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 Yukari Unohana [Approved 2-1+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Yukari Unohana [Approved 2-1+]   Wed Aug 06, 2014 1:27 pm

Unohana permissions approved.

Song: Bad Pitched (Ozi Remix) --- By: Insan3Lik3 --- Word Count: 2000


- Name: Yukari Unohana
- Titles: The Black Moon.
- Gender: Female
- Appearance Age: Mid-Teens
- Age: 84
- Height:5'3ft
- Weight:109lbs
- Affiliation/Rank: Gotei 13 Squad 4 Vice-Captain


Serious: One of Yukari's defining characteristics. For the most part, she's constantly in a state of seriousness. A joking manner never crosses her, and for the most part she means what she says, rarely kidding. Being a person constantly engaged in combat, willing to change their entire lifestyle for the sake of being strong, a care-free manner is something rather rare with her.

Kind-Hearted: Despite her feats and past actions, Yukari is actually a kind-soul, a trait of hers only enhanced during her time with Unohana. Yukari is actually a caring person, willing to help those in need and actually acting gentle. Unfortunately, most people never get close enough to her to realise this, and she may not convey it in the best of ways, but she still does thing for the better of herself, others, and though cliche, the greater-good.

Loyal: Yukari's loyalty knows no bounds when it comes to the Gotei, or Soul Society in general, for that matter. Seeing as how the whole of her life's ambition was redirected into serving the Gotei as a way to grow stronger, it'd only be sensible that she felt loyal towards the organisation--furthermore, Soul Society has served as her home for as long as she can remember, her earliest memories not necessarily being the kindest but ones from Soul Society nonetheless. Following her loyalty is the willingness to go to the farthest reaches of Hueco Mundo and the deepest depths of the Muken under instruction; in a difficult situation, she is more likely to pick the option best suited towards the well being of the Gotei, even if it means her own demise.

Her loyalty isn't only held to the Gotei, however. More so than the Gotei, she hold her own family (and should she obtain friends) even closer. Unohana had brought her in and constructed her new life, offering what Yukari had desired and then some. To her, moreso than the Soul Society or Gotei as a whole, she holds Retsu Unohana more dearly and in a higher regard.

Trusting: Yukari is easily trusting of people--thought not to the extent of being considered 'stupid'. This would be displayed in the fact that she took a strangers hand and entered Seireitei. For the most part, instead of earning her trust, she immediately places it in someone, and rather than earning it, they can either stand to maintain it or lose it.

Distant: Those who know Yukari are also aware of her social capacity. She's known to be distant, lacking most connections and relationships with almost anyone besides direct family. Being someone who was almost entirely focused on growing stronger and serving in the Gotei, she's lacked time and dedication to growing her social standings. Generally, Yukari will keep to herself and--though not purposefully--keep away from people and groups in general, as her concerns do not lie in other persons, so much as the people in a whole.

Strict: Being raised by Unohana, someone who was polite, constantly used honourifics and has a great sense of duty, Yukari carried on the trait as a strict person. Those in her division are generally seen to conduct themselves in a cordial and polite manner in her presence. Those who fail to do so often receive her disappointment and scolding, often times other punishments occurring when their actions carry further than something to be taken care of simply through words.

Blood-lust: Just like Unohana, Bloodlust is a hidden trait of Yukari's that no longer reveals itself often. In the depths of heated battle, it becomes hard for Yukari to contain herself and her intense desire to engage in bloody combat. For the most part, this is an urge concealed within her, but having been from the outskirts of Rukongai, the Black Moon is not a name easily wiped.


For as long as Yukari could remember, she lived far out in a high-numbered district, a long distance away from the distant land known as "Seireitei". Having lived this far out, crime and strife was something of a commonality. In fact, Yukari was a participant. Estimated to be a teenager at this time, Yukari had earned a nickname this far out. "The Black Moon", something coined in regards to her massive reiatsu even at this age, which coated the night skies for miles to come in a dark black miasma, encasing even the moon. You see, Yukari had already developed some sort of prowess in the usage of spiritual energy, and lacking any parents or guiding force, she simply assimilated herself into the crime-drowned society. As such, it was well-known that this far out, there was a young child which listened to no-one, respected no-one, and demand just that in return. Someone with a natural affinity to feats only Shinigami were said to accomplish having gone rampant, naturally they would be both feared and tested, those wanting to display their strength challenging her and, naturally, losing. But these days weren't eternal.

