends to in the most part get a real kick out of. It makes her just have fun in the general sight of things. Likely to talk back to those who are worthy of respect she tends to taunt and tease the crap out of everyone and anyone she comes across. Not particularly the softest individual her sass tends to contain both the bark and the bite, physical and verbal taunts are weapons that flavor that little quirky mouth of hers on a daily basis. Her mouth is a kind of double edged sword, degrading others opinions of her and at the same time causing mental or physical stress for other people. It is thanks to this her personality tends to vary in the first place, being pretty damn saucy with both her comments, which are not all the time appropriate, as that mouth often can spout lewd remarks, ones which could be incriminating and at the same time condemning.

This extends to humor, her humor is quirky iffy and just plain non sensible at best, and utterly just oh god why at the worse. Meaning that her humor may not be the best thing, but mostly it tends to bring things out of her putting it all out into the open, her humor reflects her personality. Thanks to this she finds the humor in the pain of others, not the pain such as verbal but the literal pain and suffering of others especially if its love. She finds love hilarious some times, because of the reason that it is such a weakness which brings people together, and lets them die together. It’s just the ultimate joke to her, “Till death do us part” in her opinion should be changed to “Till we fuck up and cause our premature deaths” which in her mind is much more accurate.

She laughs also at threats and in the midst of battle, as this is where she most often will be instead of worrying of what happens if she becomes a corpse, she will be laughing. Her snarky side comments and sassy nature extends the most into how she fights, using both leading and taunting remarks to annoy and distract the foe, while she is fighting, to make it so they are under both kind of battle fields, wit and physical it makes Maggie joyful like no other, and it also makes her stand out thanks to how she acts in these situations.

Mania: She tends to get highs in the pinnacle of her sassy emotions, this is known as Mania. The opposite of depression it causes her to act like she’s going to orgasm, it brings her brain out and stimulates it to cause in short it to act like she’s on a sugar rush. Often this gives her as well an unsettling way of speaking or talking. She will talk like she’s looking forward to it, or with a compelling feel to her voice. That is something which is because of her mania, it makes her act like she’s not bothered even in the grimmest of situations, bitter sweet the sadness turns to cruelty or eerie fascination with disemboweling them, which is why the manic disposition tends to make her get violent or extremely provocative. Acting in ways that will definitively draw attention to herself, and also that will just make people think she has no manners what so freaking ever.

Maggie also tends to have a leaning disposition towards people who know what they have before they lost it all, or people who get angry very easy. She loves idiots because they make the world interesting in her opinion and without them the world would not be the same, it would be rather drab and boring. So this is why she loves to be with the people from the wrong side of the tracks, and is pulled towards places full of those which obviously do not know how to behave, the immaturity tends to give her a good hard laugh, for reasons that may not really be fully understandable. That still is a fact which is odd about her, as she doesn’t tolerate idiots, she just enjoys them because they are stupid, they make her laugh and she feels they understand simple things better than the ideal normal people.

She tends to enjoy it because everything is also so simple around them, it is quite easy for her to mix with them, and to understand them, for the reason that they are not that complex to begin with, they are actually kind of stupid. That stupid is simplicity, it brings her to them like a moth to the light , she specially loves to teas and mess with them, because of the fact that they are going to react more visibly to it than people that have known better then to do so for a very long time. Which is why she messes with them in the first place, they are quite easy when it comes to messing with. So she does have a abnormal love for idiots, and a fascination with them that could be thought to be unnatural at the best of times, instead of hating them she finds them amusing.

However this also comes from the fact she has a underlying yearning to have the simplicity that they are graced with every day. So in some ways she does envy them more than she does anything else, they may be oppressed but she finds them blessed to their ignorance being unable to actually understand the severity of their situation, is like a blessing for them, being able to be innocent of the worse things that go on in the world that is beyond their common comprehension, making it so that
they are protected in some sense from it all.

Maggie loves to be a Houdini, going with the wind, dominant and free she has a persona which makes her naturally love to ponder and go through lands she does know nothing about. It makes her want to go and find something new, and then keep going live as she wants to a day at a time and go where she wants to go, not wanting to be held down, and just wanting to keep moving. To do things that no else has done yet, and make a name for herself, to go to distant worlds which have only been thought of in the dreams of many, and seen yet by none what so ever. That is the thing she loves, not the locations, and the places, but the journey itself as a whole, being able to move without being restrained that is what she wants to do, more than anything else.

The feeling that is her waking up in a new location, that is what brings her and breathes life into her, makes her want to do things new and without much of a thought for what has already been done, to be able to wonder and think of the possibilities of being somewhere she has no clue of as a whole, that is what makes her so wander lust prone, it’s what brings her actually the most interest and joy out of the whole situation, making her be able to decide things without hesitation or even a moment of wait or hesitation, she naturally because of this is laid back and goes with the flow, taking situations as they come, making it so that she does not question what is going on and why it happens. It just happens and that is what it is. This also means she hates to be detained if she wants to go somewhere and wander around she will be pissed if you try to deter her from doing that because in short that is exactly what she wants to be doing, not something else or someone else. And if that’s what she wants to do, she will probably more likely than not find a way to do it, and make it happen.

So yeah she loves to wander about, and to the point she really does not see the point in people staying in one place, rather she likes the nomadic tribes which had made their lives about moving from one place to the other, exploring places and just taking what they needed, not a bit more or a bit less, just going around and having their life be how it was, without trying to avoid it. Those where the people she just really loves, they inspire her and makes her just want to continue on her path, and when Maggie gets going she tends to keep going without stopping she just enjoys moving about staying mobile, she would hate it if she was stuck in one place. That’s a fact. In short, she is not one which will calmly stay in one place, instead she is the kind of person which will more likely be going and gone before you can explain why you want her to stay. She also does not make many ties, she hates things which will keep her in one specific place, instead she will keep going and in that way she is indifferent to foods, and people, she really does not hate anything or like anything to make it easier to keep going and wander about. This air of indifference is the secret allowing her to wander to her hearts content, as she keeps no ties, which might detain her.