Many years passed by before she had been confronted by a shinigami known as Retsu Unohana. Unohana was on an excursion to the outer reaches of Rukongai to heal a shinigami who had been brutally injured by a child, it would seem. During this excursion, she would see to it that the culprit was brought to justice, not yet aware that it was a child who was responsible. It soon became apparent when she asked for "The Black Moon", and was met with an overwhelming surge of reiatsu. Following towards the source, she would see Yukari, slashing away at attackers with a sharpened bamboo lance.

Not wanting to watch in wait, Unohana had gotten to work and rescued Yukari's attackers, healing them in the process. Young, naiive and brimming with vitality, Yukari took the offensive and attacked Unohana; needless to say, Yukari had lost, but held her own against the famed former 4th division captain for quite an impressive amount of time. It was from this battle Unohana had seen potential in the child. Not only potential, but a reminiscent memory. Some aspects of this meeting were akin to Unohana's own meeting with Zaraki. Combining that with her believing Yukari to be changeable, and that she could bring her into a better place, with better morals before being consumed by a community majorly influenced through bloodlust.

She returned to Seireitei alongside Yukari, who was distraught from having her first loss and agreed to go with Unohana in a search for greater power, something she quickly learned to be essential while battling it out on a daily basis on the outskirts of Rukongai. During this time, Unohana would have Yukari adopted into her family, taking it upon herself to teach her the 'proper' ways one should conduct themselves, as well as training her in several aspects.

Soon enough, Unohana had sent off Yukari to the academy, to formerly learn and become a shinigami. It wasn't long before Yukari had easily accomplished everything in the Academy's curriculum with perfect scores. But that wasn't enough for her, the girl who had sought out more strength from her very first lost. As such, she asked and succeeded in holding off from joining the actual ranks of the Gotei 13.

Ten more years passed before Yukari was already well beyond the level of many people in all subjects. It was enough so that she would be desired by almost all divisions, her developed talent in the four fundamentals and natural strengths being enough to easily land her a seated spot on most all divisions, especially those which focused on a certain aspect of the combat fundamentals. Yukari, however, had followed suite to her adoptive mother Unohana, joining the 4th division to display prowess in healing people--something far off from what she had originally been known for.

Of course, her focus wasn't purely on healing, despite a common practice by now. Her main desire when following Retsu into the Seireitei was to grow and become more powerful. As such, she continued practicing all subjects arduously and without fail, furthering her expertise in the fundamentals by leaps and bounds, the the extent that they were studied moreso than even some previous captains.

Her talent and dedication only served to raise her up as Yukari climbed through the ranks of the 4th Division, as well as strengthening her love and loyalty towards the Gotei. Sooner than anyone else had anticipated, her level of prowess had exceeded and risen to the level of a captain. Many people were already under the assumption that she had obtained Bankai. They couldn't be more wrong. Yukari was someone who had gone as far as to follow a stranger after being beaten in the hopes of becoming stronger. She would be certain to master her current level before moving on, and with that mindset, Yukari would stay away from even trying to discern the name of her Zanpakutō or go any further. Instead, she focused on mastering the four basics of a Shinigami--something slowly beginning to be achieved.

Some were already aware that she hadn't even achieved Shikai, despite the level Yukari was at. Becoming widespread knowledge, it was something she became renown for. Someone capable of being a captain even without gaining Shikai. For quite a while, Yukari's name would be one widely known.


Prodigious Learning: Achieving her level at such a young age only proves to be something of a prodigious state. Despite having reached a level on par with some captains purely through progression of the fundamentals before entering a double-digit age, its no wonder she's considered a legitimate, full-fledged prodigy on the level of Toshiro Hitsugaya. Her progressive learning is nothing to laugh at, as she would be capable of taking what she saw, for example a series of techniques and movements, and replicating them or adapting them into something of her own movement.

Tactical Intellect: While she's not someone with hyper-intellect or anything, and she can't calculate high numbers and variables in her head or anything in that realm, her strategical mind is still something significant. Her tactical thought-processes give her a wide edge in battle, and often make her an ideal ally and combatant. Foreseeing things and planning upon them is somewhat of a forte to her.

Attentive to Detail: Though not as impressive as some people with eidetic memory or photographic memory, Yukari is rather meticulous, picking out slight details in several aspects. In the case of combat, she'd be capable of looking at her opponent and finding subtleties which might give her an advantageous edge. On the other hand, this is applied to herself as well. For someone who's intent an mastering the fundamentals before moving on,

Surprising Strength: Despite her small frame, as is the norm with small beings Yukari proves to be surprisingly strong. With such a short height and low weight, its not quite discernible where her mammoth strength is generated from, but its indeed impressive; enough so that entire constructs would be capable of crumbling in her grasp, even purely through grip strength. This aspect of hers is one of the many that make her seem suitable for another division--in this case, the 11th.