Prodigal, is another thing Maggie is being a person who loved movement she excels in foot work, it shows because her body language is always airy, rather more than that it is as well going to be more mobile, quick and move with her actions to make her body language almost pop off the page. It is also as apparent as night and day is when she is not pleased with someone. Instead of yelling or verbally chewing them out, she will rather go about things such as asking them to dance, or challenge them to try to trip her, this way also makes her giggle and just go into a laughing fit, when they end up fat on their asses with the blank sort of expression that will generally belong to something like a baboon or an ape which is why in the first place she gets such a kick out of this. More than that she does not only get a kick from it but it helps her tease other people, by staying just out of arms reach it allows her to go about taunting people with a ease and accuracy, which I may add makes her rather adept.

As well this does help her when it comes to moving from place to place, she loves to take the tricky routes or the ones which usually are not even thought of being traveled, such as mountain faces, using her foot work to dance about them like they are nothing but bunny hills. Meaning that she is going to use this to sate her feeling and love of exploring by going to the harder places it means in short she is unlikely to find a place that she can be kept from when just the terrain is in the factor of obstacles, because she is going to go through most terrain, with her airy spirit like demeanor which is a lot like a animal or free bird in its kingdom. Which is the simple fact which makes her just so happy when she’s wandering she uses all her foot work to go about having the most fun, dancing or doing stupid things like hanging from a stop light, or tight rope walking on the top of a gondola wire up a windy mountain without much of a problem.


» Background:

On earth, Magnolia was never born. It was never known what time period she was going to be born in, or what life she might have actually had. Her only experience as a human was.. well nothing, it was a long labor in which both her and her mom died. . . Though if that was only the case it would have been, well a blessing but it was not, the woman was tied to the stake and crucified with nails many of which punctured and killed this unborn child. It was after that she got set ablaze while still alive, and slowly burned to death. The death was quick for the babe, but the mother she slowly was burned to death, over a period of 3 months.

No one knows how the mother lived that long, but she did she burned and burned they had to keep relighting her keep the flame going, and she still burned. Screaming crying begging for mercy the mother still was burned, longer and longer to no avail She continued to be burned. It was strange though, why she did not die, no one honestly knew, but what they did know was . . She failed to die, no it was more like no matter what she just kept burning, And burning , and burning .. and burning. No matter what she seemed just not to die, the mother kept being burned and kept screaming in agony. Though no matter what she just did not seem to die it was pain which ruled the mother as she was being killed and murdered. Crows ate her flesh in between the periods in which kindling was being collected.Nothing mattered though, they just kept burning her, trying to kill her. They wanted to kill her, and where determined to do so.

Eventually it worked though, she died 3 months later and literally exploded in a huge cloud of ash and Mist, hollows and the mother’s soul was devoured by a hollow destroying it, reducing it to nothing . . .This babe was never born and sent to the soul society , so in essence she never was a human in the first place. She was born a spirit in a sense, though, also magnolia was a unborn child.
Killed by violence.

After that, she was born in the world of the soul society. Though she was a sick child, going into a coma seconds after being birthed into the world. She stayed that way for hundreds of years on a far hill miles from the districts that souls resided in. Her life consisted of memories of a dark place, and excruciating pain. She for those hundred years relived the pain that her mother had endured that was , the pain of never being born. It replayed over. . and over. . . Never ending nor beginning .

Her first life was an eternity of torment, damnation and even extreme pain she would have never woken up, if it was not for the fact she was found by toshiro hitsugaia of squad 10. It was the kiss, of solid ice which awoke her from the eternal damnation that was her sleep. She never could wake up before though she always endured the pain, trying to find something to live through she often in her sleep dreamed of a life without pain, without misery without torment. She often was held in the iron grip of sadness at never being born a human, that her first moments in life was being ran through by
the cold, cold kiss of steel and being burned to death within her mother’s womb.

She never got to play with other kids, she never learned to love or to hate. Her life was a life of pain, fear agony, she was born with the desire to die. Though it was the one thing magnolia found out would never happen. When she found out though, is a pretty good question, but she was within the throws of madness, screaming. Dreams that she was slowly being burned alive, that she was something not pure something that did never deserved to exist in the first place.

Repeatedly she would pound in her dream try to die, but that was the one thing that would, sadly enough never happen. She was burned executed and scarred but she never could seem to die. No matter how much she wanted to, or how long she tried this fact remained absolute: She would not die. It haunted her, and tormented her as her life was a prism in which she could not escape, Magnolia felt like she was a bird in a cage, being sentenced to eternal pain with no end.

Toshiro was the one who woke her up, he thought she was dead, and went to pick her up. It was a touch which shook Magnolia from the clutches of her nightmares. She woke up, and saw something sharp, something which was extremely sharp. Needless to say,what she did was she grabbed instinctively and tried to run herself through in the chest. It was a spray of blood, which sent her into the illusion of death she felt like she was dying though it was weird rather than feeling relieved , or a lack of pain she just felt more of it.
She screamed and thrashed trying desperately, to find a cure to the pain she was enduring.

No avail, she was picked up by Toshiro, who began to rush her to the medical ward of the soul society it was a tough journey though, as she was trying constantly to get free or kill herself. She wanted to die, though she quickly found out she couldn’t, that is what she found out, after she blacked out. Basically, she went into yet another coma, in she, was subjected to pain, misery death pain. These things looped in a continuous cycle, she cried she screamed but most importantly she just wanted to be free. Free of the never ending nightmare , though that was the one thing that never, happened.
Truly though.. when she woke up it was a nightmare people thought she was going to die, to become dead to be dead. But, there was one person who managed to save her.

Kisuke urahara who was puzzled by the conundrum present in this situation, created pills to suppress the power which he speculated was causing all this damage. It was not by any means a 100% cure, Magnolia soon found out it was in many cases just more like a band aid than anything else. It made it so, she was not constantly enduring the pain that is given with death and for that lessening of pain, Magnolia was extremely in debt to kisuke. Even though kisuke told her sternly “This is by no means a cure, it will suppress but never eradicate understand this” Magnolia of course who barely understood emotions took a good amount of time to grasp the meaning.
When she did though, she was slightly disappointed but it could never suppress the gratitude she felt towards this man, who gave her a way to lessen the pain.

Magnolia came to terms with her pain, but always was burdened by it, it was heartbreaking to most people to see how happy. . How extremely happy it made her to even have a slight amount of the pain removed from her life, that’s just though how it was. There was a side effect though, the pills where extremely strong, so strong in fact that she had to be put into a state of vegetable ism so that she could adjust to the pills , in which time she underwent several transfusions and six stomach pumps because of the , strength of the pills in question.

So she Constantly was in a state of pain, pain which was so dementing that it caused her to break down, and scream for a month straight, she in this time, was hugging her knee’s crying puking blood as her body was reacting to the strain of such a minor action. Her power also flared up, making it so people could only stand her for long enough to get her pills in her mouth and then exit. Even then it was heart breaking to the point most people avoided her, in this time her “power” that kisuke mentioned had begun to assert itself, to the point the genius had to take measures to keep the soul society’s safety in check.

What kisuke did was, he put magnolia under with a product which, Magnolia to insanity yet again, she was reduced to a delirious state, crying screaming though the pain was less and she was kept under constant sedation so that her body could maintain under the immense strain of her own energy. Even then it was to the point that she was often in and out of awareness unable to control her power, puking up blood crying and shaking. Hoping for death even though she could not die.

It Was around this point in time she heard the whisper of her other self, her Zampucto which reached out to her in her misery. It came one day when she was in the worst fit ever, she had wounded countless people who where decently strong, not by physically hurting them. No it just was by them being near her that they had become injured, She had slipped once more for the 3rd time, into one of her extremely long coma’s. She this time though fell and fell, fell past the icy oblivion that greeted her at the surface.

She fell into a strange world, a world which was just pure black, a world of black with white pillars on either side it was strange but elegant, black tiles which beneath was nothing but the eternity which was her life. And to the sides where white pillars pillars which radiated with the hope that still resided in her heart of hearts. It was a world with no noise, not even her own voice, a world where everything was stripped away. Normal people would go mad in such a world, but it was a welcomed change for her. For once magnolia was free of her pain and petty thoughts of suicide , It was well. . . a world with the warmth of familiarity a world which seemed like the caress of a mother. It was everything she had, well never known and probably never would know pain had no purchase here, its concept was lost in the ebb and flow of an eternal tide.

She had no clue what this place was . . . she was not frightened though despite the fact she could not speak , She wandered about aimlessly for the first time, she was free of the crippling and pain inducing condition of her own powers. She if she had her way would have never left it, in fact she stayed in it for a long . . .Long time, searching for the strange owner of a strange world, a world such as this one was. Instead though she did find someone, a small girl, a girl that looked like her but not like her, it looked like a mirror image. By now though Magnolia had found out sound had no concept in this world, it failed to even work, or hold meaning. Though there was a feeling in her mind. . she heard words, words which sounded like the warmth of the sun, and the love and familiarity that she had, for so long been looking for.

“You finally have come, I Was wondering when your power would drive you in here. . .I am Lotus . . . you may not know me.. but I know you.. for you are me and I am you do you accept us? look deep within yourself.. we are you.. you are us.. We are always in your heart. .. “

At a loss for words, Magnolia nodded slowly unsure of what it would entail or what it would bring. Of course though she seemed to begin to rise to the surface it was strange, she thought the words said where merely a metaphor a trivial joke which seemed to take place, but in fact it was not there was a hollow in the base of her chest.. with the slight tattoo of a lotus, a spot which was warm.. familiar much like the girl. Magnolia reached out.. and caressed the shape.. and with a shout of surprise felt her hand slide into her bare breasts. Even more surprised to find something that felt like a hilt inside, quickly she withdrew, her hand shaking in fear. In confusion and disbelief , she was scared and unsure what the hell it was that resided inside her, and she had a feeling she just did not want to know.

After this episode she went quiet curling up and crying for a long, long time with no solace she took her medication as seasons changed . . . The flow of time went on, and on with little reason or rhyme and she began to feel intense pain once more, sure she was heavily limited but there was the feeling of pain that was always lingering beneath the surface, raw power that had yet to be unleashed.

It was many years after that she had met another . . . her first visitor in a very long time. He was a man, who if she had been a normal woman not driven crazy by pain, would find quite attractive. She gazed up at him shyly still she was unused to speaking, so ZX, perceived her as being a mute, someone who could not speak. It was embarrassing but, her lips failed her and her mind just seemed to stop working. In the end she was asked a good deal of questions.. ZX seemed quite interested and genuine , though it freaked her out intensely , she was traumatized and scared.