Highly Reflexive: Being someone who fought sheerly through instinct before being trained in actual combat, Yukari provides unreal reflexes that had enabled her to go into combat with several people without an actual trained style of weaponry, and come out on top purely through reacting to their moves and countering. As such, the state of reflex Yukari exists in is immense. Reaction timing is her forte, enabling her to constantly react to any number of variables and effectively carrying out her own actions in response, smoothly, cleanly and thoroughly thought out.

Immense Reiatsu: Even by a captain's standards, Yukari provides unbelievable amounts of reiatsu, something expected of a person who could repetitively throw out high-level Kidous without being exhausted. Fortunately for most people, her control over spiritual energy is just as impressive as its size, so while normally letting it leak out would likely induce states of paralysis and confusion for miles wide to beings in the masses, her control over it is potent enough to reduce and suppress the size--and therefore side-effects--by its majority, so that beings even of low rank could come into contact with her without sustaining any sort of damage. In its full power? It'd be safe to assume someone even at Vice-Captaincy level from over a mile away would be subject to some inhibiting side-effects. To be able to take that level of spiritual energy and suppress it down to such a low and constant level purely through control is only a testament to her skill.

- Reiatsu Color: Dark Violet

- Sealed Zanpakutô Appearance:


One of her two strong suits, a subject she has effectively taken vast mastery over with the help of Retsu Unohana's guidance. While this is actually the weaker of her two best subjects, as she only became a serious practicioner of the demon arts, her sheer talent combined with Retsu's own expertise in Kido has easily given rise to a true master of Kido. Taking her innate talent and diligence, its no wonder she became so prominent at such a young age. During her training, she would even be capable of performing some higher level spells without reciting their incantations on the first try, with incredible potency one might add.

Energy Constructs: using the same concept as forming a platform under one's feet to stand in mid-air, Yukari has been found to be capable of forming energy constructs without the use of formal kido-requirements or any of the like. She simply pumps her reiryoku into any desired shape. This proves to be highly effective amidst combat, especially when one doesn't know what or how she's doing it. While generally significantly weaker than any kido spell, with Yukari's prowess, they still prove to be quite a capable alternative, even when not taking into the account the added speed to being able to do this. At one point, while in combat with several adjuchas hollows, Yukari had quickly conjured an energy construct as if it were a shield, and completely blocked a collective blast of ceros from them. At the end of it, the construct broke, but she managed to be unscathed throughout the whole ordeal. She's capable of making these energy constructs in the masses, to the point where she has effectively been able to block half of her division in a domed-energy construct to shield them from damage. Of course, the more constructs she makes, the weaker they become.

Pseudo-Hierro: Taking the same concept as energy constructs, Yukari has taken her reiryoku and molded it to encase her entire body in layers of spiritual energy. Simply put, this acts similarly to heirro, in that it protects her body through defensive layers. Considering she isn't an arrancar, this proves to be weaker than many beings who specialise in the ability, but with her expertise in Kido, the 'Pseudo-Hierro' still amounts to something. While in combat, this Hierro has proven to withstand a full level 50 Kido from a division 5 member, and be nearly completely unscathed.

Bakudo: While not her best subject in terms of Kido, this is still something Yukari is WIDELY proficient in. This has been proven in several situations, in which she would exercise incredible talent in sealing and placing barriers, her usage of Energy Constructs only attesting to her special prowess in barriers. In a heated battle with a Vasto-Lorde, of all things, Kuyō Shibari was used to detain it and prevent further damage to her unit. She had succeeded in keeping the hollow still for nearly 24 hours without using the incantation.

Hadō: Likely the worst of her Kido, albeit still possessing ample proficiency in this subject. Considering she had learned under Unohana and joined the 4th Division, her offensive capabilities in Kido aren't the most practiced, so naturally they'd be the weakest, but that wouldn't necessarily mean her ability in this subject IS weak. Simply put, consecutive spells even at level 70 would be barely enough to make her sweat.

Kaido: Yukari's best subject, for obvious reason. While not only being something she especially excelled at, Yukari had studied under Unohana and joined the fourth division, being something she had plenty of opportunity to exercise and train. Yukari is an extremely capable healer, able to have healed people's physical bodies as well as reiatsu at the same time, in the masses. While exhausting major amounts of her own reiatsu, her immense spiritual energy would be able to withhold all that usage--add that in with Yukari's Kaido-prowess and maximized efficiency in using her energy, and you get an extremely talented healer.