To be honest she dissolved into a fit of screams which, where fit to raise the dead. As she curled up and shook, her body trembled and her eyes shone like disks she was scared. Frightened , in many ways she just wanted to die, and be erased from existence. Even though it was something that, well could not happen it was something that was her reality. Her pain, a pain that never would go away , often she now was depressed extremely depressed. She just would stare out the window watching seasons and years go by, even though she would take her medication, she often succumbed to her episodes of puking up blood, throwing fits, even causing people around her to be injured in her fits.

As rough as it was, though it was nothing compared to how she now lived she was hurting inside, hurting outside.. her body burned she wanted to be of help, but knew that such a thing surely would be impossible , so with nothing else to do, she began delving into her mind.. determined to unlock her hidden power.. or reach the place that so long ago she had found. It was folly but she tried anyways it was the one place she could be herself, a place she was free of pain and could truly be at peace with herself.

During this time, she met with her zan spirit and learned where other people chance she remains constant. She learned to tap into that amazing amount of power. Even though it nearly destroyed her inner world in the process, she slowly learned, in what in her inner world was probably millions of years but in her exterior world, was only a few months.Yes, in this time she began to discover the extent of her power, and it scared her, scared her to the point she made her zan spirit Lotus promise to erect a prison to seal 95% of it away.

She eventually made it, she enshrouded with the subconscious mind: locking it up so tight, that there was little to no chance of it getting out. This was sunk deep within magnolia’s inner world though that 95% was of both, there was still much power left it was strenuous but she was trying to ease the pain, ease the power she was not yet truly ready to take charge of. It was hard, it drove her near mad, but she managed to do it, with lotus and magnolia focusing on it, they eventually sealed it.

Though, through this time she did learn shikai while it was simplistic , she had learned to control better, allowing her was just her tapping into her power, allowing her to use a small, small fragment of it, Even then she could not use this, as that small amount of power caused her a great deal of pain,Pain which seemed to never go away, this development made her vow she would not ever use it, unless the reason was just and she had no other option.
Shortly after though she did go into remission, She was passed out for several months in this time, she was in a state of limbo so to speak, she could not speak. But she was still trapped in the ever present torrent of pain which seemed to never lighten its unyielding grip. More or less you could say it tormented her it gnawed at her and fucked her over like a bad bad hangover from hell. It reduced her once again to a fit of screaming crying and just a extreme mess.

It was after that she was given notice that kisuke urahara had left the soul society some time ago, that was one of the major moments in which her life began to slide into the endless cycle of depression. A cycle that would not stop, she was in her blackest mood, this was the first time in a while that the cage her zan spirit had made the chains rattled and it wanted to be free.. but this was unknown to her at the time, as magnolia was as oblivious as ever.

It was around this time that she had, awoken to find, rather a man who looked like a doll distinctive azure eyes, and blond hair the question would probably have been out of a normal persons mouth “Who are you” But not magnolia she just kept her trap shut, and continued to play with the hem of the bed sheets in her room, it was not a man who seemed to be kind.It was rather a man, who felt cold as ice, dangerous heartless. The kind of man who frightened her, he frightened her, to the point she lost it and threw the iv stand at him. It was not the prettiest of sites, but at least it got the man out of her room, but he just came back in it was not exactly like he was enjoying it, but he seemed to have some deeper sense of caring within him.

That was something different after so long, that someone caring actually showed up it was a first. But still she was quite freaked out, and in pain. Pain which brought down her reason, and made her seem like she was mad, so even though the man had come back, she had said absolutely nothing for so long she was not about to start now. She retained her silence, held onto it like it was her lover, eventually it seemed to infuriate this cold and hollow individual who seemed to rather give up. Not to say he had cared all to much in the first place but magnolia still, was silent hugging her knee’s silently crying and puking blood yet again from the effects of her own power. It was because rather a good many of things that she remained silent, taking her medication and just wanting to die. Pain which consumed her kept eating away, eating away at who she was. It was like a sickness, but a sickness that she just could not stop, or get rid of. Which is why she remained stoic crying in pain grasping for some kind of comfort in the misery that was her life. She was constantly in pain , pain from who and what she was .

After this episode It took, a long time but Magnolia eventually recovered and accepted who and what she is; and what her fate has ultimately brought with it. Magnolia was, in fact discharged from the barracks intensive care ward; half a year ago. From there magnolia began to explore. . for the first time getting to know the world around her.


[center]Summarizing Paragraph Section

And this would be where the summarizing paragraph, would go. So look here for the general idea of things if you get lost in the complexity of a post.


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Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: a lotus tattoo on her center of the breasts. Its slightly white. Bleached of color it looks quite strange compared to the rest of her. All though within this lotus tattoo rather, is a rather standard katana, like most of the lower ranked shinigami sport. There is one acute difference thou, the blade itself has an eerie presence about it, because it generally has the feeling of nothing, which is a pretty peculiar feeling for the grand scheme of things

Sealed Zanpakutō Abilities

The partial immortal factor: Quite simply put, she is Immortal in a general sense of the term- though not quite 100% fully immortal as that would be another thing all together. As she can be killed in the field of combat just like anyone else could though if would take slightly more effort. As while she can be killed through a mortal injury she can live through 1 or two fatal wounds, such as being cut in half and so fourth. This is because of the matter being to actually "Kill her" means you would have to eradicate her with fatal wounds on both the spiritual and physical level. Eluding to having to destroy both her "Soul chain" and her body before she would die.

This of course being the case it is rather useful, as while she can be "Killed" it has to be a combination of both spiritual and physical means to actually bring her down. Its due to this that her body perchance is strong and at the same time durable. Meaning you could render her in a state of half death for all her life by hacking away at her "Physical body" But if her spiritual soul chain was not destroyed by spiritual means, well she still would be firmly anchored into the roots of our society.

This gives her the illusion of being fully and truly "Immortal" but when you look at the manner of which her condition is within her body you would see that basically unless both spiritual and physical fatalism is dealt it would be a rather tricky business indeed to actually finish her off perchance. This is by no means her being immortal but, it is a way that makes her rather a good deal harder to kill and makes it so she cannot die by aging, but as well it must have destroyed her soul chain and her physical self before she would truly be "Dead".

So you could stop her by chopping her up, into tiny pieces and spreading her across the globe but unless you actually killed her on both levels she would still on some level be considered to be actually "Alive" though not in a state where she would be a threat to anyone in the grand scheme of things. So with that in mind, she is by no means immortal, but it takes a combination of spiritual and physical wounds to bring her to a state where she would die. [/size][/color]

Refined Spiritual pressure: Kira after kisuke stabilized her spiritual energy has become able to use it to its fullest, comparable to that of an “Immense Pressure” it bears down on the battle field, generally being expansive until compressed, to the point that when fully released it can be seen as a “Red Haze” which in rarer cases can change the sky to match its color in cases of extreme energy release. This energy is great for her tier, and is known to be hard to move around in the cases of similar tier ranged counterparts. Not crushing but slowing down movement for a generally decent period of time. This is because the energy after loosing its destructive capability was reinforced and refined streamlining itself and becoming stronger then how it previously was. Slimming down to a few core concepts.

Spiritual Dominance: Kira’s spiritual pressure in exchange for loosing its destructive capacity has gained a alternative ability, known as simply “Spiritual Dominance”. What it does is in conjunction with her massive reserves, it causes the spiritual pressure to be untamable to anyone other then Kirah, rejecting change or synchronization, making it nearly impossible to disturb or stop in terms of manipulating it, or changing its trajectory or path by passive-affect means. Other means such as physically stopping the attack will still be of course affective. All this means is that she is completely dominant over her own massive spiritual energy reserves making it harder to tamper or toy with her skills or abilities.

Spiritual Defense: If kira focuses her truly massive spiritual energy she can use it as a powerful defense, Equivalent to the protection her mask would give her in her masked state, however due to the density of the energy when used in this way it makes it impossible to don her mask in conjunction with this. Considering the vortex of condensed spiritual energies that are focused around her to use this , would break the mask in the same moment that it would be formed. This isn’t a special trait, it can be broken through like anything else, but DUE to her massive amounts of spiritual pressure it provides some hefty protection.

Lightning Forge: When Kirah turns her spiritual pressure into a rolling storm , such as whipping it up violently for short durations, the mass, and the friction between particles will generate or Forge lightning. Which is why in times of anger or when her patience thins she can sometimes be seen generating a halo of static around her body. This lightning is an extension of her spiritual energy in the fact it is a byproduct or in all regards and extension of her own self, being generated and fed by her spiritual pressure and energy, it is a special strain of Spiritual lightning that retains the affects of her Spiritual Dominance, meaning it in itself can still harm those immune to lightning given its unique origins. When in Use it can be formed in characteristically any needed form that Kira thinks of. Unless given name though, its power is diminished by a great percentage of its full potential, think of it like kubo’s Ichigo and getsuna tensho. The name is what amplifies its power.

Lightning Forge is what happened to her voltage, when kisuke rebalanced her spiritual energies it allowed a merger between the key components of her Zan and her spiritual self. This merger made it so that her spiritual pressure is now carrying the lightning generation, instead though of being a entirely different skill, it is connected with the spiritual pressure, becoming one and the same with it, and working in harmony.

Valkyrie Mode: Something Kirah discovered when she was helping kisuke in the failed attempted to stop hell from re-opening, and seen throughout her life in the form of strange and often different colored spiritual energy wings. This allows her to focus her spiritual energy to give it the shape of spiritual appendages or wings which attach to her back. These wings tend to be hard and durable but are also needed for her to ascend to her refined Shikia states or higher due to the “True” Nature of her zan being stabilized and brought out when her chaotic spiritual self and energy was thanks to kisuke brought to a stable sense of balance.

Control: Kira since her spiritual energy stabilized has gained considerable control over it being able to keep it from going out of control in general situations, although her control over it is far from being perfect.

Static Speed: Taking the place of her older Accelerator ability, Kira became able to use something known as “Static Speed” an ability which uses the previous concept of magnetic manipulation, which she is able to do through control of her lightning generated via spiritual energy. Then she guides lightning through the ground on a path or the air, or water, any surface that she can triangulate and compute normally, is able to be used. From there the energy is used to speed up the contractions and physical capability or her “Base Speed” causing her to be able to pull off speeds which are rivaling Flash step, if not at the state of flash step, given her step isn’t accessable in her shinigami state, since she has what is known as the unique “Vizards Step” in her masked state.

Considering Drain on stamina, the technique she uses accelerating herself or objects along a path using this new method requires more mental strain then physical and energy stress. Using her mind to graph and calculate the exact energy use means that the static speed technique looses some of the explosive power of her accelerator, but gains far more uses, control, and even greater application, as its not in a set area. Instead it is running through the path that she graphs in her mind then she moves along that path, accelerating as she goes using low-energy cost but high result tactics .

Also this doesn’t rely on the normal “Acceleration” or the increase of actual velocity. Instead its speeding up the speed using the static discharge, and doing so in a more controlled and prolonged time period, reducing brute sudden strain on rapid acceleration and deceleration. This also has the perk of being able to be used when she comes into contact with a object, and it won’t slow down afterwards. Meaning if she backhands a rock or a brick, she would be able to speed it up using his computative method. Using it does drain energy, however in consideration its not as much as it previously was, meaning in this way she can use it longer. As before though it works only until her reserves run out.