Regeneration: Using the same concept as Kaido, Yukari has been able to perform highly advanced Kaido on herself in mid combat through her own massive reiatsu reserves. As such, she's capable of restoring herself at a remarkable rate, to the point of even being considered regeneration. While things such as entire limbs are a harder task to heal, as she'd likely need something more than simply self-Kaido to heal an entire limb, internal damage is easily healed. Should someone who fought targeting organs be Yukari's opponent, they'd be having a bad time.

Quintuple Chanting: One of Yukari's most fearsome and notable skills. While some have been able to chant a Kido proficiently, and others could even chant two at a time, not only has Yukari shown the ability to cast three at one time without chanting, she could go further and--this time actually having to use the incantations--cast five spells simultaneously, even if all five spells were to be some high number. Naturally, this occasionally goes faulty, but for the most part, aside from some weakening of the spells, Yukari is capable of pulling this off a number of times in one battle.


The skill she is not only most comfortable with, but most experienced. Yukari had already been proficient with weapons even before she met Unohana, which prompted them to actually clash when they first met. While holding her own against Unohana--albeit for only a few minutes, in which she was likely being tested--Yukari had already developed expertise in the skill. Being trained by Unohana herself, Yukari proves to be a zanjutsu user worthy of going toe-to-toe with several seated shinigami from the 11th division. It gets to the point where her accuracy and skill in the use of weaponry allows her to cut entire buildings in half with a bamboo sword.

No Wind Resistance: Yukari's prowess with her Naginata is so immense, she gets no wind resistance in her movements, even cutting the air right in half. As such, her movements with the Naginata are extremely fast and nimble, being able to stab, slash and churn rapidly, switching back and forth with no trouble at all. She would be capable of going for a slash one half of a second, and the next half she's already turned around and going for a stab.

Reiryoku Extension: Combining her talents in reiryoku manipulation, Yukari has been seen to extend her attacks through Reiryoku. While fighting a demon from long range, she had performed a slash, and from it, a thin layer of reiryoku was expelled from her blade, extending the slash and retaining the sharpness. While the demon had dodged, the entire surroundings behind it were all severed into two.

  • Cresent Slash: The move aformentioned, Yukari simply performs a slash, a layer of reiryoku coming from her blade and launching outwards. While it is simple, that also makes it amply used, resulting in her near-perfection of the technique. Her accuracy in this technique has made her capable enough to make the top of a mountain flat.

  • Lance Strike: The same concept as the Cresent Slash, in which she slashes and extends it via reiryoku. The Lance Strike is the extension of a stab, in which Yukari lunges her Naginata forward and expels Reiryoku to continue the attack. While it doesn't cover as much ground as the Cresent Slash, all the pressure is centralised into one point, and practically anything to come into contact with it would be ripped apart.

  • Vortex Grasp: With this technique, Yukari swings her Naginata around in circular motion, and instead of slicing through the air like she usually does, she blows all the air in a 20 metre radius around her away. In doing so, while she cannot breath, there's a lack of space to be filled in that 20 metre radius. As such, anything is violently drawn in to fill the space, including the blown away air. The winds conjured would be mighty enough to move almost everyone bordering or within that 20 metre radius closer to her, usually drawing them within slashing range.


A skill she proves to be extremely capable in. She has proven to possess remarkable prowess in this trait, so much that she could easily beat many Omnitsukido members in a race. With this skill, not only does she present remarkable talent, she has even innovated some of her own techniques. As someone who presents considerable talent in the speed of healing someone, she would often times need to bounce around places getting to heal everyone. As such, to maximize time she would perform shunpos all around the place to get from person to person.

Shunpo: As aforementioned, she proves to be extremely skilled in using Shunpo, often times able to travel a hundred metres with fewer than ten steps taken. Long distance or large use of Shunpo tends to be her specialty, so while some people may be better than her in terms of short bursts of speed, its easily said that she can outrun plenty in terms of consistent usage.