Valkrie Mode: Particle Grid: Kira’s mind comes into play with her third and new ability. Using lightning and magnetic induction on a microscopic scale, it is also putting into play her spiritual dominance due to the lightning’s affects. Meaning it can be stopped, but not tampered with by outside sources unless rare situations are occurring. Now the particle grid is something similar to conceptual thinking meets the creative power of her immense magnetic and electrical might. Working in a similar way to her static speed, it works on a grid zone around her which spans roughly a quarter mile in every direction. In this grid , she is able to pre-calculate and merge the particle stream that is moving around her. Given this is the radius her mind is able to compute at the most microscopic levels, in this radius she has nearly as much knowledge as there is about the location.

Consequentially this is only usable 2 turns after the thread begins, given she can’t instantly know that much data about the surroundings she needs to focus on gaining data and perfecting data, condensing data, and refining data. She must get each calculation as close to perfect as possible, because the grid will not work if there is a abnormality or error strand in her data. Hence why its nickname would be “The Grid Of Perfection” As that summarizes what is needed to actually create this grid in the first place.

Once Created, The Particle Grid, gives her control of the particles around her meaning she can control the very fabric of that grid, change variable factors at will, and morph the landscape , form things out of thin air. In this grid she is considered to be something that is a step down from god. She isn’t omnipotent but she is able to simulate Near-Omnipotence. The catch is this only regards the landscape, she can’t predict and opponents movements based on data she collects on them. She can’t change the data within people as they are separate from the ability itself. This grid isn’t made to control people or variables that aren’t considered part of the earth or surface she’s on. She can do things to affect their actions physically by changing what’s around them, but she can’t change them directly.

Another thing is this grid doesn’t move, its called the Grid Of Perfection because it remains in place as moving would require another 2 turns to find the data on the next location. As such she can move within her grid, but she can’t move outside of her grid or the Particle grid will be removed, and then she has to start from scratch again. Also particle grid strains her mind, meaning that she cannot freely use any high computation or high mentally straining skills in conjunction with it, as the Particle grid is like a fortress immobile but immensely powerful. And also requiring energy, given the particle grid will make it so that she may be taxed to use it for more then 5 turns in her sealed state.

» Release Phrase: Guide me By Guilded Wings. Valkrie’s Eternal Bloom.

» Shikai Appearance:

Physical: Kira’s wings become solidified in this state, and her body gains partial glowing runes on her arms matching the one on her chest. And her body structure wont change much , due to the humanoid appearance of her Shikai state. However she will gain slightly pointed ears and her features will look more like a pixy from a fairy-tail. Due to the physical alterations that the shikai brings about.

Sword: Kira’s blade changes to become a scimitar , a curved blade which has a wicked sharp edge. This allows for quick clean cuts, and excellent decapitation. Also the blade is naturally at its 4foot long length, coated in condensed electricity , generating voltage with each cut equivalent to 2gigawatts of energy which causes both electrical damage on top of her blades unnaturally sharp cutting edge.

Sheild: Kira’s shield, which she fondly calls “Aegis” as an inside joke hasn’t changed much since her spiritual energy stabilized during the crises in the soul society. It remains with its gaping maw on the front, but it has changed in size, becoming more light weight and it is now charged with potent lightning which is equivalent in wattage to its sword counterpart.

» Shikai Abilities:

Lightning Equip: Kira can actually which she found out during her seclusion after she lost everything in her mind for what in real life would have been a week. Was able to figure out that she could equip her lightning generation from her spiritual energy directly onto her sword and shield. This works to amp up and condense the potency of both attack and defense and more specifically greatly increases the destructive power of both. As when lightning is equipped it is not in use anywhere else, making it especially potent. As this ability uses the full might of a high 0tier individual’s main element in a singular way , by focusing it into the zan itself. Meaning for example, her sword could cut things then vaporize the very ground around that object with the explosive electrical discharge.

There is a catch tho, because it is in fact using and controlling the lightning and focusing it into a single object, it means she can’t use any of her other electricity based skills in conjunction with this offensive method. Like a glass cannon , its immensely powerful but greatly mows down her options or flexibility in the field of battle. So it essentially is upping one thing, but severely downing everything else, And this is on top of the fact that it strains her body to keep all that power locked up in just her shield and sword. As such using it more then a total of a whopping 10 turns per thread in this manner can cause damage to her own body and more importantly her Zanpakutō itself.

Lightning System: Kira is also in shikai able to use the lightning system, which is drawing in the ion particles of her own lightning and the electrical particles free-floating in electrons within a approximate radius that she designates. These electrons become merged and warped in conjunction with particles which are attracted in the process as well as magnetically condensed dirt particulates which move around within the massive interconnected system of energy lightning and electricity. This system overhauls and gives her lightning a pretty immense kick in the ass so to speak, increasing potency once in use and the viable range of use that it has in general is also increased reflecting this.

In the lightning system, she moves electrical energies at her whimsy due to the immense control which emerged from her core- after her spiritual balancing was achieved in the battle that hell was released in . Becoming more refined. This is kind of like a unique merged style she uses, conceptual data running amok within spiritual and electrical energy, causing it to become something which is controllable as easily as it would be for someone who is a genius to do a complex math equation. Its not as easy as breathing, but its pretty up there.

Lightning control, electricity control, converging data, these all are used to create unique attacks which are all apart and generalized under the name “Lightning System” as these all are moving under a systematically harnessed work of art from someone who has a vast enough mind to compute all these things.

Lightning System Skills below:

Magnet Stream: Utilizing systematic control over lightning electricity in general allows kira to generate a magnetic stream around her body if she wishes, one potent enough that its function actually becomes destructive, working in a blast like a bomb it expands outwards pulling magnetically attracted substances to a single point of her designation, or working in reverse to blow objects apart by tearing the bonds that can be affected magnetically apart. This skill an activate suddenly and is detectable by the changing shimmer around her body when it activates. It isn’t quite draining but it does take around 2 turns to recharge due to the electrical control involved.

Jack Of Lightning: Kira is able to use a multitude of different abilities, Jack of lightning though is a massive rising blast of electricity which will part and then explode converging inwards super-condensing before then exploding outwards violently, causing a high damage radius. The reason its called jack is because it forms first as the jack of hearts before going off. This highly draining technique takes around 4 turns to recharge.

Lightning Shape: Kira is able to warp and control the lightning as she needs , interchanging it so that it fits perfectly with her attack style, being able to turn lightning into mere bolts, or give it shape do to her complex understanding and high affinity for lightning. However controlling and shaping lightning in this way means it isn’t going to be as strong as it could be. However this is a main ability of the lightning system as it lets her use her lightning in any manner of ways she could think possible.

Arch-Enemy: Kira’s next ability is the combination of acceleration and magnetic control , it works by singling out the path of least resistance, not exactly meaning like lightning, but the quickest path to get to it’s target. It then moves honing on an opponent, making slashes seem to gravitate as if drawn to the target or targets. Arch-enemy is made to kill, it uses energy calculations, particles and lightning to speed up attacks, Being a redirecting skill which will allow her to move like a hunting dog towards the individual that is being targeted. The catch is that Arch-Enemy doesn’t work if there’s more then 3 opponents, as the directional force which drives it through calculations and many other magnetic, particle, and Electrical means will become skewed.

Homing in it burns through immense amounts of energy reserves, making it possible for her blade to even hunt down a target to the ends of the earth, Arch-enemy is only turned off when kira runs out of energy or releases below her shikai state. Making it an ability that’s only used for killing, as it allows her to keep up with those faster then her by aiding her in her movements, her directions, it will almost seem supernatural intervention is taking place. Giving her an ungodly level of mobility but also restricting her energy level by 1 tier, meaning she would drop if she was 0-2 to a tier of 0-3 while Arch enemy was in effect due to the absurdity of how much energy its generally draining.

To figure out how it works, there’s two key concepts in Arch Enemy.

Redirection : Self inflicted redirection makes it so that her body is part her and part puppet controlled by this bothersome power, making her almost like a marionette , it will damage the body but it will give her the means to keep up and fight with those she normally wont even see, as it will relentlessly override her movements, focusing her solely on hunting down the opponent designated , essentially meaning for example if the person ran off, Kirah would have to follow them , it wouldn’t be up to her until she released her shikai state, she would remain on them as this turns her into a hunting dog.

Physically Unrestriction: Seeing as her body becomes possessed and taken over by Arch Enemy, its clear that because she isn’t the one pulling the strings and is merely being guided by it, that her physical capabilities will be pushed well beyond her limits. The technique will literally tear her body to a pile of shreds in its pursuit of its opponent. Pain doesn’t matter, as she will at the point have no control, other then movements which are not against the order that arch-enemy was released on. Which means she will gain unimaginably reckless levels of speed, reaction and strength in return for the massive energy drain and massive self created damage to her own body by using this technique.

Hunting: As shown by the redirection, her body becomes controlled by that one command, she cannot go against it till she releases, but she can move if she is going in sync with the Arch-Enemy Hunter. However the other catch is that Kira must actually want to kill the person for the hunting or arch-enemy to take place in the first place, as the requirement set, is “You must want to kill” so Arch-enemy has heavy restrictions, and consequences in its use.

» Bankai Appearance: (What does your character look like in Bankai?)

» Bankai Abilities:

Lightning Tide: Kira’s Lightning expands, its potency increases its like a tide as her spiritual pressure becomes able to harbor such extreme levels of creation, manipulation and sustaining these feats over a long period of time. Electrical energy will radiate from her body and crackle in the overflow thanks to lightning tide. It syncs her with the vast flow of electron particles in the “Tides” area, allowing her to have uncanny control over the electrical flow around her, but beyond that it means that she can release and sustain larger attacks and can even do things like generate massive electrical surges that look more like tsunami’s going through dry land or thunderclouds rumbling high in the sky. Her lightning power is taken to a whole other level thanks to the Augmentative focus of her bankai.

Tides of lightning are clearly visible when she needs them to be, gathering trace or “Leading” lines of electricity through the air, ground or skies, these emulate or “Simulate” kind of like a tracer for a lightning strike, only it works to sync her body with the electrons buzzing around in atoms too small to see all around her. An immense network of tiny electron particles which move at thousands of miles an hour around their atoms. These particles become attracted to the stream, which strips and causes on large scale for objects around her in terms of tree’s and the ground to split apart the bonding or power they need stripped when this is used on a larger scale. Then the lightning is channeled into the return stream generating wall after wall of energized lightning.

Using this technique takes intense calculative skill and mental capacity, because of the many minute and multivariable factors which a person would be bombarded with all at once in order to control and pull off such a massive generation or force of lightning, which would essentially mean that this is only usable thanks to kira’s immense mental capacity. Keeping it in check is something that must be monitored at all times, due to the force which is flowing through the leading and receeding lines. This technique drains energy gradually but also boosts the lightning energy that is manipulated through her augmented energy in bankai.