  • Combat Shunpo: Using the same concept in Shunpo, where one would want to take as few steps as possible, Yukari maximizes her speed in attack by reducing the need for using her actual arm or leg muscles, as well as closing the distance. In terms of using her arms, she generally zeroes in the distance between herself and the target, and by leaning forward and stomping her foot on a platform or the ground, the laws of physics take care of the rest. Gravity pulls her in from leaning forward, and by canceling out the force of gravity from her stomp, the opposite reaction from the stomp channels energy and therefore speed into her arms, making her punches or general arm movement, like the Shunpo, move faster than the eye can see. This would only be one example of the efficiency Yukari takes advantage of to mimick Shunpo in different forms.

Utsusemi: Utilising extreme speed, tangible after-images are left behind. With Yukari, she's capable of creating at least 10 clones and maintaining them, with such an impression on them that people have often felt spiritual pressure from these clones as well, making it increasingly hard to distinguish which of them is real.


By far Yukari's worst subject, but with her being intent on mastering the fundamentals before even thinking about moving on, even with less expertise in this area she proves to have put a great deal of effort into covering this weakness. While she cannot perform any high-level techniques, she proves to hold her own in the midst of combat without a weapon, at least enough to ward off her opponents. While she places her mastery in Zanjutsu, Hakuda is generally used when her preference of long weapons can't be utilised, such as in closed spaces. As such, although powerful strikes that can blow apart buildings are not in her repertoire of skills, utilising her skillfulness with high speeds, she's at the very least able to block and repel close-combat blows, generally relying on her Combat Shunpo to increase the distance between herself and her opponents quickly.

  • Warding Palm: A Hakuda technique that works well with Combat Shunpo, Yukari jerks her hand forward and firmly places it on the users back, chest, limbs or side. Generally, this is used to immobilise limbs, as the pressure is spread out enough to encompass an entire specified area, but small enough to focus all damage into that spot.

  • Dual-sided Punch: A technique designed to confuse the target. First, Yukari uses shunpo to target a spot on the opponent, usually the back or the chest, and before the damage can be felt, she Shunpos to the opposite side of his/her body, and punches in the direct opposite side of the original punch. The result focuses damage on the person's insides, their organs. The damage from both sides meet inside of the opponents body, amplifying each other as damage is essentially dealt with twice as much potency within them.

  • Focused Strikes: More or less a progressive technique, in which the user attempts to hit the exact same spot on the target. With this technique, there is an actual order to the type of attacks used, which after all of the attacks have been used, Yukari can start over and repeat the cycle. This serves more or less as a spammable combo. The designated combo is generally a palmstrike on the specified spot, followed by a knee. Afterwards, its followed by a standard punch, which is followed by an elbow. In that order, the attacks get more and more focused, the area of impact shrinking in volume. As such, as the attacks get more focused, the pressure to a specified spot increases, serving well in damaging the targets insides and organs. The centralised attacks often induce a momentary paralysis from the body reacting to the progressive movements. As such, Yukari often chains this technique repeatedly, keeping her opponent in a constant state of paralysis as she rinses and repeats over and over again.


A technique Yukari developed by using the concept of Shunko. Instead of combining Hakuda and Kido, Yukari takes Kido and infuses it with Hoho. As a result, the Kido significantly boosts her speed. There is such a significant boost, just standing still would vibrate her at such a speed that light is distorted, and she appears invisible, earning this state of being the title "Lightning Phantom", as it was derived from the concept of Shunko. Its easily said that her speed is beyond doubled in this state. While lacking a shikai, some have commented that this technique was a suitable replacement, as she would be capable of sparring with Shinigami at her skill level who had a shikai, using Shin Yurei.

Generally the only thing which gives away her position is the sparks of lightning that surround her. While her body itself goes invisible, the lightning is very apparent, but are only accurate in telling where she is while at a stand still. Furthermore, because she moves fast enough to constantly be invisible, Yukari cannot utilise Utsusemi, or anything involving after-images, as the warped light wouldn't be able to create them anyways. While this state uses a constant flow of Kido throughout the body, the depth of her spiritual energy is enhanced as well, feeling as if it grows much stronger than her already massive reserves. This technique is something original and while others can learn it, it'd generally have to be taught by Yukari herself.

Binding Step: Utilising the core concepts of Shunpo, Yukari can use binding Kido through contact, which replaces the incantation and therefore retains its full potency while shortening the time required to use it.

Faster Kido: While in Shun Yurei, Yukari's Kido have been proven capable of faster speeds than before, not only being conjured at a faster rate but also traveling faster, should the Kido be one that travels.

More Energy Constructs: In this state, the amount of Energy Constructs she can make is amplified, as the Kido flows through her body and makes it easier to use. There are even some custom Kido techniques that she may execute while only in this state, by utilising the enhanced level of Energy Constructs she obtains.

  • -Thousand Blade Summoning- This technique utilises the mass amount of Energy Constructs Yukari can conjure up. Blasting a wave of spiritual energy, her displaced reiryoku is focused into thousands of swords, floating all throughout the landscape. With all these swords, she sends them all towards one focal point, surrounding it from all sides in space. They stab into the target, and with the sheer amount of blades used, the target is ripped to shreds.

Regeneration: In this state, with Kido flowing through her body, Kaido is far easier to perform, especially on herself. In this state, regeneration is by far easier to accomplish, and even hastened and more potent. With Shun Yurei, even restoring limbs is a believable process, though it may take up to two or three posts. Internal healing is definitely far easier to accomplish, as her organs can even be in a state of constant cell-acceleration, in which she's in a far healthier state than ever before.


Similar to the concept of Shunko and Shun Yurei, Ki-Jutsu is embedding Kido into oneself and their Zanpakutō. Yukari created this technique in hopes of achieving a great level of swordsmanship, which actually worked out. Similarly to Shun Yurei, this technique can be learned by others, but seeing as how its an original, Yukari would have to teach it to them. While Shun Yurei would be comparable to the shikai of someone her level, for Yukari, Ki-Jutsu is comparable to a bankai of a user her level.

Kido and Zanjutsu are her most talented subjects, and as such--with Ki-Jutsu combining both--her combat prowess strengthens immensely. Yukari's average naginata swings are infused with Kido, making all her basic attacks explosively powerful, so much that even without trying a force of her reiryoku so thin, to the point of being invisible, extends all her attacks with just as much potency as her Cresent Slash.

Stronger Kido: While Shun Yurei allows for Yukari's Kido to grow faster in terms of casting and actual speed, using Ki-Jutsu, her Kido grows stronger and provides more ample damage and impact. Using Kido through her Zanpakutō is especially powerful.

More Energy Constructs: Just as in her Shun Yurei, Kido coarses throughout Yukari's body. As a result, the amount of Energy Constructs she can make is amplified, as the Kido flows through her body and makes it easier to use. There are even some custom Kido techniques that she may execute while only in this state, by utilising the enhanced level of Energy Constructs she obtains.

  • -Thousand Blade Summoning- This technique utilises the mass amount of Energy Constructs Yukari can conjure up. Blasting a wave of spiritual energy, her displaced reiryoku is focused into thousands of swords, floating all throughout the landscape. With all these swords, she sends them all towards one focal point, surrounding it from all sides in space. They stab into the target, and with the sheer amount of blades used, the target is ripped to shreds. While using this technique in Ki-Jutsu, the number of blades is effectively doubled, as the power behind her kido is enhanced, and as such, the number of blades able to be conjured naturally increases.

Regeneration: While using Ki-Jutsu, Kido flows throughout Yukari's body, just as in Shun Yurei. As such, the same level of regeneration is applied: In this state, with Kido flowing through her body, Kaido is far easier to perform, especially on herself. In this state, regeneration is by far easier to accomplish, and even hastened and more potent. With Ki-Jutsu, even restoring limbs is a believable process, though it may take up to two or three posts. Internal healing is definitely far easier to accomplish, as her organs can even be in a state of constant cell-acceleration, in which she's in a far healthier state than ever before.

Star Cross: A technique utilising the constant extension of her blade's movements via reiryoku. Essentially, Yukari performs any number of slashes, all of them overlapping in the exact, singular spot. Followed by those numerous slashes is an extension of a stab, similar to "Lance Strike". The result is an incredibly concentrated amount of damage on the focused point, and likely her strongest attack, easily capable of clashing with and deflecting potent abilities such as ceros and the like.


Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Beginner
  • Kidō: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda: Beginner



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This post will also serve as a place to put any upgrades, a timeline and anything else I might add to Yukari. Blah blah blah blub blub blub.



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  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

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  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

  • Comments/Notes: Looks pretty solid and I'll go ahead and clear out the Unohana business. Since we are in need of VC's, I will also give her a high 2 tier as I liked the way this application was designed. I also heard you wanted to work her way up and this should be a decent enough place to start without going too far or below.

  • Tier: 2-1+


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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Yukari Unohana [Approved 2-1+]   Fri Oct 03, 2014 10:50 pm

Archiving on request.

I envy because of the heart.
I glutton because of the heart.
I covet because of the heart.
I am prideful because of the heart.
I sloth because of the heart.
I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
I lust for everything about you.

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Yukari Unohana [Approved 2-1+]
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