Spiritual Transcendence: Kira’s energy after it stabilized grew due to her being able to use every last drop of it. Now all of that excess energy is bottled inside, slumbering until she hits bankai state. From there energy begins to expand and compress downwards which is why she’s only able to use all her might once in her bankai state. And this is compared to a vizards ressureccion as once her spiritual energy balanced out, she lossed her ressureccion due to this new abundance of energy surfacing. It can be seen quite clearly and radiates outwards before it will crystalize in some parts which is why its “Transcending” its turning into a solid state of energy which will slide over her body crystalizing her wings. and sticking to her like frost does to something extremely cold. Below are the characteristics of spiritual Transcendence.

Spirit Crush: Kira is able to essentially generate immense weight which will crush and bring opponents to their knee’s being effective against those of similar tier, this occurs when she “Focuses” the abundance of spiritual energy inwards over a very compact area, breaking and crushing the ground, around her and who ever gets caught in the crossfires of this condensed spiritual trait.

Spirit Crystalization:

Rail Gun : It uses the key principle of electromagnetism , by taking a held object and then super charging it with a high voltage stream of energy allows for the object to work as a ammo or shell, which will be launched through the air at a rate of velocity, close to 5000 mph when launched from the central point. It’s an object that because of the magnetism and velocity quickly gains key kinetic force on pretty insane levels. Noted to be highly destructive it can be quite easily used to break through dense objects as its specialty is not direction or force it is pure destructive potential that when harnessed properly decimates a wide area with very little problem at all.

The key component of the rail gun would be the force or just abruptness that it accelerates, warping and causing the object that is shot to move at speeds that even water can cut through objects or blow up a building perhaps. This Itself is due to the rate of speed and the kinetic force friction as well as shockwave that it brings with it in the first place. This is however the main aspect of a rail gun which gives it the high level of destructive power that it has in the first place. Only here it is taken quite a bit higher by using aspects of both natural electricity and metaphysical electricity, or spiritually generated electricity, when this is done it allows for the object to gain a metaphysical edge to it.
In the first place this devastating attack uses velocity and the key components that allow high rates of damage in the first place. The only difference is that this attack allows for both metaphysical or supernatural and physical damage to occur, physical from the physical objects impact itself, and the spiritual or metaphysical damage results from the spiritually generated electricity which is imbedded within the brief period of ferromagnetism. So the control that is able to be gained from this is to be desired, because of the raw power once its launched it cannot be controlled directionally or in terms of slowing it down or speeding it up.

This rail gun works at hyper velocity. Causing for the speed and kinetic force in comparison to the mass of the object to become extremely increased, penetrative force is generally going to be a key factor of the rail gun itself, due to the fact of how both it operates and at the same time, how the skills and techniques work in the first place as a whole. Due to both insane velocity, and force behind the velocity it is strong and able to punch through most objects with little to no problem, that is inanimate objects anyways.

Even with this all being true, the fact is a Rail gun is something that causes recoiling damage from the intensity of the electrical discharge needed to generate the level of ferromagnetism that shoots off the Rail gun in the first place. It can cause the arm to go numb from the amount of electricity coursing through it at a given time, though that generally will only happen after a good number of shots have been done. Another thing is that with a rail gun the rate of velocity is able to cause damage alone, so the damage present will be powerful but it is not a explosion or AOE style shot , the stream or line of fire which the railgun fires the object down will have the entirety of energy sliding behind it in the slip stream. That is what generates most of the damaging force in the first place.

The distance for the rail gun is a 100yard range.



» PhatomTech: (Does your character have a PhatomTech brain installed? If so, you'll be able to qualify for upgrade at the Cybermind or add other Cybernetic parts to your character to make them stronger. Click here for more information about Phantom Tech)

» Phantom Tech Abilities: (What can your character do with his or her's add-ons? This applies to any upgrades your character has gotten from places like The Cybermind as well.)

» Phantom Tech Powers: (This refers to things outside of Add-ons unlike Abilities. What Phantom Tech Powers are, in a sense, is basically what kind of power did your character gain from having a Cyberbrain? For example, Shadin Yuudeshi gained Imaginary Computation with his Cybernetic upgrades and has the ability to bring tangible things into existence with his computers Quantum Calculations.)


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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Kira Clixx [Magnolia's Revamp] 0-3+/0-2   Sat Aug 02, 2014 2:20 pm

Okay I can't deny this, although I feel like you're abusing the revamping of your profile to put new things on, but we at the staff department want to have a talk about this, because this is becoming ridiculous so this is what I've compiled so far.

1. You need to have ONE SINGLE profile in approved, not 3 million different profiles.
2. Now we got that clear, listen clearly, This is THE last time we are doing this for at least 2-3 Months, you want to update, use the update thread not the new profile thread, this is abusing a part the site and that's not allowed this is your last warning with that.
3. If any staff sees another app like this, they will deny it and there will be nothing you can do, Even Frost is annoyed about this.
4. I will not be checking this now, I'm going to let another admin other than me check this right now, but know I will be back checking against your other three applications.

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Actually.. i'd rather not revamp, seeing as truthfully you guys have a point, i have been revamping way too much, and i honestly didn't mean for it to get to this point.. ergo, as it has to stop, i think i should stop right now. Which is why, i want to first thank kakeru for letting me know this. And i want to apologies to the rest of you for making you put up with this. So keep the most recent app, and just remove the rest of em <3. thanks guys. and i think ill just stop revamping her till i have 1> ample cause. and 2, a solid idea on how to reword powers i already have.


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Kira Clixx [Magnolia's Revamp] 0-3+/0-2
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